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March 22, 2009

Picture Spam Volume Eleven: Arioka Daiki and Nakajima Yuto

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I’m sorry this volume of picture spam is coming late!!! But I hope you all enjoy this one because it features two of my favorite members: Daiki and Yuto! Credits go to karmoisin from kimi_omou @ Livejournal.

daiyuto11The minute that I saw this picture, I knew I had to include it in the picspam. Kawaii!!! Daiki looks absolutely adorable here – just look at that smile. It’s seriously the most innocent thing that I’ve ever seen. I love his hair and the lightness of his outfit totally supports his sweet personality. And of course there’s Yuto and his fuzzy pink sweater!!! He looks happy and cute as well. I like that he has his hand resting on Daiki’s shoulder. His hair looks really good here too, don’t you think? I also like that there’s blue in the background because it’s the perfect combo: blue and pink – is there some sort of hidden message going on here? (hehehe). There’s such a cute and sweet energy about this picture that you can’t deny. So have you ever thought that Daiki and Yuto make a cute couple? If you didn’t then you have to look at this picture. What magazine is this from?! I wish I had it!

Let’s go back in time a little bit for this really cute second picture. And in case it was apparent already, Daiki and Yuto daiyuto2“are good friends.” So this looks like a Christmasy / wintery picture, judging from the clothes. Aww!! Look at little kid Yuto and his haircut! I actually think it looks cute although I much prefer his current style. Easily, Yuto’s smile makes this picture worth looking at. His teeth are so white and his skin look glow. And his jacket is so big and puffy, which adds to the adorableness of a little kid. Daiki looks like his big brother, who is carrying his brother home after a fun snowball fight! Even though Daiki is one of the five older boys of Hey! Say! BEST, he’s definitely one of the cutest guys of the whole group. His smile seriously makes me go “Aww!” and this picture is a perfect example of that winning sample. His scarf looks really cute too! The black and green color scheme is fantastic! So Daiki and Yuto continue to bring cuteness like nobody else! And in a winter setting so kudos! Yes…”they are good friends.”

daiyuto3More cuteness! More, more, more!!! To be completely honest, Daiki is the star of this picture and I was a little iffy on if I wanted this picture or not. But then I decided Daiki looked to cute to pass up and so here we are. It’s interesting to see Dai-chan with brown hair…I don’t think I’ve ever seen him with brown hair…or maybe I have and I’m just forgetting. He’s giving us his usual cutie smile and his eyes reflect the same sweetness so it’s just really eye-grabbing. Yuto looks kinda sleepy and his face looks…kinda swollen? Not a lot or anything but it definitely looks off to me. He does look cute though but just a little strange. Now looking at the picture, I don’t think that he has his arm around Daiki (like I originally thought) but wouldn’t it have been cute if he did that? I really wish that I had a full picture of this one because I’m sure that everyone would look really cute! So if you like this picture, give a big thanks to Daiki since he’s the real reason I included in this picspam.

Ah, Garasu no Kisu!! I’ve seen this picture and think it was really funny and kawaii so it had to be included on this daiyuto4picspam. I think I have the magazine that this is from but I’m too lazy to go find it. So this is a totally coupley moment with the two boys on different sides of a glass door, going in for a kiss! I love how Yuto is looking at the camera because it’s such a suspicious look – it’s like what exactly is gonna happen? And it makes it look like he’s stretching his lips really far! (he must really want that kiss). I know that we can’t fully see Dai-chan’s pose but you can see the position of his shoulders and his face and can kind of see what he’s going for. It’s kind of a girly and sweetie pose and I think that’s what makes his picture look so kawaii! Don’t you just love Yuto and Daiki love? It’s the most kawaii!

daiyuto5As Massu once said “Panda!” That’s right folks, it’s panda time with Daiki and Yuto! Why are there pandas? Honestly, I’m not really sure but I think they add even more cuteness to the picture! Daiki looks so young and innocent here, just like a litle kid that you wanna give a big hug to! His hairstyle kinda reminds me of Ryutaro’s and you can tell that this picture was taken a while ago so maybe it’s just a young Johnny’s hairstyle! Yuto is looking a little more nervous but I think that it works in the picture. You know those cute shy little kids (I know, I was one)? Well I think that’s what he looks like and the two of them look really happy together. Kawaii boys!!

So I hope you all have enjoyed this picture spam because I really enjoyed making it! Daiki and Yuto are both really cute so why not bring the two forces of cute together?!

And on a slight side note, Jounetsu JUMP is getting lots of attention so can they PLEASE announce a single release. I want to preorder it along with NEWS’ new single…and if that’s at the end of April then are we looking at a May release?


Hey! Say! 7 Yokohmama Spring Concert Setlist

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Chinen is hear to bring you the setlist of Hey! Say! 7’s Yokohama Spring Concerts so enjoy! Credits go to Kamichan of Hey! Say! Heisei! for the heads up!!

Hey! Say!
School Kakumei
Wonderland Train
Intro Rap
Brave Story [New Song]
Get [New Song]
Perfume – Yamada Ryosuke
Urawashi no Bad Girl – Nakajima Yuto
On The Wind – Chinen Yuri
Higher – Okamoto Keito
Sword Battle – Morimoto Ryutaro
Chance to Change
Tobira no Mukou
Otokamae Samba
Yuuki 100%
MC Corner
Juniors’ Song
Utautau [New Song]
Bon Bon
Suriru [supported by Hey! Say! BEST through VTR]
Rock Medley
Morimoto Ryutaro’s Dance Solo
Ookikunare Boku – Chinen Yuri
Stars In Heaven – Yamada Ryosuke and Chinen Yuri
Asia no Yoru
Scrap Teacher Corner
Mayonaka no Shadow Boy
Medley -> Hey! Say! and Ultra Music Power
Encore -> Dreams come true and Jounetsu JUMP

So yeah…everyone but Ryutaro got a solo song – that’s really sad!! He didn’t even get like a duo or anything…I’m glad BEST showed up for Suriru and apparently the younger boys showed some skin…well I can see Yamada and Yuto (especially Yamada) being good at that. Maybe even Chinen…but the other two…okay. Yay Yamada sung “Perfume” and Asia no Yoru? Is that him singing solo or is it sung by all five boys? I don’t like that there’s a Scrap Teacher corner without Daiki. I don’t know exactly what it is but it still bothers me.

I’m more interested in a Hey! Say! BEST concert so yeah…get on that Johnny’s. Also got on releasing something new…even a DVD would be fine.

March 21, 2009

Hey! Say! JUMP 2009-2010 School Calendar Review Finale [Inside Calendar III]

And now here we are at the end of the calendar review. I’m calling it a finale and it might be a slightly disappointing one because there are only four pictures but it’s the last one so it deserves a cool name!

hsjcalendar1First, let’s take a look at a duo shot of Yabu and Hikaru, who always take cute pictures together! Admittedly, Yabu looks kinda nervous like the photographer caught the two of them at…an inopportune moment…and he’s embarassed that they got caught (hehehe). Still, it’s a cute embarassment that makes for a good picture. His hair looks nice although I would have liked it if it weren’t so messy. His clothes look cool too from what I can see. His black jacket says “perfect…garments” on them so I wonder what the other word says. I wonder why the first thing that came to my mind was “under” (hehehe). Anyway, Hikaru looks very fashionable and very relaxed. His hair looks better here than that other weirdness that he has in some pictures. I’m really liking the pink since it makes a nice combination with the black. So this is a good picture and it has a story (abeit not real one) behind it.

Our final shot of the calendar comes with Takaki Yuya, who’s doing it cool. Without a doubt, this is one of the coolest hsjcalendar2looking pictures in the entire calendar. His hair looks awesome here both in color and style. It kind of reminds me of someone else in Johnny’s Entertainment…maybe Kame? Well it doesn’t matter who it is. Takaki is looking so good in this picture and just look at his face. If that isn’t the picture of coolness then I don’t know what is. Is it me or is Takaki always wearing a scarf? It’s not a bad thing because I actually like his scarves (particularly the blue one). All the dark colors that he’s wearing only augments the coolness of the picture. And the background also contributes to the whole atmosphere of the picture. I like the brick wall and I’m guessing is a door has a very old-style to it that somehow catches the eye. I don’t really know why but it wouldn’t be the same if the door was made of something again. So yep, Takaki did a good job on his solo picture and showed another side of him.

hsjcalendar3Okay, time to be completely honest. This is probably the worst picture in the entire calendar. And the photgrapher is the one to blame because the angle completely ruins this picture. Seriously, what was he thinking? Unfortunately, the boys aren’t completely blame free. Keito looks slightly crazy…okay maybe “crazy” is a little too strong but his eyes are really intimidating. I actually like Yuto’s picture and the only thing is that he looks really skinny because of the angle of the picture. And because Yamada is next to him, Yama-chan looks really short. His picture is good too and I don’t fault him. Chinen looks tired but at the same time, he remembers that he’s taking a picture so he’s trying not to look tired…just a weird look. And what’s going on with Ryutaro’s head? It looks REALLY weird and his face looks fake cute. Yuto and Yamada were okay but overall, this was just a bad picture and it’s not entirely their fault.

So it’s time we close with a group shot!! Now after that “sweet” shot from Hey! Say! 7, of course they had to close with hsjcalendar4a cool picture. Takaki looks kinda mean here and I understand what he was going for but I think he stepped just over the line. I do like his hair in this picture though. Wow, I think that’s one of the most uncomfortable shots I’ve seen of Ryutaro…and he looks so small in comparison to Takaki and Daiki (they should have put him somewhere else). Daiki looks really good here and there’s still the slight cute element in his features which gives him a soft sort of cool. As usual, Yuto looks fantastic and that tilt of his head makes him all the cooler. Chinen, the model, looks great and brings the intensity in his eyes. Keito and Hikaru both really cool as well; I like how Keito’s hand is on Chinen’s shoulder. OMG, Kei looks sooo handsome here! He is definitely bringing the cool hard and he’s probably the best in this picture. Yamada and Yabu look a little…too focused. It’s a nice attempt though.

So now we’re at the end of the calendar review and you all saw this coming…rankings! These rankings are based on the overall calendar, postcards and calendar cards.

01. Nakajima Yuto
02. Inoo Kei
03. Yamada Ryosuke
04. Chinen Yuri
05. Arioka Daiki

I’m only gonna rank the top 5 but I think the overall calendar package was awesome and I’m so glad that I bought it!!

Finally, NEWS has a new single announed entitled Koi no ABO. It will be released on April 29th so don’t forget to support them! Does this mean Hey! Say! JUMP is gonna have something new soon too?

Hey! Say! JUMP 2009-2010 School Calendar Review Part Five [Inside Calendar II]

Okay, let’s continue to review the inside of the calendar!!! It’s another 10 pictures to make for a fantastic post! I like this set of pictures even more so enjoy!

schoolcalendaraWell I’m totally serious when I say that this picture is one of my favorites of the entire calendar. I think that this picture is such a good representation of Yuto’s sparkling personality and that’s what makes this one of the best shots in the entire package. The back setting is kinda blurry so you can’t really see what’s happening there but I think just having the colors there is more than enough. Oh Yuto…you gotta his smile. It’s just so full of wonder that I’m drawn to him. His hair looks fantastic like always and his outfit looks really cool from what I can see. Wow, this picture just looks so natural…I just…have you ever known someone that makes you happy just because they’re happy? Well I think Yuto is one of those people for me. Like I don’t know him personally but I feel happy when he looks happy. So yeah, without a doubt, one of my favorite pictures in the calendar. I just set it as the background of my computer. Nice work Yuto!

I remember making a post earlier about Hey! Say! 7 being ultra cool and this picture is in the same photoshoot. And schoolcalendarbyes, they’re still cool. What I like about this picture in comparison to the other is that it’s a body shot so you can see all of them. I’m really proud of Ryutaro for adapting to his environment since he looks soo cool here! Hair looking great, jacket looking awesome (I totally want one) and even the pants look cool. He’s dressed pefectly from head to toe and he’s also showing the vibe in his face so Im very impressed. I like that Chinen is wearing shorts because it makes his outfit stand out a little more. He’s definitely channeling that fashionable side and brings his shot to life. It looks like there’s an element of sadness in his face and that actually works with the picture so that’s good. As usual, Yamada looks great. I don’t really know what else to say but he just owns this shot. Keito’s pose is awesome and it gives him that extra edge of cool. Honestly, this is probably one of the best pictures of him that I’ve seen. And Yuto looks awesome as always. There’s nothing more to say but wow.

schoolcalendarcAnd now we have a shot from Hey! Say! BEST, which admittedly is nowhere as good. It’s more of a fun shot but the boys don’t capture their respective atmosphere as well as the younger boys. So there are three doors and like flower pots…I don’t really know where they are. Anyway, Takaki looks nice but he doesn’t really portray the whole atmosphere of the picture. Nonetheless, I like his pants and at least he looks fashionable. Hikaru’s pose looks awkward but I love the pink and black combination. Again, he doesn’t really communicate the atmosphere of the picture. Thankfully, Yabu gets it and he looks so cute, taking a peek out of the door. He looks happy and sweet, which makes me happy. Daiki also looks cute and happy, which makes for a great picture. I’m not a fan of Kei’s clothes, particularly the pants and his hair could look better. Overall though, I like his pose and think he understands the atmosphere of the picture.

And we’re back with another solo shot, this time coming from Inoo Kei. There’s a very cold and cool look to this schoolcalendardpicture that Kei portrays in his face. I’m not quite sure what the background of this picture reminds me of but there’s definitely something very familiar about it. And it has to do something with computers…I think. Anyway, I like the basic silver and it establishes the cool feel. Now Kei’s pose looks great with his right hand like that. His eyes look great and there’s intensity in them which catches my eye. The clothes look really stylish too and I think the black looks very good on him. As always, the necklace is eye-catching and it adds a little bit of color to the shot. Well I don’t really get what’s going on with the glasses of water. In the glass on the far left is a pretty pink flower. Why is it only in one…I don’t really understand but I think it’s nice because it adds some color and a light-hearted element to the picture. I really like this picture and think it shows that Kei can adapt to any style of picture with ease.

schoolcalendareUp next, Ryutaro gets a solo shot. After Yuto’s and Kei’s solo pictures, Ryutaro’s falls a little flat. The one thing that I can say about the picture that I do like is I like the outfit. His green and black outfit really pops among the white background. I’m sensing a kitchen theme between this picture and the last one. I also like his colorful cup because it directs your eyes to something happy. He looks kinda nervous here so it’s kind of awkward. I don’t know, this picture just isn’t doing it for me. The random tannish objects in the picture feel out of place…and what are those in the blender? They look like potatoes…it doesn’t really matter if they are or not but it would be a little strange if they were. So the shoes…what can I say about those shoes? I don’t even know what they look like but I feel like I’ve seen something like them before. Overall, the picture is a little disappointing but it’s not horrible or anything.

So this picture totally reminds me of something from the Mayonaka no Shadow Boy era and that’s definitely not a bad schoolcalendarfthing. Seriously, part of me actually thinks that they went to the same place to shoot this picture. Anyway, Yabu, Yamada and Kei totally bring the coolness in this shot. Kind of reminiscent to the Mayaonaka no Shadow Boy PV, I feel like Yabu is doing a little acting here. There’s a slight element of fear in his face, which actually draws your eyes to him. You can definitely tell he’s getting into the picture. I love his outfit, particularly the scarf and the jeans – he looks quite stylish. Yamada looks awesome as well. The checkered pattern on his shirt is great and there’s a seriousness in his face that catches my eye. I mean it could have been better if he gave just a little more but it’s still a good shot. Kei-chan is my favorite of the three in this picture. I don’t know if it was unintentional but he looks really hot and his coolness is coming through so strongly. Great picture and these three boys are showing their coolness proudly.

schoolcalendargIt’s another trio-shot, this time featuring Kei, Yuto and Chinen! It’s time to be happy and enjoy yourselves! Kei looks kinda cool in this shot and it’s an interesting combination with the whole fun atmosphere. He’s giving that “Kei smile” and I don’t know if you all know what I’m talking about. He just has this smile that I immediately recognize as Kei’s. Do you know it? Taking some tips from Kei, Yuto also has a sort of coolness to his face. Except Yuto’s face seems to have more life in it and has more of a child-like innocence which makes me happy. I LOVE the yellow and black outfit and I think the happy face is absolutely adorable. Chinen looks the most like a happy kid and that’s what the picture is all about so that’s good that he understands the shot. The red and black is a nice color combination as well. The ton of colorful balls just adds so much spirit to the picture and it helps the viewer see a rainbow of happiness!

Let’s move back into the cool zone with Keito’s solo picture! It’s kind of similar to Yamada’s solo shot which I talked schoolcalendarhabout in my last Calendar Review post. One thing that I must post about is that the photographer did a good job of using the contrast between light and shadow. It actually gives the piture a nice little edge. It makes his skin really stand out and glow, don’t you think? One physical feature about Keito that always stands out me is his eyes and this picture does a good job of drawing the focus to his eyes, which carry a cool intensity in them. Although his outfit isn’t fully visible, it looks great from I what can see. I’m really liking the chains since they provide a little light to contrast the darker color of his clothes. I also like that he is leaning against a wooden wall. There’s something about it that just screams natural to me. I was kinda surprised that Keito brought such a good solo shot so good for him.

schoolcalendariAnd now it’s time  for another solo picture, this time from the cutie Arioka Daiki! If you want cuteness than look no further than Dai-chan! The picture is simple and like Yuto’s solo picture, you can’t really see what’s going on the background but that’s okay because it helps your eyes go straight to Daiki. I really like that he’s wearing such a sunny yellow because it just feels so happy and sweet that you can’t not love it. I can’t really read what is says but I can that there’s something about a “shadow” (I can’t see the rest so I can’t say if it makes sense but I doubt it and that’s okay). You can totally feel the warmth coming from his eyes and his smile, which makes this picture so wonderful. I also like the black and white shirt under the yellow jacket as it provides an interesting contrast. So Daiki owns his shot as well and that comes as absolutely no surprise to me.

Our final shot of this post is a great way to finish since it features two of my favorite members: Daiki and Yuto! This schoolcalendarjpicture is awesome and it is like apex of coolness. I am in like love with Daiki’s shirt and think it looks sooo good on him. And I love how his hand is randomly open like that. I think it’s a good way to keep Daiki’s sense of cuteness and bring it to the coolness of this picture. The white jacket also looks great and his face looks good too, although it could have been a little stronger. For me, Yuto takes the spotlight on this shot (although both look great). I think his face better portrays intensity and fits with the overall atmosphere of the picture more strongly. Of course I can’t not mention the tie! It looks so good with that outfit and he just looks really hot here. Yuto is so good at acing his shots so like every picture with him in it is bound to be a good one.

This has been part five of the calendar review and there’s only one more post left so I hope you all are enjoying these posts. If you haven’t bought your calendar, I think there’s still a little time so go out and support Hey! Say! JUMP!! Or just support them in spirit, either way is good!

March 20, 2009

Hey! Say! JUMP Gets Passionate For Harukou 2009 + School Kakumei Cast

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Well Johnny’s STILL hasn’t announced a new release for Hey! Say! JUMP…they really need to start releasing some more stuff (and I mean that for people other than Arashi and KAT-TUN). So the fandom has been kinda lacking in terms of new stuff. Speaking of new, you can now hear the full version of Jounetsu JUMP now apparently. I’m not gonna listen to it because if it does get a single release, then I want to be surprised when I hear it. But you can follow the link below to hear it! [ just scroll down a little bit]

And here’s the previously released CM that features a snippet of Jounetsu JUMP. I wanted to include it because everyone looks great. And look at Hikaru’s new hair color!

So remember that show called School Kakumei that was supposed to replace Show wa Hey! Say! Yeah, well that’s happening in a couple of weeks and the new show will feature Yamada Ryosuke, Chinen Yuri and Yaotome Hikaru…that’s great for Yama-chan since he gets to be in both but I’m gonna miss Yuto!!! Actually, I would have liked to have everyone together but oh well…you know who they should have put? Kei. He needs more attention…

Here’s more information on the show…

So that’s all for now…Hey! Say! JUMP release something…

Hey! Say! JUMP 2009-2010 School Calendar Review Part Four [Inside Calendar I]

Well I’m back to reivew the Hey! Say! JUMP calendar!!! So I’ve done the postcards and the calendar cards so now it’s time to dive into the calendar itself! Each post will be divided by pictures of 10. I’m not sure exactly how many pictures are in it so I guess we’ll see how many we have.


The first picture is a group shot, done outside on a sunny day, which is a great way to open up the calendar. Takaki is looking particularly cool here with that pose…So…does it say “fuck you later” on his shirt?! OMG, that’s hilarious! Kei looks so cute here with his hands in his pockets and a sweet smile on his face. He’s kind of squinting his eyes so it looks like the sun is in his eyes. Ryutaro looks absolutely adorable!! I really like his arms in this picture and he looks so innocent that you just wanna give him a big hug! Keito looks like he kinda got pushed to the background. It looks like they caught him while he was talking so it’s kind of a weird shot for him. Yabu looks so awesome and cool. That face is just like “what?” He totally nailed his shot so good job Yabu-kun! Yama-chan looks so small compared to Yabu! But he looks great. His outfit is awesome and he also looks so cool with his hands in his pockets. Of course, Daiki had to bring the cuteness and he definitely did. He’s giving the peace sign and that smile is too cute for words. I don’t know how this happened but Chinen is so model-like! His hair looks awesome and his smile makes me melt! Well Hikaru looks so serious so I don’t really know what to think. He feels kinda out of place…OMG, I LOVE Yuto’s shot. His personality just comes shining through – just look at his face and see that infectious smile! He’s definitely my favorite in this picture.

And now we come to the boys of Hey! Say! BEST outside in some kind of field, giving their mature and cool look. The schoolcalendar2question is are you ready? Kei definitely has the best shot of the five, just because he looks like the defintion of how to be cool. Kei should write a book about how to pose in pictures or something because he is a true master. He’s looking off into the distance with this intense look in his eyes that still has a vulnerability. And there’s something in his lips that adds to the coolness…but I will digress from the lips. Congrats Kei for nailing your shot! Daiki looks great too and he manages to retain a certain cuteness to his coolness. I love how he’s wearing a white jacket since it stands out from the other boys’ outfits. Hikaru looks kinda evil…it’s in his eyes. It kinda looks like he’s squinting except not in a way that looks like the sun in his eyes…just…yeah. Yabu looks great and I love how he’s looking up to the sky. It’s like he’s pondering something and is in deep contemplation. He looks absolutely hot here so that’s another plus. Takaki looks kinda separated from the other four but he looks very clean and polished. It’s a pretty good picture and that’s great. So that settles it, Kei wins and Daiki and Yabu tie for second.

schoolcalendar3So it’s only appropriate that the first solo picture be of the very model-like Chinen Yuri!!!! He looks fantastic here and immediately my eyes go to his eyes. Chinen did a great job of finding the light with his eyes and you can totally see it in his eyes, can’t you? As usual, his hair looks fantastic since that style totally works on him. I like part of his bangs are like in the middle of his face. I’m also loving the red because it really pops against the black so that it’s a dangerous combination. I don’t know what he’s leaning against but they kind of look like giant balloons or something. Now of course they’re not balloons because he couldn’t be learning so sturdily on them if they were balloons. But all the colors look great in this picture and make my eyes just go “wow.” So there we have it, Chinen is awesome and this picture is perfect proof. Has he been taking posing lessons from Kei-chan??

Yama-chan close-up shot! I think that this shot is incredible because it captures just how attractive Yama-Yama is, schoolcalendar4don’t you think? I love how the picture is such a good close-up of Yama-chan so that you can see the light in his eyes. His hair looks incredible (as usual) and there’s just something about how his hair touches the left side of his face. And he’s giving a sort of cool smile but just only slightly so that he can still maintain that coolness that he’s so good at bringing. I also like how he’s leaning to the side and I’m not particularly sure why. It just makes the picture look so natural and like a photograph that you would send your friend (yes Yama-chan, I’ll be your friend!!). You can’t really see all of what he’s wearing but from the part that you can see, you can definitely tell that it’s cool. So the fourth picture of the calendar is definitely a memorable one and I know that I’ll be keeping it as the default one for some time. Thanks so much Yamada for giving such a memorable shot that we can all just stare at for a while!

schoolcalendar5And now we have a duo shot: Takaki and Yamada! Now one thing that I love about Takaki is how he’s one of the oldest members of the group but still has that childlike spirit that makes him adorable. In this picture, you can definitely see that spirit in his eyes. His hair looks awesome here. The color is eye-catching and I’m loving the one strand in the middle of his face. And he looks so stylish in all the blue! The scarf looks very pretty and comfortable for the kind of day that they’re in. And that smile is just stellar! Yamada looks great too and the only that that is strange to me is that he is looking directly into the camera while the picture was taken. Otherwise though, it’s such a great shot. His hair looks awesome and I’m liking the kind of looseness of his shirt so that you can see a little bit more skin (haha). I also like how both of them have chains on, particularly Takaki’s with the cross on it. It’s a great shot and one of my favorites in the calendar.

Who says Hey! Say! 7 can’t pull off the cool look? Well whoever you are, just take a look at this picture and tell me if schoolcalendar6you think the same thing. Now the picture is very simple, just featuring Chii and Ryutaro in front of a black background and the combination of the white and black on their clothes really makes them stand out. Chinen looks a little intimidating in this picture and it’s all in his eyes. Well I really like his outfit and the very slight upturn of his eyebrows. Surprisingly, Ryutaro takes the spotlight on the shot. There’s something very innocent in his eyes that works perfectly in this picture. Plus his clothes look sooo cool, cooler than Chinen’s in fact. I want an outfit just like that in my size! His hair looks good but it’s all in his face. It’s hard to explain but he just really steals the magic in this picture, which really surprised me. He doesn’t look awkward at all and Chinen, who is usually so in sync with his model-side kinda fell flat. Nonetheless, it’s a great picture and certainly one that shines.

schoolcalendar7And Hikaru gets his solo shot next. Okay, I’m not quite sure what it is about Hikaru in this calendar so far that’s just not connecting with me. This picture is almost a win for me but his face just kinda ruins it. He looks slightly confused and kinda tired…Otherwise though, it’s a great picture. It looks like he’s outside on a balcony on a clear day. If that’s the case, it would have been nice if we could see more of the scenery but whatever, I could be totally off. The yellow shirt pops nicely against all the white around him and draws your eyes straight to Hikaru. I also like the black and white shirt underneath the yellow shirt. I actually have one that looks like it except mine is long-sleeved. With one hand in his pocket and the other at his neck, the pose is totally showing off his cool side, which is why it’s a shame that his face isn’t giving the same vibe. So this was almost there but just not quite. Sorry Hikaru.

Okay now we come to a trio and admittedly, I don’t think I would have seen these three paired together: Hikaru, Keito schoolcalendar8and Takaki. Honestly, I’m not really a fan of this picture, particularly because the room that they’re in looks so small. It looks cramped and uncomfortable and maybe it’s just my eyes but it looks kinda slanted…Hikaru does a better job of portraying cool here so I’m glad about that but the one thing that bugs me about his shot is that it reminds me of the weirdness of the picture. That position looks uncomfortable so I give him props for looking in control. Keito did a great job in his shot as well. That couch looks strange but he looks perfectly comfortable and his face is portraying that sense of cool that the picture is all about. I think Takaki steals the spotlight in this one. He’s looking hot and he’s just the kind of scarfs, isn’t he? I think his clothes look the coolest and his face is just…wow. So the three had their own shot and it could have been better but it’s not their fault…in fact, I’m impressed they could pull this off with such a weird back setting.

schoolcalendar9Keito is back but this time with Ryutaro and Dai-chan! I like this shot because it looks very sweet and natural. Well Keito looks kinda strange here just because it looks like he wasn’t aware that the picture was being taken. Now sometimes that works and gives the picture a very natural and unrehearsed feel but not this time. He still looks good though. Aww, Ryutaro looks so cute and happy here! He’s definitely getting better at acing his shots and becoming more comfortable in front of the camera so good for him. The green is nice as it pops and catches the eye. Of course, Daiki makes the picture for me. He’s wearing a yellow jacket to match the sunny and sweet atmosphere of the day. He just looks so cute (as always) that I can’t help but go “aww.” So overall, a much trio better shot than the previous one. Keito, Ryutaro and Daiki do a goodd job here and Daiki takes the shine.

Now for the final picture for this review, we have Yabu in a solot shot. Now I’m not gonna lie when I say that this shot schoolcalendar10is weird. Now he’s in front of a door, which makes a great background, but it doesn’t look like he’s leaning against it. And that makes me wonder exactly how he’s going that. It looks like he’s about to fall over…I guess he just has really good balance? I love the hat and think it would have been a better picture if he were wearing the hat and leaning against the door. His outfit looks wonderful and I’m liking the all black. His face looks pretty cool although it could have been better. I just think this could have been a better picture but it’s definitely not bad by any means.

So I hope you all enjoyed part four and I’m sorry that this is taking longer than expected. I’m too lazy to count now but I’m guessing that there will be two more posts with 10 pictures each. Then there will be a few left over so many 3 posts? And then I gotta catch up on those picture spam volumes so…it’ll take me some time to catch up but I hope you all think it’s worth it. Thanks to everyone for continuously visiting the blog because I’m reaching a lot of hits, which of course makes me happy!

March 16, 2009

Hey! Say! JUMP 2009-2010 School Calendar Review Part Three [Calendar Cards II]

All right everyone! I think I’m going to like this post a lot more than the last one just because I really like these sides of the calendar cards a lot more. I hope you all enjoy them too and let yourselves be taken in by Hey! Say! JUMP!

calendarcarda1Okay, I remember turning Yamada’s card and seeing this picture. I was just like “…wow…” This picture is absolutely incredible from every angle possible so I guess I’ll start from the top and work my way down. His hair is looking friggin awesome, especially the color. I think that this picture really accentuates the colors and that adds to the cool side that the Hey! Say! 7 boys are portraying here. I know I bring this up a lot but I think it’s important. Look at his eyes and you can just feel something coming from them. Actually, I can see something very innocent and sweet in his eyes that I can really connect with. And I also like how his lips are slightly open. There’s just something very natural then works with the overall picture. That jacket is looking so cool that I want one for myself. I’m a big fan of purple so I’m really glad to see it there. Plus the jacket does a nice job of complimenting the white shirt. The chain is also a nice touch and draws your eyes for a moment. Well my Japanese isn’t strong enough yet to read what that says but I can make out some of the words: “tsurai toki wa…wo miagete” and then some more at the end. Well I’m sure whatever it says, it’s cute. So yeah, good job Yamada for owning this picture – it will be very hard to beat. He aced the other side too so he was just on his game that day.

Nakajima Yuto, who is the definition of love, is up next. Now after Yamada’s picture, it would be hard to stand out like calendarcardbthat but that was no problem for Yuto! It looks like he’s channeling a sort of Mayonaka no Shadow Boy look with this picture and that was a good idea because he was looking great then (and now of course). I absolutely love his eyes here. They actually look a little bigger than usual and you can see so much life in them that they really stand out in the shot. As usual, Yuto is rocking the hair and it goes perfectly with the dark and cool concept of the shot. OMG, he”s wearing a tie!! You’ll have to excuse me because I have no idea where this sudden love for ties is coming from. First it was the blue ties from the other pictures and now Yuto is bringing it in black! Anyway, I just the tie just accentuates the whole look and adds to its sophistication. The color scheme is simple, just sticking to the black and white and honestly, that’s really all Yuto needs because he is looking hot in this picture. And let’s give a big thank you to Yuto for giving a message that I can message all by myself!! It says “365 hi, zutto boku no koto wo mitsumetete.” Score! I love reading Japanese so I’m glad that he gave easy kanji and stayed mostly in hiragana. So that’s Yuto’s picture and just like Yamada, he totally brought his best effort forward and it paid off. He also did a excellent job on the other side of the card so this is just an overall awesome card!

calendarcardcUp next is Chinen Yuri! Now one thing about Chii’s picture that I like after Yuto’s is that it takes the same dark atmosphere but moves it in a slightly different direction. It’s the blue tint to that makes it stand out and catch the audience’s eye so that was a well-played move. Going onto the picture itself, Chinen continues the trend of acing the shots because he looks very calm and cool here. His hair looks really good here. The bangs look good and I like that his hair is covering more of the right side of his face than the left. I don’t know why but there’s just something very likeable about his hairstyle in the picture. So I’m gonna have to bring it up in every picture but like both Yamada and Yuto before him, he’s giving it in the eyes, which makes for an intense look. You can see the light in them as well, which has a certain magic to it that makes you drawn to his eyes even more. And his lips look great too. The pinkness of them makes them stand out against the whole dark scene around him. Just like Yuto, simple colors work with Chinen and I’m loving the pattern of the shirt. It’s very stylish. And the little tie is a very nice touch – my eyes were drawn straight to it actually. Once again, thanks for giving me something I can understand in Japanese: “boku ga itsudemo soba ni iru yo.” It sounds like a song title or something, very sweet Chinen! So congrats Chinen for keeping up with the two boys ahead of you because that was no easy task.

Now we come to Ryutaro’s picture and although the other side of his card was kind of disappointing, he actually did a calendarcarddvery good job on this side. There’s both an atmosphere of coolness and an atmosphere of innocence to this picture, which definitely stands out. It’s kind of as if someone just gave him a cool makeover and he’s just getting used to it, which is cute and really personable. The biggest point of innocence is really in his eyes, which look kinda big and sweet so don’t you just wanna give him a hug. His hair looks great too. Like some of it looks kinda messy, which adds to the coolness for sure. And also his skin is accentuated nicely as well, which is a true plus. Now I can’t tell if he’s wearing a hoodie or not but it looks kinda big so that’s what I’m guessing it is. Whatever it is, the jacket is hot and I totally want one for myself. I especially like the logo on the left hand side because it adds so much color to the outfit and it just looks cool. Assuming that is in fact a hoodie, I think it would have been nice to see the hood over his head. I just think it could have made a cool shot. Anyway, here’s what Ryutaro’s message says: “tsurai toki wa, boku wo omoide shite!” So it’s really similar to Yamada’s message since the first part is the same thing. So if “tsurai” means heartbreaking/painful, I’m not really getting the meaning of the message…like a painful time is thinking about me? Or something to that effct? Whatever. I’m just glad Ryutaro did such a good job with his shot and he should be proud!

calendarcardeOkay so if you look at Yamada’s, Yuto’s, Chinen’s and Ryutaro’s pictures and then look at Keito’s, don’t you just go “eh?” Now I was under the impression that the boys of Hey! Say! 7 were going for the cool route and the other four definitely aced that look. But apparently Keito didn’t get the message that they were gonna do cool because his picture sticks out like a sore thumb of the five. That being said, it’s still a nice picture but it would have been nice if he stuck to the style. His hair looks nice here…actually really nice. Okay now is it just me or does his face look a little chubbier here than usual. Maybe my eyes are just playing tricks on me or something but I think it’s the angle of the picture because he doesn’t look like that in other pictures from the calendar. Well I do like the outfit, particularly the yellow on the inside of the jacket. It’s just so sunny and cute. The chain is a nice addition to the outfit too and it matches the whole color scheme. Okay…I’m not even gonna attempt and decipher that kanji…so…it has a nice and cute little music note at the end which only works perfectly with the cutness of the overall picture. Is it a good picture? Yeah, I guess. But does it match theme cool theme? No. And that’s what’s kind of annoying. I think he could have done something great with the cool look…and it doesn’t have to be dark to be cool. I mean just look at Yamda’s shot, which was both colorful and cool so…

So basically what I think they were trying to do was switch up Hey! Say! 7’s look and Hey! Say! BEST’s look. Like the calendarcardfyounger boys went for a more mature look while the older boys went for more of a cute look. Now luckily, Yabu has the ability to look both sexy and cute so it’s no problem. Usually, I love Yabu’s hair but in this picture, it’s a little off for me. I don’t know…I think it would have looked nicer if it was straighter. It’s just a little too all over the place for me…But yeah, my problem with the picture has nothing to do with Yabu but how the shot was done. First, there’s no back setting. He’s just in front of a white background. I feel like the theme would be pushed better if he was like outside on a sunny day or something. I mean, anything happy would have sufficed. And you can’t really see any of his body in the picture. A pose can just make a picture all the better and you can’t see anything that he is doing. I’m assuming that he is crossing his arms. I actually don’t know why I thnk that but I have an overwhelming feeling that that’s the pose he’s doing. Well…from what you can see, it’s a great picture. I like the simplicity of the clothes and how they just look so natural. His smile looks so cute here and it’s really representative of the sweetness of the picture so score Yabu!!! And I appreciate his message just being in English: NO JUMP! NO LIFE! So basically, without Hey! Say! JUMP, there isn’t life!! Yabu is so dedicated to his group that it’s so cute!! Aww, Yabu cutie!!!

calendarcardgHikaru is up next and he follows the cute theme from Yabu perfectly! Now I had to really think about if Hikaru was going to be able to bring cuteness like the other boys but I was pleasantly surprised. Look at this picture and say that you don’t think Hikaru-kun is cute. It’s a combination of the eyes and the smile that just makes the picture for me. There’s just such a great sweetness in his eyes, which look so inviting. It’s like he wants you to be his friend (aww kawaii!). It’s hard to describe just how nice Hikaru’s smile looks but it really does communicate the theme of the picture perfectly. As I’m sure you all know by now, I’ve had some issues with Hikaru’s hairstyle in the calendar but in this picture, it looks great. It just looks more controlled and they should have kept this style for the entire shooting of the calendar pictures. And even though you can’t see much of his outfit, I like it and think the black is a nice compliment to his hair. Again, what’s going on with Hey! Say! BEST’s background scenery? He’s just in front of a wall or something. Now so were some of the boys of Hey! Say! 7 but there’s supported the look (like Yuto and Chinen) so that’s a different case. I’m not gonna try and figure out his message but I can read the first word: “utsumukazu…” But yeah, good job Hikaru-kun for looking cute!

Continuing the trend of kawaii-ness is Takaki Yuya! I think he’s very good at giving the cute look and thinking about it, calendarcardhI remember when I first got into Hey! Say! JUMP, I thought he was always going to be the cool one. But it’s been evident that he’s a child at heart and that’s why this picture just works. Before I say anything else, can I just thank whoever is responsible for making backgrounds for giving Takaki one! After Yabu and Hikaru’s shots, I was beginning to think that they just weren’t gonna do any. So it makes me happy that he got one. His hair looks kinda feminine here…and I guess it usually looks like that so what makes it look different here? I think it’s accentuated by the pose. Speaking of the pose, it’s great and it makes him look very friendly and approachable. His smile is infectious and his teeth look so white, which is awesome! Now I have to give him a shout out for such a fashionable and pretty scarf. It matches his shirt so everything is just tied together perfectly by color. I think all of the boys got a chain or something and it always looks good so yay for that. I can’t make out the kanji in his message but I’m sure it’s something very sweet that would make me go “awww.” So score for Takaki bringing the cuteness to the max on his picture and following the theme without question.

calendarcardiThe following boy is one of my favorites, Arioka Daiki! Now I think something happened with Keito’s and Daiki’s shots because if you look at Hey! Say! 7’s shots and Hey! Say! BEST’s shots, these two boys’ pictures look out of place. It looks like Keito belongs with Hey! Say! BEST and Daiki belongs with Hey! Say! 7. With that being said, I absolutely love Daiki’s picture. Seriously, this is the definition of a good picture from every angle. As usual, Daiki’s hair looks amazing and it matches the atmosphere of the picture very well. And his eyes…oh his eyes. I could just look into his eyes and like never look away. Like Chinen, you can see the light in his eyes and it makes the picture all the better. And also channeling Chinen, his lips really stand out. The pinkness catches my eye and don’t you just wanna kiss them! (hehehe). Anyway, his clothes look amazing and he looks very stylish. Again, I can’t tell if it’s a hoodie or not but I really want that jacket. I’m licking the black and white color scheme but there’s more of a pattern to the jacket so it doesn’t stay so simple. Ah, I can’t make out the kanji! But I’m sure Dai-chan’s message is absolutely adorable. So score, Daiki did an awesome job on his picture…just…wow…

Finally we have Inoo Kei! Now as I’ve said numerous times, Kei is extremely photogenic and it’s no problem for him calendarcardjto own his shots. Well, usually…now I like this picture and it has a background shot (so yay!) but there’s just one thing that bugs me. The right part of his hair just looks weird to me…and it’s not like horrible or anything but it’s just really distracting…seriously…it’s weird because the other part of his hair looks good so that’s not a problem…But his face looks good with a sweet smile and loving eyes. Clothes-wise, the picture is a win and they look very stylish so points for that. I like that he’s wearing red because the color spices up the shot and serves as a contrast to the brown and white of the background. I’m sorry but that hair is seriously distracting…it’s hard to really love the picture because my eyes just keep going to it, which sucks. Anyway, I like his chain and whatever is on the end of it has some color to it that nicely matches the jacket. Okay…his message is filled with kanji that I don’t understand so me understanding any of that is completely out of the question…but I would have really liked to know what he was saying. So I like his picture and I would have liked it sooo much more if the hair wasn’t so distracting. Damn you hairstylist! First Hikaru’s messed up hair in other calendar schots and now this! When will it end!!!!

calendarcardkOkay, we have the group shots left and I hope you enjoy them because it’s always cute to see the boys together. Chinen looks absolutely adorable with his hands in his pocket and his hair looks great too. I think he owned his shot. And Keito looks awesome too! He has his arm around Chinen and he looks like he’s going to protect him. I actually like that he’s not smiling because it gives that cool edge. Yamada, center-stage as usual, is looking great. Hands in his pockets and that look in his eyes that makes you go “woah!” Now I think Yuto kinda looks like Hikaru in this shot…I think it’s the hair…but he still looks great. And even Ryutaro looks absolutely adorable as well, which is a great way to round out the shot.

And the final picture of the calendar cards is the Hey! Say! BEST group shot. Now who’s shot is better: Hey! Say! 7’s or calendarcardlHey! Say! BEST’s? Sorry guys but I’m gonna have to go with Hey! Say! 7’s. I just think it looks more together…if you get what I mean. But this is a good picture too! Takaki is looking particularly sweet and I like that his hand is on his stomach, I don’t really know why but it looks cute. Yabu looks like he’s going for the sexy look with his body stretched like that. Oh Yabu, of course you’re sexy. His face also matches the sexy element, particularly in his mouth. Hikaru looks a bit strange to me and I can’t put my finger on why but that’s just how it looks. I do like the black-and-white shirt though. OMG, Kei-chan!!!! Kei looks amazing! His smile is absolutely adorable and the outfit is complete win! Holy crap, he just looks so great!!! And Daiki looks like such a cutie-pie! His face is the definition of cute and even though his clothes look a little too big for him, I think it adds to the cuteness. Kinda like he’s wearing someone else’s clothes…but I’m not gonna say who…

First Place: Yamada Ryosuke, Nakajima Yuto and Arioka Daiki
Second Place: Morimoto Ryutaro
Third Place: Chinen Yuri

LOL at the three-way-tie for first place. It was a hard decision and I think overall, everyone did a very good job. These are definitely the better side of the cards and I wish there were like posters of these or something…

So the actual calendar pictures will be coming soon!!! They’re great so get excited!

March 15, 2009

Hey! Say! JUMP 2009-2010 School Calendar Review Part Two [Calendar Cards I]

Sorry that it’s taking me so long to get this done so Picture Spam will have to be delayed until I’ve finished this series of Calendar Reviews so I hope you all are enjoying them. On a side note, the blog reached its highest view count, passing the 300 mark so thanks to everyone for visiting! Okay, onto the Calendar Cards!

calendarcard1So the first card is a group shot and I love the uniforms so this picture is a win for me. Takaki looks a bit awkward with his arms folded like that and he’s not giving his usual smile, which is sad. As usual, Kei is looking hot and extremely photogenic. He’s giving off a cool look that makes my eyes go straight to him. I love how happy Yuto looks because it just makes me happy to see him happy. His personality is so infectious so it’s no wonder he’s one of my favorite members. Yabu looks just a little off for me. I don’t feel anything coming from his eyes, which isn’t usually the case so that’s too bad. Daiki looks adorable as usual and it’s kind of sad that he is sitting down because I love his pants. With the exception of that hair, Hikaru is looking good and very cool with his hands in his pockets. Ryutaro looks cute because there’s just something in his eyes that is so innocent and sweet. I don’t know what his arm is resting on so that’s kind of strange. I like Keito’s shot but it looks a little weird because his smile isn’t very believable. Yamada looks like he’s slanting to the side and kinda like he’s off-balance so that’s kinda awkward. Finally, Chinen looks awesome and so modely, which is always great. I’m loving the hair and his smile looks great.

And now we continue with the calendar cards of each individual member. In this post, I’ll only do one side and I’ll do calendarcard2the other side in the next post. The first boy is Yama-Yama chan!! Maybe it’s just the picture or maybe it’s just me but does he look kinda short? Well I guess it’s just the size of the card. Anyway, Yamada’s picture is amazing from top to bottom. His hair is looking great and very stylish. I really like his outfit, particularly the white jacket with the little blue logo on the left. And he looks so cool with his thumbs in his pockets, adding to the greatness of the picture. His jeans look good and the shoes add a nice touch to the overall fashion perfectly. But what makes this picture so good? It’s his smile, which is just adorable. It’s so cute that you can’t help but say that you don’t love it. So that’s Yama-chan, looking good as usual.

calendarcard3Next is one of my favorite members (as you all know), Nakajima Yuto! Before I say anything else, just look at his face. That face alone will make this picture awesome. His smile just looks so natural and cute that it makes this picture a standout one for me all on its own. Now, let’s move on. His hair looks good as usual and I think it compliments his facial features very well. There’s that magic in his eyes which stand out proudly and allow his personality to shine through. The one thing I don’t care for about Yuto’s outfit is that the sleeves look a little puffy, which is puzzling to me. I feel like someone should have caught that. And the straps coming from the waistband of his pants (they look like overall straps) are a nice touch and add a little spice to the ouftit. And I love the splash of color on his shoes since they just give the picture a little more vibrancy. I love this calendar card and think he nailed the picture.

Now lately Chinen has been looking great and very modely so it’s no surprise that his calendarcard4calendar card is a standout. He actually looks really cute and short, which adds to the cuteness. His hair is looking great so I can’t believe that I had to get used to it. He’s rocking it now. I think my favorite part of the card is his smile, which has a sort of childish innocence to it so it’s a good combination with the cool stylish look. And even though you only see the top of it, I really like that he’s wearing a tie. It just directs your eye right there with such a deep blue. His vest is looking cute too. I really like his jeans and it looks like there’s like cuts or something, which actually looks great. And those shoes are looking wonderful and very clean. So good job Chinen for delivering such a good picture!

calendarcard5Well they can’t all be good. Sorry, that sounded really mean but Ryutaro just didn’t do nearly as good a job as the three previous boys. Actually the fault does not lie entirely on him. Who decided that it was okay to let his hair look like that? It just looks messy and not fashionable at all. That’s a no-no. I’m also not a fan of those jeans because they just look too dark. But…the part that I do have to give him is that he looks kinda awkward. It feels like he’s attempting to go for the cute route but it’s just not working. Maybe it’s the hair again though because it’s very distracting. I do like the top half of his clothes though. The white jacket looks great and compliments the blue in shirt well. The shoes also look nice and the color works with the jeans. So it was disappointing, to say the least.

And now we’re at the last member of Hey! Say! 7: Okamoto Keito!! After Ryutaro’s calendarcard6disappointing card, it’s nice to see Keito bring it back up. He’s acing the shot, particularly because of the pose. He has his hands in his pockets and his hips are kinda angled in a way that adds to the coolness. So like the other boys, his hair is looking awesome and it adds to the greatness of his face. Seriously, look at his face and you’ll understand why this is such a good calendar card. His smile looks better than in the group shot and there’s something in his eyes that just connects with the viewer. Now is it my eyes or do I see that top shirt button unbuttoned?! Oh Keito! I just love the white jackets. Like everyone should have just been wearing one because they are absolute win. The shirt cuffs look a little big but I guess there not too bad. The jeans are awesome and the shoes add to the coolness of the picture. All in all, it’s a great shot and definitely a calendar card that you would want.

calendarcard7Let’s now move to the boys of Hey! Say! BEST, starting with the hottie Yabu Kota. Now the boys of Hey! Say! 7 had more of a cute vibe to this side of the calendar cards but Yabu takes on the hot route and that’s a speciality of his so no faults there. His face is portraying such a coolness that it makes you just wanna keep staring. It’s really in his eyes. They’re so alluring and inviting (an invitation that I am more than willing to accept). And the slant of the eyebrows totally works in his favor. So yeah, more thumbs in the pocket and more happy me. So it’s very interesting that he’s wearing a white sleeveless hoodie. I would have loved to see a shot of him with the hood on. There’s something about it that really reminds me of something…but I just can’t remember what it is. Honestly, I’m not feeling the jeans because of all the white marks. The shoes are okay too but not great. Overall though, I think it’s a really good shot and he did a good job on his card.

Hikaru is our next boy in the sequence. He shot is surpringly good for me, which is calendarcard8awesome. I’ve said it before but I feel like I need to say it’s again because it’s that bad. Does the Hey! Say! JUMP hairstylist have something against Hikaru because the hair is just…just wrong. Okay, hideous hair aside, the picture is great. With his arms folded and that face, he’s giving off the cool vibe perfectly. Much like Chinen, I love the deep blue tie and it adds some cool colors to the outfit. I can’t tell if his vest is completely unbuttoned or not but either way, it’s different from the other boys and definitely stands out. The jeans are looking great and so are the shoes. So it was a pleasant when I came to see Hikaru’s card so good job Hikaru!

calendarcard9Takaki-kun!!! Yabu and Hikaru both had kind of a cool look but Takaki is just going the cutie way! What makes this picture so memorable is the pose. Seriously, if you laid out all the calendar cards in a group then this picture would totally stand out to you right? He’s pointing to his cheek with his thumb and his other hand is on his hip. It’s a very good way to catch attention. You can’t really see the tie, which is a shame. The only problem I have with Takaki’s outfit is that the vest just looks too big. They should have given like a smaller size or something…or better yet a white jacket! But yeah, I like the shirt and the jeans are looking amazing because I love the whiter spots. And those shoes are just sooo cool! Seriously, I want a pair for myself! His hair looks good too and as always, it stands apart from the other boys because of the color. It’s a great card and definitely one to look for!

So who do I love? Dai-chan, duh! So it’s no surprise that his picture would make me calendarcard101squeal with its adorableness. Daiki is just the king of cute so it’s great that he brought that to his calendar card!!! His face is the picture of kawaii and his smile is at its usual infectious state so that’s definitely an eye-grabber. The hair is looking good as usual and I love the outfit too. Again, the cuffs are a little too big for my liking but I guess it’s not that bad. I really like his pants and the golden tint adds a little spice to the ensemble. The shoes look great too, don’t you think? The only problem I have with the picture is that his arms look a little stiff like that. He should have just put his thumbs in his pockets like the other boys since that would have made him look a lot more relaxed. Nonetheless, Daiki did a great job with his card and he should be proud.

calendarcard11Our final boy is Inoo Kei! Kei just must have an extremely instinctive sense of how to take photos because he just seems to always ace his shots. Hair is looking awesome and his pose just adds to the coolness, don’t you think so? He just looks so good in that outfit, everything looking together so well. I love the blue shirt and the light color really compliments the white sweater. The jeans are looking great too and I absolutely love the shoes. The laces are really eye-catching because the green stand out strongly. So basically Kei is awesome and this picture is proof.

First Place: Yamada Ryosuke and Inoo Kei
Second Place: Nakajima Yuto and Chinen Yuri
Third Place: Yabu Kota and Arioka Daiki

I really got make up my mind so there aren’t so many ties next time so I’ll try my best! So the next post will feature the other side of the calendar cards, which are actually much better so look forward to that! And sorry for having to postpone Picture Spam but it’ll be here before you know it!

March 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Nakajima Kento!!!

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So it’s another birthday post, this time for the adorable Nakajima Kento!!! Interestingly, his birthday is like only a week after Fuma’s. He just turned 15 so everybody wish him a happy birthday!

There’ isn’t much substance to this post. I just wanted to wish him a very happy 15th birthday and hope that he has a year of even more success!!!

Yabu x Ryutaro Love!!!

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YabuRyutaro Love!!! I just wanted to bridge the gap between these calendar posts. I’m pretty sure that I’ll be able to do part 2 tomorrow since it’s Friday and there won’t be any homework to do.

Anyway, it’s always nice to have member ai (member love) and here we are. I saw this picture on a Hey! Say! JUMP Community on Livejournal and knew I had to make a post about it. I love the contrast between the two faces of the boys. Ryutaro looks so innocent and Yabu is looking kinda flirty there. I love flirty Yabu!!!

So what have we learned? Flirty Yabu is hot!

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