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September 29, 2009

Now Yuma Can Tell Everyone How Cute B.I. Shadow Is!!

Well it looks like Yuma is going to be having his own radio show entitled Nakayama Yuma Radio Catch!!! There really isn’t information about it yet but it’s beginning on October 1st so be on the lookout for it! What would I like him talk about? Well how cute B.I. Shadow is of course! And to drop hints about a 2nd single for them.

Fuma Yuugo!!Fuma and Yuugo!!! When I saw this picture, I knew I had to include it in a post!! As usual, Fuma is looking absolutely adorable with that adorable face of his. Is there like anyone more adorable on the entire planet? I dunno…it’ll take a long time to hind him if he exists…Anyway, his hair is looking awesome and who can resist those cute cheeks! His eyes are squinted just a little too much but that’s okay because he still looks undeniably adorable ne! I love the pants and even though the shirt looks like someone just spilled random English onto it, Fuma pulls it off nicely. Awww Yuugo looks so kawaii here!! He’s kind of giving that nervous smile but he’s also kind of not so it works. I freakin LOVE the vest and he pulls it off so well! Maybe his thing can be vests like Hokuto’s is scarves! I also like that he has his hands in his pockets. The pose just suits him so well don’t you think?! Basically, these two NAILED the picture and look absolutely adorable together! Fuma Yuugo Power!!!

Well…Hokuto doesn’t quite look like himself…at least to me. I can’t quite put Kento Hokuto!!my finger on what about him looks different but it takes away from his usual kawaiiness!! NOOOO!!! haha, he looks so much like a student wearing that sweater with like the school boy shirt underneath. I’m not a fan of the color of the sweater…yeah, Hokuto what have they done to you? On the other hand, Kento looks refreshingly cute. I love his pose and how it just has that Kento energy to it. I feel like it captures the essence of his personality quite well ne! And wow, his arms are long hahaha. I quite like the shirt and his hair is awesome as always! Go Kento!!! Don’t let them take away your kawaiiness!!

So yeah, Yuma is getting a radio show, Yuugo is doing School Kakumei stuff, I miss Fuma, Hokuto and Kento loads so come back to me soon okay guys? Oh and if you go the B.I. Shadow Community on Livejournal, there’s a recent picture of Misaki!!!!! He’s doing well so everyone should go take a look okay?

Random note, damn you NEWS for making me want to buy such an expensive DVD!!! And I think I do want to get that Hey! Say! JUMP photobook…but if this album turns out to be true, then I am buying BOTH editions and that is where my money is going…


September 17, 2009

Remembering The Good Old Days With B.I. Shadow

Remember the good old days when it was Kento, Fuma and Misaki? Yeah, I do too. I do love Hokuto and Yuugo so I’m glad they came in…but I still Misaki so let’s take a trip down memory lane to see the original three boys of B.I. Shadow sing Gloria [which was originally done by KAT-TUN? Didn’t know about that…]

First Moment: Misaki is at a weird angle / Kento looks very into it / Fuma looks adorable

– The thing I like about when Kento sings is that you can feel his happiness coming out. He has such a good smile and it just makes you get into the performance you know? [hahahaha and Fuma is so cute dancing in the background!]

– Fuma is amazing. No question about it. LOL, that pretty much sums it up.

– Okay…ouch. Misaki didn’t get a solo…they didn’t even say his name. Well that’s nice…

Anyway, this wasn’t a very good video to show Misaki off but…Fuma and Kento are still amazing as ever! And they’ve kept that charm until now while still improving! Please give us another Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I. Shadow single!!!! PRETTY PLEASE!!

September 13, 2009

Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I. Shadow: Killin’ Those Numbers!

Nakayama Yuma w B.I. Shadow!!!

Sales update time!! Akuma na Koi / NYC is still hanging in the top 20 and is at a current total of 264,278 copies sold!! That puts them as the 12th highest selling single of the year!!! They should be very proud of themselves because I know I am!!!

And just a little talking on the picture…I’ll keep it short this time around because it’s all 2 in the morning and I’m considering sleeping soon…although I do wanna see what Hey! Say! JUMP is gonna pull out of their hat…maybe I’ll do some fanfics…

Yuugo: His face looks kinda different here? Is that just me? Anyway, he’s looking quite cool so yay!
Kento: Looking cute but kinda awkward with the angle…
Yuma: Honestly…I’m scared for my life.
Fuma: Looks pissed and grumpy…
Hokuto: Looks dead in the eyes…

Who directed this photoshoot? Please don’t hire them again…

September 10, 2009

La La Li La, Loving B.I. Shadow So Sing Along!

Did I mention how much I love when the B.I. Shadow boys get to shine without Yuma. Again, no offense to Yuma but it’s nice to see them sparkle on their own. So here’s the most recent Shonen Club when they sung Akuma na Koi and La La Li La.

Akuma na Koi:

+ Opening Faces:
 – Kento: Intense
 – Hokuto: Adorable!
 -Yuugo: Quite…focused? haha
 – Fuma: SEXY!!!

+It’s kind of distracting since they’re not all exactly at the same pace while dancing although everyone did their moves nicely.
+ Wow, I can hear the voice difference in the song with these four singing and when Yuma sings…so that proves they’re not lip-synching! haha
+ hahahhahahaha OMG, Fuma’s little mini wave at the end of the song! This is why I love you Fuma!

La La Li La:

+ “Okay! Here we go!” = Fuma being adorable
+ Ooh, Kento is so cool here! Give him more solo parts…you know, when he officially debuts!
+ Fuma doing his little bounce thing while Kento first sings is priceless.
+ Fuma’s solo makes me happy!
+ “We’re gonna make you happy yeah” -> Mission accomplished Kento and Fuma!

Okay…here is a summary of how everyone did:

Kento and Fuma……..Hokuto…………….Yuugo

LOL I feel bad for Yuugo. He looked uncomfortable up there and it looked like he was so focused on getting the moves right and being in the right spot that he seemed to lack energy. Hokuto had his little off moments too but it wasn’t too shabby. To be fair though, Kento and Fuma have had practice with the song before so…

LMAO, does this post seem a little biased towards a certain member of the group?

August 24, 2009

Ashita E, Ganbareina!!!

Daiki Chinen Pajama

Okay everyone, this will probably be my last post before I have to go off to college. So unfortunately, daily posting just is gonna be impossible. And even though it’s not like I’m closing down the blog, this post will probably kind of sound like it lol. I’ve been in a really nostalgic mood today so that’s my inspiration.

Thanks so much to everyone who have left comments on my blog or those who have just read. I won’t list everyone’s name even though you all deserve it but I will name a few. Thanks soooo much for brandon for all your awesome comments! Since you’ve started commenting, I think you’ve commented on like every one of my posts! It means a lot to me!! And we share love for both Hello Project (Morning Musume in particular) and JE!! And aliceeinwonderland, thanks so much for all your in-depth comments! We love the same members of groups (like Massu and Tegoshi) and sometimes we have our different tastes (Koki haha) but we’re true fans!! And Kaname Fujiwara, thanks to you too for your comments! They really have brightened up the blog!!

Daiki Chinen Pajama 2Now to Hey! Say! JUMP, my my how you guys haven’t released anything. But there have been some great moments during the past year of fandom. Ups, downs, changes in preferences. Yuto, you’re amazing and always will be. I hope to see more of you in the future like in another drama role because you are a fantastic actor! Daiki, you are a star and one of my favorite members! Never stop being your kawaii sekushii self okay! And congrats on the solo!! And Kei-chan, who is just as awesome! Always like a model in the magazines and kudos on your solo as well! Yabu, you angel! You’re always amazing in every single way and a total angel!! But sometimes a dirty angel as we’ve seen from your recent drama and the shirtless scene! More shirtlessness all the way please!!! Chinen, you’ve really matured and I’m sure you’re enjoying it! It looks like we have a second Yama-chan on our hands! Ryutaro, you’ve grown so much in front of the camera so you should be very proud! I am proud of you and hope you get a solo soon!! Takaki, keep your awesome hair because you look so hot with the right hair! And I’m sure you’re a good actor so I should see you in a drama! Keito, you’re so badass with Babylon!! Fantastic song!! You’ve also gotten more comfortable over the years and you should be proud as well!! Hikaru, you’ve grown on me a lot and I thank you for that! And finally Yamada, you sexy beast. Even though you did hog NYC boys from B.I. Shadow, you’re still awesome and I’m looking forward to more sexiness oozing from you in the future!!

Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I. Shadow, I suppose you guys are still a Junior unit much to my displeasure. But let me say, that you are amazing and you have caught my attention the most of any JE crew this year so congrats! Fuma, you’re the love of my life so you absolutely have to debut or I’m going to be really upset!!! And Kento, who is absolutely hilarious and makes me laugh like no other. You have to debut or I’ll die of boredom!! Hokuto!! With your many scarves and sweet voice, you’ve wormed your way into my heart! I remember when you first joined B.I. Shadow, I was…hesitant since I liked the original three but I am SOO glad that you’ve come!!! Keep up the good work and promise me you’ll still be in the debut group!! And Yuugo!!! So kawaii!!!!!!!!!!! Even though your smile is really big sometimes, it’s meccha kawaii and I think you’re amazing! You have to be in a debut group too! And Yuma, I know I may give you a hard time at times but you’re pretty cool and I’m sure I’ll like you even more once songs aren’t so one-sided.

So thanks again everyone who has supported me and I expect something new from you guys, Hey! Say! JUMP by the end of the year. I’ll have cmoputer access but I won’t be blogging every day and I probably won’t have time to check fandom news every day either so hopefully something big won’t go un-noticed! So I’ll see you all very soon I’m sure! Hai! Ganbareina!!! [my favorite phrase hahaha]

August 20, 2009

Because I Love Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I. Shadow

B.I. Shadow New 1

Hey everyone! Random post time!! I went to Japan Town and picked up a few things, some not JE and some JE.

Morning Musume – Egao Yes Nude [Regular Edition]
Morning Musume – Nanchatte Renai [40th Single Commemorative Edition]
Wink Up Magazine August 2009
Myojo Magazine September 2009

So yeah, this picture would be so much better if I had pictures but since I’m unable to find them, I’ll just have to describe them with no actual pictures for you to see…which sucks because there are some really good pics here. So here we go!

Wink Up:

+ Cover:

– Kouchi Yuugo: So sweet and innocent looking!! Fantastic smile, hair looks amazing and overall just perfect!
– Nakayama Yuma: Hair is all right…face isn’t as strong as the others but I do think the flowers on his outfit look nice
– Matsumura Hokuto: Hair looks great his cheeks look a little puffy…so he somehow doesn’t look like himself…hm..
– Nakajima Kento: Looking awesome as always and I love the swetness in his smile!
– Kikuchi Fuma: Kawaii as usual. His lips really stand out here.

Overall Best: Kouchi Yuugo

+ “acceleration” Picture

– Nakayama Yuma: Well…scary…
– Nakajima Kento: Cute!!! Same cute smile!
– Kouchi Yuugo: His smile really looks like Kento’s here and he’s kawaii as usual!
– Kikuchi Fuma: Cute although something about the angle of his face makes it look weird…
– Matsumura Hokuto: Sweet and innocent like always!

Overall Best: Matsumura Hokuto

WUOO2 [Nakayama Yuma]: I’m frightened…
WU003 [B.I. Shadow]: Yuugo looks adorably innocent; Fuma looks badass; Kento looks really young; Hokuto looks like Ryutaro
WU004 [Nakajima Kento and Matsumura Hokuto]: Kento is giving his signature smile and looks soooo cute! Hokuto nails the pose and looks adorable like always!
Wu005 [Kikuchi Fuma and Kouchi Yuugo]: Fuma looks so deep here! Very modely!! Yuugo kind of looks nervous but it’s nervousness directed in the right way. He looks adorable!
WU006 [Nakayuma Yuma]: His eyebrows look off but other than that, he aced the shot.

NYC boys also had a photoshoot…well actually it was just NYC…what the hell?! I mean I know the boys get pushed to the background but they should still be there!!!! *grumbles*


+ Cover:

– Nakayama Yuma: Looks awkward and it looks like he swallowed at the shot so his neck looks weird…
– Matsumura Hokuto: Kawaii as always!! Although his smile looks a little off…
– Nakajima Kento: Aww, I smile at his pose! So cute!!
– Kikuchi Fuma: Looking a little badass there Fuma!
– Kouchi Yuugo: So cutee!!! He’s really working these pictures!!

Overall Best: Kouchi Yuugo

…shirtless NYC shoot but no B.I. Shadow…*grumbles even more*
– Random Observation: Yuma’s nipples are darker than Yamada’s.

Bokutachi to Issho ni Itekureru:

– Matsumura Hokuto: Hokuto looks like a prep school kid!! Aww!!! I like the tie and the sandals!
– Nakajima Kento: Love the shorts and his face looks cute as always!
– Nakayama Yuma: Umm…yeah…
– Kikuchi Fuma: Cute as always and the sandals remind me of gladiator ones haha.
– Kouchi Yuugo: Totally school picture moment! Cute!

Overall Best: Kikuchi Fuma

The Pictures Where Everyone Holds Up An Item For The Girls:

– Nakayuma Yuma (3): Not too bad Yuma…not too bad.
– Kikuchi Fuma (15): Like the best ever!! Purple scarf!!!!!! Amazingness!!
– Matsumura Hokuto (23): Awww, such a cutie pie!! Love the green and white striped shirt!
– Kouchi Yuugo (33): hahahha so cute!!

Overall Best: Kikuchi Fuma

Just Give Us Your Smile:

– Nakayama Yuma: Wow…alien eyes…
– Nakajima Kento: Kento’s usual smile!!! He reminds me of Matsumoto Jun here…
– Kikuchi Fuma: Okay I was wrong before…THIS is the best thing ever. Fantastic purple scarf, amazing hair, dazzling smile and a close up of that beautiful face!
– Matsumura Hokuto: Absolutely amazing picture!! He looks so sweet and innocent, someone I would really like to know!
– Kouchi Yuugo: hahaha, the scrunched up smile!!! Kinda strange but at the same time, it’s still so cute!

Overall Best: Kikuchi Fuma [with Matsumura Hokuto right behind]

Yesss!!! I absolutely love Kento, Fuma, Hokuto and Yuugo!! Please be in the next debut or I will be really mad!

August 19, 2009

So What’s Really Going On With Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I. Shadow?

Collection 2

Okay after reading seca’s report over at Never Ending Music Power, I’m guessing Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I. Shadow was just a temporary unit…so don’t expect for them to release another single as that unit…so we’re gonna have another Hey! Say! JUMP type of debut on our hands?

So let’s just look at our possible options…we could get another huge 10 group with some of the other popular Juniors. Now what kind of line-up would I go with if this were to happen?

Nakayama Yuma
Nakajima Kento
Kikuchi Fuma
Matsumura Hokuto
Kouchi Yuugo
Hashimoto Ryosuke
Morimoto Shintaro

Yeah, people have been speculating that A.B.C.-Z. was used to promote Hasshi and it seems to have worked. Plus Shintaro is absolutely adorable and how cute would it be to see him debut!

To be honest though, I would love to see things go like this, despite it being quite unrealistic.

Debut One: B.I. Shadow [Kento, Fuma, Hokuto, Yuugo]
Debut Two: Nakayama Yuma x Morimoto Shintaro x Hashimoto Ryosuke

I don’t really care what happens from now on as long as all four members of B.I Shadow are still debuting…I don’t doubt that they won’t if it follows the pattern of Hey! Say! 7…

Come back to me B.I. Shadow!!!!!!!!!

August 18, 2009

I’ll Be Back Tomorrow! Shirtless B.I. Shadow To Enjoy Until Then!


So yeah, I’ll be on vacation later today (leaving in like 7 hours) so no posting….sorry for no post today but I was out and about. I actually got a scarf today!! It kinda looks like the one Fuma wore in this one photoshoot (with Kento and Hokuto) so I’m quite excited.

In Oricon news, Akuma na Koi / NYC sold 14,417 copies this week, which is more than the past two weeks!! These boys are on fire!!!!!!!!

And speaking of fire, here is a screencap of shirtless B.I. Shadow to flail around while I’m gone!

August 17, 2009

Dou ni mo Tomaranai, Don’t Ever Stop Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I. Shadow

Connection 1

Dou ni mo Tomaranai is definitely one of my favorite Morning Musume songs so let’s connect it!!!

[Nakajima Kento] Uwasa wo shinji cha ikenai yo
[Kikuchi Fuma] Watashi no kokoro wa ubu nano sa
[Kouchi Yuugo] Itsudemo tanoshii yume wo mite
[Nakajima Kento] Ikiteiru no ga suki nano sa

[Nakayama Yuma] Konya wa makka na BARA wo daki
[Matsumura Hokuto] Kiryou no ii ko to odorou ka
[Kouchi Yuugo] Sore tomo yasashii ano hito ni
[Nakayama Yuma] Atsui kokoro wo ageyou ka

[Nakayama Yuma x Nakajima Kento x Kouchi Yuugo] Aa chou ni naru Aa hana ni naru
[Kouchi Yuugo] Koishita yoru wa anata shidai nano
[Nakayama Yuma x Kikuchi Fuma x Matsumura Hokuto] Aa konya dake Aa konya dake
[Matsumura Hokuto] Mou douni mo tomaranai

[Kikuchi Fuma] Minato de dareka ni koe kakete
[Nakajima Kento] Hiroba de dareka to hito odori
[Kouchi Yuugo] Kokage de dareka to KISU wo shite
[Kikuchi Fuma] Sore mo konya wa ii janai

[Nakayama Yuma] Hajiketa hanabi ni aorarete
[Matsumura Hokuto] Koisuru kibun ga moete kuru
[Kouchi Yuugo] Manatsu no ichinichi KAANIBARU
[Nakayama Yuma] Sharete sugoshite ii janai

[Nakayama Yuma x Nakajima Kento x Kouchi Yuugo] Aa chou ni naru Aa hana ni naru
[Nakajima Kento] Koishita yoru wa anata shidai nano
[Nakayama Yuma x Kikuchi Fuma x Matsumura Hokuto] Aa konya dake Aa konya dake
[Kikuchi Fuma] Mou douni mo tomaranai

Yay!! In such a Morning Musume mood!!!

Platinum 9 DISC: The Boys’ Turn

Platinum 9 Disc Boys

This message is brought to you by the original B.I. Shadow of Fuma, Kento and Misaki!! Platinum 9 DISC is an awesome album and now it’s time to connect them to both!!

Hey! Say! JUMP:

SONGS -> Hey! Say! JUMP [Yamada Ryosuke and Takaki Yuya Lead]
Resonant Blue -> Hey! Say! JUMP [Yamada Ryosuke and Yabu Kota Lead]
Ame no Furanai Hoshi de wa Aisenai Darou? -> Hey! Say! JUMP [Yabu Kota and Nakajima Yuto Lead]
Take off is now! -> Arioka Daiki, Yamada Ryosuke, Inoo Kei
Naichau Kamo -> Hey! Say! JUMP [Yamada Ryosuke, Yabu Kota, Nakajima Yuto and Takaki Yuya Lead]
Watashi no Miryoku ni Kidzukunai Donkanna Hito -> Inoo Kei
GURU GURU JUMP -> Okamoto Keito, Morimoto Ryutaro, Inoo Kei
Mikan -> Hey! Say! JUMP [Yaotome Hikaru and Chinen Yuri Lead]
Jounetsu no Kiss Hitotsu -> Yamada Ryosuke, Arioka Daiki and Inoo Kei
It’s You -> Arioka Daiki
Onna ni Sachi Are -> Hey! Say! JUMP [Yaotome Hikaru and Okamoto Keito Lead]
Kataomoi no Owari ni -> Morimoto Ryutaro
Kanashimi Twilight -> Hey! Say! JUMP [Yamada Ryosuke and Takaki Yuya]

Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I. Shadow:

SONGS -> Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I. Shadow [Nakajima Kento and Kikuchi Fuma Lead]
Resonant Blue -> Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I. Shadow [Nakayama Yuma Lead]
Ame wa Furanai Hoshi de wa Aisenai Darou? -> Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I. Shadow [Matsumura Hokuto Lead]
Take off is now! -> Nakajima Kento, Kikuchi Fuma, Matsumura Hokuto
Naichau Kamo -> Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I. Shadow [Nakayama Yuma and Kikuchi Fuma Lead]
Watashi no Miryoku ni Kidzukunai Donkanna Hito -> Kouchi Yuugo
GURU GURU JUMP -> Nakayama Yuma, Matsumura Hokuto, Kouchi Yuugo
Mikan -> Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I. Shadow [Nakayama Yuma and Nakajima Kento Lead]
Jounetsu no Kiss Hitotsu -> Nakajima Kento, Kikuchi Fuma, Matsumura Hokuto
It’s You ->Kikuchi Fuma
Onna ni Sachi Are -> Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I. Shadow [Nakayama Yuma and Nakajima Kento Lead]
Kataomoi no Owari ni -> Matsumura Hokuto
Kanashimi Twilight ->Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I. Shadow [Nakajima Kento and Kikuchi Fuma Lead]

Yeah…really late post. Sorry! I didn’t really know what to do and I’ll be leaving in two days for a couple of days. Hopefully you can all enjoy my previous posts and I’ll be back soon!!

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