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September 17, 2009

Remembering The Good Old Days With B.I. Shadow

Remember the good old days when it was Kento, Fuma and Misaki? Yeah, I do too. I do love Hokuto and Yuugo so I’m glad they came in…but I still Misaki so let’s take a trip down memory lane to see the original three boys of B.I. Shadow sing Gloria [which was originally done by KAT-TUN? Didn’t know about that…]

First Moment: Misaki is at a weird angle / Kento looks very into it / Fuma looks adorable

– The thing I like about when Kento sings is that you can feel his happiness coming out. He has such a good smile and it just makes you get into the performance you know? [hahahaha and Fuma is so cute dancing in the background!]

– Fuma is amazing. No question about it. LOL, that pretty much sums it up.

– Okay…ouch. Misaki didn’t get a solo…they didn’t even say his name. Well that’s nice…

Anyway, this wasn’t a very good video to show Misaki off but…Fuma and Kento are still amazing as ever! And they’ve kept that charm until now while still improving! Please give us another Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I. Shadow single!!!! PRETTY PLEASE!!


August 8, 2009

A Lovely Birthday Wish For Misaki!!!

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Misaki Kakkoi

It’s August 7th, which means it is Takahata Misaki’s birthday!!!! Oh Misaki, I hope you know how many people are sad because of your absence. When I first found out that Misaki wasn’t in the group and then left Johnny’s, I was sooo sad. I couldn’t believe that he wouldn’t be kept together with Kento and Fuma! There were rumors floating around that the reason that he left was because Johnny didn’t debut hiim alongside the new group after his long stay while Yuugo instantly got to debut. To be completely honest, I would have liked to see Yuma replaced with Misaki and they would just be “B.I. Shadow.” Everyone gets a fair part and it’s just equal…But Yuma could be a solo artist [except Johnny doesnt really do solo artists if they’re not in a group…well if you can still count Tackey & Tsubasa a group…]. But I think over time, we’ve come to accept that he’s gone and so we wish him the best! I hope Misaki is able to shine like the star that he is in the future even if he’s no a part of JE. I would love to see him another drama role and with a career of his very own! Maybe he can transfer to avex [a la Goto Maki] and debut as a solo artist! Hahaha, probably not but I would still love to see him do music of some kind. I would also love for a B.I. Shadow reunion so you know…in the future…that would be fantastic. And I hope that he continues to lead a happy and healthy life. Basically, I wish that everything goes perfectly for him and I know that we’ll be hearing about a star named Misaki in the future!

Misaki we miss you very much and love you!!

P.S. Doesn’t he look hot in the picture? He was such a badass on Scrap Teacher but he was also so sweet in the episode that the picture is from.

July 19, 2009

Picture Of The Day 18 [Saturday Special]: Takahata Misaki

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Misaki Kakkoi 2

And finally, we’ve reached another Saturday Special of Picture Of The Day!! Last time I featured the amazing Kikuchi Fuma and now I’ll feature Takahata Misaki, who is no longer with Johnny’s…but I will always consider him one of my favorite Johnny’s members…past or present.

My my, how I have missed Misaki. With Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I. Shadow debuting, it feels kinda strange to think about him not being here anymore. But I think that I’ve gotten over it. I just hope that he’ll be onto bigger and better things! And maybe he can come and visit and sing with them every so often…that would be nice. A little B.I. Shadow reunion! Okay, moving onto the picture. Misaki played one of the bullies in Scrap Teacher and this is a screencap from one of the middle episodes. I can’t remember which one off the top of my head but it’s the one where he takes the starring role. Doesn’t he look incredibly kakkoi here? It’s definitely one of his better pictures and he has so many good pictures that it’s really a compliment to him! I’m loving his hair and he looks really hot in the school uniform! And that expression…perfectly capturing the essence of his character and the moment when he realizes something important (I won’t say for those who still have yet to watch the series / episode). And those lips…just…yeah.

So thanks to everyone for reading along with me on the Saturday Special!! Misaki we miss you very much and hope we hear from you soon!!! Also, I’ve decided to do the counts on Saturday instead of Sunday.

Arioka Daiki (8)
Morimoto Ryutaro (6)
Yabu Kota / Inoo Kei / Takaki Yuya (5)
Yamada Ryosuke / Chinen Yuri (4)
Nakajima Yuto / Okamoto Keito (3)
Yaotome Hikaru (2)

June 14, 2009

Picture Spam Volume Twenty: Nakayama Yuma With B.I. Shadow [Special Edition]

Okay it’s time for a special edition of Picture Spam!! With this new group just formed, is it any surprise that they’re our special guests of the moment? Plus I love some of these members so that makes it all the more worth it!! And let me tell you, pictures were hard to find. I planned to do it with one picture per member (magically making the usual 5) but that didn’t work so let’s just go!

B.I. Shadow New 2I think we should start off with Matsumura Hokuto, who was introduced to B.I. Shadow as the 4th member some time ago. I actually don’t remember him with the other three members together as a foursome that much but whatever. I’ve heard a lot of people say that he looks like Ryutaro and I feel like in this picture, he looks like a cross between Yamada and Ryutaro. More Ryutaro than Yamada but there are still those traces in there. He looks very sweet and innocent, even a little cool. The black and red theme suits him well because it matches his hair!! I really like the expression on his face since it’s kind of a mixture of somberness of coolness. Just looking at this picture, he really does look like Ryutaro except older and a little cuter. I also wanna say that it is so hard to find pictures of Hokuto!! I mean, it’s not like he just joined B.I. Shadow. He’s been here for a couple months now so it shouldn’t be that hard to find pictures…but it was. I actually don’t remember where I got this picture but wherever I got it from, thank you soo much!! I want more Hokuto in the future so he better get more attention and solo parts!!

And now a double shot featuring the two original members of B.I. Shadow: Nakajima Kento and Kikuchi Fuma. Even if B.I. Shadow New 1Misaki can’t be with his friends, at least these two can be here and thank god for hotness!! Kento totally looks like Domoto Koichi in this picture, which is always a good thing. His hair makes him look really good and a lot of people see him as the “hot one” of Nakayama Yuma with B.I. Shadow so that’s a lot of heat. His expression is killer and amplifies the hotness. Without a doubt, my favorite of three is Fuma!!! I love that he’s wearing a different outfit and wow, he’s really skinny! His arms are really skinny so…yeah. And yes, I LOVE his hair here. That really stands out to me! And the scarf is so fashionable! I think Fuma is really hot in this picture is complete proof for everyone else to see!! And the little pictures are so cute since they’re introducing him to their love!! The best picture is the one on the right just fot the fact that they both have their arms around Hokuto and Kento is making a kissing face. Kawaii!!! I find it funny that Fuma has his arms around Hokuto in the exact same position in the other two pictures. I prefer the one on the left just because Kento is cuter, poking Hokuto’s cheek. I hope this is in an upcoming issue of Myojo!!

Nakayama-yumaAnd now it’s time for a picture of our leader, Nakayama Yuma. I don’t think I’m the only one who thinks Yuma’s features a little bit…harsh shall we say? I’ve used the word frightening in the past but I think that they’re a little…I don’t know but they make him look like hard. I’m sure he’s a very nice person though so I tried to find the softest picture of him that I could. Although I must admit, it was surprisingly hard finding pictures of him. He was in that drama and everything…Anyway, this picture is actually cute and he looks very sweet in it. I think the harshness tends to be aruond his eyes but in this picture, his eyes look bright and happy. His eyesbrows look a little strange but whatever. I also think somehow the harshness comes from around his mouth and it doesn’t really show here. Although it does look like he’s been smiling for a while so it’s not as bright as I hoped it would be. He’s wearing my favorite color: purple!!! So that’s extra points for him from me!! Okay, I admit that I’m not happy that he’s getting so much attention compared to the rest of the group but I hope he lives up to the position he’s getting.

I know that Takahata Misaki isn’t a part of this group (much to the anger of many fans like me), I’m still going to include B.I. Shadow New 3him in this Picture Spam because in my heart, he is still a member of B.I. Shadow! And now we have a picture from one of the best dramas in the entire world! Is it me or does Fuma look really different from how he does now? I think it’s in his hair, which still looks gorgeous here by the way!! I can’t really describe how he looks here. I mean, there’s a certain word that I’m looking for but I just don’t know what it is right now. He looks good though. Kento looks different too…not that different but a little bit. He looks like he’s laughing but he’s trying to be serious, which is cute. Misaki always looks so happy on the set of Scrap Teacher, which makes it a joy to watch!! Come back to me Misaki!!

B.I. Shadow New 4More original B.I. Shadow!! I really like this picture and wish the original three were here to honor it!! Aww…look at Misaki!! He looks so happy! It really makes me wish that he was back here! That smile is seriously infectious and it makes me smile! That jacket is hot and I totally want one for myself. The whole black outfit just looks really good on him! Fuma looks really good here and really young. He looks absolutely adorable and it makes me want to give him a really big hug!! Aww, Kento is looking so cool! His outfit looks great too!!! This is such a great picture and it makes me go aww!!! Perfect addition to this volume of Picture Spam.

And because I couldn’t find any pictures of Yuugo so I had to get a video. Here’s him performing Jounetsu JUMP alongside Yamada, Chinen and Hikaru!!! I didn’t listen to the song because if it comes up on an album, I want it to be completely new for me!! So I can’t comment but I hope you all enjoy anyway…

This has been volume 20 of Picture Spam (including one video) featuring Nakayama Yuma with B.I. Shadow! I hope you’ve enjoyed this volume because I think it’s one of the better Picture Spams!

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