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July 31, 2009

7 More Angels: Tengoku Flash!

Hmm….July has 31 days…I definitely meant to do the whole monthly stuff on the last three days but planned them too early. So I thought today would be a good day to do this post, with more pictures from the Tengoku Pamphlet!! This post only features 7 of them so did your favorite make it?

Ryutaro Pamphlet

I couldn’t feature Ryutaro in the last one since I couldn’t find a picture of him but when I saw this picture, I knew that I had just had to include it!! I feel like this picture kind of channels his old photoshoot looks. He does look kind of nervous except it actually works with this picture because it feels like it’s part of a story or something. Ryutaro is kinda like a little kid who was doing something he shouldn’t have been doing and maybe one of the older members (like Yabu) caught him, thus giving this nervous face. But it doesn’t look so nervous that he looks uncomfortable. I like the whole set up of the picture, particularly the large pink mat. Ryutaro’s clothes look awesome too so he’s looking quite stylish. Overall, I think the picture is actually quite cute.

Now we’re going to Takaki, who has the same style photo as Yabu or Yuto with the random splash of color. It’s purple, Takaki Pamphletwhich is my favorite color, so automatically he gets bonus points for that! Now is it me or does Takaki look like Tegoshi in this picture? It’s a combination of the hair and his facial expression. And we should all know that looking like Tegoshi is never a bad thing. First, I must say that I LOVE the gloves. They really add something special to the outfit. I also love the color of his shirt and think it really adds some nice color to the picture. And how badass is the vest?! Awesomely badass, that’s how much. I also just noticed that his shoes match his shirt! Someone has been color coordinating!! I think this is a very strong picture in all the different angles I can think of. Is it any wonder why Takaki is one of the coolest in the group?

Daiki Yuto PamphletNow we’re bringing the members together for double shots! And who better to start with two of my favorite angels: Dai-chan and Yuto? Dai-chan looks absolutely adorable in this picture as always but his pose pushes him to the cool side as well. His hair looks good like that and the clothes look great too. I particularly like the light jacket tied around his waist. Yuto looks both funny and intense. It’s like he’s exaggerating the intensity so it comes off looking a little funny. It’s cute after all. I also really like his outfit. The bright yellow of his shirt makes an interesting contrast with the dark gray of his vest. And with these pictures, I always think of Hikaru whenever I see Yuto…hmm…Anyways, they brought together a great pair with these two and they brought a great picture.

Our next pairing is Yamada and Takaki, in a very interesting picture as well!! What immediately makes this picture Yamada Takaki Pamphletstand out is the background is so simple. There’s no trampoline or colorful mat. There’s not even a random splash of color in the form of triangle. It’s just Yamada and Takaki together in a room. You know…I just realized that it’s the same background as Dai-chan and Yuto’s picture…but in this picture, it’s a lot more noticeable don’t you think? I don’t know if it was intentional but the color of their shirts are kinda matching! (kawaii!!). Yamada looks so cool in his pose! He’s definitely bringing the kakkoi vibe for us all to see! Takaki’s hair kind of reminds me of Ueda of KAT-TUN. I always hear that he is looking like Jin and I can agree with that sometimes but this isn’t the first time I’ve thought of Ueda. Anyway, I like this picture too and Yamada totally steals the shine but that’s okay. Both look good.

Kei Yabu PamphletOur final picture of the post is with Kei and Yabu!! Now I also didn’t get to feature Kei before since I couldn’t find a picture of him and why not bring Yabu along for the ride? This is more of a picture of badassness from their expressions. I think Kei’s expression nails it more for me and it catches the eye quite nicely. Also catching the eye is the colorfulness of his shirt, which I absolutely love. On the other hand, I like Yabu’s pose better and think it communicates the atmosphere of the picture. His facial expression…don’t love it as much but it’s nice. It’s like on the line of me liking it…Yabu can do this thing with his face that isn’t the most flattering in pictures although it’s not mega often…just sometimes. The radio on the ground is a little random but it fills the empty space well. Speaking of random, did anyone else notice the upside-down triangle on the window? Talk about random!! But I really like this picture. I think I would like it more if they were in action poses or something…

And this post features 7 of the Hey! Say! JUMP angels [sorry Keito, Hikaru and Chinen]. So everyone enjoy and hope that a new JE release is coming…NEWS, Hey! Say! JUMP…one of those two would be great right about now.


Hey! Say! JUMP Sets Record! Yay!

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Takaki Tan

This message is brought to you by a very tan Takaki!! And credits to kamichan for providing the information!

Hey! Say! JUMP’s Tengoku Tour got 135,000 fans…which I guess is a record or something…sorry, I’m not too clear on what the record exactly is but I guess they’ve set one so congratulations to them! Well when you tour as much as they do then you get perks like this…

A better post will be coming soon so stay tuned!!

July 30, 2009

Monthly Member Rankings [July]

Yuto Keito New

All right everyone, it’s time for another Monthly Member Ranking and things have actually changed since the last one so prepared for so surprises! Or maybe not if you know me well enough!

Level One: Arioka Daiki and Inoo Kei

All right, I’m sure everyone who regularly reads this blog knows I love both Daiki and Kei! I mean how could I not love them?! Daiki is absolutely adorable with a smile that just makes me smile as well. He’s a great dancer (performances of Suriru), an awesome singer (props to Johnny for finally giving him a solo) and a total sweetheart. Kei gives the coolness like no other and is always acing every picture he takes. Even though he didn’t get a solo on the Tengoku Tour, he did get the lead part in this one song in which everyone was wearing traditional clothes and Kei was wearing a yukata! Honestly, that’s better than nothing and I’m excited for him!! The two of them make the perfect pair so it’s no surprise they’re at the top of my list together!

Level Two: Yabu Kota and Nakajima Yuto

Now before Yuto and Yabu were always at the top of my list as well but with the lack of Hey! Say! JUMP stuff, they’ve fallen a little bit. Not because I like them less or am growing to dislike them. It’s just that it’s hard to really keep up with nothing to hold onto. I feel especially distant from Yuto. I mean where is he these days?! Now Show wa Hey! Say! to watch (not that I watched it all that much but still at least there was the opprtunity to see…) and he’s not acing those pictures like he used to. Yabu is always awesome and will always be. But now the first song I associate with Yabu is Born in The EARTH and that’s not good because I REALLY don’t like that song. Maybe watching his new drama will help him climb back to the top (bonus points to whoever can figure out that J-Pop reference)

Level Three: Yamada Ryosuke, Chinen Yuri, Morimoto Ryutaro, Takaki Yuya

Wow! How did Yamada fall down from Level One to Level Three? It’s NYC Boys…now I have nothing against Yama-chan and Chinen joining Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I. Shadow to help out but they totally overshadowed (lol) my four favorite boys of the group. They only sung together…how unfair! It’s not their fault but I dunno, that’s just the way it is. Both of them didn’t really capture my interest in the Making Of either…the whole time, I was waiting for more Fuma, Kento, Hokuto and Yuugo…And I’ve really grown to like Ryutaro over the month. I guess you could say that’s the work of fanfiction…hehehe. And kawaii pictures with Dai-chan of course! Takaki pretty much stays the same. Not gain, no loss.

Level Four: Okamoto Keito and Yaotome Hikaru

Well there isn’t much to say here. Maybe I should Keito’s show and that will help me like him even more! Not that I don’t like these two but they’re just my least fav.

~Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I. Shadow~

Level One: Kikuchi Fuma, Nakajima Kento, Matsumura Hokuto and Kouchi Yuugo

Ouch…is that mean? Well I can’t really help it! Fuma is undeniably loveable and the new Love Of My Life! I REALLY hope he gets more attention over time. Kento is absolutely hilarious. I still love the “Thank you, thank you, I love you, I love you, okay” line from the Akuma na Koi Making Of. Hokuto is hilarious in his own right and he’s cute too! Yuugo is so nervous and adorable that you just gotta love him and I do. He’ll grow over time and I look forward to seeing that growth.

Level Two: Nakayama Yuma

I don’t dislike him and mabye I’d like him more if the attention was spread more evenly among the boys. You know…maybe Yuma won’t sing every line on the song next time? Yeah…he’s good in Koishite Akuma though!! He is good at what he does, I cannot deny that…still…

So these are my Monthly Member Rankings!!! Thank you everyone for an absolutely fantastic month filled with comments and interesting discussions!!!

July 29, 2009

Members Of The Month [July]: Arioka Daiki and Kikuchi Fuma

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Dai-chan Member July

So today is the Member Of The Month post!!! And I’m sure it comes as no surprise to you all that Dai-chan wins it yet again!!! And since Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I. Shadow is my new love group, I’ve decided to include them as well!!! So here we go!

Dai-chan July 2Now Dai-chan is obviously one of my favorite members for his cutie looks, fantastic personality, great singing and awesome dancing. I might be gushing a little but seriously Dai-chan has all these qualities and even more! How can you look at Dai-chan and not think he’s absolutely the definition of kawaii?! He’s one of those people that just makes you feel better by seeing his smile. Kawaii desu ne! But he can also be very hot and even sexy! I mean, just watch a performance of Suriru and see what I mean. I definitely think he should get a hot song to sing like Yamada and spice up the stage. Just once to mix things up. And how can you not love his sweetness? He’s so kind and loveable, which is one of the reasons why he’s one of my favorite members. He’s the type of guy that would make the perfect best friend…or boyfriend…or husband…or…I’ll stop here. And he can definitely sing so more solo parts please! I was glad when he got one on Mayonaka no Shadow Boy. It makes the song a little more special. And have you all heard the news?! Dai-chan’s got a solo!!!! He sang a very cute song on the Tengoku Tour so I can’t wait to see it!! I’m so excited!!! And he is a kickass dancer. I’m particularly thinking of the performances of Suriru when he nails all the moves and is so smooth. So please put him at the front for dancing!

Speaking of loveable, the Member Of The Month for Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I. Shadow is none other than the new love Dai-chan July 3of my life, Kikuchi Fuma!!! You know, Fuma kinda reminds me of Dai-chan. They’re both cuties and absolute sweethearts but both are very attractive in their own right and can pull off the cool look. Even before this group debuted, I loved Fuma. So naturally I was ecstatic when I found out he was gonna be in the new debuted group! Unfortunately, he isn’t getting the attention that he deserves because Yuma gets it all. But I know that he will get it in due time! OMG, I LOVE Fuma and I can’t wait to start the Fuma train next month!

I wish I could include a picture of Fuma but I need to save them for Pictures Of The Day in August! So you can all enjoy lovely Dai-chan!!! Hurray for Dai-chan and Fuma!!!

On a side note, Hey! Say! JUMP release something…honestly I would settle for a Tengoku Tour DVD at this point…and Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I. Shadow, one more single before the end of the year would be great.

Finally, Akuma na Koi / NYC sold 25979 copies this week and took the 2nd Oricon Weekly position, which brings total sales up to 201,767. Hopefully they won’t drop too bad in the third week and with the drama airings and Volleyball promo, the single can reach 250,000! Come one everyone! Let’s support our boys! On the album side…well Tegomasu got the 15th position with only 9101 copies…I’m hoping that they can somehow reach 100,000 but we’ll have to see…They need more promo.

July 28, 2009

Song Of The Month [July]: Suriru

Well it’s probably no surprise to you all that Suriru gets title Song Of The Month again…I mean what other song was gonna get it? Born in The EARTH? I don’t think so.

There’s not much to say that I haven’t said before. Just more time to drool over the boys of Hey! Say! BEST!!! I still demand that this song be released on a CD eventually…Hey! Say! BEST mini album?

July 27, 2009

6 Little Angels: Tengoku Flash!

All right everyone, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do today but when I saw these pictures, I knew exactly what to do. Credits go to blissmo at livejournal for uploading these pictures (along with translations so if you wanna hear what these boys have to say then go stop by!). Anyway, only 6 of the pictures were uploaded so I’ll do those 6…if the others pop up then expect another little post.

Dai-chan SkateboardLet’s start with the first (my) angel: Dai-chan! Of the six pictures, this is easily my favorite! It’s a perfect picture from like every single angle! His hair is looking fantastic here, much better than it’s been looking lately (not that it’s been looking bad). Anyway, I just like the way that it makes his full look and I think the bangs are a very nice touch. His expression is absolutely awesome and I love it to pieces! I am loving the green on him. He should definitely wear green more often because it is totally his color! The jeans match the green perfectly and those shoes look perfect. I totally want a pair just like them. I didn’t know Dai-chan could skateboard! For all I know, he can’t but wouldn’t it be cool if he could? And this is another perfect example of why Dai-chan is one of my favorite members! Isn’t he the most awesomest?

Our next little angel is Yaotome Hikaru!! The first thing that comes to my mind is the phrase “Blue Diversions” (LOL, Hikaru Bluedon’t ask me why). The pose is definitely one of the coolest so he nails it in that aspect. However his face totally doesn’t connect with me. He looks kinda surprised that someone is taking the picture, which kind of throws off the coolness. The outfit though looks fantastic and I’m loving all the blue in his outfit. His shirt looks great, the combination of white and blue making a very striking one. I’m loving the material of the pants They just look very good and are definitely eye-catching. And how awesome are thoes shoes?! They perfectly match the shirt! Someone has been color-coordinating!! Also something weird caught my eye. His skin looks very nice and his legs aren’t hairy at all. LOL weird thing to say. I know. So basically everything but the face makes this picture amazing! Remember the face Hikaru!!

Yabu GreenYabu is a fighter, ne! Yabu is making a pretty strange face in this picture but it’s really cute, showing off his dazzling personality. I must admit that I’m getting used to Yabu’s new hair color even though I still would much prefer it darker…So what’s with the big green triangle? I don’t really know but I do really like it because it’s just a random splash of color. Adding to the splash of color is his pink shirt. I didn’t even really notice it at first but it provides an interesting contrast to the green. I really like his outfit and think he looks awesome in white. You know, what pops into my head after seeing this image is a superhero! It’s like he’s calling out his superhero phrase and he’s off to fight crime! Oh Yabu, I definitely would love to be saved like a hero like you.

Are you ready to bring the kakkoiness? Well if you are, then look no further than Yamada, who is so good at bringing it Yamada Orangefor everyone. I mean it’s partly why we love him right? Yamada looks so badass in this picture that you can’t help but feel a little something inside. What is that something? Who knows but doesn’t it feel good? Anyway, like Yabu’s picture, the random splash of color definitely adds to the coolness of the picture. Now I’m not a fan of orange but I’m loving it in this picture. I’m loving the hair here and if you look carefully, the color of his hair suits the orange splash very well. Don’t you think? The clothes look awesome and it definitely fits Yama-chan’s style perfectly. Honestly, I didn’t even realize his right leg in that pose until just a moment ago. It adds to the badass-ness of the picture and really catches the eye once you notice it. So Yama-chan is owning this picture like no other! Yatta!

Yuto YellowYou want even more coolness? Well Yuto’s bringing more your way so enjoy! Just like Hikaru, the pose is absolutely stelllar and it shows Yuto’s amazingness for everyone to see! The random yellow triangles look great in the picture and I love how Yuto’s shirt is yellow to match! The vest looks awesome with the shirt and the color contrast really catches the eye. The pants and shoes also look great and fit Yuto’s style very well. I’m still a little in awe at how cool Yuto can be sometimes. I mean, he seriously killed this pose. I thought Chinen was the crazy acrobat one! Also like Hikaru, the face kind of detracts from the coolness. His face actually kinda looks like Hikaru’s in this picture…hmm…But look at his right arm (the one he’s doing the handstand on)…that makes up for the face hehehe.

And our 6th and final little angel is the lovely Okamoto Keito! May I say that I absolutely love this picture of Keito?! Keito TrampolineIt’s definitely one of his best pictures just because he looks so natural and cool, don’t you think? I love how there’s a random trampoline in the picture but I actually like that he’s lying by it instead of jumping on it. I also like how the colors are just splashes of color and takes on more of a look like Dai-chan’s picture. Now doesn’t Keito look awesome here? I’m loving the hair but even more so, I love that look in his eyes. It’s so mysterious and intriguing. It makes me want to know more. There are times when I absolutely love Keito’s style and this is one of those times. The shirt looks fantastic as do the pants. I can’t see what the shoes look like completely but they look like a pair that I have! Maybe Keito was unconsciously channeling me when picking the outfit!

So I hope you all have enjoyed the pictures of the 6 little angels. These pictures definitely make me interested in the Tengoku Pamphlet since the guys look great and theme looks awesome too. At least something good is coming out of this tour for those of us who can’t go see them…

Some Details About Tengoku Tour!!

Yama-chan Dai-chan

This message is brought to you by Dai-chan and Yama-chan!! Hurray!! seca, owner of Never Ending Music Power, has provided a fantastic write-up of a concert so you all should go take a look for the full breakdown. Here are just a few details from the report!! Again, credits go to seca!!!!!!!!

+ Fuma, Yuugo, Hokuto were there representing B.I. Shadow [Yuma and Kento were  shooting Koishite Akuma. I’m glad they were there!!!]

+ The 10 members have various things during the MC segment that Yabu does such as Dai-chan’s twin blades, Chinen’s whip and Yabu’s giant axe

+ The enemies during the fight scene are various juniors [Shintaro included fighting against Ryutaro]

+ During Asia no Yoru, Yamada takes off his shirt [NEEDS TO SEE THIS PERFORMANCE]

+ Hikaru’s solo has the word “light” in it a lot of times

+ Kei leads the others wearing a yukata…he doesn’t get a solo but he gets to be at the front of a yukata line…

+ Takaki’s solo song is a rock number supported by the Hey! Say! JUMP band: Yuto (drums), Kei (keyboard), Hikaru (bass), Keito (guitar)

+ Hey! Say! 7 sings a cute song possibly named “Brain Dance” then Hey! Say! BEST sings “School Days”

+ Daiki’s solo song is a cute number!! [I WANNA HEAR THIS!]

+ Lots of dancing for Yuto and Chinen’s duet. So that’s probably a song to get your feet moving to…at least I hope so…

+ There will be…ANOTHER tour in autumn! OMG I’m so excited…oh wait a minute, no I’m not. They can’t be promoting a new single during this time so there better be one before or I will be…a pissed monkey.

Anyway, that’s all the details that matter LOL. Expect another Tengoku Tour related post later today!!

July 26, 2009

We’re Going To Babylon With Keito!

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Keito Babylon

Okay, short post. Keito fans rejoice because he really does have a solo song on the Tengoku Tour!! Hurray!! It’s about Keito got his time to shine. Very exciting ne!!! I know Keito must be excited to have this chance! And now although the title isn’t officially known, the word “Babylon” is repeated often enough for fans to title it “Babylon.” Also, Keito shows off his English skills apparently. So I wonder what kind of song this is. Hopefully something to show Keito’s cool side. When I think “Babylon,” I think something cool and aggressive but I guess we’ll have to see. Credits to kamichan at livejournal for providing the info!!

Picture Of The Day 25 [Saturday Special]: Kouchi Yuugo

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Yuugo Kawaii!!

And welcome to the final Picture Of The Day of July!!! It’s bittersweet, ne. But there will be more in August so don’t worry! Things will be going a little different but I’ll explain after some thoughts on the picture!

Okay, how can you not love this kid. I mean, he’s so new to everything and it totally shows all over his face. But it’s cute and it makes him all the more loveable. Basically, he’s the kid that you’re gonna cheer for since he’s so awkward and adorable. Over time, he’ll gain confidence and you’ll be sitting there for the whole ride, watching him. You can even it a little in this picture…in the eyes. But just look at such a cute smile and an awesome pose and tell me that you don’t love him already. His hair looks good and the bright green really adds to the picture’s happy atmosphere. Does Yuugo like to surf? Probably not. Johnny’s boys tend to wear really random shirts. So to sum it all, Yuugo is so cute and awkward that you have to love him.

And now here are the stats for the spread of Picture Of The Day. How’d your favorite member do?

Arioka Daiki (9)
Morimoto Ryutaro (7)
Inoo Kei / Takaki Yuya (6)
Yabu Kota / Yamada Ryosuke / Chinen Yuri / Nakajima Yuto (5)
Okamoto Keito / Yaotome Hikaru (3)

Okay, so now it’s time to tell you all about what I’m thinking for the upcoming time. As I said earlier, this is the last Picture Of The Day for the month. Tomorrow, I think I’m going to do a review of some songs I haven’t listened from them [Hey! Say! 7 and Hey! Say! BEST songs included]. I don’t know how many I will do. I guess it depends on how lazy I feel. Anyway, with the DROUGHT that is the Hey! Say! JUMP release pattern, I’ve decided to go on and change the roles up a bit. I’ll instead be featuring Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I. Shadow!!! I’m really into them and I know they’re all still alive…besides they need more love. So I hope you all will still support them (and me hehe). I’ll still feature Hey! Say! JUMP though in different ways I’m sure…some rambles and I still have a little project I should really get going on involving those 10.

Oops, I forgot to say that Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will be: Song Of The Month (Monday), Member Of The Month (Tuesday) and Monthly Member Rankings (Wednesday). So look forward to those!

Finally, I wanted to thank everyone who has read or commented. The comments especially have made me happy! So I’m just gonna take a minute to thank aliceeinwonderland, alex, brandon, Bell and Kaname Fujiwara for their comments! And I’m sorry if I missed you but you’re awesome!! Thanks for making this blog shine over the past month!!

July 25, 2009

Picture Of The Day 24: Arioka Daiki and Yamada Ryosuke

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Dai-chan Yama-chan

Are you guys excited for ANOTHER Picture Of The Day? I hope so because we’re featuring two members this time: the loveable Dai-chan and the awesome Yama-chan.

Now we all know that Dai-chan is a master at bringing the cuteness so it’s no surprise that he’s turned on the cutie charm 100% in this picture. His hair looks awesome as always and his outfit looks awesome too! I actually wish he was wearing the hood because I think that would have made him look even cuter, if that was possible. I absolutely love the pose and the two fit the overall pose very well. His lips look really funny and it adds more of his little charm to the picture. The only thing is that he looks a little tired. Nonetheless, absolutely adorable.

Now Dai-chan brings the total cuteness and Yamada is bringing the total coolness. Just look at the look in his eyes and you’ll totally be entranced! Kakkoi ne! And I love the position of his hands because it makes him look like he’s in deep thought. His hair looks fantastic and even though you can’t see much of the outfit, it looks good from here. Oh Yama-chan, will you ever stop being cool? Probably not.

Well this is a great picture to finish off the Hey! Say! JUMP Picture Of The Day right? Tomorrow is the Saturday Special so it’ll be someone outside of Hey! Say! JUMP. My plans for the final days and the beginning for August will be revealed in the Saturday Special so get excited for that!

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