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June 30, 2009

Member Of The Month [June]: Arioka Daiki

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Daichan Ryutaro

Remember way back before the hiatus when I did Member Of The Month? In case not, here’s a little reminder. At the every month, I choose the Member Of The Month. That guy just stood out to me for that month for one reason or another. This is the third installment because my computer broke at the end of March, didn’t work for April…and I just forgot in May. Anyway, here is the Member Of The Month of June: Arioka Daiki!! Are you surprised? Ryutaro is!

Dai-chan has always been one of my favorite members and honestly, it’s nothing that will ever change. I mean how can you not love that kawaii kid! I recently finished watching Scrap Teacher and of course that amplified my love for him. He was a very good actor and he definitely needs to have a central role one of these days! OMG, I have an idea!!! Can Dai-chan and Kei-chan have a drama together?! Johnny you need to set this up because both of them deserve main roles! Pretty please!!!

Daiki MonthlyAnyway, watching performances of Suriru also helped me loads. Daiki is one of those cutie pies that can totally bring the heat. Everytime I watched a peformance of the song (particularly the one with the red outfits), my eyes went straight to him. He really shined and it proves that he should be in the front more and he should get more single lines!!! Can we have a Dai-chan solo on the next album or at least a duo with Kei-chan?!

Now I know all the Dai-chan fangirls and fanboys will agree with me when I say that he would make a fantastic boyfriend! He just seems like the kind of guy that would make you forget about your problems when you’re down and put a big smile on your face! I would totally date him if I had the chance!!! I’ll just bone up on my Japanese and then it’s on Dai-chan!! I’ll meet you in Japan!!

So that concludes this post about the special Member Of The Month: Dai-chan!!! Yay for Daiki and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE release something Hey! Say! JUMP…


February 28, 2009

Member Of The Month [February]: Yabu Kota

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Okay it’s time for our Member Of The Month!!!! Last month was the amazing Nakajima Yuto and admittedly, he almost took the award again. However Yabu Kota inched right ahead of him and took the prize.

Well it’s no surprise that I love Yabu. He’s fun; he’s sweet and he’s hot. He’s also got a voice that will make you melt. For example, I listened to his performance of Rain Dance and was addicted. He sounds great on that song and I’m hoping that it makes it to an album in the future (cough cough Johnny’s…). And have you seen him perform Thrill with the rest of Hey! Say! BEST? His part is probably my favorite out of the whole song. When he sings “tell tell tell tell tell tell tell tell me what to do,” don’t you just wanna tell him? (hehehe). I watched him perform Yamapi’s “Daite Senorita” alongside Hikaru and he did a fantastic job. His vocals were on point and he perfectly understood and portrayed the atmosphere of the song. So basically his voice is awesome and it’s no wonder he gets solo lines on Hey! Say! JUMP songs.

250px-yabuYes Yabu is extremely hot, that just cannot even be denied. I’ve thought that from day one and he continues to prove it. The shot to the left is from some issue of Popolo, I believe it’s August 08 but I don’t know off the top of my head. I actually have this issue in my collection but I’m just too lazy to go and check. I’ve always liked Yabu’s hair and he tends to dress very stylishly. His eyes are very pretty too and really set off his face. His body…well there are lots of things to say about Yabu’s body so I’m not gonna go into all of that. Let’s just shorten things by saying Yabu’s body is…very enjoyable. Don’t you all think so? Like I’m sure I’ve said many times on this blog, I’m all for more shirtless Yabu (hehe). I also think he should get some drama roles, I mean if it’s what he wants to do. I would love to see Yabu in a school drama like Yamada, Yuto, Chinen and Daiki. So I think I should write a letter to Johnny’s requesting these three things: more shirtless Yabu, a drama role for him and an album from Hey! Say! JUMP…

That’s all for our Member Of The Month for February!!! So that makes Yuto and Yabu both with 1 star!! Who will win it at March??? Only time will tell!!

January 31, 2009

Member Of The Month [January]: Nakajima Yuto

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I’ve decided to do a monthly announcement of who my Member Of The Month is. Basically, the winner will be whoever really soared in my eyes during that month. There is no time constraints such as my reasonings have to be based on actions that have actually happened during this month just anything I’ve seen this month. So let’s get on with it! Our first member of the month is none other than Nakajima Yuto!!!

Yuto is definitely one of my favorite members of Hey! Say! JUMP and my love for him has increased for him so much over time. His personality is just so fun and carefree that it makes me feel really happy. For example, I recently watched the making of Hey! Say! by Hey! Say! 7 (the original one with Daiki and Takaki) and Yuto was absolutely hilarious. He kept using this really cute voice and just constantly doing things to not be bored. It was adorable. He is such a friendly person and I feel like if I knew him in person then we would get along great!! I also saw him perform Urawashi no Bad Girl at Tokyo Dome and he showed so much personality during that performance so he better have a solo on the album. I especially love that first line: “yabai, yabai wakaranaida” because his voice sounds so cool.

yutokawaii21Admittedly, another part is that Yuto has been becoming increasingly more attractive in my eyes as well. That has been primarily thanks to Scrap Teacher. Look at the picture at the left and tell me that he doesn’t look good…like really good. School uniforms apparently can bring out to hotness in some people. Like seriously, look at his hair!!! It looks soooo good here and as we all know, hair is important for looking good. And then I thought about it and he has the perfect boyfriend personality too. He’s funny, sweet and will always make you feel loved. Ah, Yuto would make a great boyfriend. I can dream, can’t I?! Anyway, I’m on episode seven but I’m waiting for it to be subbed in English and uploaded onto youtube so I can watch the rest (so if anybody can direct me to a site streaming episode seven with English subtitles, that would be amazing! Pretty please?). Anyway, he’s been looking great both in person and in various magazines so kudos to Yuto! (lol, that rhymes). Maybe we’ll see some shirtless Yuto in the future (hint hint Johnny’s…).

Yuto is definitely one of my favorite members as of now and it’s not hard to see why. Stay tuned for my post on my current member rankings for January and congratulations Yuto!!

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