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August 16, 2009

Picture Of The Day 15: Arioka Daiki and Morimoto Ryutaro

Daiki Ryutaro Summer Pic

Sorry this is coming so late!! I had dinner with my family so I was busy at the time when I usually post. I don’t know what tour it’s from though…

Wow, Ryutaro looks so young in this picture! He looks so different between now and then even though it’s only a year difference. Anyway, he’s super kawaii in this picture and definitely caught my eye when I first saw it! I think he really wears his shirt well and the fact that it looks a little big on him only increases the greatness of the picture! Daiki also looks as cute as ever. His smile is so pretty and I’m glad that all the fans are getting to see it! I really wish I could go to a Hey! Say! JUMP concert and see it myself! And on a random note, his watch stood out to me quite nicely.

So yeah, not a lot to say this time around. Sorry! Now I thought I would be on vacation on Sunday but it turns out I’ll be leaving sometime during the week (I don’t know which day) so I didn’t plan anything for next week. I’ll think of something though…but anyone has an idea of what they want to hear me talk about then feel free to say so!!

Ganbareina! [haha, I love saying this!]


August 15, 2009

Picture Of The Day 14: Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I. Shadow

Random 2

Time for Picture Of The Day!!! Hurray! Once again, I’m featuring the entire group because they’re good together ne! Credits go to yabu_takeshi for uploading the pic!!

Top Left: Discussed already so I won’t go into it…

Top Right: LOL at Hokuto’s expression. It seems like someone didn’t drink his coffee that morning! He looks kinda tired and kinda out of it. But he is wearing my favorite scarf out of scarf collection lol.

Middle Left: Kinda like the picture from before at the end. But Hokuto isn’t blurry this time! He looks cute. Yuugo does too and looks less nervous than usual. Yuma still looks kinda scary. Kento is like almost blocked completely and Fuma looks fantastic!

Middle Right: OMG, best face ever!!! I seem to be flailing whenever a picture or moment of Fuma comes up and it shouldn’t be hard to see why. Words aren’t even enough.

Bottom Left: hahahaha, that’s certainly an interesting face. It looks like he was drinking something, someone said something funny and he’s about to spit it out from laughing. Hold it in Yuugo!! hahaha

Bottom Right: Kento and his radiant smile. He looks very happy in this picture and that’s what we like to see right?! Hair and outfit are awesome! Bonus points for Fergie in the background looking very pretty.

Another day, another Picture Of The Day!!! Does someone in JE plan on releasing something anytime soon? Come on NEWS, KAT-TUN and Hey! Say! JUMP you’re up!! You know, Kinki Kids have both released solo singles but would it kill them to do one together?

August 13, 2009

Picture Of The Day 12: Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I. Shadow

Group Shot 1

I think it’s time to feature all five members again today on Picture Of The Day!! Hurray!! Lotta pictures so the formatting will be slightly different this time around! Here we go!!! Credits go to yabu_takeshi at Livejournal for uploading the picture!!

Top Left: Fuma is so kawaii playing the guitar!! He looks fantastic…ya know, he looks very pretty here. It might sound kinda strange to say that but I think it’s the perfect word to suit this picture! Yellow is definitely his color and it’s just an all around amazing picture.

Top Right: Awww Hokuto is also kawaii!! His skin looks so nice here and I absolutely loved his outfit in the Akuma na Koi PV! His smile looks so innocent here! You gotta love him!!

2nd Row Left: hahaha, Kento is so funny! He kinda reminds me of an animal in this picture but I don’t know which one…hmm…but his smile is cute and infectious so I totally wanna smile along with him!

2nd Row Right: Yuugo’s wide eyes! I think they really make his face stand out, especially when combined with that wide smile of his! I feel like he’s listening to someone ask him a question in this scene…it’s the kind of face people make when that happens.

3rd Row Left: Not the best moment to capture but whatever…

3rd Row Right: No doubt Kento being hilarious for Hokuto and Yuugo!! He’s like a rock star!! Rock on Kento!! Hokuto looks so chill and Yuugo looks cute with his hands on his hips.

4th Row Left: I love how there is always someone sleeping in these makings! Yamada sleeping in the NYC boys one, Daiki sleeping in the Mayonaka no Shadow Boy Making, etc. Kento looks so peaceful here! I hope he’s having a nice sleep!!

4th Row Middle: hahaha, how cute is Fuma?! Seriously! Is it any wonder why I love this guy? He’s just too much for words.

4th Row Right: Ooh, did Hokuto say something he wasn’t supposed to?! That’s totally what it looks like in this picture haha. Super kawaii!!

Bottom Row Left: Yuma looks mad, Fuma looks kinda out of it and Kento and Hokuto are far away for me to see their expressions.

Bottom Row Middle 1: Aww Yuugo giving the peace sign!! Kawaii is ever with that face haha.

Bottom Row Middle 2: Yuma looks pretty cool but his face is slightly off.

Bottom Row Right: Yuugo looks deep in thought and Yuma looks like he plans on breaking that concentration LOL.

So yeah, this was Picture Of The Day so I hope you all enjoyed!! I feel kinda mean to Yuma but I don’t mean to!! I’m currently listening to “Nanchatte Renai” and plan to do a post related to that later so please look forward to it!

August 12, 2009

Picture Of The Day 11: Kikuchi Fuma and Matsumura Hokuto

Fuma Hokuto Kawaii

Here we are again at Picture Of The Day!! Today I’ll be featuring Fuma and Hokuto so hurray! Credits go to reigin_chan at Livejournal!

Fuma looks so cute here as he always does! I think pink really suits him and amplifies his kawaiiness. They really compliment his lips and draw your eyes ne. As always, I’m loving the hair and his smile is so infectious. Is it any wonder why I love this guy? And LOL at the little Fuma looking so weird and loveable! Hokuto looks so innocent but I would have liked his shot better if he was smiling. His smile is so cute so he should definitely show it off! What I’m getting from these various pictures of Hokuto is that he loves scarves and he definitely looks good in them so continue Hokuto!! The little Hokuto looks like he’s going on an adventure! hahha, kawaii.

How can you not love these two? They’re absolutely adorable and I hope they get more attention in the future!! I hope you enjoyed this Picture Of The Day!!

August 11, 2009

Picture Of The Day 10: Nakayama Yuma

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Yuma Archery

Okay, Yuma may be my least favorite member of Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I. Shadow but he’s here for the 10th Picture Of The Day! Hurray!! Sorry this is later than my usual postings!

Really I wanted to post this picture to show Yuma’s cool side. Archery seems so intense so the intensity comes through to me in this picture…truthfully I don’t have a lot to say hehehe.

Sorry I barely said anything in this post. Guess my mind is a little mushy right now. But HOLY CRAP! Yesterday the blog reached 1,065 views!!!! You all are amazing!! That is by far the highest the blog has ever reached!! Wow, didn’t think I would be seeing blog counts in the 1000s until Hey! Say! JUMP released something…

August 10, 2009

Picture Of The Day 9: Nakajima Kento, Kikuchi Fuma and Kouchi Yuugo

Random 1

And now it’s a new Picture Of The Day to kick off the week!!! This time, I’m featuring three members! It’s Kento, Fuma and Yuugo! Credits for the picture go to yabu_takeshi at Livejournal!!!

Starting at the top left we have Kento looking absolutely kawaii! He’s giving the peace sign and his smile is at its usual cute and infectious state! His hair looks awesome as always and from what you can see of the outfit, it looks fantastic as well. Basically, an awesome picture from every single angle I can think of! Now moving right, we can see the full outfit and as expected, it looks amazing. As to what he’s doing, I have no idea but he looks like he’s imitating an airplane and is going to run around the stage making plane noises [which would be absolutely adorable!!]. OMG, is that Fuma in the middle left picture? His hair is looking a little like Takaki here and it brings his hotness to the forefront! His face though is still as kawaii as ever so it’s a great combination. And maybe it’s just me but those little white things around his name…the first thing they looked like to me were hearts…lol. Anyway, on the middle right, Fuma is showing his kakkoi side!! Is he performing Your Seed? Because that’s totally what it looks like. That would be a really good combination: one of my favorite JE boys performing one of my favorite JE songs!! Anyway, he looks hot here and definitely catches my eye! Finally we have Yuugo, who is giving us another one of his strange faces in the bottom left picture. I don’t even really know what to say about the picture…I think his face says it all. hahaha. He looks sooo cute in the bottom right picture!! His happiness is coming out strongly and definitely was caught at the right moment!

So there we have it, the 9th Picture Of The Day!! This will be the last full week of Picture Of The Day because next week I’ll be gone on Sunday and Monday then the week after, I’ll be packing off and heading to college! So no internet connection…hope I don’t miss any important JE news!

August 9, 2009

Picture Of The Day 8 [Saturday Special]: Nakajima Yuto and Okamoto Keito

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Yuto Keito Pink

Now last month the Saturday Special would feature members of Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I. Shadow but since they’re currently the stars of Picture Of The Day, Hey! Say! JUMP takes over the Saturday Special!! Today we’re featuring Yuto and Keito!! Hurray!!

What a fantastic picture to end the week on!! Looking at this picture of Yuto and the recent ones, you can reallly see the change. I remember Yuto used to always nail his shots and look hot while doing so. I think he really looks great in this picture. Meccha kawaii and the pink looks fantastic on him. Lately, he hasn’t been nailing the pictures like he used to but he’s definitely got it in him! Just look at this picture! Aww, he’s feeding Keito a strawberry, which is absolutely adorable! Now I don’t eat strawberries so I don’t know what that white substance covering it is but admittedly the first thing that came to my mind was…something…interesting…hehehe. Anyway, Keito looks so guilty in the picture as if the camera caught him doing something he wasn’t supposed to be doing! Ooh Keito! Bad boy!! But yeah, he looks good in the picture too. I particularly like his hair. So overall awesome pic and these two need more attention! Keito got a solo song so we’re definitely going in the right direction but what about Yuto? Feels like ages since I’ve heard from him! And yes Urawashii no Bad Girl is a great song but can he get a new solo to sing?

Here’s our breakdown so far!

Kikuchi Fuma (6)
Nakajima Kento (3)
Matsumura Hokuto / Kouchi Yuugo / Nakayama Yuma (2)

I hope you all enjoyed this Saturday Special!!! It’s such a hot day today so everybody remember to stay cool!

August 8, 2009

Picture Of The Day 7: Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I. Shadow

Nakayama Yuma w B.I. Shadow

And we’re already at the 7th Picture Of The Day!!! It feels kinda hard to believe…time is moving so quickly! I wish summer was longer! Anyway, a group shot is always nice so let’s feature all five members today!!

I love Kento’s smile! It’s always so sweet and infectious and it’s no different in this shot. I think yellow suits hiim well since he’s always so happy and funny so basically he aces the picture. OMG, you just gotta love Fuma-chan! Well I certainly do! He’s definitely my favorite in this shot just because his pose is absolutely awesome and makes him super kawaii [like always]! I usually don’t orange but Fuma is slowly making me like it. And that smile…*melts.* Well…Yuma looks frightening. I dunno what to really say but his face looks kind of intimidating…yeah…Hokuto looks a bit blurry in this screencap so he must have been moving when it was taken. Well I can say that I love his outfit, particularly the blue scarf. And his hair looks great…I just wish I could see his face more clearly because I’m sure he nailed it! And finally we have Yuugo who looks particularly frightened…LOL. He isn’t giving his usual wide smile but he still has that trace of nervousness. Oh well, at least he looks cute.

If I had to rank them, here is what I would do…

01. Kikuchi Fuma
02. Nakajima Kento
03. Kouchi Yuugo
04. Matsumura Hokuto [only because he’s so blurry]
05. Nakayama Yuma

So yeah. Tomorrow is the Saturday Special so get ready for that!!! I’ve been so consumed in writing fanfics so my brain is kinda dying hehehe. Maybe I’ll take a break….or maybe not.

August 7, 2009

Picture Of The Day 6: Kikuchi Fuma

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Fuma Making 3

Back to Picture Of The Day!!! I said there was gonna be an overload of one member and it’s still going!! My Fuma-chan!!!

I think out of all the Pictures Of The Day this week, this is my favorite (or maybe a tie with “Fish Face Fuma” [haha three Fs!!]. Fuma is always adorable but I think he’s even more so in this picture!! Everything about it just calls to me! As usual, his hair looks absolutely amazing but something about this picture makes it look even better! Especially in the back near his neck. His eyes look kind of squinted and I think it adds to the kawaiiness that is Fuma! His smile is absolutely adorable as well, definitely the “charm point” of the picture. His skin looks so pretty here! [Weird thing, I know! But it’s totally true!]. And as usual, the outfit looks great on him with the black and pink really suiting him. And he’s wearing a hoodie! I never noticed that before but it’s a really cute one! I would totally want one if I thought I could pull it off!

So yay for Fuma!! I mean, honestly, you just gotta love him!! He’s too kawaii not to! So more Picture Of The Day of the love of my life hehehe.

And on a side note, let’s take a look at our Johnny’s releases for the future.

08.19.09 -> TOKIO “Taiyou to Sabaku no Bara / Subeki Koto”
08.26.09 -> SMAP “Sotto Kyuuto / Superstar”
09.02.09 -> V6 “GUILTY”
09.09.09 -> Domoto Tsuyoshi “Rain”
09.23.09 -> Takizawa Hideaki “Hikari Hitotsu”

…so if Johnny plans on releasing a single from Hey! Say! JUMP then they have two different weeks they can release on in September [09.16.09 and 09.30.09]…if they’re going to release an album (which they should) then they’re free to do anything…slowly though the weeks are getting filled so they need to hurry up. NEWS and KAT-TUN also need to release a single soon…and I’d love another Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I. Shadow (no NYC boys) single before the end of the year (like December).

August 6, 2009

Picture Of The Day 5: Kikuchi Fuma and Yamada Ryosuke

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Fuma Yama-chan

Hurray for another Picture Of The Day!!! Now I warned you all that there would be an overload of a certain member, didn’t I? Well Fuma-chan is back but this time he’s joined by Yama-chan!!!

OMG I absolutely love this picture of Fuma!! Maybe it’s just me but I’m calling his face in the picture his “fish face.” He just looks like an adorable little fish!!! His hair looks fantastic as always and I think the yellow outfits looked really good in the yellow outfits so he nailed the outfits. Basically his expression was the reason I chose this picture. How kawaii can he get?! Yama-chan looks good too so that makes the picture extra special! Admittedly, I didn’t particularly like his attitude at this moment in the Making Of…can’t really put my finger on it but he felt kinda…pushy? I don’t know if it’s the right word for it but it kinda bugged me. Ooh and bonus points for an adorable Yuugo in the background! I love how Yuugo is always ending up in the background of these pictures hehe.

So I hope you all enjoyed this picture as much as I do! Wow…summer is coming to an end huh? What are you all gonna do before the end of the summer? As for me, I’ll be going to Santa Cruz! I am also planning on watching more Morning Musume videos with English subs! This little paragraph here was kinda influenced by them I guess…my love for them is growing even more than it was before! If you like MoMoSu (Tanaka Reina) then you should definitely watch the Real Challenge DVD on youtube. It has English subs and she’s absolutely hilarious! Love that girl!! So yeah, that’s all for now!

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