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October 20, 2008

PV Look: Your Seed

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Hey! Say! JUMP’s third PV, the video for Your Seed, is definitely one to remember as the boys bring a more mature look to their dancing moves and close-ups. Here’s a member-by-member look of the Your Seed PV.

Let’s start with Yama-Yama cause let’s face it, he’s pretty much one of the two stars in this video (the other being Takaki). When the video first opens, guess who’s in the middle of all 10 boys? That’s right, Yamada. He looks great dressed in all black and it really suits him. Looking gooood (drools haha). During the dance sequences of the chorus when they split into the groups of three, three and four, he is in the group of four alongside Chinen, Nakajima and Daiki (hmm, the same four that were in Sensei wa Erai! together). He stands behind Chinen and next to Daiki. And then during the dance part during the pure instrumental section when they dance in a line, guess who’s in the very middle? That’s right, Yama-Yama again. Basically, he’s dancing and he gets a bunch of close-ups and that’s the way it should be. And when he is smiling during the second verse, you just melt.

Chinen actually was one of the boys who caught my eye the most when I first watched the video. First of all, he has different (and shorter) pants than the rest of the boys so just looking at them, he stands out (keep in mind I didn’t know who was who when I first saw the video as this was my first single from them) and he caught my attention. Another thing he did was during the “never ending story” line of the chorus, his left foot kinda moves when he raises his hands to the sky. It’s actually interesting to see because he moves it more than any of the other members and having him be at the front and center of the formation makes it all the more noticeable. Chinen is always a cutie but he looks a little more mature in the video so he fits in perfectly with the other members. He’s in the front of the line during the pure instrumental section as well, which gives him another opportunity to stand out. Of course when he’s doing the vocalizing near the end of the song, he gets the spotlight while the others dance. It’s great to see so much of him because who doesn’t love Chinen, the cutie?

Ryutaro definitely did not have standout moments in the video since he was mostly in the back. Truthfully I don’t really remember him having any close-up shots except for one during the first hook. He actually didn’t look awkward during this video so it would have been nice to see him a little more. Hopefully he’ll be able to have more appearances in the next video.

Much like Ryutaro, Keito didn’t get much spotlight in the video but he did get a little more spot-time. Look there’s even a screencap of him! He looks good here if I do say so myself and like he’s really into the dancing while still having fun, which is good. I don’t know who that is in the back (hahaha). I’m really liking the sleeveless shirt here because it works well with his body (haha, you all know what I mean). Well at least Keito is getting a little love and hopefully he’ll be getting even more love in the future in these PVs. I mean, he didn’t get this awesome hair not to show it off! (I just watched the behind of the scenes of Ultra Music Power and I really appreciate this new hair).

I saw Yuto here and there and that’s awesome because I really love him. His close-up moment was during the second verse when he moved his collar. It kinda showed a cool side of him while still maintaining that fun and happy side of him. More more more Yuto!!! Yes, I’ve really come to love Yuto, primarily from watching Sensei wa Erai! Remember everyone to watch Scrap Teacher to see the awesomeness that is Yuto! (ok, going back on topic now…)

All right, Yama-Yama was the leading boy of Hey! Say! 7 in the video so we need a leader from Hey! Say! BEST and this time is Takaki. Honestly, it surprised me because I thought it would be Yabu. Oh well, Takaki has that cool look that is a perfect fit for the coolness of Your Seed. Just look at the screencap…let it sink in. Ok, his eyes look squinted and it may not be the best picture of him but he definitely did play a lot in this video and there were many to choose from. On the semifinal chorus, it’s Takaki and Yamada who are front and center. I think this PV is the first in which Takaki really time to shine and it’s good to have other boys get their opportunities and I guess this was his seeing that along with Yama-Yama, he was kind of front and center on the singing of the song. Their voices go well together so I guess it wasn’t a bad decision despite me wanting it to be Yabu in the front for obvious reasons (hahaha).

Speaking of Yabu, let’s talk about Yabu. I think it’s very safe to say that Yabu will always be hot. In all the PVs thus far, he’s look fantastic and when he’s in magazines, he’s looking good. Yabu looks so sexy in this video, it’s insane. He’s very good in performing the moves and he actually had enough screen time so I could see him (yum). If it was even possible, he looked even hotter during the dance rehearsal for Your Seed found on the DVD portion of the limited edition of the single. I really liked his hair and his face really gave off this certain intensity (like during the second verse when he looks right at the camera with that look…you know which one I’m talking about). Anyway, love love love Yabu and I’m glad I was able to see him in his glory.

You know who I also love? Daiki. I’ve really come to love him just like Yuto, particularly because of Sensei wa Erai! And I can’t wait to see him in Scrap Teacher!!!! Ok, Daiki has always been the cute one of Hey! Say! BEST and pretty much the cutie-pie of the group (along with Chinen) and he managed to maintain that cute look while looking a little bit more mature. All right, he didn’t have a bunch of screen time but I would say he got a fair amount and I’m really glad because Daiki is my love. Let’s take a look at the screencap at the right. First of all, I friggin LOVE the hair and let’s look at his face. It’s adorable!! But it isn’t all about the cuteness right? And I think he has a nice body so the sleevelessness is nice and hopefully we’ll see more in the future (hahaha). Seriously though, I love you Daiki and I’ll be waiting for Scrap Teacher to see even more of you!!!

You know who did not get enough screen time…Kei. Not gonna lie, I don’t even remember him getting a close-up in the PV…actually, I barely remember him seeing his face in the PV. Yeesh, poor Kei. Well when there was Kei, he was looking ultra hot. Just look at the screencap to the right and tell me you don’t want a piece of that. And looking at Keito and Ryutaro in the back behind him, doesn’t he stand out to you the most (hahaha). It’s not their fault though, I’m sure it was just at that moment. But Kei is looking really sexy in the all black and I’m just praying he’ll get more screen time in the new Mayonaka no Shadow Boy PV…at least give me the opportunity to see his face / remember that he was in the PV…

Finally we have Hikaru. He didn’t have a huge amount of screentime in the video but he had his moments. My favorite Hikaru moment was when he and Yabu exchanged low-fives. Honestly, I didn’t even know it was him at first but then saw it and was like “oh, that’s cool.” He didn’t really stand out in my mind in the PV as much as he did during the making of but I would say he got a fair amount of time to shine. Looking at the screencap to the right, my eyes go straight to Yabu but that’s not particularly surprising (hahaha). Still, Hikaru is a fun personality and I think that he showed me the more mature side of him, which is nice to see. I’ll stick to him being goofy though cause that’s what I’m used to him being.

Well this was a look at the wonderful PV of Your Seed. It was mature; it was cool; it was amazing. I started this post a LONG time ago so it’s nice to finally see it done!!! And let’s close this post with the amazing website who provided these pics!! A HUGE shoutout to (if you haven’t seen this site, go check it out!) and Jump into my Heart (another amazing website)! Thanks guys!!! Remember to watch Scrap Teacher!!!!!! Yamada, Daiki, Chinen and Yuto want your love!


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