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May 31, 2009

Hey! Say! BEST – The Biggest Thrill Round One

Okay, so as I’m sure that all my readers know that I LOVE Suriru and it’s probably the song I would listen to most of any Hey! Say! 7 / Hey! Say! BEST / Hey! Say! JUMP material if I had it on my iPod. I mean how can you not get a thrill listening to this song? It’s too good to pass up and I’ve made various mentions of it on this blog so get ready for another one. In this post, we’re gonna have a contest between the 5 performances to see who gives me the biggest thrill. Let’s go!!

Best Vocals

+ Yabu: I just really like Yabu’s voice so I guess it would be hard for him not to give good vocals. Of course Yabu killed it and I particularly liked that “sono omoi” part just because he did a little something extra there. It grabbed me so congrats on that Yabu

+ Hikaru: Hikaru does kind of a little rap thing but he still pulled it off very nicely. I would have liked a little more draw on the last “wo” but it’s all good.

+ Takaki: I don’t know what it is but everytime I listen to the song, Takaki grabs me with those vocals. I think it’s the way he lets the notes drag on parts. Whatever it is, it definitely is stimulating and I would totally let him take me away.

+ Daiki: Would have been better if Daiki and Kei had sepearate parts but whatever. I mean, I can hear both so it’s not that big of a problem but still…Daiki sounds adorable and makes that part shine

+ Kei: Kei killed it and did his thing. I feel like his voice was very pronounced and crisp, really fitting with the tone of the song.

Winner: Takaki Yuya

Best Dancer

+ Takaki: He did a really good job on all the choreography. He managed to look really crisp in all his moves so good job Takaki. Although I noticed he did miss the little thing on “sekai sae mo kaerareru sa” (and that’s not the first time that he’s missed that either). He also had to adjust his microphone a lot, maybe due to a little too much spinning. Nonetheless, everything else was great.

+ Hikaru: Is it me or does Hikaru look a little…lazy? Well “lazy” isn’t the right word but he looks a little slow on his movements. I find his face at the 6 second mark really funny for some reason. It’s like he’s getting in the zone. I can’t really explain it but it seemed like he was just a little not as into the choreography as the others…maybe that’s just me though.

+ Daiki: Daiki did a fantastic job. Period. He did all the choreography very well with a smile on his face which makes my eyes naturally gravitate towards him. He definitely commands attention and that’s what makes a performance so enjoyable. I think his little solo dance during the breakdown was adorable. It reminded me of Massu. Fantastic job Dai-chan!

+ Kei: Kei-chan!! I think Kei did an awesome job of dancing and like Daiki, he made all the movements look very smooth and he stayed on point the entire performance. His little solo part during the breakdown was kind of weird. It was actually just a jump and a spin but you know, it looked kinda cool so whatever.

+ Yabu: Yabu did an excellent job as well. Again, the choreography was nailed and he looked great while doing it. He didn’t stand out the most to me but did a very good job.

Best Dancer: Arioka Daiki

Best Overall Look

+ Takaki: Now immediately Takaki stands out because he’s wearing the shorter pants. It made it really easy to follow him when I was doing the individual dance moves evaluation. And I like how his hair goes perfectly with the red. The jacket is kinda long in the back but he easily makes up for that by looking friggin hot. His demeanor during the performance was very seductive and intense so he gave me a thrill for sure!

+ Yabu: Yabu looks hot like he always does so it would have been nice to see something to spice it up. But I guess he can’t be faulted for constantly looking hot. The jacket was a little bigger on him than I would have liked (it’s covering up most of his chest) but overall, very good.

+ Hikaru: It’s basically the same thing as Yabu’s so I guess the commentary is the same. Except take out the part of the constant hotness.

+ Kei: Scarf bonus points!! I like that Kei’s outfit is slightly different than everyone else with the grey on the sleeves and the scarf. That just makes everything much better and his hair looks great here.

+ Daiki: Dai-chan is rocking the all red. And am I’m sure I’m not the only one who appreciates the fact his jacket is loose so that his chest was exposed more than anyone else. Hottie!! Hehehe, but moving on. He just looks really cute and so it gets points for that too.

Best Overall Look: Arioka Daiki

Special Moments:

1:46 -> Because hip thrusts make the world go round!
2:00 -> Wind + Kei = reciper for success
2:02 -> Wind + Daiki + close-up shot = love
2:15 -> Takaki looks like he’s growling
2:18 -> Daiki looking like…words can’t even describe
2:19 -> Kei melting me

I hope you have enjoyed these special moments with the boys of Hey! Say! BEST. This is a competition so I have to declare a winner.

Our winner is….

Arioka Daiki!!! Congratulations Dai-chan! You definitely deserve it!

First Place: Arioka Daiki (+5)
Second Place: Inoo Kei (+4)
Third Place: Takaki Yuya (+ 3)
Fourth Place: Yabu Kota (+ 2)
Fifth Place: Yaotome Hikaru (+ 1)


May 25, 2009

Picture Spam Volume Twelve: Yabu Kota and Yaotome Hikaru

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Okay, it’s been a long time since I’ve done Picture Spam but finally, we’re here! A huge thanks to stevenica at the Hey! Say! JUMP Community at Livejournal for providing some great screenshots, which made this Picture Spam possible!

HikaruYabuOkay so all the pictures are at the same setting so if you look through the whole post, it’s kinda like a story is being told!!! All right, first I must say that the red and green outfits look really cute! I don’t know really know why but they just look really good in them. Plus, the ties are really small, which is strange but funny. I love Yabu’s face in this picture since he looks so happy. You can tell that he’s really enjoying his time with Hikaru. Hikaru looks kinda confused but happy nontheless. His hair looks really good (I have to mention that after the monstrocity in the calendar).

Okay, now picture number two is our victory picture!! Hikaru looks like he’s done something excellent and is HikaruYabu2celebrating his accomplishment. I like that his eyes are like almost closed because it’s like he just can’t help himself. I dunno…it’s nice. Once again, Yabu steals the shot for me because he looks so happy for Hikaru. There’s just something about his face that looks completely natural and sweet. I honestly have no idea what they are actually doing but they are outside so maybe Hikaru found something they were looking for? Hahaha, that’s probably not even close to what it actually is but whatever. Hikaru looks excited and Yabu looks cute.

HikaruYabu3Now after Hikaru accomplished his goal, it’s time to eat. I can’t see what they’re eating because of that big orange sign but I hope it’s delicious!! Oishii desu yo!!! Okay, the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this picture was a husband and wife enjoying a nice meal together. Can you guess who the wife is? …That’s right, Hikaru.  I don’t know, I really see it in his face and I can’t really explain it. But maybe you guys can? Do you see the wife quality? Yabu looks very content and his cheeks look really cute!! Yabu is sooo kawaii here! Something about 2/3…no idea what could that possibly mean.

This is a really really really good picture. It’s like a couple walking on a date. YabuHika Love!! The way Hikaru is HikaruYabu4looking at Yabu is with such admiration that we all feel that special connection between them. He looks so sweet and innocent and it definitely catches the eye. LOL, what is Yabu doing? He looks both surprised and elated at whatever he’s looking at. I also like he’s standing so close to Hikaru that their bodies are touching. I don’t know, it’s kinda like he’s protecting Hikaru or something. If anything were to ever happen that is. Aww, kawaii desu ne? That’s why YabuHika Love works! I mean Yabu is known to be the protector of Hey! Say! JUMP so it works.

HikaruYabu5And I chose to finish with this because it’s just funny. Both of them have such a cool expression on their faces. Hikaru looks kinda sad and kinda out-of-it so the combination is funny. At the same time, I really want to run there and give him a hug (lol, how weird would that be?). And it looks like he has hands clasped or together in some fashion which makes him look even more loveable. In this picture, Yabu looks like he’s conquered something very important and he face gives the look of intense pride. He’s not beaming like Hikaru was but it still reads across his face very well.

Picture Spam might not be as organized as I would like it to be but I’ll try to do one every Saturday. However you might see some more volumes spread throughout the week because frankly…Hey! Say! JUMP isn’t doing like anything and Johnny’s can bite me…

May 23, 2009

Hey! Say! JUMP Summer Concert!

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So this message is brought to you by the very hot Inoo Kei!!! It’s only appropriate that I use a summer picture for this post since Yamada and Chinen recently announced a Hey! Say! JUMP Concert this summer! I wish I could get like free tickets for this and was living in Japan because I would totally go. Sadly, that is not the case so everyone who is there enjoy it double for me! Here are the dates.

July 25: Yokohama Arena
July 26: Yokohama Arena
July 27: Yokohama Arena
August 5: Fukuoka Kokusai Center
August 14: Hokkaido Kitayell
August 26: Osaka-jo Hall
August 27: Osaka-jo Hall

Thanksto orange_michryu on the Hey! Say! JUMP Livejournal Community for pointing this out. All I’m going to say is that there better be a new single some point in there. The problem is that because they will be on tour, they won’t have time to promote in on the various televsion shows…so that means they better hurry up and announce something in early / mid July and crank out the promotion train. But I don’t want them to overwork themselves and more dates will probably be get announced…but it would be really stupid to go through over half the year without a single or album…

On a side note, I am officially done with school and have no finals so expect more activity on the blogs! Picture Spam will come back after it’s long death due to having no computer so get excited for that!! Finally, I have started ANOTHER blog (yes another one I know) for all the other Johnny’s Entertainment groups so if you’re longing for even more Johnny’s then this is where you should go!: Hope you guys stop by for a visit and leave some comments! It’s still getting on its feet but it should be good after a while, I hope!

May 21, 2009


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I don’t know about you all but it’s been sooooo long since the last Hey! Say! JUMP single and I’m getting really really mad. Seriously, they’ve been doing pretty good sales-wise…I mean they outsold a lot of the other debuted groups (okay not including Arashi who have crazy sales and KAT-TUN…but yeah…). The only thing that I can think is holding things up is school. I know Kei, Yamada, Yuto and Chinen all have school and maybe Keito and Ryutaro too? Nonetheless, I know they’ve recorded a bunch of songs (I mean Jounetsu JUMP, Yuuki 100&, Memories, etc.) so why aren’t they releasing anything?

THIS IS BULLCRAP JOHNNY!!! RELEASE SOMETHING NOW. I demand something by July 23 (exactly a year after Your Seed / Bouken Rider) or I’m gonna be pissed. Preferrably release it a week before / after Kuu’s new single so that I can preorder everything at the same time. AND RELEASE AN ALBUM ALREADY!!! OMG, this is getting ridiculous.


Maybe we need a new drama so Hey! Say! JUMP can sing the theme song…Kei and Daiki drama PLEASE!!! I guess mostly Kei since he gets like nothing…but I would Daiki to be with him cause that would be cute!

May 16, 2009

Which Yama-chan Solo Is Your Favorite?

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Well Yamada owns his solos and I’m sure he has the most of Hey! Say! JUMP. I mean, the title of the blog comes from two of his solos so I think it’s about time there was a post like this. So, which one is your favorite?

Now let’s start with his newest solo song, Moonlight, as performed on the Hey! Say! JUMPing Tour. I think the best part of the entire song is the beginning. It’s just such a surprise when the music comes thumping and of course Yama-chan looking very hot with his cane in the chair. Some people think the outfit is a little too much but I like it. His vocals are great and the heat just comes through to all of us. I wish the verses weren’t so pretty and were more aggressive…but that’s just me. One thing that we can all say is that the boy can dance…damn. And at the end…now words can’t describe that.

So now we have Asia no Yoru, which takes on the Spanish influences. And we all know that Johnny’s + Spanish music = WIN. I’ve noticed that he points like he does opening the song a lot so maybe that’ll be his signature solo thing or something. But he looks great here, the all black compliments his body well. And I love how his shirt is open like that. Vocally, he absolutely owns the beginning and definitely shows why he’s at the front of the group. Like I said earlier, the boy can dance and he brings the Spanish feel in his moves perfectly. My favorite part of the whole song is the verse (“MIDDONAITO…SERENAADE). I wish the song was longer so there could be another verse. He friggin owned that performance and nobody is going to tell me otherwise. If he was so hot though, he could have taken off the shirt. I’m sure all the fangirls and fanboys wouldn’t mind.

And finally we come to the third song, Perfume. I chose the performance at the first tour because Chinen and Ryutaro aren’t singing backup. No offense to them because they’re good singers but they’re a little too loud and this is supposed to be all about Yama-chan. Nonetheless, I do like that they have those two doing backup dancing because they look very cute. I love the look in his eye when he sings “donna KISU ga suki?” and yay for random English with “I wanna feel the love.” So it’s another great performance from Yamada and one to enjoy!!!

So that’s our three solos. Which one is your favorite? Here are mine…

01. Perfume
02. Asia no Yoru
03. Moonlight

That’s based on the actual song and not the performance itself. If they’re gonna do solos on the album (which they should), I demand Perfume be Yamada’s…

So what do you all think?

May 15, 2009

Yabu Kota and B.I. Shadow: A Dream Come True

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Have you wondered what would happen if Johnny’s brought together one of my favorite members of Hey! Say! JUMP and one of my favorite Junior groups? Well here’s the answer.

So our first video of the day is of Yabu and B.I. Shadow singing Mayonaka no Shadow Boy, a personal Hey! Say! JUMP favorite of mine. So first the boys of B.I. Shadow sing the first verse and while they don’t have that something in their voice like the four who sing that part (Yamada, Yuto, Chinen and Daiki) YET, they did a nice job of doing that part. (and LOL at Kikuchi’s face when singing the second line. He like rolled his eyes). I did think that they did a very good job on the part sung by Kei, Keito and Ryutaro. So I can say that they are good dancers though and they made sure that I could see the moves very crisply. I feel like it would be easier to learn the moves from them. Now I’ve watched a few performances from these guys and this is a performance from a while ago so I’m sure they’re improving but I’ve noticed that they have a tendency to not all be in sync with their dancing. Of course, that’s not to say they’re not good but it’s an area they could work on. Then comes out Yabu singing the chorus solo and he absolutely KILLS it. This is why Yabu has the “angel’s voice.” I love when he sings “donna basho e mo.” Although I thought he was gonna go higher with it and I think it would have sounded better. Nonetheless, there’s just something about his voice that is amazing…so go Yabu!

And next we have School Kakumei. First, I must say that it was really cute when Yabu had his arms around them at the beginning! Now School Kakumei has never been one of my favorite Hey! Say! JUMP songs but I think watching this performance made me like it a little more. So maybe Yabu should re-record it as a solo song. I mean Takaki had his song on the Dreams come true single so…like the other performance, Yabu was the star but B.I. Shadow definitely held their own as well. Yabu’s dancing during the little music part…no comment lol.

So we’ve learned two things from these performances…

1) Hey! Say! JUMP needs to release some sort of CD soon (single / album) so I can hear new Yabu
2) B.I. Shadow needs to debut (even though they’ve only been a group for a short while…)

So get on that Johnny’s…

May 9, 2009

Yamada Ryosuke Turns 16! Happy Birthday!!

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It’s offically May 9th in the U.S. so it’s time to celebrate a very special guy’s birthday!! He’s 16 years old now so it’s a milestone!!

He’s a fantastic performer and definitely one of the most loveable members in Hey! Say! JUMP so I hope that he has another fantastic year of music ahead of him. Maybe we’ll get another Yamada, Yuto, Daiki and Chinen drama!! And more solo songs!!!

May 7, 2009

Hey! Say! BEST Versus Hey! Say! BEST II – Suriru

Suriru is one of my favorite songs to come out of Hey! Say! JUMP, Hey! Say! 7 or Hey! Say! BEST. It’s probably my favorite. So it’s appeared in both concert DVDs and it’s time to play which is the better version!!

Now here we have the performance from their first DVD. What else can I say except wowwwww!!! Seriously, I need to wipe the drool off of my computer.

+ Opening dance sequence is awesome, when they unzip the jackets…my jaw dropped and I was in heaven (lol at Hikaru’s jacket already being open)
+ Yabu looks soooo hot with his opening line…I just wanted…to tell him what to do hehe
+ Takaki looked DEAD SEXY in this performance. I didn’t know he could be so hot
+ Dancing was very sleek and spot on
– Takaki was off one the first time they did the “sekai sae mo kaerareru sa” -> it bugged me
+ But he made up for it by doing a killer hip roll afterwards
+ Daiki mangaed to be hot and cute at the same time. Can anyone say ero-kawaii?
– Not a fan of Kei’s hair
+ AM a fan of Kei and his body
+ Awesome ending pose

This performance was like perfect. I couldn’t ask any more of them. Now let’s take a look at when they performed it on the JUMPing Tour.

+ Great outfits
– THEY’RE NOT SHIRTLESS!!!! [Minus like a million points]
– Hikaru’s “YOKOHAMA!” was really loud and then I couldn’t understand the first line
– They made the sound of the shirts coming open but there was no shirtlessness…sound teases
+ The dancing during the first chorus was extremely crisp and everyone was in sync
– Yabu didn’t sound as good as he did last time
+ Daiki and Kei look even hotter this time around
+ The footwork od the dancing is impressive
– Hand-mics mean that the handwork though has to suffer…
– Why is Hikaru so loud? (lol)
+ Extra chorus for more goodness
– Running around means no choreography
+ Takaki blowing a kiss at the end

So I think it was fairly obvious which was the better performance…but that’s just me…what do you guys think?

May 3, 2009

Little Notes On Hey! Say! JUMPing Tour

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And now this message is brought to you by Yuto and Hikaru. Expect a much more detailed review of the DVD over at Amai Wana but for now, here are a few notes I have about the concert.

– Chinen’s voice is so different! It’s going to take some getting used to
– Uruwashi no Bad Girl was cut really short so that did not make me happy
– Yamada’s new solo is pretty good although not as good as Perfume
– Deep Night Kimi Omou was a particularly good performance – I didn’t know the song was sung like that (in the separate halves)
– WTF…Suriru wasn’t shirtless…that pissed me off
– Mayonaka no Shadow Boy and Your Seed were both excellent performances


– Dai-chan was really good here in terms of singing and dancing
– Hikaru was kind of weird at parts, he seemed more out of breath than others
– Yabu was great as usual, lots of energy
– Kei was great and I’m glad he’s getting more screentime
– Takaki was good too, particularly in Suriru
– Yuto was strong as always
– Yamada was extremely cool and totally did his thing
– Chinen’s voice…so different…yeah…
– Ryutaro was okay, not that I got to hear much of him on his own
– Keito -> same thing as Ryutaro

So yeah, I’ll do a thorough review of the concert on Amai Wana soon but here a few notes for all of you. And may I reiterate that I find it outrageous that Hey! Say! BEST didn’t sing Suriru shirtless…

And yay B.I. Shadow performed!! They were cute!

May 1, 2009

Happy 18th Birthday Dai-chan!!!

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It’s April 15th so that means Chinen wants to wish Dai-chan a happy birthday! Now every birthday is special but Daiki is turning the big 1-8!!! That’s right, he’s 18 years old which means he’s legal! (there you go Kei, hehehe). The 18th birthday is a big day so I hope all of the Hey! Say! BEST boys are celebrating you Dai-chan!! Now go out there and sing your heart out!!

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