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September 17, 2009

Wild Hair For A Wild Boy’s Birthday!

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Well although I don’t usually post things not related to Hey! Say! JUMP or Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I. Shadow, I had to make another exception to mention Kis-My-Ft2!! Yesss!! Honestly, there is really one reason that I like this group and that is Kitayama Hiromitsu! And it happens to be his birthday today (September 17th). So this is a birthday post honoring him and his awesome hotness!!!! hahaha, love this guy!

2:25 = Me accepting that offer after melting to the floor [watch the video to see what I mean hahaa] [well he didn’t say it but they showed him vocalizing when the line was said]

Happy birthday Hiro!! You are indeed extremely awesome and very hot! KAT-TUN wishes they could have a hot rock song like this.

Also, KinKi Kids are going to release a new single entitled Swan Song on October 28th so let’s look forward to that!! And can we PLEASE get a new single from NEWS and KAT-TUN alongside a Hey! Say! JUMP album before the year is over. I’m not even a huge KAT-TUN fan but I think it’s been so long since their last single…


March 10, 2009

Sekushii Kis-My-Ft2

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Okay, so here’s what’s going on. Now I like Arashi and KAT-TUN. Both of their last singles were pretty good in my book but seriously Johnny’s, there are other groups in the agency. KAT-TUN has released two singles in the span of two months already; Arashi has released a double A-side single and a concert DVD is on the way…everyone else…well…Okay Kanjani8 has an album coming out so¬†I guess it’s a step in the right direction and KinKi Kids had one (kinda disappointing) single released but where the heck is everyone else? I’m talking primarily about Hey! Say! JUMP, NEWS and V6. What’s going on Johnny? Honestly, it’s getting so annoying having to wait for a new anything to be released from these guys. WTF? So I’m getting into the Juniors now as you can all see from love of B.I. Shadow. This time I’m coming with another Junior group, Kis-My-Ft2.

Okay, that’s the end of my little rant. Anyway, I stumbled across Kis-My-Ft2 really because of only one member so naturally he’s my favorite: Kitayama Hiromitsu. He can be dead sexy as seen during this performance. Here’s my advice to you: WATCH AT 2:50 and just melt. Damn…I just…yeah…Seriously though, thanks to reading some very good fanfiction and a fan video, I will be looking out for him.

But you definitely¬†don’t want to ignore the other boys just they are serving up the heat too. I don’t know who’s who yet so I can’t give you a member by member breakdown like I usually would. I love the head shaking thing that they all do since it fits the rock feel of the song perfectly. And hip rolls…the boys definitely know how to make the crowd (or me) scream. And it looked like someone was humping the floor (hahaha) so score! At 2:30, it looks like two of them were going into a fanservice moment but didn’t…aww man…

So yeah…that was just plain hot. Kitayama Hiromitsu officially joins the group of my favorite Johnny’s Juniors. If Johnny’s debuted B.I. Shadow + Hiro as a new unit, that would like make my life. But I guess it would be weird to just pull one member from Kis-my-ft2 but whatever.

In case you were wondering which fan video I was referring to earlier that introduced me to Hiro, it’s the video right below. To the poster of this video, thank you so much for introducing me to this boy cause he’s sekushii!!

P.S. In the above video, freeze it at 1:49 and just stare…just let your eyes have a little slice of heaven! Bare chest, tongue out, little bit of the underwear showing (with the red waistband, nice touch)= ABSOLUTE WIN!

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