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February 28, 2009

Monthly Member Rankings [February]


All right everyone, we’re at the end of February so now it’s time for the Monthly Member Rankings. Honestly, not much has happened in the world of Hey! Say! JUMP so this is probably going to be a little sloppy since there won’t be much to say. And who’s fault is that? I expect March to be more active. Or at least give us a single announcement.

Level One: Yabu Kota, Nakajima Yuto, Arioka Daiki, Inoo Kei, Yamada Ryosuke

Okay, there the exact same people as the same time. Well I wrote them up in a slightly different order, which doesn’t really mean much. As you can see from the last post though Yabu did get Member Of The Month so that’s why his name is first. Last month, I was a little hesitant to put Yamada in Level One but I was more sure this time around so that’s good. Wow, I can’t really say anything else since last time because nothing has really happened and I haven’t really watched anything that I hadn’t seen before so…I guess this is going to be end up being a pretty short write-up.

Level Two: Takaki Yuya, Chinen Yuri

Yep, the same two boys at Level Two. But I was very close to placing Takaki in Level One. Like I was tip-toeing on the line between the two. Eventually I had to place him the 2nd Level because I wasn’t 100% sure but perhaps he’ll be up there in March.

Level Three: Morimoto Ryutaro, Okamoto Keito, Yaotome Hikaru

I guess I have nothing to say here either that I haven’t already said (lol).

Okay, I know this Member Ranking fell a little flat compared to last time so I hope Hey! Say! JUMP does something next month for me to base my rankings on…Well they’re releasing their calendar so I guess that will have some bearing. Sorry everyone!

Hey! Say! JUMP release something…


Member Of The Month [February]: Yabu Kota

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Okay it’s time for our Member Of The Month!!!! Last month was the amazing Nakajima Yuto and admittedly, he almost took the award again. However Yabu Kota inched right ahead of him and took the prize.

Well it’s no surprise that I love Yabu. He’s fun; he’s sweet and he’s hot. He’s also got a voice that will make you melt. For example, I listened to his performance of Rain Dance and was addicted. He sounds great on that song and I’m hoping that it makes it to an album in the future (cough cough Johnny’s…). And have you seen him perform Thrill with the rest of Hey! Say! BEST? His part is probably my favorite out of the whole song. When he sings “tell tell tell tell tell tell tell tell me what to do,” don’t you just wanna tell him? (hehehe). I watched him perform Yamapi’s “Daite Senorita” alongside Hikaru and he did a fantastic job. His vocals were on point and he perfectly understood and portrayed the atmosphere of the song. So basically his voice is awesome and it’s no wonder he gets solo lines on Hey! Say! JUMP songs.

250px-yabuYes Yabu is extremely hot, that just cannot even be denied. I’ve thought that from day one and he continues to prove it. The shot to the left is from some issue of Popolo, I believe it’s August 08 but I don’t know off the top of my head. I actually have this issue in my collection but I’m just too lazy to go and check. I’ve always liked Yabu’s hair and he tends to dress very stylishly. His eyes are very pretty too and really set off his face. His body…well there are lots of things to say about Yabu’s body so I’m not gonna go into all of that. Let’s just shorten things by saying Yabu’s body is…very enjoyable. Don’t you all think so? Like I’m sure I’ve said many times on this blog, I’m all for more shirtless Yabu (hehe). I also think he should get some drama roles, I mean if it’s what he wants to do. I would love to see Yabu in a school drama like Yamada, Yuto, Chinen and Daiki. So I think I should write a letter to Johnny’s requesting these three things: more shirtless Yabu, a drama role for him and an album from Hey! Say! JUMP…

That’s all for our Member Of The Month for February!!! So that makes Yuto and Yabu both with 1 star!! Who will win it at March??? Only time will tell!!

February 25, 2009

Yabu Is A Hottie!!!

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Well I know this is already known to many of you but I figured I’d just make a post about this anyway. Yabu Kota…is hot. Like seriously, have you ever took a moment and thought about how great Yabu is? If not, you should. His voice is sooo sexy; his smile is infectious; he has great hair; and his body…well we don’t need to go into that, do we? So yeah, this is my way of killing time while waiting for Hey! Say! JUMP to announce something new…

Also, the Johnny’s Entertainment 2009-2010 calendars are almost here!!! Less than a month I believe! So I’ll be keeping my fingers for shirtless Yabu shirtless somewhere!!

Yeah…Yabu is hot. End of the story. I hope you like the picture and don’t drool too much on your computer.

February 23, 2009

Picture Spam Volume Eight: Yamada Ryosuke

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And now I believe we are caught up on Picture Spam!!! Yay!!! This issue will feature none other than the always popular and fun Yamada Ryosuke!!! So I hope you all enjoy this volume because he’s come up on the search engine a lot for this blog.

yamadapic1All right, let’s start this Picture Spam off with Dr. Yamada!!! He looks very mature here and a lot of people do wanna get married to doctors. The money is good and it’s definitely a service to humanity since you’re saving lives (well I guess that depends what kind of doctor you are) but Yamada would be a really sweet doctor I think. I don’t know…I feel like he would be better at being a doctor for kids and being really cute and nice to them rather than being a really serious one. Well I’m not so much a fan of the tie since it kind of seems out of color scheme with the rest of the outfit but I guess this can be overlooked for the moment. He looks really good in the white though and it compliments his skin tone vrey nicely. I’m not much of a fan of the brown pants but I suppose that they do work with the overall theme of the picture. And that glasses in the side pocket of his jacket is a nice touch too. Judging by his hair (which looks really nice here by the way), I would say that this picture was taken around the time of Mayonaka no Shadow Boy. It doesn’t look very much like a magazine picture but I’m not really sure where it could come from becaue he’s obviously not a doctor (lol). So yeah, I don’t know but either way it’s a pretty good picture I think it’s a good way to jump start our Picture Spam!

Let’s move onto cute Yama-Yama. The picture to our right is absolutely adorable and the moment that I saw it, I yamadapic2knew that I just had to include it. It’s kind of blurry but I really like and hope you do too. Visually, it’s very simple, featuring only black, the red on his shirt and his skin. The simplicity actually works in the picture’s favor so his skin really stands out to you. His eyes look a little glazed like he’s tired or something and from the whole atmosphere / setting of the picture, it is conceivable that it’s late and that he would be tired. I really like his hair in this picture and think it compliments his face well. He’s frowning but there’s something very cute about it – like you want to give him a big hug to make him smile. He doesn’t look sad though and his raised eyebrows give the picture more energy and sweetness. I’m sorry this picture looks kinda blurry but I think that slight bluriness actually makes the picture better, don’t you think?


More cute Yamada this way!! I’ve seen this picture various times and finally decided to include it on the Yama-chan picspam!!! This picture had to be taken a while ago or at least I think I was. Anyway, he looks so absolutely adorable here just licking on a lollipop. He looks so innocent! But we know better don’t we fanboys and fangirls? I like his hair styled like that, like it has a lot of life in it. Plus his hair has a very nice color to it. It may usually be that color but I noticed it here. Maybe it’s me but his eyes look really small in this picture. It could just be the angle of the picture or maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me but they totally look smaller! Don’t you think so? Moving on…I love the lollipop and the way that his mouth on it but I’m not much of a fan of the colors. Blue, yellow and white didn’t make the best combination here. If the blue and yellow were light shades then I think it could have been pulled off but it just didn’t come across for me. I can’t completely see what he’s wearing but the white jacket is definitely a nice touch in complimenting the white background of the picture. So yay for more cuteness and I hope you enjoyed this particular picture as much as I did.

How can you not look at the picture at the right and go “awww!” We now have young Yama-Yama to complete this Picture Spam. yamadapic5Doesn’t he just look so innocent??!! This picture will totally make you want to go back in time and adopt this little Yama-chan! I have no idea where this is, I’m guessing somebody’s house. At first, I could not figure out what that green thing was in the back but I guess it’s just a picture hanging on a wall or something. I really like that his arms are folded behind his back because it adds to the really cute and innocent child-like atmosphere. His smile looks sooo cute and you just wanna pinch his cheeks! I know people usually say that but I’m totally serious. Don’t you just wanna pinch those cheeks?! Okay…I’m gonna stop now but this picture is sooo cute  and it proves that Yama-chan was still cute as a child.

Sorry that this Picture Spam Volume is one picture short. When I went to upload it, it just came out as a white box with a little red “x” in the top left hand corner. Oh well, I hope the four pictures provided gave you some enjoyment. Yes!! I’m finally caught up on Picture Spam!!!! I’m sorry I fell so far behind and I hope I won’t be doing that again but I can’t promise anything. Ah…school…

February 22, 2009

Picture Spam Volume Seven: Takaki Yuya

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All right everybody, it’s Picture Spam Volume Seven!!! Last time I featured Yuto and now it’s Takaki’s time!! So sit back and enjoy the Takki-ness!!

takaki1When I first got into Hey! Say! JUMP, I was used to Takaki being the cool one. He always took pictures with this certain coolness to him that made him stand out to me. Then I got to know him better and saw that he could be an absolute cutie-pie who could admittedly be pretty immature (like with Yabu). The picture at this left shows that he can be cute unless anyone was wondering. What makes this picture really shine for me is his smile, which just exutes a brightness that is infectious. His hair looks really good too and compliments his face very nicely. I’m really liking the shade it’s at as opposed to the redness that he sometimes sports. Now I’m pretty his shirt is white but it does have kind of a pink tint to it (or maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me) that makes him all the more adorable. And the necklace is a nice touch too, don’t you think so? Also his eyes just portray this sweet innocence that you can’t help but love. I’m not sure what magazine this is from but I wish I had it in my collection. So I think this is a particularly good picture to start off this volume of Picture Spam because Takaki looks really cute and it shows one of his many sides.

The next one is nice because a black and white picture is always a good change of pace. This picture has more of that takaki2cool edge that Takaki is good at while still having a certain fun-ness to it. He’s giving the peace sign sideways, which gives a point to the cool side. Probably the coolest part about the whole picture is his mouth. There’s something very sexual about it that comes through this picture, don’t you think? It’s so obvious so you can’t tell me that you don’t see it (lol). Well his hair is all right but I think it would have looked better in color. I don’t know…maybe it’s just me but…yeah. Actually, his overall face looks pretty cool but it’s definitely the mouth that just sets the whole thing off. You can’t see his outfit in full but I think it would’ve made the picture even better because from what we can see, it looks like a pretty stylish choice. Looking at this picture, I’m noticing that his fingers are pretty long (hehehe). Of course, that could just be the angle of the picture but hey, you never know. So from now on everyone, be on the lookout to see how long his fingers are, okay! (lmao). Anyway, I think this is another good picture to add to the Picture Spam just because it’s that cool Takaki that I always love to see. And of course the black and white was just too hard to resist.

takaki3Let’s go back to color with this picture. Admittedly, it’s a little iffy just because it feels like the picture was taken a little too soon or a little too after, you know? I think it’s seen in the way that his hair looks. Of course it could be the wind just blowing his hair but whatever. Anyway, he looks particularly stylish in this picture with his very cool jacket. I can’t really tell what kind of fabric that hood is made of but it looks very fuzzy and comfortable. It must be nice around his face when he pulls it up. The black on his shirt and on the jacket also set off the outfit very nicely. The one thing that kinda bugs me is the background is so red. It serves as a stark contrast to the black of his outfit so it’s just a weird (and not very eye grabbing) combination. On his face, there is a kind of confused look. He’s not posing so I’m assuming this is some paparazzi shot or something. I really like the necklace too since the silver goes perfectly with the black, complimenting his skin very nicely. His hair looks great with a kind of red tint to it as well as a light brown tint. Okay, the little website link at the bottom is kind of annoying but what are you gonna do about it right? (lol). I do like this picture though because it shows Takaki’s natural side.

I’ve seen this picture various times and had to find the perfect time to pull this card out. I almost included it in Yabu’s takaki4Picture Spam and then in Chinen’s Picture Spam but now I absolutely had to include it. Takaki looks so seductive and up to something dirty in this picture!! You gotta love him. And then Chinen just looks so happy and innocent so the contrast between them is just soo funny. They actually look like a cute couple with their matching clothes. Yabu’s face is the definition of priceless. He’s just like “Takaki! What do you doing? Why Chinen?!” I think it’s the wideness in his eyes that really make his face look so funny. It’s just hilarious and it’s always good to have some fun spirit in Picture Spams so hurray for Chinen looking so cute, Takaki looking so dirty and Yabu looking so hilarious.

takaki5Keeping with the whole idea of Takaki and Chinen looking cute together, we have our final picture! This is way back from the making of Hey! Say! 7’s Hey! Say! PV. This was one of my favorite scenes of the whole making because Chinen is pinching Takaki’s face and making the most adorable sounds. Takaki’s face looks so funny in the picture because his cheek is being stretched and admittedly, Chinen kinda looks like a girl. I don’t mean that in a mean way but he kinda looks like a cute little girl. Well I guess not so much like a girl…just a really pretty boy. Yeah…Anyway, I think they’re really cute together so I miss that sweetness. Hopefully more Takaki / Chinen love in the future even though Chinen has grown up a lot since then.

Well I hope you all enjoyed Volume Seven on Picture Spam because I know I did!! My love for Takaki has definitely grown since I first got into him so he really deserves to be celebrated by me (lol). Yay Takaki! Be on the lookout for Volume Eight, which is (I hope) coming soon!!!

February 21, 2009

Picture Spam Volume Six: Nakajima Yuto

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Okay after no picture spam for weeks, I’m picking up where I left off. This should have been done a long time ago so I apologize for that!! I’ll try and stay on top of these although unfortunately school does come first. So here we are at Volume Six with Yuto!!!

yuto1The first picture we have is of Yuto from way back when during the original Hey! Say! 7 days. Well it wasn’t that long ago but you get the picture. This section was at the end of the making of the PV when each member reflected on their making of and Yuto’s was really cute. Well this was kind of a weird screencap because of his mouth (I think they captured him while he was thinking or something) but I do like all the white in the picture. Personally, I think Yuto looks really attractive. His hair looks really good here and that shirt is particularly flattering. Also I’m not sure what’s that around his neck but it kind of looks like a dog tag (lol, that would be funny). Anyway, I think this is a really good picture of Yuto and hope you think so too.

Okay, we know Yuto can look cute but he can also look serious. It’s true, Yuto always is loveable when he’s happy and yuto2cute but it’s good to know he can pull off the serious look as well. His hair looks great as usual and there’s a certain intensity in his eyes that really comes across to the audience. This is also carried in his mouth and it’s a little hard to explain but it’s definitely there (can you see it?). I think that the gray sweater looks really nice on him and although I’m not a very big fan of gray, there is a certain naturalness about it as well as the whole picture that just comes together in the right way for him. I have no idea what that green thing is in the picture but I can see that he’s using it to rest his arm on. It would have looked better if it wasn’t bright green because it doesn’t really fit with the whole color scheme of the picture. The texture looks a bit strange as well because it looks kinda like grass (lol). Anyway, I like the yellow shirt that he’s wearing since it’s a very simple and natural color, complimenting his skin tone well. Admittedly, I also like that’s kind of loose fitting so that more of his skin is shown (hehehe, am I right fangirls and fanboys?). His hands look very gentle here as well like they are perfect for holding you close (lol). So I like this picture and I’m assuming it’s from some magazine that I don’t have but I should have.

yuto3Scrap Teacher picture!!! As we all know by now, I LOVE Scrap Teacher and the majority of the love for that drama is because of Yuto. I loved him in Sensei wa Erai and he did an even better job in Scrap Teacher. He’s such a good actor and he’s particularly good at portraying his emotions. When he’s happy, it makes me want to smile along with him and this picture is a perfect example of that. He looks so sweet here (and hot but that’s not the point…). I just had to include this picture in this Picture Spam because Scrap Teacher is amazing in every way and so is Yuto so it’s a perfect fit! (and lol at the girl in the background).

And to give the Picture Spam a little more variety, I’ve included a picture of Yuto when he was younger and it’s yuto4seriously the cutest thing ever. Honestly, I don’t even really know what to say about this picture because I think if you look at it, there lies all the words. It’s absolutely adorable, particularly because of his smile. He has the type of smile that is infectious and makes you just wanna give him a hug. So that is amplified when he’s a kid but let’s face it, kids are adorable. And I love how he’s wearing a little school uniform because it looks like the exact one he wears in Scrap Teacher. I think that blue is a color that just really looks good on Yuto no matter what. He just looks so innocent and carefree in this picture that you can’t look at it and say that you don’t wanna like adopt him as your younger brother (lol haha). His hair looks like it’s usual cuteness so I’m hoping he’s not planning on changing if anytime soon. You know what they say – if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. I think that out of all the younger pictures of Johnny’s boys, this is one of the cutest pictures. In fact, at this moment this is the cutest one this is the one that comes to mind so congratulations Yuto! He definitely has the looks so more Yuto in the future!!

yuto5Finally, Yuto looks so dreamy in this picture that I just had to put it on. Now when I say “dreamy,” I mean it literally. He looks like he’s having a nice dream and the photographer just took a picture. Not gonna lie, he’s looking his usual attractive self as well (of course). One thing that I like about this picture is that he’s rocking a different style than usual. I love love love fur hoods so of course his outfit wins points for that. And the hat is a very nice touch because I feel like it would be kind of hard to pull off for a lot of Johnny’s guys. But not Yuto, he’s special. Like always, the blue works its way into the shot and in a good way. The light blue looks really nice even though it’s kind of a strange contrast against the plad pattern of the jacket. Nonetheless, it adds some more color to the picture and that’s always nice. Well I guess the real reason that I picked this picture was because of his face. It was just too resist.

Well I’m sorry if this Picture Spam was a little bit sloppy. I’m trying my best to catch up with the next few volumes so hopefully I’ll get those done within the next two days before I have to go back to school. So thanks to my fans who have been reading and hopefully you enjoy this volume!

Also Hey! Say! JUMP release something…

February 18, 2009

Hikaru Graduates!!!

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Well not much is going on in the world of Hey! Say! JUMP (cough cough Johnny’s…) but as of yesterday, February 17th, Hikaru has graduated!! So congratulations!!!

And he looks pretty good in that school uniform too (hehehe).

February 16, 2009

Concert Time: Hey! Say! 7 & Hey! Say! JUMP

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This message is brought to you by shirtless Keito!! Yay (I’ve seen that “Okamoto Keito shirtless” has popped up quite a few times as a search tool for the blog so I hope you got what you were looking for [lol]). Anyway, this post is to inform you all that there will be some Hey! Say! JUMP concerts in the near future! Here’s the schedule and no, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you, Hey! Say! 7 is having concerts.

Schedule of HS7 con:
March 21 (12:00, 16:00) [Yokohama]
March 22 (12:00, 16:00) [Yokohama]
March 24 (13:00, 17:00) [Nagoya]
March 25 (13:00) [Nagoya]

Schedule of HSJ con:
March 31 (17:30) [Fukuoka]
April 3 (17:00) [Osaka]
April 4 (12:00, 16:00) [Osaka]
April 5 (12:00) [Osaka]
April 19 (16:00) [Hiroshima]
April 26 (17:00) [Hokkaido]

…so what will Hey! Say! BEST be doing in the meantime? Honestly, I would have preferred to see Hey! Say! BEST in concert…nothing personal to Hey! Say! 7 but I just think it would be a hotter show and any chance to perform Thrill would make me happy.

Credits to michryu on Hey! Say! JUMP Community!!

Love Love Love B.I. Shadow

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Now I’ll admit that I don’t really know much about the Johnny Juniors. Any knowledge I have of Juniors is Shintaro Morimoto and pictures of the rest of them in the usual magazines. Luckily though I’ve found love for a recently formed Junior group without even knowing they were a part of Johnny’s: B.I. Shadow.

B.I. Shadow is comprised of Nakajima Kento (14), Takahata Misaki (15) and Kikiuchi Fuma (13). These three appeared as the “bullies” in the amazing series Scrap Teacher featuring Yuto, Yamada, Daiki and Chinen. So apparently, they were announced as a new Junior group in November 2008 so I didn’t miss too much time. They just got assembled so I don’t think I’ll be seeing them in a group any time soon but I would love if they would just form a trio and start releasing some stuff. Seriously, I would be their number 1 fanboy so that’s something to keep in mind Johnny’s.

So let’s start with Nakajima Kento, who kinda reminds me of Chinen Yuri. Not facially or anything, it’s just the hair. I think of him as the cuter one rather than like a really hot guy. He was born in Tokyo on March 13, 1994 (holy crap, I can’t believe how young these guys are because they certainly don’t look it). His best school subjects are English and Music while his weakest are Mathematics and Science. His hobbies include playing the piano and reading books. Although he is somewhat impatient, he never gives up (which is a very admirable characteristic). The reason that he applied for Johnny’s in the first place was because he watched Hey! Say! JUMP’s Spring Concert and was impressed (which makes sense as his admired senpai is Yamada Ryosuke, as well as Akanashi Jin). He played Minobe Kento in Scrap Teacher and he didn’t get as big a role as I would have hoped (from what I’ve seen anyway) so hopefully he’ll have even bigger and better opportunities in the future!

Takahata Misaki is the one that I remember the most because of Scrap Teacher. He played Sawatari Misaki and because of the episode centered around him, I’ve come to love him. He’s also really hot and he’s a good actor! If you haven’t seen his episode (episode 7), then you really should give it a look! Misaki was born on August 07, 1993 in Kanagawa. His strongest subjects are Geography and Sports while his weakest subjects are Mathematics and English. He’s actually appeared in a quite a few T.V. shows and lives (granted, ones I’ve never heard of excluding the ever popular DREAM BOY). His admired senpai is Imai Tsubasa. I really enjoyed him in Scrap Teacher and hope I’ll be seeing a lot more of him in the future!

Finally we have Kikuchi Fuma. Now I don’t know him very well so basically as of now, he’s the “hot one.” I mean they’re all attractive but he’s the hottest one so that’s how I’ll remember him until I get to know him better. Anyway, he was born on March 07, 1995 in Tokyo (oh wow, he’s only 13!!! Seriously????? Well he’s about to turn 14 in like a month). His strongest point is that he always does his best even if he is somewhat dependent on others for support. His interests include walking and playing sports. His favorite foods are meat and puchinmato. His admired senpai are Yabu Kota, Tackey & Tsubasa and Yuta Uekasa (lol, who?). His role in Scrap Teacher was Kusumoto Fuma and again, I hope he gets more opportunities to show off what he can do because he did quite a good job in that drama.

So I know it’s off topic and I have Picture Spam Volumes to get done but I just had to make this post because B.I. Shadow is amazing!!! They’re hot and they can sing! Here’s the proof in the pudding!

So they performed their own song as well as Mayonaka no Shadow Boy (great song choice BTW). torn is a pretty good song so I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing that on a release sometime soon. Other Juniors appeared too for the second song and I also liked that one and it was nice to hear Shintaro sing. The performance of Mayonaka no Shadow Boy was pretty good I must say and I think they did Hey! Say! JUMP proud. Okay, so the “shadow” line wasn’t as good as Yamada’s or Yuto’s. Chinen’s line was done really well though so that’s a nice surprise. Anyway, B.I. Shadow is awesome and you should all check them out if you haven’t so already!!!

February 15, 2009

Gomen! Picture Spam Volumes Are Coming!!!

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A message brought to you by Ryutaro Morimoto!! I’m sorry I’ve been so lazy with my Picture Spams!! Today I spent my time writing a bunch of reviews over at Amai Wana and sleeping (lol). So I’m sorry I didn’t get those volumes done today! Tomorrow I’ll be gone from the house for a while and when I come back, I’ll definitely be sleeping for quite some time so…I have Monday off though so hopefully I’ll get those two volumes done soon. Sorry again guys!

And Hey! Say! JUMP, annonunce something so that I actually have something to write about (lol). I do have an off-topic post which I shall be making soon so look forward to that!!

Thanks to all my loyal readers and I hope to be delivering more soon!!!

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