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December 22, 2008

Hey! Say! JUMP-ing Tour ’08-’09 Setlist

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Hey! Say! JUMP’s new tour has recently kicked off and a huge shout out to Hey! Say! Heisei! for providing a tracklist!!!!! I wish I could have been there but hopefully we’ll get a DVD release or something…AFTER AN ALBUM!!!!! [OMG HURRY UP GUYS!]

01. Ultra Music Power

02. Dreams come true

03. Your Seed

04. Fly

05. Wonderland Train

06. Uruwashi no Bad Girl

07. Ryutaro’s Dance Solo

08. Yamada’s New Solo Song

09. Chinen’s New Solo Song

10. Deep Night Kimi Omou

11. Mayonaka no Shadow Boy

12. Star Time

13. Junior Corner

14. Thrill [Hey! Say! BEST]

15. New Song [Hey! Say! BEST]

16. Kumo no Ito [Takaki’s Solo Song]

17. Itoshi no Playgirl

18. Summary

19. Chance to Change

20. Bouken Rider

21. Hey! Say!

22. Memories


23. Yuuki 100%

24. Tobira no Mukou

25. Ultra Music Power


December 8, 2008

FNS Music Festival – Mayonaka no Shadow Boy Live [+ NEWS]

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Well on December 3rd, Hey! Say! JUMP performed Mayonaka no Shadow Boy live at the FNS Music Festival. I really liked the look of Yamada, Nakajima, Daiki and Chinen and thought it was a pretty good performance despite being too short. Nonetheless, I wanted to post something seeing as how there is NO news on these boys…hurry up and put out an album Johnny’s…

Also NEWS is here performing Taiyou no Namida as an extra treat. Great performance…Massu’s hair needs to grow back again really quickly…Tegoshi looks gorgeous as usual.

December 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Hikaru!!!

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It’s December 2nd, which means it’s Hikaru’s birthday!!! I know there are a lot of Hikaru fans out there so if you are one, then you’ve got to celebrate! He’s goofy; he’s fun and he’s loveable so let’s send him a big kiss!

Happy birthday Hikaru and I hope you have another year with even more opportunities than this one!

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