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January 31, 2009

Monthly Member Rankings [January]

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As a new addition to the blogs alongisde Member Of The Month, I will also be posting my rankings for the 10 members at the time!! Each level is like a place so Level One = First Place etc…So I’m sorry if your favorite member ends up being my least favorite but we all have different opinions right?

Level One: Nakajima Yuto, Arioka Daiki, Inoo Kei, Yabu Kota, Yamada Ryosuke

That’s right, it’s a five-way-tie!!! All five of these guys are aweome in their own way and I’ll describe why each one got to my top level! Well the previous post kinda already detailed my love for Yuto but I guess I can a little more (haha). I just think Yuto is so adorable and thanks to watching Scrap Teacher, my love for him has grown so much. He seems kinda like a little kid sometimes and there’s something so personal and loveable about his energy when he’s with the other members that it’s infectious. Just watch any of the making ofs for a Hey! Say! JUMP (or Hey! Say! 7) PV and you’ll know what I mean. Arioka Daiki is seriously the cutest guy that I’ve ever seen. He has a smile that will make you melt and want to give him a giant hug. Plus he’s a really good actor as seen as proof from Sensei wa Erai! and Scrap Teacher. I’ve really enjoyed getting to see him shine (such as getting a solo line in Mayonaka no Shadow Boy) and I hope he continues to get the opportunity to let his talents be shown. One thing that bothers me is that he hasn’t gotten a solo yet…that needs to be fixed. Now when I first got into Hey! Say! JUMP, I never really got to know Kei because he never really got spotlighted. I barely noticed him in theYour Seed PV but slowly, I’ve been finding out more about him and loving each time I saw him. Kei is hilarious and will definitely warm his way into your heart. Plus, he has the most infectious laugh ever! And of course Yabu has been one of my favorite guys since the very beginning and that hasn’t changed at all. He’s like the big brother of the group and it’s so cute to see the way he cares about the other boys. I love his goofiness and chuminess with Takaki. Plus, this month I saw him perform Rain Dance and that only upped my level of love for him. His voice is amazing and he oozes sexiness (watch any Suriru performance). I’m going to be honest and say that I almost put Yama-Yama on Level Two. I still love him but I think it’s been more excting seeing the other members get time to shine because Yamada is constantly the center of attention. So it’s nothing against him but because he’s always been at the front, I haven’t gotten the opportunity getting to know him on a never before seen level like the others. Luckily, I watched a few performances: Perfume and Asia no Yoru. Both show that Yamada can be very sexy and that will always win points in my book. So I can’t wait to see what he pulls next and JE, a little more exposure on other people wouldn’t kill you.

Level Two: Takaki Yuya, Chinen Yuri

I wasn’t much of a fan of Takaki when I first got into Hey! Say! JUMP but he’s grown on me so much since then. One thing that bothered me was that during the dance lessons of Your Seed, he was all by himself while the other nine learned it together. He was also only with Yabu during the making of Dreams come true. I didn’t know why he was constantly not with the group and it bugged me (not that I held against him, I assumed he had a busy schedule or something but still…). Anyway, watching the Mayonaka no Shadow Boy Making Of and the Hey! Say! Making Of (this one in particular) made me really see how close he is with the group and how funny he is. He’s a really nice guy and he’s a great singer (as seen from his lines in Suriru in particular) so I can’t wait to see him continue getting the attention (such as having a solo line in Mayonaka no Shadow Boy and being center-stage on Your Seed). After watching the Hey! Say! Making Of, I’ve come to the conclusion that I prefer cute Chinen to more mature Chinen. I just think he pulls off the look so well and he’s naturally adorable so why not embrace it? However I can understand him wanting to grow up. That’s natural and I can’t hold that against him. The good thing though is that with age, his voice has gotten much stronger.

Level Three: Okamoto Keito, Morimoto Ryutaro, Yaotome Hikaru

I definitely don’t have anything against Keito. He’s a very nice guy but I just haven’t gotten the chance to see him break out of his shell and really reach the other side of him. It’s obvious he’s a great person but I need to see more of him, particularly in interaction with the other members before he moves up on my list. As for Ryutaro, again, sweet guy but he always seems so awkward. That could be attributed to him being the youngest but it can’t all be that. I just hope he grows to be (or at least look) more comfortable and that will make all the difference. Hikaru is nice too and he’s always putting a smile on someone’s face but I dunno…something is holding me back from liking him more. Sometimes he looks kinda mean but that’s just his face (lol).

This has been my monthly ranking and we’ll see how much it changes a month from now!!! Thank you everyone!


Member Of The Month [January]: Nakajima Yuto

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I’ve decided to do a monthly announcement of who my Member Of The Month is. Basically, the winner will be whoever really soared in my eyes during that month. There is no time constraints such as my reasonings have to be based on actions that have actually happened during this month just anything I’ve seen this month. So let’s get on with it! Our first member of the month is none other than Nakajima Yuto!!!

Yuto is definitely one of my favorite members of Hey! Say! JUMP and my love for him has increased for him so much over time. His personality is just so fun and carefree that it makes me feel really happy. For example, I recently watched the making of Hey! Say! by Hey! Say! 7 (the original one with Daiki and Takaki) and Yuto was absolutely hilarious. He kept using this really cute voice and just constantly doing things to not be bored. It was adorable. He is such a friendly person and I feel like if I knew him in person then we would get along great!! I also saw him perform Urawashi no Bad Girl at Tokyo Dome and he showed so much personality during that performance so he better have a solo on the album. I especially love that first line: “yabai, yabai wakaranaida” because his voice sounds so cool.

yutokawaii21Admittedly, another part is that Yuto has been becoming increasingly more attractive in my eyes as well. That has been primarily thanks to Scrap Teacher. Look at the picture at the left and tell me that he doesn’t look good…like really good. School uniforms apparently can bring out to hotness in some people. Like seriously, look at his hair!!! It looks soooo good here and as we all know, hair is important for looking good. And then I thought about it and he has the perfect boyfriend personality too. He’s funny, sweet and will always make you feel loved. Ah, Yuto would make a great boyfriend. I can dream, can’t I?! Anyway, I’m on episode seven but I’m waiting for it to be subbed in English and uploaded onto youtube so I can watch the rest (so if anybody can direct me to a site streaming episode seven with English subtitles, that would be amazing! Pretty please?). Anyway, he’s been looking great both in person and in various magazines so kudos to Yuto! (lol, that rhymes). Maybe we’ll see some shirtless Yuto in the future (hint hint Johnny’s…).

Yuto is definitely one of my favorite members as of now and it’s not hard to see why. Stay tuned for my post on my current member rankings for January and congratulations Yuto!!

January 30, 2009

Arioka Daiki and Inoo Kei Are Cute

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Now I’m sure we all knew this before but after watching a few videos, I felt this post needed to be done. So here are a few videos highlighting the adorableness that are Daiki and Kei.

This first video features Daiki and Kei asking foreigners what their names are and then they translate them into kanji. So the first woman they talk to is Laura Hernandez and I’ll be honest, she bothered me. She just seemed so unreponsive to them and I dunno, even though she might have had trouble understanding them, the other two people were a lot more responsive. Either way, Daiki was sooooo friggin adorable trying to speak English!! His pronounciation was really good even though he had a little trouble structuring his setences. Basically she had no idea what they were talking about the entire time and she kinda pretended like she did (and that bothered me too…). Then they went to do it for Shohre Kazemi and that one was a lot better. Kei asked her “which do you like?” and she picked Daiki! (Aww, poor Kei). I liked Daiki’s voice when he said “sexy” too, very nice (hehehe). The best one though without a doubt was with Vukko Vanninen since she seemed into it and talked with them. Kei asks her how old she is and she responds 32 and then “is that okay?” (hahaha). Kei seemed very amused by that. So Daiki and Kei both write her name in kanji but they have slightly different translations. Once again, Kei asks “which do you like?” and the winner is Daiki! (poor Kei!!!! He lost twice!). This was an absolutely hilarious video and their English was really good!! I would’ve hated to pick between them since I love them both but I would have to go with Daiki (sorry Kei!!)

The above video is short but it’s the premise for the following video. Basically, Daiki and Kei play Jan-Ken-Pon (the equivalent of Rock-Paper-Scissors) to determine who will ride the roller coaster. Now it may seem a little weird to see Kei not being exciting about winning but that’s because whoever won the game would be the person to ride the roller coaster and Kei is afraid of them. But his reaction to winning was hilarious and sooo cute!! Espcially the end when he runs away and Daiki chases after him!

Now since Kei won the game, he has to ride the roller coaster and he is soo scared at the beginning. I would be too since I’m afraid of roller coasters too so I understand how he was feeling. But I’m proud of him for going through with it! He actually looked like he had a good time at the end. His facial expressions are hilarious!!! And LMAO at the picture of him holding a lemon! Why is he holding a lemon???

So here is proof that Daiki and Kei are absolutely adorable, not that we didn’t all already know that. But if you haven’t seen these videos, then you totally watch them because they’re hilarious!!

Hey! Say! 7 PV Making Breakdown


Today I watched the making of Hey! Say! 7’s PV for Hey! Say! for the first time (with English subtitles of course) and I really enjoyed it! I wish it could have gone on longer but alas, no. So I’d like to share with you my thoughts on the making!

So here’s part one of the making!!! Yuto and Chinen are the first ones to arrive on the set on a rainy day. Chinen goes first and you can tell that he’s very nervous (which the director mentions). During this part, Yuto is absolutely hilarious and so goofy. He reminds me of a little kid who is just always happy and not wanting to be bored, which is really cute. So while Yuto is doing his part, Takaki and Daiki come onto the set. They do rock, paper scissors to see who goes first and it’s Takaki! While Daiki does his thing, Yamada arrives as the last one. One scene I thought was funny was when Chinen was sitting on Daiki’s lap, Daiki whispered “Yamada is a devil” into Chinen’s ear but said it loud enough so that Yamada could hear (lol Daiki). Once Yamada finishes, Yuto quickly runs and locks him out – which prompts the others to call him a bully (hahaha). They leave and we see Takaki carrying Chinen on his back, which is absolutely adorable. And then Yuto jumps onto Daiki’s back so he can be carried too (see Yuto is kinda like a kid!). Later, Yuto and Takaki set out to reveal the secrets of Daiki. So they enter the room and Chinen is sitting on Daiki’s lap (again, adorable) and Daiki reveals that Takaki calls his mom “Mama.” They then leave to go outside, leaving Takaki alone – who hates to be alone. While Takaki talks to the camera, Yuto is outside the window waving and Chinen is too small to see (OMG, I missed that the first time but then  I caught it. His voice when he says he can’t see is soooo cute). Plus, Takaki and Yuto share a really cute moment. Takaki offers Yuto something to eat (I’m not sure what it is) that is already in his mouth and Yuto slowly eats from the other side (think Lady and the Tramp). No there is no kiss but that would be funny if there was. That is pretty much the gist of part one: Yuto being funny, Chinen being cute, Takaki and Daiki being awesome.

Onto part two!!! Part two may not have been as entertaining as part one but that’s because they weren’t goofing aroud as much – they actually had to do work (lol). The first funny thing is Yamada takes the camera and gives us the opportunity to play the eye game! Can you guess who’s eye is who’s? Admittedly, I got Takaki’s wrong and thought it was Yuto. I did get Daiki correct and then I got Chinen wrong because I thought he was holding the camera and I wouldn’t think he would do it to himself. Then they all do the thing where they jump over the wall and poor Daiki has to do it again because he looked too lighthearted! (oh Daiki, you’re too sweet!). Basically the rest is the dancing part and Takaki and Yuto have their share of mess-ups but laugh it off. Eventually, they get it and it’s all good! I really liked the part when Chinen was swinging Takaki’s arms since it was just too cute. So yeah, that was pretty much part two.

So we finally have part three! While Daiki was not paying attention, Yamada takes the opportunity to get him. He puts his hands in a certain position and pokes Daiki in the butt, which hurts Daiki a lot (aww)! He promises to get him back later (hehehe). This has one of my favorite parts of the whole making: Chinen sitting on Takaki’s lap. When the camera comes in, they say it’s private – public relations (lol). Chinen then proceeds to pinch Takaki’s cheek and make a really cute noise, then telling him to work hard (calling him his big brother – awww). Then they shoot the CD jacket and play around with the pictures on the computer – messing with Daiki’s shot. Then each member says their thank yous and goodbyes. We get to see a shirtless Yamada so fangirls and fanboys rejoice! My favorite was Yuto since he looked so cute and so positive. I would have liked to see a shirtless Yuto but sadly no. Daiki’s was funny too – particularly because he couldn’t say “warmly.”

So I hope you all enjoyed this making of as much as I did! Credits to NEWShFAN for subbing this so I could understand it!!! One thing about this making of that I really enjoyed was seeing how absolutely adorable Chinen was. He’s grown up a little more and doesn’t sit on the other members’  laps anymore so that’s sad. And I also like Takaki a little more after watching this since I feel like I saw another side of him. Yuto and Daiki were awesome too and I still love them to death. Surprisingly, I didn’t like Yamada as much as I thought I would have watching this. I think part of it was that I’m used to having Yamada getting the focus that I wanted to see the spotlight on the other members and that’s probably why I enjoyed their parts more. Nonetheless, I still really like Yamada but I hope we get to see equal time for all the members…or at least the ones that I really like hehehe.

January 29, 2009

Hey! Say! JUMP On Shounen Club Feburary 1st & 8th

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A huge thanks to kenken18 and stevenica at Hey! Say! Johnny’s Ultra Music Power! Community for the news!!! Hey! Say! JUMP will be appearing on Shounen Club on Feburary 1st and February 8th so let’s get excited!!!

February 1st: The theme is 飛躍 (Hiyaku – Leaping), in which Hey! Say! JUMP will be participating; Hey! Say! BEST will be performing a medley of songs, including a new song recently sung in concert; Hey! Say! JUMP will then sing “Yuuki 100%”



Feburary 8th: Hey! Say! 7 will be performing “Kawaii Kimi no Koto Suki da Mono” and then the whole group will come together to sing a new song entitled “Memories”


Well Hey! Say! JUMP definitely delivers in their performances so it’ll be nice to see them performing again. More importantly though, some new songs  makes me hope that there will be a new single announcement in the future…come on guys, PLEASE!!

January 28, 2009

Hey! Say! BEST Gives Me A Thrill!

Well yesterday, I watched Hey! Say! JUMP Debut & First Concert Ikinari! In Tokyo Dome (yeah I’m late, I know) and three performances really stood out to me. Without a doubt, the best song of the entire tour is Suriru (Thrill) performed by Hey! Say! BEST. I really did not expect for them to deliver such a hot song but they did…just…wow!!!

So we first start off with all the boys doing a little dance sequence, all dressed in black and pink jackets and pants (and the colors suit them so well). Then Hikaru says “shigekiteki da ze” (It’s stimulating!) and that’s when they take it to the next level. Jacket’s get ripped open and the shirtlessness comes out!! Okay look at 0:18 and you’ll see Yabu rip his jacket and his face will make you melt to the floor. It’s that hot. Then the music comes in with the jazzy sound stimulating the clear sexual atmosphere of the song. After two lines from the chorus, they dive into the first verse. Yabu is the first to go as he repeats “tell” a number of times and then follows with his line. His voice throughout his lines are perfection and he really portrays the atmosphere of the song well, particularly on “hikaru sono omoi” (those feelings that shine). Then Hikaru goes and even though I’ve never been a huge fan of his voice, he did a fantastic job on his lines too (not as good as Yabu but hey, it was still good). Holy crap, Takaki is sooo hot when he sings his two lines. His body looks sooo good here and just made my eyes open since I did kind of forget he could be so sexy. Daiki and Kei then sing together and it really stood out to me particularly for Daiki. I’ve always thought Daiki was attractive and he could be hot and cute but this performance proved that he can also be SEXY! Seriously, it was a nosebleed moment. Then they all dance to and sing the chorus, the voices perfectly coming together to sound so good. The best vocals come through on “sekai sae mo kaerareru sa” (you could even change the world). That “sa” is held so well, it’s just like heaven.  Then they continue “one day, one night, get suriru.” It definitely will make you feel thrilled, I promise. Next is a little dancing section and more sexiness comes through, particularly from Takaki (Damn!). This was just a steamy performance from start to finish and shows that Hey! Say! BEST can be extremely sexy!!!

Okay Johnny’s. When Hey! Say! JUMP releases an album, I demand that Thrill be put there. I’m serious. If it is not on there, I will be soooo pissed off. It BETTER be there. I don’t care if it takes the place of a potential new song, I need to have this song on my iPod. So do it. BTW, ANNOUNCE A NEW RELEASE!!!  Arashi and KAT-TUN already have 2 releases annonuced and Hey! Say! JUMP…oh yeah, that’s right, they have nothing…

January 27, 2009

Hey! Say! BEST Member To Member Message: Myojo March 2009


Once again, a huge thanks to kenken18 for providing this great picture!!! This picture was included in the March 2009 issue of Myojo with a message from each member to another boy of the group. This post will be analyzing the picture!

Let’s start with the amazingness that is Inoo Kei. I love how Kei can adapt to different styles so easily. If he was smiling more then this easily could have been a very cute picture but that sort of smirk combined with his pose gives off a very cool vibe, don’t you think? I really like the outfit on him and think he pulls off the look very well. His hair looks great and the green shoelaces pop nicely. I’m not much of a fan of those pants though. They should have given ones that look like Hikaru’s or Takaki’s. Overall though, it’s another great picture of Kei and he definitely looks good as always.

OMG Yabu!!! He’s so kawaii!! He just looks so happy and his smile is infectious right? His hair looks pretty good here although I would have preferred his hair to be straight. Luckily his hair is the absolute perfect color. Doesn’t it look hot? I think that it was a good choice to have him wear a jacket rather than a sweater even though the sweater probably would have looked cuter. His jeans look a little strange with all the white flecks but overall, he pulls the look off well I think. He just looks so happy that you can’t not love his picture.

Okay…whoever styled Hikaru’s hair needs to be fired and never allowed to style hair again. Seriously, his hair looks sooo bad on him. I’m sorry but change it back. Otherwise though, he mastered his pose. We all know Hikaru is the funny goofy one and this picture perfectly represents that. I absolutely love the jeans and they look very stylish! The rest of his outfit looks good on him too and he’s wearing a tie!! I don’t know why but for some reason, the tie really catches my eye and makes the outfit a little more special. Now the others boys’ shoes didn’t really stand out to me but Hikaru’s definitely did. Maybe it’s the shoes but he looks like he has bigger feet than I thought (and you know what they say about big feet…hahaha, jk!!).

Oh Takaki, you’re so funny! He looks so happy and he doesn’t look very preppy despite the outfit. It actually makes the picture better.  It looks like he’s just having fun with the whole photoshoot and honestly, that’s good enough for me. Again, I love the pants and they look great on him. And the whole pointing to his face pose is absolutely adorable, which I’m not used to Takaki doing. He’s usually the cool one. And he’s wearing a tie (like Hikaru)!!! It makes the picture all the better! This picture is definitely worth a thousand bucks! Yay Takaki!!

Let’s end on a good note with the incredibly adorable and huggable Daiki! He just looks so happy and there’s that child-like element to him that makes him so cute. As usual, I’m loving the hair. And the pants stick out because they’re different from all of the other boys’. The yellow tint just compliments the blue perfectly and the pants look great with the white sweater. And his pose only adds to the cuteness of his picture. Just overall, Daiki is always cute and this picture is no different!

Again, the photoshoot was good to the boys of Hey! Say! BEST!! Between Hey! Say! 7 and Hey! Say! BEST, the winner goes to…Hey! Say! 7!!!!!!! Sorry boys but I think they pulled the whole look off better and managed to go for the cute look that goes with the preppy clothes! The individual winner…this is a hard decision but the winner is…Yuto!!!! Congratulations Yuto!

Second Place: Yamada, Third Place: Daiki

January 26, 2009

Hey! Say! 7 Member To Member Message: Myojo March 2009


Let’s give a huge thank you to kenken18 at Hey! Say! Johnny’s Ultra Music Power! Community for this picture!!! The picture was from Myojo March 2009 and was included with messages from each member to another member. This post will be analyzing the picture however.

I’ll start with Keito! When I look at this picture of Keito, it makes me amazed at how much he’s changed since his debut. His hair is the thing that stands out to me most about his new look but there’s just this whole aura about him lately that makes me look at him in a different way. It’s like he’s taken on a more mature look that suits him very well. Anyway, I really Keito’s picture because he looks like a go-getter. He’s very confident and just gives off a very positive vibe. As for the whole blue and white color scheme going on, I think he pulls the look off very well, much better than I expected he would. So Keito really impressed me with his shot and he definitely deserves his props for this one.

Let’s move onto the youngest member of the group, Ryutaro!! Okay, I know he has a tendency to look a bit awkward on photoshoots but that went totally out the window on this one. He looks absolutely adorable with the whole turned around pose. It makes you just wanna pinch his cheeks and give him a hug, doesn’t it? He also pulls off the blue and white look too, taking on the cute vibe perfectly. Again, I’m pleasantly surprised and I hope that he can keep this confidence in future photoshoots!

OMG, Chinen you make me so happy! Look at him, showing off his model side! Chinen Fierce!! I didn’t expect him to pull out this kind of pose (if anyone was going to do this, I would have guessed Yamada). Nonetheles, I really like Chinen’s pose and he still carries that mature tone that he’s currently going for. His hair looks great here and goes with the overall look he’s sporting in the picture. I wish the blue in his outfit was lighter like Keito’s or Ryutaro’s but it still works.

Of course Yamada had to give us a cool look since he’s a cool guy. He did a fantastic job in his shot since it really does feel like a reflection of who Yamada is. As always, his hair looks phenomenal and it compliments his face very well. I find it interesting that he’s not sweater (like the other guys), instead opting for the white jacket. I think that was a good decision since the jacket is more cool while the sweater is more cute. Anyway, his smile is infectious and makes you want to see him smile even more. Yamada is completely awesome and that picture reflects that, ne?

Finally, we conclude with the amazingness that is Yuto!! He just looks so happy-go-lucky and carefree that his picture really shines. He kinda looks like a student who is so happy to be going to his first day of school! The stylist of this photoshoot just needs to be hired like all the time. I think the darkness of his jeans work for his overall look and actually, the sweater works well on him because he is definitely channelling the cute vibe! Oh Yuto, you are amazing and this picture proves it all the more!

This photoshoot is fantastic and I hope the picture with the BEST members is uploaded soon because I can’t wait to see theirs!!!

January 25, 2009

Picture Spam Volume Four: Chinen Yuri

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And now we come to Volume Four of Picture Spam!! I am officially done with finals so the blog should be more active!! Unfortunately, I was so relieved to be done with finals, I forgot to preprare this earlier so it won’t be as great as I hoped. Next week will be awesome, I promise! So this week’s feature will be of Chinen Yuri.

chinenpic2Even though Chinen has been taking on a more mature image as of late, it’s always nice to see cute Chinen, isn’t it? The picture at the left is a perfect representation of that! I think it’s really cute how his shirt is the same color as the flower he’s holding and the pink background also helps in establishing a bright and happy atmosphere. His hair looks really nice here and I think it makes his face look a little rounder and more kid-like (or maybe it’s just a picture from a while ago so he’s younger, explaining why he looks so young). Either way, his face looks adorable here and he makes you want to just pinch his cheeks and give him a hug!! His smile isn’t exactly beaming so there is a bit of that childish unsureness that works in this picture. Luckily, his eyes are beaming and they always say that the eyes are the window to a person’s soul so it’s no surprise that his personality is so bright and happy. The blue and orange are a nice combination on his shirt. Normally, I wouldn’t think that the colors would go well together but I guess Chinen proved me wrong! I think this is a great picture of Chinen since it reflects his sweet personality and adorable nature so well!

Now we all know that Chinen likes to sit on the laps of the other members (well I don’t know about anymore) so it’s chinenpic4chinenpic41chinenpic3really cute when he takes pictures with the other guys. Who else would be perfect to take a picture with Chii but the adorable and loveable Daiki! What makes this picture so good is that it looks like Daiki is taking care of Chinen in a way. Daiki looks so mature and cool here (and quite fashionable if I do say so myself) while Chinen looks so comfortable here being the cute kid! Okay everyone, let’s take a look at Chinen’s face. Now it definitely portrays that child-like innocence but look at his tongue! It totally gives his a more mature look (sexy huh? hehe). Chinen also looks very fashionable here (I particularly like his the combination of his shirt and his jacket – they make a good contrast against Daiki’s clothes). And what’s with the bath-tub? That seems like a really random for a photoshoot! I’m not crazy about the blue spots on the page since they don’t really seem to serve any particular purpose but I guess they’re not horrible. Judging from the font of their names, I’m guessing that is a photoshoot from Myojo but I’m not positive. Either way, I want this issue!!! I wonder if there are similar ones with the other members…Anyway, this is a great picture since Chinen looks so cute but not so innocent if you know what I mean?

chinenpic5The letters again! I forget where this photoshoot was from? Perhaps a calendar or something, at least that’s what I think someone said. Whatever, it’s a cute picture and that’s all that matters. I think his hair looks great here and is kind of the middle between his cuter look and his more mature look. It compliments his face well without going too far in one direction (cute or mature). Okay, I don’t know what’s up with the light blue border on the left side of the picture. I don’t think that’s supposed to be there. I think it’s really funny that he’s carrying the two Y’s (for Yuri of course) and it does make sense since it fits in with the group’s name (one Y in Hey! and the other in Say!). Even though you can’t see his full outfit, it looks pretty good from what I can see. Although his watch does look a little strange. The material looks really weird and it kind of looks like a braid of hair (lol). I think the necklace is a nice touch though and gives the outfit a little more spice. His face makes him look a little unsure as if he’s asking someone if he’s doing the right thing. Overall, I think this is a really good picture of Chinen and definitely one to check out if you haven’t seen yet!!! Yay Chinen!!

It’s the PV for Your Seed!!! I’ve always loved this song and video since they were my first taste of Hey! Say! JUMP, chinenreplacethus always holding a special place in my heart. Now in case you can’t make out who’s who in the picture, they are (from left to right): Yamada, Yuto, Chinen, Daiki and…I can’t see because Daiki’s hand is blocking his face (lol). My guess would be Ryutaro since the person looks small so I don’t know who else it could be. Anyway, they all look concentrated except for Chinen of course, who looks like he’s just grooving and having fun. That’s what made me choose this picture, cute Chinen. I really like the composition of the picture as the red background compliments the orange on the boys outfits. Everyone looks good too, particularly Daiki, who just looks so intense, don’t you think? Ha! He found his way into the Chinen’s Picture Spam again!

Well that’s all for today and I hope you enjoyed this Picture Spam! I know it wasn’t the best but I knew people were waiting for Chinen one so I attempted to deliver one!!! Next week will be better, I promise!!

January 23, 2009

Nakajima Yuto, Yamada Ryosuke and Morimoto Ryutaro Are Glorious!


No. There is no news about a new release from Hey! Say! JUMP. Still. Seriously. We’re all waiting Johnny’s.

Anyway, a new song entitled “Glorious” was performed by Hey! Say! JUMP (well really only 3 of them) on Show wa Hey! Say! Nakajima Yuto, Yamada Ryosuke and Morimoto Ryutaro performed a medley of both Glorious and Arashi’s Kaze no Mukou e…Well I guess a new song is better than nothing.I guess. I’m not going to listen to it yet but I’m just letting you all know that it is unavailable on the internet so if you want to go looking then happy hunting!

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