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September 29, 2009

Now Yuma Can Tell Everyone How Cute B.I. Shadow Is!!

Well it looks like Yuma is going to be having his own radio show entitled Nakayama Yuma Radio Catch!!! There really isn’t information about it yet but it’s beginning on October 1st so be on the lookout for it! What would I like him talk about? Well how cute B.I. Shadow is of course! And to drop hints about a 2nd single for them.

Fuma Yuugo!!Fuma and Yuugo!!! When I saw this picture, I knew I had to include it in a post!! As usual, Fuma is looking absolutely adorable with that adorable face of his. Is there like anyone more adorable on the entire planet? I dunno…it’ll take a long time to hind him if he exists…Anyway, his hair is looking awesome and who can resist those cute cheeks! His eyes are squinted just a little too much but that’s okay because he still looks undeniably adorable ne! I love the pants and even though the shirt looks like someone just spilled random English onto it, Fuma pulls it off nicely. Awww Yuugo looks so kawaii here!! He’s kind of giving that nervous smile but he’s also kind of not so it works. I freakin LOVE the vest and he pulls it off so well! Maybe his thing can be vests like Hokuto’s is scarves! I also like that he has his hands in his pockets. The pose just suits him so well don’t you think?! Basically, these two NAILED the picture and look absolutely adorable together! Fuma Yuugo Power!!!

Well…Hokuto doesn’t quite look like himself…at least to me. I can’t quite put Kento Hokuto!!my finger on what about him looks different but it takes away from his usual kawaiiness!! NOOOO!!! haha, he looks so much like a student wearing that sweater with like the school boy shirt underneath. I’m not a fan of the color of the sweater…yeah, Hokuto what have they done to you? On the other hand, Kento looks refreshingly cute. I love his pose and how it just has that Kento energy to it. I feel like it captures the essence of his personality quite well ne! And wow, his arms are long hahaha. I quite like the shirt and his hair is awesome as always! Go Kento!!! Don’t let them take away your kawaiiness!!

So yeah, Yuma is getting a radio show, Yuugo is doing School Kakumei stuff, I miss Fuma, Hokuto and Kento loads so come back to me soon okay guys? Oh and if you go the B.I. Shadow Community on Livejournal, there’s a recent picture of Misaki!!!!! He’s doing well so everyone should go take a look okay?

Random note, damn you NEWS for making me want to buy such an expensive DVD!!! And I think I do want to get that Hey! Say! JUMP photobook…but if this album turns out to be true, then I am buying BOTH editions and that is where my money is going…


Will Our Dreams Be Coming True Soon?

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Takaki Kakkoi

So on LJ, rumor has it that Hey! Say! JUMP will be releasing an album!!! Although the release date is rumored to be 10.15, which would be WAY too soon at least I think so…like if it hasn’t been announced yet then I doubt they would do it in like 3 weeks…maybe end of October/early November at the earliest but you never know…

Limit Set A – Hey Say! 7 Plan

01 Jonetsu JUMP
02 Yumeiro
03 Nounai☆Dance
04 Memories
05 Mayonaka no Shadow boy
06 Dreams come true
07 FLY
08 Your Seed
10 Ultra Music Power
11 Born in the earth
12 Seruse iina iine
13 Asia no Yoru (Yamada Ryosuke)
14 Moonlight (Yamada Ryosuke)
15 babylon-バビロン(Okamoto Keito)
16 Uruwashi no Bad Girl (Nakajima Yuuto)
17 Ookiku Na~re Boku!(Chinen Yuuri)

01 「Jonetsu JUMP」Music Clip
02 Making of 「Jonetsu JUMP」
03 「Memories」Music Clip

Limit set A – Hey! Say! BEST plate

01 Jonetsu JUMP
02 Yumeiro
03 Nounai☆Dance
04 Memories
05 Mayonaka no Shadow boy
06 Dreams come true
07 FLY
08 Your Seed
10 Ultra Music Power
11 Born in the earth
12 School Days
14 Kumo no Ito(Takaki Yuya)
15 My Everything(Yabu Kota)
16 Tears & Smile (Yaotome Hikaru/Yabu Kota)
17 Kimi to Boku no Future(Arioka Daiki)

01 「Jonetsu JUMP」Music Clip
02 Making of 「Memories」
03 「Memories」Music Clip

If this turned out to be true then I could die happy!!! Well here are my likes and dislikes:


+ FIRST AND FOREMOST -> SURIRU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
+ Asia no Yoru!!!!! YESSSSS!!!
+ Babylon + Uruwashii no Bad Girl -> Go Keito and Yuto!!!
+ NEW PV and Making Of -> because we all love these things
+ School days!!!! -> My 2nd favorite BEST song!!
+ Nounai Dance!!! -> awesomeness
+ Daiki’s solo song! That would make me VERY happy


– No Bouken Rider…WHY!
– They should do Perfume instead of Moonlight
– They didn’t give Ryutaro a solo song…not even a duet…
– EW! Born in The EARTH!!!! WHY?!!!! Just replace that with Bouken Rider…

So yeah…I’ll be waiting for an official announcement before I go crazy but does the rumor alone mean we can expect something in the future? Before the end of the year?

September 25, 2009

Happy 2nd Anniversary Hey! Say! JUMP!!

Kei-chan Yama-chan Happy!

Do you wanna know why Yamada and Kei are so happy?! Well it’s because it’s September 24th!!! It’s the 2nd anniversary of Hey! Say! JUMP!!!!!

They’ve definitely made a name for themselves so they should all be proud. I’m just gonna give a little list of  my proud moments for each member!

Yamada: My how you’ve grown so mature in only 2 years!! Doing shirtless performances like your sempais! Definitely keep up the hotness Yama-chan!! And let’s not forget all of the dramas that he’s done! Definitely an impressive repetoire! Good job Yama-chan!!!

Yuto: You’ve quickly become one of my favorites Yuto through Sensei wa Erai! and Scrap Teacher! And you’ve become so hot as well! Let’s have some shirtless performances in the future okay? hehehe

Chinen: Wow, it’s hard to believe you’re the same little kid you were two years ago. Your voice has changed and even though you’re still pretty small, you stand so big when you’re on stage! From recent magazine shoots, it looks like we have another Yamada on our hands!!

Keito: Your confidence has grown so much and I’m really proud of you for that!! Continue to shine because you are such a star! Fighting for Babylon!

Ryutaro: To be honest, I think a lot of love for you has been from writing fanfiction but you’re still awesome! You’re bigger than Dai-chan now ne! I hope you get a solo song soon!!!!

Yabu: Yabu…the sexy guy who is kind of like a leader! I’m really proud of you for keeping that amazing angelic voice of yours as well as keeping that hot body ^^

Takaki: Even though I haven’t seen Gokusen, I’m proud of you for doing your thing and getting recognized for it!! Keep working hard!!!

Kei: I’m extremely proud of you for getting into Meiji University!! I hope you’re working hard and doing your best!! And you finally have a solo!!! Daisuki!!!

Daiki: My little cute Daiki! I’m proud of you for being the absolute sweetness that I have come to love! You were awesome in Sensei wa Erai! and Scrap Teacher! You need more attention and more dramas [please do a drama with Kei-chan!] And more shirtlessness wouldn’t hurt either…daisuki!!!!

Hikaru: Although I may have given you a hard time at first, I really am glad that you’re in the group and it wouldn’t be the same without you! So I suppose I’m proud that you stayed yourself and made me a fan!!

So yeah…it’s been 2 years…4 singles and 2 Tour DVDs…anything missing from that list? Oh yeah…an album. Johnny please learn to balance the schedule between releasing and touring…if not then give me a Hey! Say! BEST mini album please. I demand Suriru and I demand it now.

September 23, 2009

B.I. Shadow Continuing To Sell Well + Fuma Is Still Adorable

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Fuma Kawaii!

So Akuma na Koi / NYC is still doing well on the charts! Yay!! This week, they sold 2,036 copies at the 27th position! That’s AWESOME for their 7th week and it just shows that they should be given another single Johnny’s! Although next time I would prefer just Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I. Shadow. Yamada and Chinen have their own group you know…Anyway, with this week’s sales, that brings their total sales to 254,731!! Just how awesome is that you ask? Well it outsold Hey! Say!  JUMP’s Dreams come true and Your Seed / Bouken Rider!! PLEASE give them another single. I’d like to pick up another Johnny’s CD by the end of the year and we all know Hey! Say! JUMP ain’t gonna do anything…

In other words, Fuma is adorable. And I’ve said that many times over the course of this blog but it’s always nice to remind you guys about the love of my life! So above is an absolutely adorable picture of Fuma because it was too cute not to post.

Sorry for not posting so often! I have schoolwork (gross) and am still in crazy fanfic writing mode. Honestly I wish Hey! Say! JUMP would give me something to blog about…

Random Note: Have you ever been confused about the line of oldest to youngest for Hey! Say! JUMP? I know I’ve been a little off some times with the line so here it is in case you’re confused.

01. Yabu Kota
02. Takaki Yuya
03. Inoo Kei
04. Yaotome Hikaru
05. Arioka Daiki
06. Okamoto Keito
07. Yamada Ryosuke
08. Nakajima Yuto
09. Chinen Yuri
10. Morimoto Ryutaro

September 17, 2009

Remembering The Good Old Days With B.I. Shadow

Remember the good old days when it was Kento, Fuma and Misaki? Yeah, I do too. I do love Hokuto and Yuugo so I’m glad they came in…but I still Misaki so let’s take a trip down memory lane to see the original three boys of B.I. Shadow sing Gloria [which was originally done by KAT-TUN? Didn’t know about that…]

First Moment: Misaki is at a weird angle / Kento looks very into it / Fuma looks adorable

– The thing I like about when Kento sings is that you can feel his happiness coming out. He has such a good smile and it just makes you get into the performance you know? [hahahaha and Fuma is so cute dancing in the background!]

– Fuma is amazing. No question about it. LOL, that pretty much sums it up.

– Okay…ouch. Misaki didn’t get a solo…they didn’t even say his name. Well that’s nice…

Anyway, this wasn’t a very good video to show Misaki off but…Fuma and Kento are still amazing as ever! And they’ve kept that charm until now while still improving! Please give us another Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I. Shadow single!!!! PRETTY PLEASE!!

Wild Hair For A Wild Boy’s Birthday!

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Well although I don’t usually post things not related to Hey! Say! JUMP or Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I. Shadow, I had to make another exception to mention Kis-My-Ft2!! Yesss!! Honestly, there is really one reason that I like this group and that is Kitayama Hiromitsu! And it happens to be his birthday today (September 17th). So this is a birthday post honoring him and his awesome hotness!!!! hahaha, love this guy!

2:25 = Me accepting that offer after melting to the floor [watch the video to see what I mean hahaa] [well he didn’t say it but they showed him vocalizing when the line was said]

Happy birthday Hiro!! You are indeed extremely awesome and very hot! KAT-TUN wishes they could have a hot rock song like this.

Also, KinKi Kids are going to release a new single entitled Swan Song on October 28th so let’s look forward to that!! And can we PLEASE get a new single from NEWS and KAT-TUN alongside a Hey! Say! JUMP album before the year is over. I’m not even a huge KAT-TUN fan but I think it’s been so long since their last single…

September 13, 2009

Fuyu no Namida: Tears Of Winter

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Yuto Kei Happy

Credits for the picture go to ryokimayuu at Livejournal!!

So yeah, I’m sure you’ve all heard the news by now. Hey! Say! JUMP will be embarking on a Winter Tour and will be releasing photobook…so there’s no new CD…no new album…no new single. I love you guys and think you’re awesome in so many ways but seriously…STOP TOURING!

OMG, I have never seen a group tour so much. It’s not like they’re promoting anything with all these damn tours. They’re giving us some new songs but I can’t buy them or put them on my iPod…this group is really pissing me off. Well that’s not true. Johnny is pissing me off. So concert dates are from December 9th to January 10th…now we have November releases already getting announced so if they’re gonna squeeze an album before this new tour, they need to hurry up. And honestly even though I just said that, I won’t be holding my breath for anything from them…really, I’m getting pissed off at the wat Johnny is handling this group. Look at V6 for an example! If we’re not gonna get something new from Hey! Say! JUMP then give me some Hey! Say! BEST CDs!!!

Maybe we’ll be getting a tour DVD for this new concert? Well great…it’ll be pretty much the same kind of setlist with a few new additions and changes in solos? God…

The photobook…I don’t really care as of this point…but maybe they will make it up with some shirtless scenes…that is the only way I will temporarily forgive this crap.

All I know is Johnny BETTER be popping out something new for NEWS by the end of the year or I’m gonna call Johnny’s Entertainment 2009 something that’s not very nice…or better yet give me some Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I. Shadow material…and have them stop performing Dial Up and not Aoi Kisetsu!!!

Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I. Shadow: Killin’ Those Numbers!

Nakayama Yuma w B.I. Shadow!!!

Sales update time!! Akuma na Koi / NYC is still hanging in the top 20 and is at a current total of 264,278 copies sold!! That puts them as the 12th highest selling single of the year!!! They should be very proud of themselves because I know I am!!!

And just a little talking on the picture…I’ll keep it short this time around because it’s all 2 in the morning and I’m considering sleeping soon…although I do wanna see what Hey! Say! JUMP is gonna pull out of their hat…maybe I’ll do some fanfics…

Yuugo: His face looks kinda different here? Is that just me? Anyway, he’s looking quite cool so yay!
Kento: Looking cute but kinda awkward with the angle…
Yuma: Honestly…I’m scared for my life.
Fuma: Looks pissed and grumpy…
Hokuto: Looks dead in the eyes…

Who directed this photoshoot? Please don’t hire them again…

September 10, 2009

La La Li La, Loving B.I. Shadow So Sing Along!

Did I mention how much I love when the B.I. Shadow boys get to shine without Yuma. Again, no offense to Yuma but it’s nice to see them sparkle on their own. So here’s the most recent Shonen Club when they sung Akuma na Koi and La La Li La.

Akuma na Koi:

+ Opening Faces:
 – Kento: Intense
 – Hokuto: Adorable!
 -Yuugo: Quite…focused? haha
 – Fuma: SEXY!!!

+It’s kind of distracting since they’re not all exactly at the same pace while dancing although everyone did their moves nicely.
+ Wow, I can hear the voice difference in the song with these four singing and when Yuma sings…so that proves they’re not lip-synching! haha
+ hahahhahahaha OMG, Fuma’s little mini wave at the end of the song! This is why I love you Fuma!

La La Li La:

+ “Okay! Here we go!” = Fuma being adorable
+ Ooh, Kento is so cool here! Give him more solo parts…you know, when he officially debuts!
+ Fuma doing his little bounce thing while Kento first sings is priceless.
+ Fuma’s solo makes me happy!
+ “We’re gonna make you happy yeah” -> Mission accomplished Kento and Fuma!

Okay…here is a summary of how everyone did:

Kento and Fuma……..Hokuto…………….Yuugo

LOL I feel bad for Yuugo. He looked uncomfortable up there and it looked like he was so focused on getting the moves right and being in the right spot that he seemed to lack energy. Hokuto had his little off moments too but it wasn’t too shabby. To be fair though, Kento and Fuma have had practice with the song before so…

LMAO, does this post seem a little biased towards a certain member of the group?

September 8, 2009

I Don’t Know. What’s Going On? Sorry I Can’t Make It Out…

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Daiki Back

Hi everyone!!! I’m sorry for being so inactive on this blog! I’ve been meaning to do this post but now I have time so I’ll just talk a little bit.

College Life: College is going well. Nothing too hard or demanding yet. I’m taking Japanese and hopefully I’ll be taking  a test to get into a higher level soon. I currently have  a 2-3 page paper due Friday but I’m doing it now…joy. Otherwise it’s pretty good although I’m still getting used to it.

Hey! Say! JUMP: So yeah, of course I didn’t miss anything…but I’m expecting something big in a week with the tour and everything. The name definitely sets it up so there is going to be something exciting so all that I can think of is an album…that’s what it better be anyway. Congratulations Hey! Say! JUMP, you’re about to have a whole year since your last single! You guys must be so proud…lol, you can tell I’m getting a little pissy from the wait. But at least that means my cash isn’t dying so my wallet thanks you Hey! Say! JUMP for being so inactive.

Fanfiction: So what’s been going on in my fandom, you ask? I have been in total fanfiction mode!!! Seriously, I’m writing every day and doing it quite a bit. I’ve updated daily for the past 9 days and it was usually more than one fic per day. I’ve posted…18 fics in those 9 days. I’m just entranced by it right now so that’s pretty much where my blogging energy has gone lol. It’s actually a lot of fun so I encourage it if you have the time. Even reading is fun so I encourage that too!

My Music: Random part inserted here lol. Since Hey! Say! JUMP isn’t doing anything…who am I listening to? Morning Musume!! I have a set list of songs that I play every single day. And it’s not that I’m determined to play each one but it’s just always what I feel like listening to. Morning Musume is awesome and look out for their new single, Kimagure Princess to be released on 10.28!!

Yamada Ryosuke: So who loved the hot Asia no Yoru performance!!!! I thought it was really hot when he ripped his shirt off [and same sound effect of the ripping of shirts in Suriru]. And then he said “Suki!” really cutely so I laughed. What a combination hahaha. Oh and in case you didn’t know, he will be appearing in Hidarime Tantei EYE as a detective so look out for that! Well between this and NYC boys, Yamada has definitely been a busy bee. Good for him.

Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I. Shadow: Still love you guys like crazy. Please debut officially very soon because I miss you, especially Fuma, the love of my life.

So yeah, that’s what’s going on right now. I’d love to hear from you all! How is everyone doing? I’ll try and respond to comments a little bit later and I’ll try to update more often! …if Hey! Say! JUMP would just give me something to update about that would be great…now I’m off to write more fanfiction! This time with NEWS!!

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