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September 17, 2009

Wild Hair For A Wild Boy’s Birthday!

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Well although I don’t usually post things not related to Hey! Say! JUMP or Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I. Shadow, I had to make another exception to mention Kis-My-Ft2!! Yesss!! Honestly, there is really one reason that I like this group and that is Kitayama Hiromitsu! And it happens to be his birthday today (September 17th). So this is a birthday post honoring him and his awesome hotness!!!! hahaha, love this guy!

2:25 = Me accepting that offer after melting to the floor [watch the video to see what I mean hahaa] [well he didn’t say it but they showed him vocalizing when the line was said]

Happy birthday Hiro!! You are indeed extremely awesome and very hot! KAT-TUN wishes they could have a hot rock song like this.

Also, KinKi Kids are going to release a new single entitled Swan Song on October 28th so let’s look forward to that!! And can we PLEASE get a new single from NEWS and KAT-TUN alongside a Hey! Say! JUMP album before the year is over. I’m not even a huge KAT-TUN fan but I think it’s been so long since their last single…


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