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June 29, 2009

Member Spotlight II: Okamoto Keito

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Keito Member

And now here we are at the final Member Spotlight!!! And now it’s Keito’s turn!! Okay, Picture Spams will be held for a minute but they should be back soon!!! Let’s finish things with Keito!!

Keito is one of three guys that always seem to be in the back in Hey! Say! JUMP, which I don’t really like. So it was no surprise that I didn’t get to know him at first. The only reason I knew of him was because I was trying to distinguish between Keito and Kei with their similar names. And I remember one of the people on a forum I was at really liked Keito so that helped him stand out as well. As time went on, Keito kinda fell on the back of my radar. I didn’t see him in dramas and I don’t even remember him getting a solo line in a song…maybe one of the Hey! Say! 7 songs but I don’t pay attention to those so…he’s still kinda off the radar but a little more attention could do him some good.

Like Ryutaro, Keito has grown a lot since the beginning. I’ve seen his confidence grow through the roof and for that, I’m very proud of him. And I think it’s cool that he speaks English. I don’t know why but I think it’s pretty cool. Now om ny blog, Keito is pretty much known for his body, which is very fit. I can’t tell you how many times “Okamoto Keito sihrtless” has shown up in the blog’s search engine. So if I can find more shirtlessness, it will be provided!!

And this is the end of the Member Spotlights!! I definitely think the earlier ones were better than the later ones but I hope you’ve enjoyed reading anyway. I will be doing my monthly BEST posts and then Picture Spams!!

OMG, release SOMETHING Hey! Say! JUMP!!!!! At least Yamada and Chinen will be in NYC Boys. I have that, Kumi and Tegomasu to hold me for July!!


June 28, 2009

Member Spotlight II: Yabu Kota

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Yabu Member feels like a while since the last Member Spotlight and I’m super sorry!! I think it was a combination of laziness…and well mostly laziness. But now I’m here and here to try and work a little bit!! Yay!!

Now Yabu has been one of my favorite members from the beginning. I really love his nurturing and sweet personality and he’s always so cute in front of the camera. I don’t remember if I noticed him a lot in the Your Seed PV but I’m sure I did. Outside of the video though, it helps to be the oldest member because I always remembered that he was the oldest and it helped me get his look down. As time went on, I got to know Yabu more and more and I loved what I saw. He was the sweetest guy ever and he was like someone who you want to protect you with all your heart! It didn’t hurt that he was sexy as well!!!

Now, about a year and a half later, my love for Yabu has only grown and he’s always been one of my favorite members. I mean, it’s like impossible not to like Yabu. Through all the making ofs, magazine translations and interviews, his personality has just come screaming at me in the best way possible. This is a person that I would love to be friends with and better yet…but Yabu isn’t only sweet, he brings the hotness!!! Have you seen the shirtless Popolo photoshoot? Or his performances of Suriru? Or the upcoming preview of his dorama? The boy has got it going on…seriously…and who can forget his voice, which got the name “Angel’s Voice” for a reason. If you hear this guy sing solo songs, you’ll melt. Rain Dance is LOVE!! And when he performed Mayonaka no Shadow Boy with B.I. Shadow and he did his solo part…just wow. He is amazing.

Without a doubt, Yabu is one of my favorite members and that will always be true. His personality, his voice, his looks…everything is just amazing so it’s no wonder why everyone loves Yabu. You know…I wish I could see / hear Yabu more…so maybe I could that if Hey! Say! JUMP released an album…ya know…just an idea.

June 24, 2009

Member Spotlight II: Morimoto Ryutaro

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Ryutaro Spotlight

This is really late but I was writing reviews over at Amai Wana so…yeah…only three Member Spotlights left including this one. So I’m not really sure if this is going to be a great Member Spotlight since it’s late and I’m kinda tired.

Well Ryutaro doesn’t get much of the spotlight so it’s hard for me to say stuff like the other guys. However, one thing I can say is that Ryutaro has grown a lot since his debut. He used to be awkward and nervous and I could definitely see it in his face. I remember that shirtless Popolo shoot and he looked very uncomfortable…although I can understand at that time. But there were many other times of awkwardness. Since then, he’s gotten a lot more uncomfortable in the camera and that is one thing I can say with confidence. So congratulations for growing not only as a performer but also as a performer.

No, Ryutaro hasn’t got a solo song…I’m trying to remember a time when he had a solo line and I’m coming up blank. Probably in a Hey! Say! 7 song but those are kinda forgettable so…then again Daiki and Kei didn’t get a solo part in Suriru so it wouldn’t surprise me if those songs were all Yamada, Yuto and Chinen…I do hope that he gets more solo parts in the future because I think everyone should get that chance to shine.

…I don’t even know what else to say since he hasn’t been in any dramas or anything…Ryutaro, I hope you get more attention in the future!!! Take care of Shintaro! I’m sure he looks up to you!!! And do go talk to any more stalkers by yourself okay?

I’m hoping the next Member Spotlight will be a lot better! I apologize for the crappiness of this one! Ryutaro deserves much better!! But I’m tired and I’m about to go to sleep so until the next time guys!!

June 23, 2009

Member Spotlight II: Inoo Kei

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Kei-chan Birthday

Well it’s Kei’s birthday so how could I not do his Member Spotlight today??!!! It feels like these Member Spotlights are getting slowly worse as time goes on but I hope you’re enjoying reading them anyway!!

I remember first getting into Hey! Say! JUMP and confusing Kei and Keito because their names were similar. Since then, the difference between those two has widened for me by a lot. Even though Kei-chan hasn’t got much attention, I’ve grown to love him anyway. To be honest, I’m completely sure how it happened but perhaps it was the various amazing pictures he’s taken and those moments during live performances when he really shines. Kei is one of the most photogenic members of Hey! Say! JUMP, if not the most photogenic. He just has this way of working the camera so he looks fantastic. He can be kawaii or kakkoi or sekushii. He can do it all!! And there are times like in Suriru when he really catches my eye and I know that he was born to do this.

One thing I have to rant about now is the fact that Kei gets like no attention compared to the other members. Okay, he’s going to school right now (Meiji University for smarties!!!) and that’s understandable but there’s still the matter of before…Yamada, Chinen, Yuto and Daiki all had those two dramas together. Yamada has had various other doramas and TV shows…Yabu and Hikaru just got dramas announced. Hikaru is on School Kakumei and Ryutaro was on Showa Hey! Say! or whatever it was called with Yamada and Yuto. Takaki had Gokusen. Keito and Kei…they had like that one show…they don’t even have solo songs…Kei doesn’t even have a solo part in Suriru…what’s the deal Johnny? Now maybe acting just isn’t cut out for him and I can get that but he needs to have more singing solo opportunities. Frankly, it’s not fair. It’s like there’s always a member who kinda gets the short end of the stick…in this group, it seems to be Keito and Kei. But at least Keito is continuing on that show while Kei is at University. It’s really annoying and I demand that it be fixed…

I’m gonna stop ranting for now and say happy birthday to Kei-chan!!! This was in celebration of his birthday but the more birthday post is right after this so I hope you enjoy!! Yay Kei!!!

June 22, 2009

Member Spotlight II: Arioka Daiki

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Daiki! Yay!

Well it’s time to do another Member Spotlight because to be honest I don’t feel like completing the Picture Spam right now!! I’m so lazy sometimes!!! But it will come soon…hopefully…anyway, here’s Dai-chan’s time in the spotlight.

I didn’t really notice Daiki when I first got into Hey! Say! JUMP. I still remember that one shot of him in the Your Seed PV but that was pretty much it. But then I watched Sensei wa Erai! and noticed him. Looking back on his character, it seems much unlike him so I’m proud of him for managing to ace that role so perfectly. He was probably my least favorite character out of the four but I still liked him. Then came the Mayonaka no Shadow Boy PV and he got a solo part. With that and falling deeper into the fandom, I came to know him as the cute one. He could still pull off a kakkoi look (like in the Mayonaka no Shadow Boy PV) but his voice was cute and he kinda reminded me of Massu (one of my favorite members of NEWS). To be honest, I don’t know how my love for him exploded into this magnitude but probably because of his absolute kawaiiness at all times, even when he was being cool or hot or whatever. He seems like a guy I would want to be friends with!!

I think Johnny’s needs to give him a solo song on the next tour because he totally deserves one. I think he has a great voice and he can pull off different styles very well. He’s a cutie in Ultra Music Power / Dreams come true; he’s kakkoi in Mayonaka no Shadow Boy and he’s hot in Suriru. He can do anything!!! So pretty pretty please Johnny!!! Give Dai-chan a solo song!!! Pretty please!!!

It’s a couple hours late and it’s not very long but I hope you enjoyed this post about my love, Daiki!!! And it’s officially June 22nd over here so happy birthday to my other love, Kei-chan!!!! There will be more coming soon so stick around for the next Member Spotlight and Kei’s present!!

June 20, 2009

Picture Spam Volume Twenty-One: Inoo Kei

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Wow, is it me or does it feel like a long time since the last volume of Picture Spam?…I guess a lot of posting will do that. Anyway, Picture Spam is back and our featured guy is none other than Inoo Kei!! I feel like I’ve featured him a lot too but that’s what happens when he’s photogenic!

NewKei1Let’s start things off with Kei-chan’s cute side since everyone loves cutie Kei. I think that if anyone else tried to pull off this hairstyle, I wouldn’t like it. Well only a small percentage of people anyway. Somehow, Kei manages to pull it off and look good while doing it. I love the look in his eyes. There’s just something very grabbing about them although I can’t really explain why. Some things are just like that, ya know? His smile is interesting because he’s not really giving a big smile but he’s kinda giving a half smile. It makes him look kinda nervous and I can’t really explain why some people look cute nervous and others look awkward. Maybe because Kei is photogenic and usually gives confidence so it’s like he’s being vulnerable. Either way, I like his smile and think it fits the picture very well. And I really like his shirt. The red and white really stand out at you against the blue behind him. Speaking of which, what is that blue thing? It looks like a big floating thing that you use when you go swimming. I think this is a great picture to kick things off with!! Come on, everyone, let’s smile along with Kei-chan!!!

Well judging from the “2008” in the picture in the top left and the alignment of text, I’m guessing this is from a 2008 NewKei2issue of Myojo. I don’t really know why I like pictures with cameras in them so much but I really do! In the top left picture, Kei looks really cute. I really like that shirt and thinks it suits his style perfectly. As usual, I like his hair and his pants look good from here too. I really like how there are photographs lying on the bed next to him. It makes me feel like there are memories that he’s keeping close. Nonetheless, the top right picture is definitely my favorite of the two. Mostly because Kei is both cute and strangely seductive. His lips are…very nice to put it lightly. Perfect picture in my book. I think the handful of pictures in the bottom left are cute. In the first picture, he wrote his name in Romaji and I have no idea what the Japanese says. Maybe it’s the kanji for “Kei?” I don’t think it is but you never know…unless you look it up lol. The second one is a close-up of Kei taking a picture. The third, Kei being cute and weird. The fourth one is a picture of some balls, a toy giraffe and ladybug (awww!). The fifth is Kei with Keito I’m guessing…and the last one is Kei being artistic! And LMAO at Kei in the bottom right corner looking hilarious! So overall lotta good pictures of Kei-chan!!

NewKei3We all know that Kei-chan is a smartie. He’s going to Meiji University after all so we can all expect big things from him. This picture is kinda what I could picture him like at Meiji University: smart and hot. I’m really liking the school uniform here and the colors white and blue really suit him. Is that a sweater vest I see? Haha, it looks cute so that’s good. And I’m loving the blue and white tie. It just gives the outfit that extra little kick. Like always, his hair is looking awesome and is bringing out the awesome features of his face. Speaking of his face, I LOVE LOVE the expression that he’s giving to the camera. It’s kind of smug but inviting at the same time. It’s like “Don’t you wanna study with me?” And that is an invitation that I will gladly accept. Even though I’m sure Kei is much smarter than me, I would love to have him teach me a bunch of stuff. “Koi wo oshiete kudasai, Kei-chan!” [Please teach me about love Kei!] hehehe. I can’t tell if he’s wearing pants or shorts. I mean, pants might make more sense but I have this strange feeling that he could be wearing shorts. It’s possible! Either way, I really like the color and pattern! I would totally get a pair for myself!! And that’s Kei’s smart side and my desire to be with him heehee.

Time for Kei-chan to get kakkoi on us!! I definitely used a picture of the same photoshoot for something at some point NewKei4on this blog but I don’t remember. Oh well, it doesn’t matter. Is it me or does his hair look a little thin? I mean it’s not anything like “wow…” but it’s just something I noticed. I am loving the whole black and white that they were going for because Kei-chan totally pulled it off. The black long-sleeved shirt is absolutely fantastic and I think it suits him well. I have a shirt kinda like that so I guess I was unconsciously channeling Kei-chan’s awesome sense of style when I bought it!! And the white shirt underneath is also a good look for him. Of course the pants finish off the outfit well and even though you can’t see them all the way, you just know that they look good on him. But what makes this picture so grabbing? It’s gotta be the expression on his face that is so capturing. As Morning Musume (and Pink Lady first) once said “Sekushii, anata wa sekushii.” (Sexy, you are sexy). That is one intense face that just draws me in (and I’m sure a lot of you too). It’s definitely the reason that I had to include in this volume of Picture Spam!! And I just have to say that I love that his name is in pink. It just draws the eye against the black and white. Yay for kakkoi Kei!!

NewKei5I’m sure this picture looks familiar since I used the photo of Ryutaro from the same photoshoot for the post. It’s a good photoshoot so why not use it again? He looks so handsome and sharp in the main picture, doesn’t he?! His hair looks amazing and so does his outfit! The outfit is black and like…lavender, which I think is a good combination. His pose just looks so…professional. He could seriously be a model. But that look…that look that stares into your very soul and beyond…that’s what makes the picture so engaging. And the two pictures of him in his pajamas are meccha kawaii!! The top one is cute as he’s giving the peace sign and looking so cute while doing so. His teeth look a little odd here but I think it’s just the angle of the picture. I prefer the one at the bottom. It’s a full body shot which is always a good thing with a hottie like Kei. And I love the kawaii pose he’s giving. This kind of picture totally makes me want to lie beside Kei!!!

I hope you enjoyed this volume of Picture Spam with Inoo Kei!! There will be another volume of Picture Spam tomorrow and then the week will follow the same pattern as this week with 5 Member Spotlights and 2 Picture Spams. Then the last three days will feature Song of the Month, Member of the Month and Member Rankings!! It’s been a busy month but I’ve loved posting and I hope you all have enjoyed reading!! Hey! Say! JUMP please release something…anything…

June 19, 2009

Member Spotlight II: Chinen Yuri

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Chinen Yay!

And now the final Member Spotlight of the week is on Chinen Yuri!!! I’ve actually had a lot of fun writing down my thoughts on each of the members so I hope you all enjoy reading them!! The other 5 will be featured next week, starting Sunday. Who am I saving for last? You’ll just have to wait and find out!! Anyway, the spotlight now is on Chinen so let’s get to it!!

Well I remember noticing Chinen in the Your Seed video because of his shorts! I know it’s kind of weird but everyone else was wearing pants and he was wearing shorts so in that strange way, he stood out to me. Chinen was always the cutie pie, sitting on Takaki’s lap and providing those high vocals that only he could. One particular memory I have of his cute days is during the Hey! Say! PV making, Takaki was talking to the camera when the other four left him and went outside. Yuto was looking through the window and waving (which was adorable). Chinen was saying “Mienai, mienai” (I can’t see, I can’t see) in this really cute voice and he looked just like a little kid who wanted to get in on the fun. So Daiki tried to pick him up and let him see in the window but he couldn’t last that long and he put him back down. It was hilarious and Chinen was super kawaii!! And also I remember when he was sitting on Takaki’s lap and pinching his cheek, making funny noises. I miss that really cute Chinen.

Since then, he’s matured quite a bit. I think the Mayonaka no Shadow Boy was good evidence of that. And in all the magazines, he’s definitely grown up from that cute little boy who likes to play around. He’s giving all those model poses and looking pretty kakkoi. And I really noticed it in their latest tour DVD when he was singing songs like Ultra Music Power with his new matured voice and it struck me that he really has changed. I really like cute Chinen in that song so it’ll take some getting used to hearing his new voice in songs like that. And that’s their first single so you can bet it won’t be going anywhere. It’s surprising to see how far he’s came. It won’t be long before he’s bringing out those Yamada moves.

And Chinen outside of music is good too since I’ve seen him in two dramas: Sensei wa Erai! and Scrap Teacher. These two dramas seem to show the transformation of Chii from cute to cool. In Sensei wa Erai!, he was really cute and him and Yuto’s character fit together perfectly!!! In Scrap Teacher, he didn’t get as much attention as I would have liked. Although he can did get more attention than Dai-chan and got the focus on his episode with the manga. I liked his cool side but he was better in Sensei wa Erai!

Sorry this came a little bit later than the others. I was just kinda lazy hehe. Yay Chinen!!

June 18, 2009

Member Spotlight II: Nakajima Yuto

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Yuto Yay!

What has this blog turned into? A Nakajima Yuto blog? Well there might be some of you out there wondering that because I’ve been doing so many posts about Yuto but with nothing much going on in the world of Hey! Say! JUMP and Yuto to love, can you blame me? Trust me, this won’t be the last you hear of him this month either since I already have the rest of this month plannned out. But next month, I will try and equalize the member shine!! But for now, here is our member spotlight on my love, Nakajima Yuto!

How did I come to love Yuto like I do now? Honestly, I don’t even know but I can say that a HUGE part of it was thanks to two dramas: Sensei wa Erai! and Scrap Teacher. He was fantastic in both roles and my love for him just shot up to the sky. In Sensei wa Erai!, I loved how cute and innocent he was. I will always remember when he was talking to Chinen’s character about going to Shibuya so he could get new underwear. And he always said “that’s not what I’m talking about!” Kawaii!! But Scrap Teacher made that love mulitply. He was soo kakkoi in that first episode and over time, he become the definition of adorable when he was with Sugi-Sensei. His smile just lights up the room and makes me smile too!! And did I mention that he was looking REALLY HOT in that drama. It felt like his hotness came out from nowhere and it was responsible for helping me think of him as hot. So I hope he gets a drama role this year like the other members. Maybe Hey! Say! JUMP could sing the theme song again and actually release a single?

Not only is he a good actor, he’s a good singer and dancer!! In Mayonaka no Shadow Boy, he sounded awesome on his solo line and he sounded kakkoi (he also looked hot in the video). He also shined on the other singles. And who could forgot his standout part in Deep Night Kimi Omou?! Plus he has his solo Uruwashi no Bad Girl, which is awesome I might say. I loved it when he performed it on the first tour. Yeah Yuto! In those music performances and music videos, he was a really good dancer and always nailed his moves. I’m sad his solo with Ryutaro and Yamada got replaced with School Kakumei since he was good on that too!

I think Yuto’s personality is so sweet and charming that you can’t help but love him. Remember the days of the original Hey! Say! 7? That making of really shined for me because of Yuto. His personality came sparkling through and that was another time when my love for him multiplied! In the Mayonaka no Shadow Boy, he didn’t seem as bubbly and happy as he usually does but overall, he is a big ball of energy! I want more Yuto Johnny so give him some more attention okay?

This has been Nakajima Yuto’s Member Spotlight and I hope you all have enjoyed it!!! A couple of days ago, the blog reached its highest view count yet so thanks to all you readers and I hope you continue to visit and comment!! Tomorrow will be the last Member Spotlight of the week (thus making 5, half of the group, done) and then the other 5 will come next week. “Until tomorrow” from me and Yuto!!

P.S. Doesn’t he look adorable and hot in the picture?

June 17, 2009

Member Spotlight II: Takaki Yuya

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Takaki Member

And now it’s time for Takaki’s time in the spotlight!! Who doesn’t love a little Takaki now and then? All the Takaki fangirls and fanboys rejoice!

I didn’t get into Hey! Say! 7 when they first debuted but I wish I did so I could have met Takaki sooner! My first Takaki experience was obviously the Your Seed PV and he was one of the two boys in front so it wasn’t hard to notice him. I don’t remember my first impression of him but there will always be one part of that video that I will think of when I think of Takaki (the part where the wind is in his hair and it’s a close-up of him during the second verse). He wasn’t my favorite of the guys but he’s grown on me a lot since then!!

Honestly, one thing that made me love Takaki as much as I do was the making of the Hey! Say! PV. I can’t really explain it but he was extremely likeable. He was really cute with Chinen and Yuto!!! And he just was really kawaii in general. I always saw these cool pictures and assumed that was his usual side but I’ve gotten to know his goofy and happy side. He’s hilarious when he’s goofing off with Yabu (end of Mayonaka no Shadow Boy PV) or just being funny in general. Thanks to watching those Suriru performances (many times…), his sexy side also came out. Takaki shirtless is definitely an enjoyable thing! He also has proven himself to be a great vocalist, particularly on that song. It’s no wonder why he’s gotten the attention he has deserved.

Yes, Takaki was in Gokusen. No, I have not watched it (I want to though!). I’m curious about his acting skills and it wouldn’t surprise me if he was very good. I’ve seen pictures of him in Gokusen and he lots hot so that would be another incentive for me to watch. My favorite song in terms of Takaki has to be Suriru with Your Seed and Mayonaka no Shadow Boy tying for second. My favorite video in terms of Takaki is Mayonaka no Shadow Boy. Hot.

On a slightly strange note, the hair situation is getting kinda weird…sometimes it’s hot and sometimes…not. Anyway, Takaki has really grown on me and I’m glad I’ve gotten to know Takki like I do now!!

And I want to end this Member Spotlight with this video. It might make you cry so get ready!

June 16, 2009

Member Spotlight II: Yaotome Hikaru

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Hikaru Member Spotlight

So if anyone guessed Hikaru or thinking but didn’t comment then you were right!! There are a lot of Hikaru fangirls / fanboys so you all enjoy my thoughts on Hikaru!!!

Well I’m just gonna say it straight off the bat. Hikaru was my least favorite member when I first got into Hey! Say! JUMP. I didn’t think he was attractive and his singing and dancing wasn’t anything to make me really take notice of him. He was also really goofy and I don’t know why but it didn’t sit well with me. I mean, a lot of the members have their goofy moments and I think they’re funny but it just didn’t work with Hikaru.

But I’m happy to see that he has grown on me tremendously. Actually, I don’t really know how but it was a gradual thing. I actually find him funny, particularly in the Mayonaka no Shadow Boy PV Making. I love it when he pals around with Yabu!! Kawaii desu yo! And thanks to those Suriru performances, I know he can move. Also, his voice has become distinctive. Now with 10 members, it can sometimes be hard to pick out everyone’s voice and who’s singing but I think I’ve gotten better at recognizing his voice. Although, I still don’t think he’s as attractive as I hear, he’s okay…the least attractive in Hey! Say! BEST though.

I don’t that much about Hikaru outside of the music but maybe with his upcoming drama role, that will change. I wonder if he’s a good actor…Anyway, my favorite PV in terms of Hikaru…Mayonaka no Shadow Boy? Honestly, I’m not positive but that’s my guess. My song in terms of Hikaru…Mayonaka no Shadow Boy because he gets a solo. I haven’t heard his solo song “Flame of Love” yet but I would like to if I remember. I remember some performances he did with Yabu and they sound good together…maybe a duet in the future?

Thanks for reading everyone!! Can you guess who is going to be the next member in the spotlight?

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