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October 27, 2009

Yamada, Daiki, Chinen and Ryutaro Having Some Fun, Everyone Else…Hmm…


So there is no new Hey! Say! JUMP news…but honestly, did you really expect anything? With the touring they’re going to do during late December / early January, I think it’s pretty safe to say that they’re done releasing for the rest of the year. Yeah, such a shame. I’m not gonna lie. I’m a little worried about the future of these guys as a group…but that’s a post for a diferent day.

It’s been announced that Yamada, Chinen and Daiki will be attending the lamp lighting ceremony at Tokyo Dome City on November 11th…what exactly they will be doing has not been announced but…I can’t imagine it’ll be anything amazing…nonetheless, I would love to see some of my fav idols doing something like that.

Also, Ryutaro and Shintaro will be doing some sort of Snow Prince promotion by participating in something called Wan Wan Wan Day Charity Event on November 1st…okay, that’s great…I guess.

So yeah, sorry the blog has been so quiet. Hey! Say! JUMP obviously won’t be releasing anything more this year so I’m gonna try and find some more stuff to talk about…I’m hoping we get something exciting from JE soon…Hey! Say! JUMP, NEWS, Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I. Shadow or V6…any one of those groups would be awesome…


October 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Alice! Hey! Say! JUMP DO SOMETHING!

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Kei - Birthday

Just giving a special birthday shout-out to my friend and fellow Hey! Say! JUMP fan, Alice!!! She asked me to write a fic for her and I did…although it’s admittedly not very good. It’s pretty short since I wasn’t really sure what to write abobut with no romance…nonetheless, I hope you enjoy it!

It had taken about a week of planning but when Alice’s birthday rolled around, everything was perfect. The room was comfortably decorated but its maturalness highlighted its beauty. Chinen stood at the window as the lookout and excitedly shouted “She’s here! Hide!” Daiki quickly turned the lights off and all the members hid behind furniture. Alice walekd into the dark room and after she turned on the lights, the boys yelled “Surprise!”

Alice felt so loved and cared for that tears ran down her eyes. Yabu and Daiki bad made a delicious cake that everyone enjoyed very much enjoyed. Keito played Alice a romantic love song on his guitar that made her melt. Hikaru, Kei and Yuto put on a little comedy show. It may not not have been the funniest it could have been but it was clearly filled with thoughtfulness so it made Alice feel happy. Ryutaro made her a photo album from all the types of pictures he had taken. Takaki and Ryutaro did a sexy performance of Suriru and Chinen sang a cute number. It was absolutely perfect and yet it was even better when the boys of B.I. Shadow and Misaki came in with a beautiful dress. Everyone laughed and had a fantastic time. It was certainly a day to remember.

Sorry it was so short and kind of lame! I wrote it in English class!! I hope your birthday is awesome!!


October 16, 2009

Nobody Waits For Sexy: Yamada To Be In Anan

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Yamada Anan

So by now,  I’m sure you’re all familiar with Anan magazine right now. They give us our yearly…sexual photoshoot fix and it looks as if Yamada will be joining the ranks of former guys like Yamapi and Jin. Now in case you haven’t seen Yamapi or Jin’s photoshoots…maybe you ought to do that to really see why this is surprising. Now Yamada is only 16 so…I’m gonna go on a limb and say there’s not going to be a girl involved…because he’s much younger than his sempai and we can’t have that degree of sexuality with a 16 year old boy…at least not in a magazine anyway haha. So yeah, time will only tell how this photoshoot is going to turn out but if I had my way, little clothing and no girl would be the best way to go.

Dreams Come True If You Love Hey! Say! BEST

Yes yes, Hey! Say! BEST is indeed incredible. That’s pretty much all there is to it. But take a look at this medley so it can be proven.

Opening Dance: DAIKI!!!!!!!!!! OMFG, so kawaii!!!!
Ultra Music Power: hahahaha where did Yabu come from? Totally caught me by surprise! Superman!! Hikaru looks so happy!!! Kei is such a badass!!! Great performance.
Flame of Love (Hikaru): Rock number. Pretty good…you know…
Higher (Daiki and Kei): YESSS!!!!! I knew that if I whined enough, Johnny would hear my prayers and give me a DaiKei duet!!! I’m going to forgive him for making it so short because it’s that awesome. Daiki pulling the camera to him and Kei = AMAZING! Wow, so that’s what their voices sound like?! hahaha jk! But Kei does sound really diferent here.
Rain Dance (Yabu): HE SANG RAIN DANCE!!!! Yesss, his best solo! Wow, this is friggin amazing! I wish there was more!
Suriru: OMG, this medley is just so perfect. I’m even going to forgive the no-shirtlessness because this whole thing was packed with awesomeness. Yabu’s sex face + Daiki’s absolute adorableness. What else could you possibly need [besides the shirtlessness of course]

So in conclusion, this is why Daiki…I mean Hey! Say! BEST is amazing. Too bad no Takaki 😦

P.S. Alice, I should have your fanfic up tomorrow sometime after school!

October 15, 2009

I’m Feeling Lazy…But Shintaro Is Doing Well

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Yeah…I know I planned on doing a picture spam but I got lazy…not completely lazy though because I was studying for midterms! Yeah…that time is coming so…yuck.

Although, I have no Hey! Say! JUMP news to bring you (do something already!), I bring you a new trailer of Morimoto Shintaro’s movie, Snow Prince. People have been speculating about a new single from Snow Prince Choir…hmm…that would really suck if Hey! Say! JUMP didn’t do anything while Shintaro delivers a new single…we’ll see…

October 11, 2009

Daiki Wishes Me A Happy Birthday! Yay!

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Daiki Muscle 1

Guess who came to wish me a happy birthday??? It’s Dai-chan!! hahaha, apprently he heard about how much I love him and decided to fly over to the U.S. to meet me in person and wish me lots of love on my 18th birthday!! He even said there would be a big surprise waiting for me sometime this month…a shirtless poster of Hey! Say! JUMP!!! I’m going to die and go to heaven now!

Okay, so it’s pretty obvious that the little story up there did not happen…but I would love it if it were true. You know what I would also love? An album from Hey! Say! JUMP…I suppose I’ll be ordering their photobook along with NEWS’ latest DVD…although I would love to have a new CD from them…hell, I’ll take ANYTHING from them at this point. New single, mini album, subunit single, anything. Just give us something. I swear…Arashi has ANOTHER single coming out in November…what the hell?! We need to get some more dramas up in this group so the chances for doing the theme songs can be increased. Daiki x Kei drama please with Hey! Say! JUMP doing the theme song and one of the B-sides being a duet between them!!

Anyway, this was my little birthday rant about Hey! Say! JUMP. Thanks Alice for wishing me a happy birthday and I’ll have the fic done for your birthday to post! I hope you will enjoy it!! Also, I plan to have a little picture spam tomorrow so look forward to that if I don’t drown in the abyss of the 5 page history paper I have yet to start writing…

Daiki Muscle 2Daiki’s muscles just make me melt!  Now THAT is a present!!

October 4, 2009

Ew…This Is What Happens When You Separate The Guys…

So here is another School Kakumei video and I’m continuously seeing the effects of not having all 10 members to sing songs…you can see for yourself…

Mayonaka no Shadow Boy:

+ Yamada and Chinen sounded good…
– Hikaru doesn’t belong there…Yuto and Daiki please
– Yuugo looks bored in the background
+ Yamada was kakkoi at the end
+ Fuma looked more into it than Hikaru hahha

Ultra Music Power [What the hell?]:

– I just have no idea what Hikaru is doing…the music is Your Seed so…what?
+ Fuma is absolutely adorable and perfect
– Yuugo looks bored again

Your Seed:

– Ew…what’s up with Chinen’s voice…is he doing that on purpose? Why is he sounding all cutesy? It’s not that kind of song…

Jounetsu JUMP:

+ Yamada’s entrance was awesome
+ Yamada owns both Hikaru and Chinen in that performance. His dancing was on point but…
+ Fuma is always so energetic and adorable!

Okay…Yamada owns the stage, Chinen is being kinda weird with his voice, Hikaru looks bored, Yuugo also looks bored but it’s less important since he’s in the background anyway, Fuma is adorable and should be up in the front, wow, I barely saw Hokuto…

Please just have all 10 members to sing the song…of course that’s just impossible sometimes but…you guys have solos…and I’m still WTF with Ultra Music Power…it was Hikaru’s rap section but the music was Your Seed…Johnny…

Apparently, Yuto Isn’t A “You” Anymore…

So yeah, here is a performance of You & You, Yuto and Chinen’s duet but…Yuto isn’t there. So Chinen sings it and then is joined by Yamada, Hikaru and three of the B.I. Shadow boys…I mean, I understand if Yuto is busy and after all Chinen is on School Kakumei but…where exactly was Yuto? I mean…what was he doing because he wasn’t doing any drama filming [like I’m assuming Kento was] and…yeah. I’d much rather have Yuto sing it solo…not gonna lie, getting pretty tired of all the YamaChii going on with no love for the other members…at least B.I. Shadow was here to cheer me up.

+ Chinen Yuri: He did a pretty good job although maybe it was me, his voice sounded weird at parts. Hmm…
+ Yamada Ryosuke and Yaotome Hikaru: Okay…not needed…but Yamada’s face when they showed his name was VERY kakkoi!
+ Random English: When I first heard the song…I did not hear some of those words hahaha. And I don’t like “babe”…they should have used “girl” instead…
+ Kikuchi Fuma: HOLY CRAP! The love of my life is looking FANTASTIC!!!!! Seriously, he’s nailing that look…looking better than the Hey! Say! JUMP boys…
+ Matsumura Hokuto: Awww, he looks cute!!! And I like how he’s all into the song!!
+ Kouchi Yuugo: So kawaii kneeling on the ground like that!! Kawaii!!!!

+ Random Note: I like how Yamada looks soooo into the performance and then Hikaru looks kinda bored and Chinen’s like right in the middle hahha.

OMFG, Johnny…I’m very disappointed in you. This year was FAIL. I don’t need a huge DVD collection so stop making them in the place of CDs!! And I swear…this photobook + DVD of Hey! Say! JUMP BETTER be friggin amazing or heads are gonna roll…next year, I would like to see more Daiki, Kei and Yuto!! And please give Ryutaro a solo…and also give Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I. Shadow another single…just do all the things you SHOULD have done this year…

October 1, 2009

Keito Make Us Feel Better! No New Album On The 15th

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Keito Flower

So yeah, in case you didn’t already know…no new album on the 15th. Why? Well…that’s not a Wednesday…I guess we all were so excited about the idea of an album coming soon that we overlooked that little fact. So yeah…no album then…and judging from Hey! Say! JUMP’s release pattern…don’t expect anything until November basically. And they’re going on tour in December and into January I believe so basically we’re in a now or never situation. Well not “never” but if not November, then we’ll probably have to wait until next year. They should release it right before the tour so they can promote it…although they never go on like any TV shows or anything to promote albums so I don’t see what the problem is releasing it during the tour…So everyone, let’slet Keito make us feel better by his awesome smile!! Credits to loveokamoto at Livejournal for the picture!!

And just because I love thinking about this kind of thing, here is what I EXPECT / DEMAND be on the album.

+ All 5 Singles [Ultra Music Power, Dreams come true, Your Seed, Bouken Rider, Mayonaka no Shadow Boy]
+ Previously Known Songs [Jounetsu JUMP, Memories] [DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT include Born in The EARTH]
+ 6 New Songs [that would be fit the usual 13/14 songs on Johnny’s Album]

+ 2 Already Known Hey! Say! 7 Songs [Nounai Dance and Salsa ii na Line]
+ 2 Already Known Hey! Say! BEST Songs [Suriru and School days]
+ 1 New Hey! Say! 7 Song
+ 1 New Hey! Say! BEST Song
+ Yamada’s Solo Number [Perfume and Asia no Yoru] [yes, both]
+ Daiki’s Solo Number [Kimi to Boku no Future]
+ Kei’s Solo Number
+ Keito’s Solo Number [Babylon]
+ Takaki’s Solo Number [Kumo no Ito]
+ Hikaru’s Solo Number
+ Yabu’s Solo Number [Rain Dance over My Everything please]
+ Yuto and Chinen’s Duet [You and You]
+ NEW Ryutaro Solo Number

Okay…that looks like a LOT but it’s really that much newness to ask for…if they’re gonna stick us with a bunch of already released songs, I don’t care how awesome they are, I want some newness too…

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