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September 25, 2008

Mayonaka no Shadow Boy: The B-Sides

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This message is presented to you by Keito!!! Well the B-sides for her 4th single have been announced. The two B-sides are entitled Deep Night 君思う (Deep Night Kimi Omou) and Journey Into Space. They sound like some awesome titles, particularly Journey Into Space so I’m expecting some quality here (I know the boys won’t let me down). Interestingly enough, the lyrics for Journey Into Space were written by…that’s right….Yabu Kota!!!!! Perhaps we’ll have a Yabu solo since we’ve already had a Takaki solo released on a single as a B-side. I would love that idea since I LOVE Yabu.

Our next piece of business is crediting to Jump in to my Heart at Livejournal for the find of more pictures for Scrap Teacher!!! I’ll only post one pic cause I like it more.

The reason I like this picture more is because everyone’s hair looks nice here. Actually Yama-Yama’s is a bit off but I’ve seen other pictures of the same style and it looks good so I’ll just chalk it up to this picture. Nakajima looks so intense in all these pictures but I hope he’ll still have that same light-hearted adorableness in his character just like Sensei wa Erai! Daiki looks really good here too…actually he’s probably my favorite here. And Chinen’s hair looks normal again so I hope it looks more like this than in other pictures.

Also today (September 24th) is the one year anniversary of the formation of Hey! Say! JUMP!!!!! Let’s give these boys a round of applause because they’ve been through a lot together and it’s been one heck of a year. We’ve gotten three singles so far (Ultra Music Power, Dreams come true and Your Seed / 冒険ライダー) with a fourth one (真夜中のシャドーボーイ) on the way; they’ve released a concert DVD (which I still have to buy…Japan Town didn’t have a copy anymore when I went to get it) and there have various drama opprotunities for some of the members (like Sensei wa Erai! starring Yama-Yama, Chinen, Nakajima and Daiki). It’s definitely been a great year for them and it would have been an even better year had they released an album…hopefully we can expect one before the end of the year (just like I’m hoping for NEWS).

So let’s celebrate Hey! Say! JUMP’s one-year anniversary. Who’s gonna bring this message??? Yama-Yama and Nakajima!!! Yay!!!


September 23, 2008

Member Spotlight: Okamoto Keito

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Although he is a bit underloved in the group, how can you not love Keito? Personally, I love his hair and he’s just sooo cute that you just wanna hug him.

Okamoto Keito was born on April 01, 1993. He was born in Tokyo but moved to England (he is the only member of the group that is fluent in English) but recently moved back to Japan. At times, he has a hard time reading kanji and remembering his Japanese (aww, that’s cute and very understandable). His father is Okamoto Kenichi, who is senior in Johnny’s Entertainment, so it’s no surprise that Keito decided to follow in his footsteps. In October 2006, he joined as a trainee and later on in September 2007, he became a member of Hey! Say! JUMP. With the group, he has released three singles: Ultra Music Power, Dreams come true and Your Seed / 冒険ライダー. Their fourth single, 真夜中のシャドーボーイ, is set to be released on October 22. As of now, all the singles have gone to number one so it’s definitely something that he can be proud of. He’s a bit underloved and definitely needs more screen time in the PVs / more of a presence in the songs so hopefully they’ll be more opportunities for him in the future.

While nearly all the other members of Hey! Say! JUMP have been in a drama, even only as a guest appearance, sadly Keito has not been in any (aww, that’s sad). I think he should be doing something soon…just anything…hopefully one in the future.

Keito’s respected senior is Kimura Takuya (who??). His favorite foods include fried chicken, ice cream and strawberry milk while his least favorite food is anything in the seafood department. He has never kissed a girl (that’s cute!!) and has never confesed his love to anyone. The type of girl that he admires is one who is nice, honest, peaceful and carefree who is a bit girly. As a child, he dream was to be a doctor (ooh, Dr. Keito is ready to operate haha). His favorite song is PIKA NICHI by Arashi and his favorite color is blue. His favorite subject is math and his speciality is the ability to be funny without trying (that’s definitely a good quality to have).

So let’s all give Keito some more love because you know you wanna give it to him. Let’s close this member spotlight with a picture of shirtless Keito because you all have been looking for it (that’s right, “Okamoto Keito shirtless” pops up a lot as searches for this blog hehe).

September 19, 2008

New Single Announcement: Mayonaka no Shadow Boy [10/22]

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Well it’s finally been announced folks!!! Hey! Say! JUMP’s fourth single, Mayonaka no Shadow Boy, will be released on 10.22.08. The title sounds awesome!!! It’s kinda reminiscent of the NEWS song 裸足のシンデレラボーイ (Hadashi no Cinderella Boy) and that was a fantastic song so let’s hope we get an awesome love song from NEWS. Ok, here is the description of the single from CD Japan.

Hey! Say! JUMP/Mayonaka no Shadow Boy[w/ DVD, Limited Edition] CDA
1238 yen US$12/107.23 Release Date:2008/10/22
Description:Fourth single release from Hey! Say! Jump featuring their first actual love song, which is used as a theme to the TV drama “Scrap Teacher – Kyoshi Saisei -” starring Hey! Say! Jump members Yuto Nakajima, Ryosuke Yamada, Yuri Chinen, and Daiki Arioka. The track has painfully sad, passionate lyrics and a melancholic melody with a Spanish taste. Limited edition includes a bonus DVD with music video of the track “Mayonaka no Shadow Boy,” making-of footage, and alternate jacket artwork. *Unless otherwise indicated, DVDs are region-2 encoded (Japan, Europe, and Middle East), and carry no subtitles. [Limited Edition]

Hey! Say! JUMP/Mayonaka no Shadow Boy[Regular Edition] CDA
1048 yen US$10/107.23 Release Date:2008/10/22
Description:Fourth single release from Hey! Say! Jump featuring their first actual love song, which is used as a theme to the TV drama “Scrap Teacher – Kyoshi Saisei -” starring Hey! Say! Jump members Yuto Nakajima, Ryosuke Yamada, Yuri Chinen, and Daiki Arioka. The track has painfully sad, passionate lyrics and a melancholic melody with a Spanish taste. Regular edition features three bonus karaoke versions. [Regular Edition]

Did I read that right??? Spanish taste?? Oh god, I friggin love it!!! I bet this will be another single that I will absolutely love. Ok…after this though…ALBUM…I mean it.

September 15, 2008

Scrap Teacher CM

Well surprise surprise! Here’s a little preview CM for the new drama Scrap Teacher starring Yama-Yama, Nakajima, Chinen and Daiki! From this preview, there isn’t much to see of the boys except for a little profile of each the four boys in front of a crimson background in the following order: Nakajima, Yamada, Chinen and Daiki.

Let’s take a look at these profiles. Starting with Nakajima, he looks great here. There is an intensity in his eyes and his hair helps him look hot. The hair covering his forehead looks a little bit wet and it actually catches the viewer’s eye. That sheer intensity is just addictive and you don’t even wanna look away. Moving onto Yama-Yama, he’s looking HOT but I don’t like the angle they put him at. It should have been more frontal rather than titled to the side because it detracts from his good looks. I’ve yet to see his hair look bad and it’s looking fantastic here. Plus the intensity kinda fades to the background because you’re not able to look as deeply into his eyes. Okay Chinen…let’s just hope it was the picture that makes him look like that because frankly, I don’t like what I see. In fact, it didn’t even look like him at first. I absolutely hate the hair so he better fix that for the drama. Oh wow, I’m just gonna hope…Daiki looks okay with his hair that looks to be grown out just a little bit but the intensity isn’t really directed as well here as hoped. I don’t think Daiki is just the intense type and is better at just being a cutie.

On a seperate note, the music in the background is pretty catchy. And it also makes me want a new single soon so maybe we’ll see that light around November. From the little blurb at the end, I guess it’ll be airing October 11 (one day after my birthday) and I have no idea what the 9 is.

Well I don’t know about you all but I’m REALLY excited for this! Expect a review of this drama over at Amai Wana!!!!

September 14, 2008

More Summary 2008

Well Jump in to my Heart at Livejournal deserves another HUGE thanks as that is where I found more Summary 2008 photos. I really wanna see this live or get a pamphlet or something. Anyway, let’s go through some more pictures of Summary 2008 in pamphlet / concert.

I’ll start with Yabu because I love both him and this picture. Personally, I think Yabu is extremely photogenic and always knows how to pose in a way that makes him look great and this picture is no different. His face looks like it has a playfulness behind the coolness and having his hand on the goggles is a great fit for the picture. His skin really stood out to me in this picture as it looks a little tan, which compliments his red clothes very well. On a strange note, I like how he has a pair of goggles on his head and then another pair around his neck. Then the little orange rope and white band around his arm both look great in this picture and actually catch the eye very well. Yabu just really portrays the feeling of summer here perfectly and you can imagine just lying on a beach with him enjoying the sun. Maybe go a swim because if you drown, you know he’ll be there to rescue you (hahaha). So this picture is definitely another one that Yabu should be proud of and for those who don’t even know him and those who did, he looks hot! He’s always been hot and this picture is no different so let’s just take a moment and take in the hotness that is Yabu.

Up next is another one of my favorites, Kei. This is another great picture and once again, Kei looks hot as usual. He’s also giving the cool look that really suits him, only making the picture better. There’s something so alluring about his eyes in this picture that has the watcher captured and that makes for a really enjoyable picture. The oar in the picture (which matches his outfit) is also a nice touch because it goes with the whole summer theme of lifeguard-like imagery that these pictures seem to be going with. Much like Yabu, his hair looks awesome here and helps with the sexy element of the picture. Then let’s move down his face and after the eyes (which have already been mentioned), his lips really look good here. There is an intensity to his face that fuels all types of feelings within the person looking at the picture. Also he looks a little bit tan (not really but a little more than usual) and much like Yabu again, it works for him. I had no doubt in my mind that Kei wouldn’t look hot and from this picture, I can see that I wasn’t wrong. How can you look at this picture and not start immediately drooling?

Instead of one of the summer pictures like the other boys, here is a performing picture of the always adorable Chinen. Although I have had my ups and downs with Chinen’s hair lately, I must say that it looks good here. I can’t say for sure but it looks like a performance of 冒険ライダー  or at least the song was performed in the outfit at some point judging from the costume (the same one was worn by Chinen when performing that song on Hey! Hey! Hey! earlier in the year around single promotion time). Although I prefer some of the colors (like Yamada’s green or Yabu’s pink), the yellow looks good on Chinen. Johnny’s Entertainment has been known to have…a certain look for their performing outfits but this one isn’t so strange so I’m glad they went with a simpler look in this picture. Chinen seems to be giving some emotion, which always makes for a good performance. I also like the position of his right hand, which a lot of singers do when they are singing a slow song. Well it looks to be an enjoyable performance and I wish I was there to see it. Chinen is just so cute that you can’t not love him so this is a nice picture that shows his cuteness.

There’s even more cuteness to come with Daiki. Although Yabu and Kei had more of a sexy look, Daiki definitely portrays that summery cuteness. This is really seen both in face and his pose. His hair is looking like it has for a little while and although I’m not crazy about it, it does suit him nicely. Moving onto his face, there’s something about my eyes that I can’t put my finger on but that I really like. And his smile is adorbale; the only thing that might have made it even cuter is if he was showing some teeth. Nonetheless, the smile really works and makes you just wanna pinch his cheeks. I also like how he’s stretching his shirt because it just works with that cuteness factor and gives it kind of a childlike innocence. As for fitting for the whole summer theme, I can see how this picture conveys that. It’s like a little kid that is ready to go running on the beach and I’m sure you all want to run with him (hahaha). Although it bugs me just a little bit that the words (Hey! Say! JUMP in particular) are stretched out like that because of the way he is holding his shirt but it’s okay though. Basically Daiki picks up on the cuteness that Chinen also brings and you just wanna hug him and not let go.

While Daiki did the cute thing, Takaki comes back to the cool factor which he seems to always like doing. There is a real intensity but it doesn’t capture whoever is watching as well as Kei or Yabu’s photos. A common theme within Takaki’s pictures is that coolness and perhaps it comes across a little too strong here because there is something a little off-putting about the real intensity of his face. Although one thing I must say is that his hair looks fantastic: perfect length and perfect color as well as a perfect style for him. I really like the floatation device around his shoulder because it perfectly communicates that summery feeling and although you might not be able to tell, he is holding onto someone else (the reason for the other floatation device on the left of the picture). His skin looks great here and he looks really good in red. I’ve seen Takaki act goofy and happy and whatnot when he’s with the group so it would be kind of nice to see more pictures of him smiling and I think with a little more softness in his face, this picture would have better represented the feelings of summer. Nonetheless though, he is really looking hot and isn’t that what summer is all about?

Finally, a little collection of pictures of Ryutaro ends it. Starting with the picture on the left, he actually looks really cute in the red oufit. His hair looks nice although there seems to be some element of worry on his face or concentration (it’s kinda hard to tell haha). Let’s move onto the various smaller pictures in the middle. I’m not much of a fan of the white and orange outfit but I do really like the bottom frames, particularly the one with the megaphone. And of course my favorite picture is the one on the far right where he goes for the summery look. His hair looks great here and he just looks so cute in the orange shirt. Truthfully, one thing about Ryutaro is that he sometimes looks a little forced or uncomfortable. Perhaps it’s because he’s the youngest and at times I can see where he might feel a little awkward (for example, the August 2008 edition of Popolo where everyone was shirtless) and his smile looks a little forced here. But if you ignore that then it’s a really good picture and if his smile looked a little more natural, then this would be a perfect picture.

The whole summer image really goes well with these boys (Yabu and Kei in particular) so I definitely wanna see Summary or at least get a pamphlet. You just gotta love them because let’s face it…they are looking GOOD.

September 8, 2008

Member Spotlight: Inoo Kei

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Inoo Kei was born on 06.22.90. He joined Johnny’s Entertainment on September 23, 2001 on the premise that he would be able to eat delicious food but he was mistaken (haha). He joined on the same day as Yabu Kota (which kinda makes sense because they always look so close). On September 27, 2007, he became a member of Hey! Say! JUMP and thus far, they have released three singles: Ultra Music Power, Dreams come true and Your Seed / 冒険ライダー. Evey single has gone to number one, which really shows the power of the group. On an interesting note, Kei plays the piano in Star Time (B-side of the debut single). Although he may not be one of the boys who is consistently center-stage on PVs or who has a large part in the songs, he is definitely talented and I hope he’ll have even more chances to shine in the future.

Well Kei has hasn’t the drama opportunities like his bandmates (at least not yet anyway). He had a guest appearance in Gachibaka! (holy crap!! I know which character he is but I didn’t know that was him because I didn’t know Hey! Say! JUMP back then. Wow! That is so cool!). For those who don’t know, he played Massu’s brother in one episode.

Kei has many talents such as playing the piano and guitar, playing basketball and drawing. He doesn’t talk very much in interviews but is much more comfortable with talking to his band-members (that makes sense). His most charming point is his hands, which are said to be beautiful like a girl’s (haha, okay). His favorite foods are cooked rice, udon and ramen. His most valuable possessions are letters from his fan club (aww, he cares about his fans). His favorite color is sky blue (pretty!) and his least favorite colors are green and yellow. His least favorite subjects are mathematics and English although he constantly studies English in hopes that one day that he will love the subject. His preferred type of girl is one who who has manners and common sense (good choices) and his first love  was a girl from Primary School Year 1.

I love Kei and I hope that he’ll be given opportunities to stand out more. Honestly, I can’t remember a close-up shot of him in the Your Seed PV…let’s just hope this changes in the future. I leave you with this incredibly adorable picture of Kei.

September 7, 2008

Scrap Teacher Photos

After surfing around and finding some pictures of Scrap Teacher, I realized that it’s only roughly a month until this drama airs! We haven’t gotten an actual date of its airing, which seems kind of strange considering there isn’t that much time until it airs. Anyway, with Yama-Yama, Chinen, Nakajima and Daiki teaming up again, I know that I am going to love this drama to pieces. So here are some photos to fuel your (and my) anticipation.

Let’s start with the picture at the left…well…not my favorite photo of them. I’m not crazy about Chinen’s hair, it looks really strange to him with his hair parted like that. Then his face looks a bit off to me like there’s a forced intensity to it that doesn’t really communicate with me. Yama-Yama looks a little better because I LOVE the hair. It’s nice seeing him with a different color and I like the style he’s using. Admittedly though, his face looks strange, particularly his mouth. Otherwise though, he’s still looking good and I’m sure he’ll look good in the drama. Nakajima looks good although his hair looks wet in the front. Having some of his hair cover his face was a nice idea but I don’t think it was executed very well. Daiki on the hand looks great. I love the new brown-red tint in his hair and he still has that cuteness about him that makes him so loveable.

Of course, the picture to the right is much better. Yama-Yama looks wonderful here! He has a really great smile and his hair still looks hot here. It’s definitely a look that suits him so I hope he keeps it up in the future. Nakajima looks great here too, with a kind of funny happiness. His hair still looks good so I’m glad he didn’t change it although his smile is a little weird, it’s kinda funny. Although Chinen looked a bit strange in the first picture, he looks WOW here. He has the cutest smile and his hair looks much better in this picture than the first. Having the hair a little bit in his face really works in his favor because he looked strange with just the part in the middle. Daiki looks cute as usual with his smile and those big eyes. His hair still looks good even though there isn’t that brown in his hair, which actually looks really good on him. This set of pictures is much better and it’s no surprise because they look really good when they smile. These boys really made me love Sensei wa Erai! so already I see myself loving Scrap Teacher. I’m assuming that the people running down the left side are involved in this and will be a part of the drama so hurray for them. The guy third from the top looks cute so I’ll keep an eye out for him. These pictures, particularly this one is really building my anticipation for this drama so they better hurry up and announce the airing date and then I hope someone subs it in English for me to watch! Maybe it’ll come out the week of my birthday, wouldn’t that be amazing?

And to always give credit where credit is due, a huge thanks to Jump in to my Heart at, which is where I found these pics!

September 6, 2008

Member Spotlight: Chinen Yuri

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Chinen Yuri is my 3rd favorite member of Hey! Say! JUMP and it’s no wonder why. He’s such a cutie that you just wanna hug him and see him smile.

Chinen Yuri was born on November 30, 1993 (the 2nd youngest member of Hey! Say! JUMP as well as the shortest). His parents gave him the member Yuri because they wanted a name that sounds like one for a boy and a girl. His father, Chinen Kou, received the bronze medal in the Olympic Gymnastics games (he must be where his son got it from). He joined Johnny’s Entertainment on June 4th, 2003 and in 2007, he joined the temporary 5-person-unit, Hey! Say! 7 and with that group he released one and only single entitled Hey! Say! He then joined Hey! Say! JUMP (integration of Hey! Say! alongside five other members) and to date, they have released three singles: Ultra Music Power, Dreams come true and Your Seed / 冒険ライダー. All these singles have gone gone to number one on the Oricon Charts and things only look brighter for the group. Chinen definitely has a sizeable role in these songs as he is one of the few to actually do vocalizations (Yabu is also noteable for this). He was also at the center of the dancing in the Your Seed PV for some of the scenes, which shows that he is getting his fair share of screen time. The future only looks brighter for Chinen and I hope the best for him!

He has had some drama roles, predominantly as guest roles. In 2007, he appeared in episode two of Yukan Club as Ryota. Earlier on in this year, he was in episode three of 1 Pound no Fukuin (Yama-Yama was also in this drama as a leading role) and his most recent drama role was a star role of Umeno Wataru in Sensei wa Erai! with Yamada, Nakajima and Daiki. He will be appearing with these same three boys in Scrap Teacher.

While at home, he enjoys playing bowling and boxing games with his father as well as playing games on the internet. He likes watching anime and his favorite anime is Dr. Slump. His favorite ice cream is vanilla (the best flavor!) Since he was the age of four, he learned how to dance and do back-flips (wow, that’s impressive). He is pretty quiet and isn’t very talkative (which is perfectly fine, the little cutie). He likes attention and tends to sit on the laps of the other members (usually Takaki or Daiki’s) however he considers himself to be too dependent on the others even to the point where he wouldn’t know what to do without the other boys. He also thinks that is embarassing when he cries so he tries not to despite being sensitive (oh, he is just too cute). Interestingly enough, he is left-handed (ooh, that’s really cool, don’t really know why haha). His blood type is AB. His favorite foods are gyoza and cucumbers while his least favorite foods include mushrooms, celery, green peppers, shellfish and eggplant. HIs favorite color is yellow and his least favorite color is orange (just like me!!). His favorite subject is PE because he has a talent for gymnastics and he feels like a superhero when doing them. However he doesn’t like English because he doesn’t understand why it’s important when he’s living in Japan (hahaha). He thinks that challenges make him a stronger person but when they become too difficult, then he gives up (aww). When asked what type of girl he would like to date he responded someone with a personality just like Yamada (ok, that’s adorable that they’re so close).

Basically, Chinen is one ultimate cutie and how could you not love him? His smile is so adorable and although his hair doesn’t suit him as much as it used to, he’s still cute. Don’t you just wanna hug him?

September 5, 2008

Hey! Say! JUMP Looking Hot

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Well after looking through the searches that people have made to find the blog, I’ve come to the conclusion that people like to search for the boys shirtless. Of course I can’t blame you! (hahaha) Thus, this post is for the people who wanna seem them without shirts cause let’s face it…it’s just hot.

Let’s look at the above picture, going from left to right and top to bottom. Ryutaro looks pretty unhappy to be doing this photoshoot. Somewhat understandably of course, he might feel uncomfortable being only 13 years old and posing shirtless in a magazine. Moving onto to Chinen, who actually looks really good here. Although he is pretty young, he has actually has a really nice chest and his pose makes him look really comfortable in front of the camera. Yama-Yama is to the right of Chinen and of course is the center of the five. He also looks great and I love the hands in the pockets, which makes his pose all the more awesome. He has a certain magic in his eyes that works in this picture and he definitely portrays the spirit of “pure body.” Maybe it’s just me but Nakajima looks really strange here. The one thing that throws me off the most is the hair…it just doesn’t look good. Then his face…he actually looks a little angry and it just doesn’t work with the overall theme of the photoshoot. The last of the five younger boys is Keito, who actually looks really good shirtless. His eyes really have strength in them that carry somewhat of a sexiness to them and the chain around his neck is a nice touch. Well these five boys did a nice job, some more than others *coughYamada, Chinen and Keitocough* but overall they are nice to look at so definitely give them a look.

Of course the older boys were able to portray the idea of sexiness more strongly. Let’s start with Yabu Kota, who I love to death. His pose is just the definition of sexy and he is carrying that sexiness in his eyes so strongly that it entices the viewer. He’s the oldest and it’s no wonder that he was able to pull off sexy so well because he’s hot with a shirt on…of course it’s awesome to see him shirtless too. Takaki Yuya also does a good job of bringing sexy…not as strongly as Yabu but I digress. I actually think his hair stands out because it’s such a different color than everyone else’s and while only looking at him, his lips are particularly noteworthy and having good lips is a very helpful element of sexy. For me, Daiki has more of a cute-sexiness in this picture. He looks a little puzzled but I really like his pose and of course I love his hair. Sorry to say but Hikaru has the worst picture of the entire bunch. His hair looks really strange and his face just looks like at an attempt to look intense but he failed in the process. Although I do like that his hands are holding onto his pockets…at least that was a good idea. Finally we come to Kei, who absolutely looks the best in this photoshoot. His hair, his face and his body just all perfectly portray the idea of the sexy “pure body.” Honestly, there should be more shirtless shots of Kei because he perfectly understands the idea of sexy. Thus, it’s no surprise who wins this sexy context…Inoo Kei!!! The runners up are Chinen Yuri, Yabu Kota and Yamada Ryosuke. I should start a petition to Johnny’s to have “MORE Inoo Kei shirtless!” (hahaha).

Of course this is coming from the August 2008 edition of Popolo and after that picture is a close-up of each boy. Three of them stood out the most to me and guess who they were? Surprise, surprise! Kei, Yamada and Yabu!!! I guess they’re just really good at bringing out the sexiness for everyone to see because they nailed both pictures. Personally, I’m all for there being another photoshoot like this with the boys shirtless because let’s face it…it’s certainly enjoyable. Because I crown him the winner, let’s close this post with a picture of the winner…Inoo Kei!!!

September 4, 2008

The Last Straw For Johnny’s Entertainment

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Look at the above picture…Yama-Yama is NOT happy, and nether are any of the other boys of Johnny’s Entertainment. All right everyone, I know that fangirls and fanboys really wanna be with these boys but it’s getting out of hand. Their personal space is being invaded and that’s just not cool. So Johnny’s Entertainment has issued statements from Arashi, NEWS, KAT-TUN and of course, Hey! Say! JUMP. And now a HUGE thanks to Hey! Say! Heisei! for an English translation of the Hey! Say! JUMP boys.

Why ambush me in front of my house? When I want to go to school? Why this is not good? Because it’s terrible! If you are my fan think about that carefully. – Yamada Ryosuke

I speak with friends at school normally and play soccer outside normally. Except on TV and at concert venues I’m just a regular middle schooler. I strongly dislike fans who can’t keep the public and the private sides of me apart. – Chinen Yuri

Why do you film Yamachan’s home with hidden cameras? Why do you chase him? I’d properly mind my own business. – Nakajima Yuto

Slander being written in connection with your parents is really painful. Sure, my father is Okamoto Kenichi, but you should gradually start seeing me as the individual person Okamoto Keito. – Okamoto Keito (duh!)

I think the amount of worst fans is increasing now. Makes me shiver. Not realizing how bad your own conduct is is terribly sad, don’t you think? – Morimoto Ryutaro

Why do you say things like “Die!” and “Baka!”? If there’s Johnny’s you don’t like, is it okay to hurt their feelings? Fans like that are not needed. – Arioka Daiki

If you’re a fan, don’t you think there are things you shouldn’t be doing because you’re a fan? Because you’re a fan there are things you shouldn’t do. – Inoo Kei

I don’t understand fans that are really egocentric and unpleasant. Therefore seeing good kids among the fans brings me to tears. – Takaki Yuya

Peeping, following, you understand that these are all crimes, right? – Yabu Kota

“I hate Hikaru without Ya-Ya-yah”. Not Ya-Ya-yah, look at me. If you’re a fan, you’d do that, wouldn’t you? – Yaotome Hikaru

This is the last trump card of us Johnny’s. As much as I and the others would love to come into contact with all the fans, it’s already next to impossible. Really, it is. Having people loitering around your house really is an annoyingly bad feeling. If you follow us we won’t think of you as a fan but call the police. If you are our fans, support us in a more proper manner. Is that not possible? We want to become big in many places. We want to keep meeting everybody. And that’s why we would like you to stop. Also to make sure that more concerts will be possible.

We’re already getting tired.

We already want to quit Johnny’s.

We think this isn’t funny.

Do you really think what you do is right? Is it fun to arbitrarily post pictures to your blogs? To us it’s no fun at all. Treat us properly, okay?

– Johnny’s Representative Yamada Ryosuke

Well…there you have it. I like that they picked Yama-Yama to be the representative because he definitely worded his emotions very strongly. That bolded phrase near the end…I didn’t even know that this was reaching such a critical level so reading “we already want to quit Johnny’s” really makes me worried. I know there are so many of you who love these boys so if you are one of the people invading their personal space (through putting cameras in their home or posting parparazzi photos on the internet), please stop before it goes even further…and trust me, you don’t wanna see it go any further than this.

I also wanted to say that I love Nakajima’s answer. He talked about Yama-Yama, which really shows me the bond that they have. Kei’s answer sounded really smart to me so props to him. Also, I wanted to share the answer of Massu (from NEWS).

I’m really sad that I can’t show my best smile for all of you that I love so much.
Please, stop stalking!

That’s ADORABLE!!!

All right everyone, so in the end, if you’re doing something to add to the madness that these boys are feeling then I’m begging you to stop. It’s just not fair for them. I know that you all love them but as Kei said, as a fan there are things that we should not do. Please respect them because they deserve it! And if you continue to treat them kindly and with respect, you’ll not only make me happy but Yamada as well. Let’s see, shall we?

Next Stage: All right, by looking around it seems that people are questioning whether or not this information is real. Is it…that is yet to be seen and perhaps it never will…However, that does not change the fact that thier privacy still must be respected. So the problem is still there but if it’s reached the climax point like this is questionable. Let’s wait for more information but remember that the problem isn’t any less real and I think if this is fake, it’s actually somewhat helpful because it did definitely bring the problem to the audience even if it hasn’t gotten to this level yet.

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