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June 14, 2009

Picture Spam Volume Twenty: Nakayama Yuma With B.I. Shadow [Special Edition]

Okay it’s time for a special edition of Picture Spam!! With this new group just formed, is it any surprise that they’re our special guests of the moment? Plus I love some of these members so that makes it all the more worth it!! And let me tell you, pictures were hard to find. I planned to do it with one picture per member (magically making the usual 5) but that didn’t work so let’s just go!

B.I. Shadow New 2I think we should start off with Matsumura Hokuto, who was introduced to B.I. Shadow as the 4th member some time ago. I actually don’t remember him with the other three members together as a foursome that much but whatever. I’ve heard a lot of people say that he looks like Ryutaro and I feel like in this picture, he looks like a cross between Yamada and Ryutaro. More Ryutaro than Yamada but there are still those traces in there. He looks very sweet and innocent, even a little cool. The black and red theme suits him well because it matches his hair!! I really like the expression on his face since it’s kind of a mixture of somberness of coolness. Just looking at this picture, he really does look like Ryutaro except older and a little cuter. I also wanna say that it is so hard to find pictures of Hokuto!! I mean, it’s not like he just joined B.I. Shadow. He’s been here for a couple months now so it shouldn’t be that hard to find pictures…but it was. I actually don’t remember where I got this picture but wherever I got it from, thank you soo much!! I want more Hokuto in the future so he better get more attention and solo parts!!

And now a double shot featuring the two original members of B.I. Shadow: Nakajima Kento and Kikuchi Fuma. Even if B.I. Shadow New 1Misaki can’t be with his friends, at least these two can be here and thank god for hotness!! Kento totally looks like Domoto Koichi in this picture, which is always a good thing. His hair makes him look really good and a lot of people see him as the “hot one” of Nakayama Yuma with B.I. Shadow so that’s a lot of heat. His expression is killer and amplifies the hotness. Without a doubt, my favorite of three is Fuma!!! I love that he’s wearing a different outfit and wow, he’s really skinny! His arms are really skinny so…yeah. And yes, I LOVE his hair here. That really stands out to me! And the scarf is so fashionable! I think Fuma is really hot in this picture is complete proof for everyone else to see!! And the little pictures are so cute since they’re introducing him to their love!! The best picture is the one on the right just fot the fact that they both have their arms around Hokuto and Kento is making a kissing face. Kawaii!!! I find it funny that Fuma has his arms around Hokuto in the exact same position in the other two pictures. I prefer the one on the left just because Kento is cuter, poking Hokuto’s cheek. I hope this is in an upcoming issue of Myojo!!

Nakayama-yumaAnd now it’s time for a picture of our leader, Nakayama Yuma. I don’t think I’m the only one who thinks Yuma’s features a little bit…harsh shall we say? I’ve used the word frightening in the past but I think that they’re a little…I don’t know but they make him look like hard. I’m sure he’s a very nice person though so I tried to find the softest picture of him that I could. Although I must admit, it was surprisingly hard finding pictures of him. He was in that drama and everything…Anyway, this picture is actually cute and he looks very sweet in it. I think the harshness tends to be aruond his eyes but in this picture, his eyes look bright and happy. His eyesbrows look a little strange but whatever. I also think somehow the harshness comes from around his mouth and it doesn’t really show here. Although it does look like he’s been smiling for a while so it’s not as bright as I hoped it would be. He’s wearing my favorite color: purple!!! So that’s extra points for him from me!! Okay, I admit that I’m not happy that he’s getting so much attention compared to the rest of the group but I hope he lives up to the position he’s getting.

I know that Takahata Misaki isn’t a part of this group (much to the anger of many fans like me), I’m still going to include B.I. Shadow New 3him in this Picture Spam because in my heart, he is still a member of B.I. Shadow! And now we have a picture from one of the best dramas in the entire world! Is it me or does Fuma look really different from how he does now? I think it’s in his hair, which still looks gorgeous here by the way!! I can’t really describe how he looks here. I mean, there’s a certain word that I’m looking for but I just don’t know what it is right now. He looks good though. Kento looks different too…not that different but a little bit. He looks like he’s laughing but he’s trying to be serious, which is cute. Misaki always looks so happy on the set of Scrap Teacher, which makes it a joy to watch!! Come back to me Misaki!!

B.I. Shadow New 4More original B.I. Shadow!! I really like this picture and wish the original three were here to honor it!! Aww…look at Misaki!! He looks so happy! It really makes me wish that he was back here! That smile is seriously infectious and it makes me smile! That jacket is hot and I totally want one for myself. The whole black outfit just looks really good on him! Fuma looks really good here and really young. He looks absolutely adorable and it makes me want to give him a really big hug!! Aww, Kento is looking so cool! His outfit looks great too!!! This is such a great picture and it makes me go aww!!! Perfect addition to this volume of Picture Spam.

And because I couldn’t find any pictures of Yuugo so I had to get a video. Here’s him performing Jounetsu JUMP alongside Yamada, Chinen and Hikaru!!! I didn’t listen to the song because if it comes up on an album, I want it to be completely new for me!! So I can’t comment but I hope you all enjoy anyway…

This has been volume 20 of Picture Spam (including one video) featuring Nakayama Yuma with B.I. Shadow! I hope you’ve enjoyed this volume because I think it’s one of the better Picture Spams!


June 13, 2009

Picture Spam Volume Nineteen: Nakajima Yuto

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All right everyone, it’s been a fun week of Picture Spam and I hope you all are enjoying it as much as I am. I just featured Yuto a few issues ago but I found so many good pictures that I had to feature him again!! So here we are at Volume 19 with Nakajima Yuto.

Yuto6Now I’m not sure where this picture of Yuto comes from but from the outfit, my guess would be their debut concert. I mean, it’s gotta be from some concert, right? It might actually be in the accompanying booklet but I’m too lazy to check. I really like the lighting of the picture just because it makes the atmosphere look so sweet and angelic, which totally fits Yuto because he is such a sweetheart. Well, my eyes might be playing tricks on me because his right arm looks both strangely skinny and strangely muscular. I’m not really sure which because the angle is so weird. I don’t think there’s ever been a time when I didn’t like Yuto’s hair and it’s no different because I love it here. He definitely should not be changing it any time soon because it suits him so well!! I also like the color combination of red and white. The white kind of adds to the whole angelic feel of the picture, don’t you think? And the expression on his face makes me think he’s saying something to the effect of “Everyone! Are you ready to have fun?!” I don’t think he is singing but rather saying something to hype the crowd. And I also like the little sign with his name since the colors just jump at you. It was a good idea to have the green with white because red and green contrast nicely. Yuto’s ready so are you all ready for more Picture Spam?!

Awww! If this isn’t adorable, then I don’t what is. Yuto looks so young here so I’m guessing it’s from sometime in the Yuto7past rather than closer to today (LOL, good grammar…). Before I talk about Yuto, my guess as to who is behind is Kei…I can’t exactly explain why but I have this strong feeling that it’s him. If anybody knows who it actually is, I would love to know! Okay, like I was saying, Yuto looks like the definition of adorable. He just looks like a free little kid who’s having fun playing with his friends and that’s what makes this picture so loveable. His smile…one of the best smiles ever!! You can tell that he’s actually smiling with his heart!! Aww, I wanna give him a hug now! I actually really like the jacket he’s wearing because it’s so colorful and fun, matching the atmosphere of the picture perfectly. I also must say that his pose adds to the cuteness of the picture since it’s all “Ganbatte! Tanoshimashou!” (I’ll do my best! Let’s have fun!). His jeans look great even though somehow (I think it’s the pose) he looks really short. Not the best shoes…have you guys noticed that Hey! Say! JUMP tends to have some really strange shoes sometimes…someone needs to get them a new…shoe stylist LOL. Nonetheless, this picture is amazing and Yuto is looking as good as ever!

Yuto8Now this picture looks very familiar but I don’t remember from where. But the picture I’m thinking of is Chinen…and I feel like I’ve used the picture on my blog…well whatever. I think this picture is a combination of cuteness and coolness. Of course the pink and the lightness of the background really brings the kawaiiness to the forefront but look at his expression. Don’t you think that there is something calling in his eyes? It’s like he’s trying to tempt you to come forward and if you’re anything like me, that is an invitation that you will gladly accept…moving on…I have a shirt like the one Yuto is wearing!! I mean, it’s not that common and mine doesn’t have a pink stripe but it does have a blue one! We are soo connected!! I love how his hair looks kind of dis-shuffled around the bangs area because it adds to the kakkoi-ness of the picture. It’s true, Yuto can be very kakkoi in case you didn’t know. I’m not really sure what he’s eating…it kind of looks like one of those plastic balls that they have for kids to play in and that doesn’t look real so I’m guessing that’s what it is. It’s possible too since they have had photoshoots with those balls…

All right everyone, when you look at the picture at the right, don’t you just see Yamada? I mean, it’s obviously Yuto Yuto9but he’s definitely giving a Yamada look (more proof that they are bestest friends forever!!). Actually, lately Yuto seems to be very close with Keito and I think that’s cute. Like when there are makings of for PVs, Keito always seems to be quiet and I’ve noticed that Yuto has been quieter too (particularly in the Mayonaka no Shadow Boy PV). That makes me really sad because he’s so bright and funny and it was cute when he was all smiles. I hope the next time that there’s a making of (WHENEVER WE GET A NEW CD FROM THEM…), Yuto will be all sweet and happy!! Yeah…back to Picture Spam. Last picture I said that Yuto could be kakkoi and this picture is proof. I think a lot of it rests in the eyes / eyebrows. I can’t really explain it but they just make him look really cool. But somehow, there’s still the element of cuteness that stands out to me so he’s definitely able to nail both elements at the same time! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the outfit since the yellow matches his bright personality so well!! I totally want one for myself! Wow…it’s not until just now that I noticed that he’s holding a toy gun! In that case, it’s like he’s asking “Well…should I shot you?” I wish I could read what’s on his shirt but I bet the first word is “music.” Anyway, I really like this picture of Yuto and I hope you all enjoy it as well!

Yuto10And sadly, we come to the end of this volume of Picture Spam. With the last Yuto Picture Spam a few days ago, I ended with my favorite picture of the bunch and I think I’m going to do so again now (although the 2nd picture definitely is the running too). If I remember correctly, this is from the Summary Pamphlet (I mean it says Summary on his shirt so we know it has something to do with Summary). That barbell looks so fake but it’s funny! It kind of looks like huge candy or something…yeah. I think the reason that I like this picture so much is that it makes me daydream about going to the beach with Yuto. That would be a fantasy come true!! He looks surprisingly tan here and I find it slightly amusing that one of his feet is coming out of the sandal (I don’t know why). I really wanna be with Yuto on the beach right now…maybe I’ll save that for a fanfiction!

Well I hope everyone has enjoyed this week of Picture Spam since it’s sadly coming to an end. I know I featured Yuto twice in the same week but he’s one of one of my favorite members so is it really any surprise? But don’t worry, other members will get their time to shine too!! I know this might come as a surprise but I actually have a game plan for the next two weeks! Tomorrow there should be three posts, one of which being the special edition of Picture Spam so look forward to that! The next two weeks will have a different format but more information will come in due time! I just wanted to take a little moment and thank you all for reading!! When this blog first started, I wasn’t sure that it would get any readers but it’s doing pretty well if I do say so myself. Especially considering there hasn’t been much Hey! Say! JUMP news…in case you weren’t aware, the last time Hey! Say! JUMP released a single was in September…it will almost be a year since they’ve released…

June 12, 2009

Picture Spam Volume Eighteen: Arioka Daiki

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Okay, the last volume of Picture Spam was just okay and one picture short so I’m hoping that this one will be better! And our start of the day is none other than the adorable and hot Arioka Daiki!!

Daichan2I don’t know issue this is from but from the font of the text and the style, this is definitely from Duet. The biggest picture is a perfect example of kawaii Dai-chan. Okay, his smile could have been cuter but I think overall he looks good. I just wanna look into his eyes forever. And as always, his hair is looking awesome. The picture at the bottom left is even more cute!! He looks so innocent and happy. The white sweater also suits his look very well so that’s another plus. The one at the bottom middle has Daiki looking serious and he looks pretty intense there. So congratulations for nailing both the cute and cool shots. Finally, the one on the bottom right has him looking very hopeful. I think it’s a really good picture because he’s got that look in his eyes that draws me. A good way to start this volume of Picture Spam, in my opinon, because it shows various sides of Dai-chan!!

This is a great picture and why not, it’s a Myojo shot. I don’t know why but Daichan3Myojo always takes the best pictures. They just have a knack for it I guess and that’s why I love buying Myojo and looking at the new pictures. Dai-chan is showing off his cool side, which is always great since he does it so well (and he owns his kawaii shots too). His hair looks darker than usual and it suits him very well. I really like that he has his hand in his hair like that just because it makes him look so badasss and cool. But his expression is what really makes the picture worth it! His eyes are just communicating something so deep and intense that my eyes just gravitate towards. His lips look particularly full here so don’t you just wanna kiss him? I know I do…The outfit looks awesome too with that shade of blue complimenting the purple background very well. And he’s wearing a nice white shirt underneath so that provides an interesting contrast and one to look for. I think this is a fantastic picture of Dai-chan and it looks like Myojo scores again with this shot!

Daichan4Back to Duet! Daiki looks so handsome here in his suit and the other two pictures look absolutely adorable!! I know I say this with like every picture but his hair looks awesome and the color suits the overall picture very well. His jacket looks great and his shirt matches perfectly. And I’ve also mentioned my thing about ties, right? Well Daiki is getting it for me since it looks great on him. The pants are the perfect length and truthfully, his position draws my eyes to a certain place…let’s not get into that. And I love how casual the shoes look, still fitting with the outfit perfectly. With his legs spread like that…I’m not even gonna go into that. He looks absolutely adorable in his pajamas and he’s ready for bed! It looks like the top one would be a little uncomfortable but he looks completely natural so congrats for being so flexable Dai-chan! But my favorite of the two is the one where he’s standing up and looking like he’s about to hit the hay! I wanna come with you Dai-chan!!!

The picture to our right is kinda like a combination of cool and cute so enjoy Daichan5the awesomeness that is Dai-chan! Now I’m always the one to say that Dai-chan’s hair looks awesome but it looks kinda off to me in this picture! But his face looks great and gives the attitude that shines. I love that his arm is in that position and it feels like there should be someone there so he could put his arm around them (me!!). His clothes look awesome and the whole black and white look really suits him very well. It also compliments the basic white of the wall behind him. Okay…the color of his name looks out of place and clashes with the simpler colors around it but that’s okay. Dai-chan is looking like awesome like always!!

Dai-chan1I don’t remember where this picture came from but I’m glad I stumbled upon it because he looks so sweet!! It’s some sort of live performance and from the costumes, it looks like Hey! Say! JUMP is ready to bust out some “Ai no Matador” (awesome song by NEWS). I wish I was there to see whatever they were performing…Anyways, Daiki is one of those people who always makes me feel warm with his smile (another being Massu of NEWS) so this is a perfect picture for him. He’s giving the “Ganbatte” fist so I’m sure he did his best at that live performance!! Hurray for Daiki!!

Well this has been volume 18 of Picture Spam and I hope you’ve enjoyed the time with one of my favorite members, Arioka Daiki. We’re coming close to the 20th issue, which you all know will be a special edition. I have an idea but am having trouble finding pics. I do have a backup plan but it’s gonna take some time so it might be a little late…

June 11, 2009

Picture Spam Volume Seventeen: Yabu Kota

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And the Picture Spam train is rolling!!! I’m really enjoying doing all of these Picture Spams and because Hey! Say! JUMP isn’t doing anything (hint hint…), this fills that little void where new music should be. Anyway, today’s Picture Spam’s subject is the hot and sweet Yabu Kota!

Yabu1So yeah, remember when I said that I wish I could see the rest of the “Hey! Say! JUMP photo library?” Well I didn’t even realize that I had this photo of Yabu! I guess dreams come true (haha, Hey! Say! JUMP song pun!!). Yabu looks so innocent here while still managing to look pretty cute. As usual, his hair is looking awesome and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the color. I feel like there’s something intense in his eyes that grabs mine. His lips look particularly nice although his mouth does look a little stiff and that kind of throws off the cuteness of the pictures. His shirt looks really cute too and I wish I could see a full picture. I’m sure the bottom of the outfit suits the top very well. Okay…this might sound kinda weird to say but his skin looks very good here. You guys know what I mean? I hope so because if not, I probably sound very very strange. Random point: what’s with the holes on the wall behind him. They look so random!! Anyway, I think this is a good way to start off Picture Spam with Yabu, don’t you think?

Now, let’s backtrack a little bit (I’m not sure to when exactly) but looking at Yabu2his face, it must have been sometime in the past. Now I mentioned this in Yuto’s Picture Spam but I feel I must mention it again…mostly because I want to. I love Japanese school uniforms. Somehow, guys always look so attractive in them so I guess it’s no surprise why I chose this picture of Yabu. Doesn’t he look so kawaii with his cute little face and his blue bag? As usual, his hair is looking awesome and I’m loving the slight highlights here and there. He looks so innocent and sweet here, even looking a little nervous. Aww, Yabu don’t be nervous!!! It’s kind of hard to see because the picture cuts off right at the bottom but doesn’t his leg look kind of weird? It’s like he’s moving it upwards or something. Of course that could just be the material of the pants making it look like that but you never know. Wow, his arms look so skinny here!! Sorry, that was a random observation but it’s totally true! So anyway, yay for school uniforms and Yabu looking kawaii!

Yabu4Let’s switch over from cuteness to coolness shall we? Like I’ve mentioned before, the person who was in charge of this photoshoot deserves a medal or something. Yabu is looking SO hot in this picture. In fact, he looks like Domoto Koichi of Kinki Kids (the hot one of the two) so that’s definitely something to be proud of. It’s good to know that he can pull off both styles so well. Of course, I already knew that but in case some of you guys didn’t, here is your proof. His hair looks awesome and it compliments his face very well. Wow…his lips look so attractive in this picture…it’s just like…yeah. And he looks badass in that black jacket. The black and white shirt compliments the jacket very well. But I think the most striking thing about the picture is the intense look he is giving. That is probably one of the best faces that Yabu has given in a picture.

Well that was the cool version and now here is the cuter version. I think it’s a good Yabu5idea to have a cool version and cute version just because it shows two different sides of him. Honestly, the cool picture is MUCH better than this one just because he captures the atmosphere much better. Well…I guess this picture isn’t really a “cute version” after all…just a less cool version of the other. I think it would have looked better in black and white. His face just isn’t giving that same intensity which made the previous picture so great. Nonetheless, he looks good and his lips still look extremely kissable.

Sorry for the shortness of the Picture Spam. I had another cute picture of Yabu but wordpress wouldn’t let me upload it. I don’t really know why but it sucks. Anyway, not the best Picture Spam but I hope you all enjoyed it nonetheless! I will try my best to make the next one better!!

And everyone remember to support Yabu by watching him in his new drama starting July 9th!!!

June 10, 2009

Picture Spam Volume Sixteen: Morimoto Ryutaro

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I was really happy with the last volume of Picture Spam so I’m hoping this one will give me the same satisfaction! So here we are at number sixteen!!! This issue will feature Morimoto Ryutaro! This is his first time appearing on Picture Spam so let’s give him a big hand!!

RyutaroNow Ryutaro used to have a tendency to look nervous or uncomfortable in photos but my, he’s come such a long way and I’m very proud of him for that. This picture is proof of how far he’s come but he looks completely natural and happy here, which really caught my attention the first time I saw the picture. Not only is he laughing in a really cute way, he’s laughing with his eyes. I can see that sparkle in his eyes that is completely loveable. Now his hair looks awesome here, which compliments his face very well. I really like the sky blue on his shirt just because it adds a real touch of color to the picture and draws my eye. And how cute is his white hoodie with the black stripes?! I think it could have made a really cute picture if he had the hood over his head. I doubt there is another shot but maybe there is one floating around somewhere out there…and the rest of his outfit looks particularly stylish. I feel like a lot of the members of Hey! Say! JUMP  wear shoes like that a lot so I’m glad that Ryutaro has a pair too! I also like his jeans. And there’s something likeable about the positions of his hands. I can’t really describe it but it’s cute. Well, I think this was a good way to start things off and let’s get ready for more Ryutaro!

I like this picture because Ryutaro just looks like such a cute little kid. I’m not really sure when this picture was taken Ryutaro1but I’m thinking that it was a while ago because just look at his face. It has that sort of childlike innocence to it, which is one of the reasons why Ryutaro is so sweet and loveable. Actually, he looks a lot like Shintaro in this picture, don’t you guys think so? His hair looks kind of messy but in a way that suits his face perfectly. I know we can’t really see his whole pose but it looks like he’s sitting down and he had his legs up. The white jacket looks extremely stylish and I wish we could see how it looks in full. Actually, the pants look really cute too! Judging from the font, I’m guessing it’s Myojo again. His face looks great, mostly because of his eyes. Once again, there’s that sparkle in his eyes that has him. His mouth looks kind of nervous but I think his eyes overtake that nervousness so his face looks cute overall. From this picture alone, I really wanna check out the rest of the “Hey! Say! JUMP photo library” so if anyone has any links to the rest of this set of photos, it would be greatly appreciated!! Let’s keep movin’ folks!

Ryutaro2Let’s keep the kawaii train going with Ryutaro!! I definitely can say that this is Myojo because of the font (my favorite font of the Johnny’s magazines…). I don’t have this issue but I wish I did because Ryutaro looks so happy and comfortable here. Can anyone honestly look at that smile and not go “aww?” I know I’ve said this in the two pictures before but he’s surprisingly good at doing it. He’s smiling with his eyes and that’s really what makes his face shine. Can you all see the shine? I like his black shirt and OMG, his pants are purple!!! My favorite color!! Obviously, Ryutaro was channeling my spirit when he decided to put on the purple pants!! As usual, his hair is looking great. I’m glad that Ryutaro isn’t one of the many people in Johnny’s who changes their hairstyle often (Yamapi…) because this hairstyle just suits him so well. Even though the picture in the right hand corner is small, he looks cute standing next to Hikaru. I wish the picture was extended so that we could see Hikaru lying next to him. Yay for cute Ryutaro!!!

Speaking of cute Ryutaro, it doesn’t get any cuter than it does with the picture at our left. I think this takes the cake as Ryutaro3most kawaii picture of Ryutaro EVER!!! From the writing on the left-hand side, I’m guessing this was around the time that Your Seed / Bouken Rider was released. OMG, I can’t get over how kawaii he looks!! Even the font is cute! It’s all rainbow colored and kinda big so it looks like candy. And the little rainbow line at the top adds to the color of the picture. The pose is just like the definition of cuteness so congrats Ryutaro for discovering it! His hair looks particularly nice here and I think it’s because of the slight brown highlights that spice up the black. His eyes look so big and full of innocence that I just wanna give him a big hug! And his smile…that’s one of the cutest smiles ever. His lips look particularly pink here and they look so delicate…aww. I really love the shirt and how it looks kinda big on him (you can see a little bit of his chest). It makes it seem like he’s wearing like his dad’s old shirt or something, which is way too cute for words. And you can’t really see his jeans but from the color, you can tell that they suit the shirt quite well. He looks so cute!! Ryutaro-kun is ultra kawaii ne.

Ryutaro4Now after four kawaii pictures of Ryutaro, let’s finish with some kakkoiness. I’m sure you remember a similar picutre of Keito’s in his latest volume of Picture Spam and we had to bring the same photoshoot because it’s that good. Seriously, whoever was in charge of this photoshoot deserves a gold medal because this photoshoot was awesome! He looks both cool and innocent, particularly because of those big eyes. Actually, he looks kinda sad since he’s looking off into the distance. His clothes look awesome too with the white matching the white light. He’s friggin awesome and I NEED to get whatever magazine this is from (again, I’m guessing Myojo).

Okay, I liked the last volume of Picture Spam better but this one turned out pretty nicely too, I think! I hope you all enjoyed this volume of Picture Spam because I had fun making it!!

Who will be our next subject? Can you guys guess who it will be?

June 9, 2009

Picture Spam Volume Fifteen: Nakajima Yuto

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I hope you’re all ready for the next volume of Picture Spam because I know I am!!! Yuto-kun is one of my fav members and it’s time to celebrate his epicness!! Let’s go! Credits to just_mine23 at Livejournal for the providing of pictures!!

Yuto1I remember this picture from somewhere but I just can’t think of where I know it from. Anyway, Yuto just looks so badass in this picture, it’s ridiculous. Just look at that cool look in his eyes and tell me that it doesn’t just melt you. As usual, his hair is looking awesome and suits his face very well. And his lips really stick out to me here. Don’t you just want to kiss them all over?…I know I do. Moving on…I know we can’t see the entire outfit but from what I can see, it looks awesome. I particularly like the shirt just because it’s so colorful and eye-grabbing. It really suits the beautiful sky blue background so everything is tied together. And the dark blue jacket works on the badass side of things. I think it looks really cool and I wish I could see what the pants look like to see the everything together. It would probably make the picture look even better. So here’s our first picture of Picture Spam and a pretty one to start off with if I do say so myself.

Okay…I have the magazine that this picture is from but I don’t know where it’s from. Judging from the font though, it’s Yuto2gotta be Myojo. Basically, there are five members of this band and I can’t exactly remember who is in it…Kei-chan…Yabu, Keito…Hikaru? Well whatever, everyone in the picture looks really cool. That part I remember clearly. Moving onto Yuto, he looks badass again!! When I think drums, I wouldn’t have thought about those tiny little things but even Yuto can make them look cool. He really knows how to work his face in these kind of pictures so that he has that cool edge down pat. Once again, his lips stand out too and I’m not really sure if it’s in a hot way or just a normal way. There’s kind of a duality although they definitely look full.  I love the shirt and I wish I could make out what it’s saying…I think “…that runs…” is in there but I don’t have the best eyes. The jacket is very casual and the shoes look great too. I’m not much of a fan of the pants but they’re okay. So enjoy the badassness of Yuto in this picture because he is really working that camera! Has someone been taking lessons from Kei-chan (who like nails every single shot that he’s asked to do…yay Kei!)?

Yuto3And now, here’s a picture that I GREATLY approve of. If there is one thing that we should have learned from Johnny’s by now, it’s that Johnny’s boys + suits = winning combination (NEWS’ Taiyou no Namida PV anyone?). This picture is no exception because Yuto is looking DAMN HOT in that suit. Black and white definitely suits him (hahaha, lame pun). The combination of the suit and that cool look on his face that is very inviting makes me want to rip off the suit and do…things. Lately, I don’t know what it is but I’m finding ties particularly attractive. And the tie provides that little addition of color that actually stands out more than you would think. Unfortunately, I don’t know where this photo is from. It doesn’t have any text like his name or anything, which makes me think it’s not from a magazine…but then again, someone could have cropped the picture so that it was just Yuto. Either way, the picture is hot and I hope all the Yuto fangirls / fanboys can appreciate the hotness that Yuto brings to us!

In case you didn’t all know, I LOVE Scrap Teacher. Sensei wa Erai! was awesome too but Yuto4Scrap Teacher is my fav. Now I liked Yuto before watching it but I think the combination of Sensei wa Erai! and Scrap Teacher was probably responsible for me REALLY loving Yuto like I do now. Scrap Teacher was also responsible for letting me see Yuto as hot…seriously, he looked fantastic in that drama. I mean, just look at the screencap on the right. He’s got that intense look in his eyes that could melt anyone to a pile on the floor. As always, his hair looks awesome and the school uniforms were so hot…I think I just have a particular liking for Japanese school uniforms…anyway…He’s sitting in front of a window and the lighting is perfect. Just look at his lips and be amazed at the impressivenesss that is Yuto.

Yuto5And sadly, we’re coming to end of Picture Spam and it’s only appropriate that we finish with hotness. I mean, this is Yuto we’re talking about. It must be a concert performance but I don’t know what one. However…I REALLY REALLY do want to know so if any one of you readers know, could you please leave a comment?!!! Pretty please with sugar on top! I will love you forever!! It’s such a rare occassion when Yuto is shirtless (or we can see his chest) so we must celebrate it! I love the intense look on his face since it shows he’s really into whatever song they are singing. I can tell from the picture that he’s on a roll and is giving some great vocals. Oh boy…this picture is going make me like pass out…so I’m just gonna have to end Picture Spam right here!

Well I hope you all enjoyed this volume of Picture Spam because I definitely did. Let’s give another HUGE thanks to just_mine23 for providing such amazing pictures. Without a doubt, this is one of my favorite volumes of Picture Spam and I hope it’s one of yours too!!

June 8, 2009

Picture Spam Volume Fourteen: Okamoto Keito

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Well welcome to the next volume of Picture Spam!! I just saved a lot of pictures saved up on my computer so I’m totally prepared for many volumes of Picture Spam! I think that every 10th issue will be a special edition (like the 10th was B.I. Shadow) and I have an idea for the 20th. Anyway, let’s move onto volume fourteen starring Okamoto Keito!

Keito1And our first picture has Keito looking his best. He looks like such a model so I think it’s a great way to start things up. I love the white light in the background just because it adds to the atmosphere so well. And the expression on Keito’s face really shines through. He’s kida givig a smile but he’s also kinda not which makes the picture have a mysterious atmosphere to it. I’m sure you have all heard the expression “the clothes make the man.” Well I think that’s how it goes even though it seems kinda off to me. Nonetheless, these clothes are friggin awesome. I love the coat that is kind of like a doctor and the tie really compliments the outfit. And the shirt really suits his look. The moment I saw the picture, I knew that I had to include it in this picture spam!! I think it’s a really good way to start things off, don’t you think?

Get ready for more model style with our second picture! If you think he looked Keito2like a model in the first picture then get ready to be blown away by the second one. The lighting is absolutely gorgeous here and it really makes him look like an angel or something. It’s that magical glow combined with his expression that just makes this such a fantastic picture. He looks like he’s lost in a thought for the future as if he is thinking about how the future is going to be. Is he going to be okay? Sorry…I’m getting a little off-track but this picture just seems to have a story behind it, ya know what I mean? It’s from the same photoshoot as before so I’m still loving the clothes and because of his proximity to the white light behind him, they stand out evne more. I didn’t notice the black dots that decorate the white jacket and although it looks simple, it actually looks really good. I totally want a jacket like that…Hey! Say! JUMP should hook me up with their stylist…for the good stuff anyway.

Keito3Now we move onto picture number three, which goes back someways…well I don’t know that for sure but judging from his look, I really think it’s from the past rather than near now. I’m loving the hair and like how full it looks. It has the quality of looking slightly wild while still looking completely tame, you guys know what I mean? Anyway, he’s giving such an intense stare that it will make its way right into your soul. And he’s wearing a suit! Well at least it looks like a suit and I’m sure all you Keito fangirls / fanboys will appreciate that. He just looks really good in ties. I don’t know if you guys have noticed this but it’s totally true! Just look around and you’ll see! And I can’t forget kawaii Keito in his blue pajamas. I prefer the bottom picture just because it looks cuter and…I dunno, I just like it. I was very tempted to make a crack about big feet and what’s associated with that but I think I will stop here before I go too far…I’ll just save those kind of thoughts for the fanfiction!

I’m sure you all remember this photo from way back when. It was in that issue Keito4of Popolo. I believe it was August 2008…I’m pretty sure. I actually have this issue so I should know for sure but I don’t. Anyway, Keito looks really good in this picture and that is just something that cannot be denied. Truthfully, his eyes look a little glazed but his mouth completely makes up for it. His lips look really really good here…if someone just stared at them for a little bit, I wouldn’t be surprised at all. They’re just so inviting and that is an invitation I’m sure all the fangirls / fanboys would be willing to accept. As usual, his hair is looking incredible. It looks like there’s highlights, doesn’t it?! Of course, that could be my eyes playing tricks on me but I don’t think so. Now aren’t we all sad that the picture cut right there. I’ve been a Hey! Say! JUMP fan for about a year now and you wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve heard about Keito’s body being the best in the group. He’s one of the younger ones but has abs like he’s one of the older ones. Although some of the others do have quite nice bodies, I mostly hear about Keito’s so it’s pretty disappointing that there’s no more of the shot. Don’t worry though, there’s another picture with a full body shot!

Keito5Now I saw this picture and knew that it had to be our final shot. Just talking about seeing a little more of Keito makes this the perfect follow-up shot. I’ve seen quite a few searches for “Okamoto Keito shirtless” for finding my blog and although he’s not completely shirtless, I think this will win you fangirls / fanboys over. You gotta admit that is nice…but he also looks so cute and happy here so it’s a good balance! I love that he’s jumping on a trampoline just because it looks so random! And I also like how the blue of his underwear matches the blue of his shirt. Someone was planning!

Sorry that this volume of Picture Spam is coming late!!! But Hey! Say! JUMP isn’t doing anything (except Yamada and Chinen who will be part of NYC Boys…) so expect some more volumes this week! I have the pictures ready to go so all I need to do is type them up.

I hope you all enjoyed this volume of Picture Spam!!

June 2, 2009

Picture Spam Volume Thirteen: Inoo Kei

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Okay, this is a little late but better late than never, right? We’re at volume thirteen of Picture Spam and our feature is…Inoo Kei!!! Kei-chan is awesome so it’s only proper to celebrate him!!

KeiI’m not sure where this first picture comes from but I really wish I had it! From the style of the picture and his look in it, I would have guessed it was part of the group’s new school calendar but I don’t think it was in there…Anyway, his hair is looking awesome here as always (and as always, I love the color). What really makes this picture worth noting is his face, which has a cool face and it even looks kinda sexy? Don’t guy guys think? I love his outfit because it looks very stylish and cool! Having the red vest is a nice touch while the black and white shirt really catches my eye. I can’t see what he is doing but it looks really cool with the white stairs. Wow, I really wish I had this picture or at least that I could see the rest of a photoshoot with the rest of the members. But Kei-chan looks awesome here so everyone should take a nice little break and look at the cutie!!

Moving onto the second picture, we turn our attention to Kei’s cute side. It’s always enjoyable to see him bring out his Kei2kawaii side so let’s let it sink in! Okay, I’m going to admit that I’m not much of a fan of his hair…it’s just not really doing it for me. It’s not too bad btu the bangs just…I can’t really pinpoint what exactly isn’t working but there’s something. His smile though is really cute and it makes the picture stand out. He’s also smiling with his eyes so he really ties everything together. I really like the combination of the pink background and the white sweater. It’s Valentines colors and if you’re anything like  me, you wouldn’t think twice about wanting to spend time with Kei on Valentine’s Day. Yay for kawaiiness and Kei bringing it to us!

Kei3So I’ve definitely used this picture (the full picture with Keito as well) before but it wasn’t for a Picture Spam so it’s the perfect opportunity. He looks very handsome in the white shirt and his smile is like the definition of ultra cute. I love how he put a yellow flower in his mouth. It just amplifies the cuteness of the picture by like a factor of 1000. Plus it matches the color of the background so that’s great!! And always, his hair looks great. Go Kei-chan!

Well in my time zone, it’s late at night (like a little after 2:00 A.M.) so it’s time to lay down Kei4with Kei. Now there are many little comments I can make about sleeping and Kei but I won’t…at this moment anyway. He looks so peaceful and it actually looks like he might actually be sleeping in the picture (even though I’m sure that he’s just closing his eyes). However that’s a real skill to have and it shows just how photogenic he is. I love how his clothes are dark and black while the pillow is light and cute. The contrast is eye-catching, isn’t it? My only problem with the picture is his hair…it’s just not working for me. I’d rather him have his usual style. Otherwise though, it’s a perfect picture! Now don’t you all want to just fall asleep with Kei-chan? I know I do!

Kei5And we’re at the end of our picture spam and let’s finish it with more cuteness. What an interesting combination of the suit, which makes him look very professional and the lollipops, which have a childlike innocence to them. I love that look in his eyes that just draws you on. I’m sure you all know what I mean. Now looking at them a little more closely, is it me or does lollipops look really strange. Like…they don’t look real but I don’t really know why they wouldn’t use real ones. Either way, it’s a good picture and a nice way to end this volume of Picture Spam!

I’m sorry everyone that this was kind of a sloppy Picture Spam. It’s kinda late and I’m kinda iffy right now but the next one will be better! I promise! In fact, I already know who the subject is going to be!!

By the way, in case you all weren’t aware, Tegomasu will be releasing a new single and new album! They will be on June 8th and June 15th respectively so I hope you all pick up a copy! I’ve preordered both versions of the album and the limited version of the single!

May 25, 2009

Picture Spam Volume Twelve: Yabu Kota and Yaotome Hikaru

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Okay, it’s been a long time since I’ve done Picture Spam but finally, we’re here! A huge thanks to stevenica at the Hey! Say! JUMP Community at Livejournal for providing some great screenshots, which made this Picture Spam possible!

HikaruYabuOkay so all the pictures are at the same setting so if you look through the whole post, it’s kinda like a story is being told!!! All right, first I must say that the red and green outfits look really cute! I don’t know really know why but they just look really good in them. Plus, the ties are really small, which is strange but funny. I love Yabu’s face in this picture since he looks so happy. You can tell that he’s really enjoying his time with Hikaru. Hikaru looks kinda confused but happy nontheless. His hair looks really good (I have to mention that after the monstrocity in the calendar).

Okay, now picture number two is our victory picture!! Hikaru looks like he’s done something excellent and is HikaruYabu2celebrating his accomplishment. I like that his eyes are like almost closed because it’s like he just can’t help himself. I dunno…it’s nice. Once again, Yabu steals the shot for me because he looks so happy for Hikaru. There’s just something about his face that looks completely natural and sweet. I honestly have no idea what they are actually doing but they are outside so maybe Hikaru found something they were looking for? Hahaha, that’s probably not even close to what it actually is but whatever. Hikaru looks excited and Yabu looks cute.

HikaruYabu3Now after Hikaru accomplished his goal, it’s time to eat. I can’t see what they’re eating because of that big orange sign but I hope it’s delicious!! Oishii desu yo!!! Okay, the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this picture was a husband and wife enjoying a nice meal together. Can you guess who the wife is? …That’s right, Hikaru.  I don’t know, I really see it in his face and I can’t really explain it. But maybe you guys can? Do you see the wife quality? Yabu looks very content and his cheeks look really cute!! Yabu is sooo kawaii here! Something about 2/3…no idea what could that possibly mean.

This is a really really really good picture. It’s like a couple walking on a date. YabuHika Love!! The way Hikaru is HikaruYabu4looking at Yabu is with such admiration that we all feel that special connection between them. He looks so sweet and innocent and it definitely catches the eye. LOL, what is Yabu doing? He looks both surprised and elated at whatever he’s looking at. I also like he’s standing so close to Hikaru that their bodies are touching. I don’t know, it’s kinda like he’s protecting Hikaru or something. If anything were to ever happen that is. Aww, kawaii desu ne? That’s why YabuHika Love works! I mean Yabu is known to be the protector of Hey! Say! JUMP so it works.

HikaruYabu5And I chose to finish with this because it’s just funny. Both of them have such a cool expression on their faces. Hikaru looks kinda sad and kinda out-of-it so the combination is funny. At the same time, I really want to run there and give him a hug (lol, how weird would that be?). And it looks like he has hands clasped or together in some fashion which makes him look even more loveable. In this picture, Yabu looks like he’s conquered something very important and he face gives the look of intense pride. He’s not beaming like Hikaru was but it still reads across his face very well.

Picture Spam might not be as organized as I would like it to be but I’ll try to do one every Saturday. However you might see some more volumes spread throughout the week because frankly…Hey! Say! JUMP isn’t doing like anything and Johnny’s can bite me…

March 22, 2009

Picture Spam Volume Eleven: Arioka Daiki and Nakajima Yuto

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I’m sorry this volume of picture spam is coming late!!! But I hope you all enjoy this one because it features two of my favorite members: Daiki and Yuto! Credits go to karmoisin from kimi_omou @ Livejournal.

daiyuto11The minute that I saw this picture, I knew I had to include it in the picspam. Kawaii!!! Daiki looks absolutely adorable here – just look at that smile. It’s seriously the most innocent thing that I’ve ever seen. I love his hair and the lightness of his outfit totally supports his sweet personality. And of course there’s Yuto and his fuzzy pink sweater!!! He looks happy and cute as well. I like that he has his hand resting on Daiki’s shoulder. His hair looks really good here too, don’t you think? I also like that there’s blue in the background because it’s the perfect combo: blue and pink – is there some sort of hidden message going on here? (hehehe). There’s such a cute and sweet energy about this picture that you can’t deny. So have you ever thought that Daiki and Yuto make a cute couple? If you didn’t then you have to look at this picture. What magazine is this from?! I wish I had it!

Let’s go back in time a little bit for this really cute second picture. And in case it was apparent already, Daiki and Yuto daiyuto2“are good friends.” So this looks like a Christmasy / wintery picture, judging from the clothes. Aww!! Look at little kid Yuto and his haircut! I actually think it looks cute although I much prefer his current style. Easily, Yuto’s smile makes this picture worth looking at. His teeth are so white and his skin look glow. And his jacket is so big and puffy, which adds to the adorableness of a little kid. Daiki looks like his big brother, who is carrying his brother home after a fun snowball fight! Even though Daiki is one of the five older boys of Hey! Say! BEST, he’s definitely one of the cutest guys of the whole group. His smile seriously makes me go “Aww!” and this picture is a perfect example of that winning sample. His scarf looks really cute too! The black and green color scheme is fantastic! So Daiki and Yuto continue to bring cuteness like nobody else! And in a winter setting so kudos! Yes…”they are good friends.”

daiyuto3More cuteness! More, more, more!!! To be completely honest, Daiki is the star of this picture and I was a little iffy on if I wanted this picture or not. But then I decided Daiki looked to cute to pass up and so here we are. It’s interesting to see Dai-chan with brown hair…I don’t think I’ve ever seen him with brown hair…or maybe I have and I’m just forgetting. He’s giving us his usual cutie smile and his eyes reflect the same sweetness so it’s just really eye-grabbing. Yuto looks kinda sleepy and his face looks…kinda swollen? Not a lot or anything but it definitely looks off to me. He does look cute though but just a little strange. Now looking at the picture, I don’t think that he has his arm around Daiki (like I originally thought) but wouldn’t it have been cute if he did that? I really wish that I had a full picture of this one because I’m sure that everyone would look really cute! So if you like this picture, give a big thanks to Daiki since he’s the real reason I included in this picspam.

Ah, Garasu no Kisu!! I’ve seen this picture and think it was really funny and kawaii so it had to be included on this daiyuto4picspam. I think I have the magazine that this is from but I’m too lazy to go find it. So this is a totally coupley moment with the two boys on different sides of a glass door, going in for a kiss! I love how Yuto is looking at the camera because it’s such a suspicious look – it’s like what exactly is gonna happen? And it makes it look like he’s stretching his lips really far! (he must really want that kiss). I know that we can’t fully see Dai-chan’s pose but you can see the position of his shoulders and his face and can kind of see what he’s going for. It’s kind of a girly and sweetie pose and I think that’s what makes his picture look so kawaii! Don’t you just love Yuto and Daiki love? It’s the most kawaii!

daiyuto5As Massu once said “Panda!” That’s right folks, it’s panda time with Daiki and Yuto! Why are there pandas? Honestly, I’m not really sure but I think they add even more cuteness to the picture! Daiki looks so young and innocent here, just like a litle kid that you wanna give a big hug to! His hairstyle kinda reminds me of Ryutaro’s and you can tell that this picture was taken a while ago so maybe it’s just a young Johnny’s hairstyle! Yuto is looking a little more nervous but I think that it works in the picture. You know those cute shy little kids (I know, I was one)? Well I think that’s what he looks like and the two of them look really happy together. Kawaii boys!!

So I hope you all have enjoyed this picture spam because I really enjoyed making it! Daiki and Yuto are both really cute so why not bring the two forces of cute together?!

And on a slight side note, Jounetsu JUMP is getting lots of attention so can they PLEASE announce a single release. I want to preorder it along with NEWS’ new single…and if that’s at the end of April then are we looking at a May release?

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