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June 30, 2009

Monthly Member Rankings [June]

Hey! Say! JUMP Monthly Ranking 2

Again, for those unfamiliar with what I’m doing, I’ll give a little explanation. At the end of each month, I present the order of my favorite members!! It never really changes so there really won’t be anything to say but you know…whatever.

Level One: Arioka Daiki, Inoo Kei, Nakajima Yuto, Yabu Kota, Yamada Ryosuke
Level Two: Takaki Yuya and Chinen Yuri
Level Three: Yaotome Hikaru, Okamoto Keito and Morimoto Ryutaro

Yeah, this hasn’t changed since I started it way back in January so I guess comments aren’t really needed. The people at the top probably won’t fall but maybe some of the others could be brought up in Johnny’s would friggin release something for these boys already! At least Yama-chan and Chii will be in NYC Boys and I’ll be hearing of them real soon…Yabu and Hikaru have drama roles…Takaki has Gokusen…hmm…now if we can get the other five out in the spotlight then we would be all set!

Sorry I didn’t make any real comments like before but I figure it’s late and I’m kinda tired and there’s nothing I could really say that I haven’t said before…but there is a cute picture of the guys so you guys can at least enjoy that!


Member Of The Month [June]: Arioka Daiki

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Daichan Ryutaro

Remember way back before the hiatus when I did Member Of The Month? In case not, here’s a little reminder. At the every month, I choose the Member Of The Month. That guy just stood out to me for that month for one reason or another. This is the third installment because my computer broke at the end of March, didn’t work for April…and I just forgot in May. Anyway, here is the Member Of The Month of June: Arioka Daiki!! Are you surprised? Ryutaro is!

Dai-chan has always been one of my favorite members and honestly, it’s nothing that will ever change. I mean how can you not love that kawaii kid! I recently finished watching Scrap Teacher and of course that amplified my love for him. He was a very good actor and he definitely needs to have a central role one of these days! OMG, I have an idea!!! Can Dai-chan and Kei-chan have a drama together?! Johnny you need to set this up because both of them deserve main roles! Pretty please!!!

Daiki MonthlyAnyway, watching performances of Suriru also helped me loads. Daiki is one of those cutie pies that can totally bring the heat. Everytime I watched a peformance of the song (particularly the one with the red outfits), my eyes went straight to him. He really shined and it proves that he should be in the front more and he should get more single lines!!! Can we have a Dai-chan solo on the next album or at least a duo with Kei-chan?!

Now I know all the Dai-chan fangirls and fanboys will agree with me when I say that he would make a fantastic boyfriend! He just seems like the kind of guy that would make you forget about your problems when you’re down and put a big smile on your face! I would totally date him if I had the chance!!! I’ll just bone up on my Japanese and then it’s on Dai-chan!! I’ll meet you in Japan!!

So that concludes this post about the special Member Of The Month: Dai-chan!!! Yay for Daiki and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE release something Hey! Say! JUMP…

Song Of The Month [June]: Suriru

And now for a new feature at Asia no Yoru ~Perfume,~ Song Of The Month!! Basically I’ll tell you what song hooked me this month and just talk about it a little.

So honestly, it’s no surprise that Suriru got the title and I wouldn’t be surprised if it got it next month or in various other future months. And truthfully, I can’t really say much that I haven’t already said before. So I leave you with my favorite Suriru performance and Hey! Say! BEST boys to drool over.

Which Koda Kumi Song? Hey! Say! JUMP?

Dai-chan Kawaii

This post has been brought to you by Dai-chan!!! Well as you all may or may not know, Koda Kumi is my favorite artist. Honestly, I think that is a position that she will always hold. Not to worry though, Hey! Say! JUMP will always have a special place in my heart!! Anyway, I thought it would be nice to bring the two together. Which Koda Kumi song do I associate with each member of Hey! Say! JUMP!!!!!

Yamada Ryosuke: Under
Nakajima Yuto: anytime
Chinen Yuri: Cutie Honey
Okamoto Keito: To be one
Morimoto Ryutaro: Talk to you

Yabu Kota: Gentle Words
Inoo Kei: feel
Yaotome Hikaru: Shake It Up
Arioka Daiki: Star
Takaki Yuya: show girl

For those not familiar with the awesomeness that is Koda Kumi, here are a few examples of the songs I associated the boys with!!

Yamada’s Song: Under

Yuto’s Song: anytime

Kei’s Song: feel

Kind of a strange idea but now you know how I feel about all the members of Hey! Say! JUMP!!! …Okay, not really. But maybe just a little idea?

June 29, 2009

Member Spotlight II: Okamoto Keito

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Keito Member

And now here we are at the final Member Spotlight!!! And now it’s Keito’s turn!! Okay, Picture Spams will be held for a minute but they should be back soon!!! Let’s finish things with Keito!!

Keito is one of three guys that always seem to be in the back in Hey! Say! JUMP, which I don’t really like. So it was no surprise that I didn’t get to know him at first. The only reason I knew of him was because I was trying to distinguish between Keito and Kei with their similar names. And I remember one of the people on a forum I was at really liked Keito so that helped him stand out as well. As time went on, Keito kinda fell on the back of my radar. I didn’t see him in dramas and I don’t even remember him getting a solo line in a song…maybe one of the Hey! Say! 7 songs but I don’t pay attention to those so…he’s still kinda off the radar but a little more attention could do him some good.

Like Ryutaro, Keito has grown a lot since the beginning. I’ve seen his confidence grow through the roof and for that, I’m very proud of him. And I think it’s cool that he speaks English. I don’t know why but I think it’s pretty cool. Now om ny blog, Keito is pretty much known for his body, which is very fit. I can’t tell you how many times “Okamoto Keito sihrtless” has shown up in the blog’s search engine. So if I can find more shirtlessness, it will be provided!!

And this is the end of the Member Spotlights!! I definitely think the earlier ones were better than the later ones but I hope you’ve enjoyed reading anyway. I will be doing my monthly BEST posts and then Picture Spams!!

OMG, release SOMETHING Hey! Say! JUMP!!!!! At least Yamada and Chinen will be in NYC Boys. I have that, Kumi and Tegomasu to hold me for July!!

June 28, 2009

Member Spotlight II: Yabu Kota

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Yabu Member feels like a while since the last Member Spotlight and I’m super sorry!! I think it was a combination of laziness…and well mostly laziness. But now I’m here and here to try and work a little bit!! Yay!!

Now Yabu has been one of my favorite members from the beginning. I really love his nurturing and sweet personality and he’s always so cute in front of the camera. I don’t remember if I noticed him a lot in the Your Seed PV but I’m sure I did. Outside of the video though, it helps to be the oldest member because I always remembered that he was the oldest and it helped me get his look down. As time went on, I got to know Yabu more and more and I loved what I saw. He was the sweetest guy ever and he was like someone who you want to protect you with all your heart! It didn’t hurt that he was sexy as well!!!

Now, about a year and a half later, my love for Yabu has only grown and he’s always been one of my favorite members. I mean, it’s like impossible not to like Yabu. Through all the making ofs, magazine translations and interviews, his personality has just come screaming at me in the best way possible. This is a person that I would love to be friends with and better yet…but Yabu isn’t only sweet, he brings the hotness!!! Have you seen the shirtless Popolo photoshoot? Or his performances of Suriru? Or the upcoming preview of his dorama? The boy has got it going on…seriously…and who can forget his voice, which got the name “Angel’s Voice” for a reason. If you hear this guy sing solo songs, you’ll melt. Rain Dance is LOVE!! And when he performed Mayonaka no Shadow Boy with B.I. Shadow and he did his solo part…just wow. He is amazing.

Without a doubt, Yabu is one of my favorite members and that will always be true. His personality, his voice, his looks…everything is just amazing so it’s no wonder why everyone loves Yabu. You know…I wish I could see / hear Yabu more…so maybe I could that if Hey! Say! JUMP released an album…ya know…just an idea.

June 26, 2009

Wanna Get In Bed With Yabu?

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Trailer of Yabu’s new drama…I’m loving the hotness and I’m hoping more shirtless scenes!!! Yess!!!! In a bed with two women…wow Yabu.

His voice at 00:12…OMG.

Yabu Dorama

…there aren’t words to describe this so I’ll let the drool on your computer speak for itself…

June 24, 2009

Member Spotlight II: Morimoto Ryutaro

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Ryutaro Spotlight

This is really late but I was writing reviews over at Amai Wana so…yeah…only three Member Spotlights left including this one. So I’m not really sure if this is going to be a great Member Spotlight since it’s late and I’m kinda tired.

Well Ryutaro doesn’t get much of the spotlight so it’s hard for me to say stuff like the other guys. However, one thing I can say is that Ryutaro has grown a lot since his debut. He used to be awkward and nervous and I could definitely see it in his face. I remember that shirtless Popolo shoot and he looked very uncomfortable…although I can understand at that time. But there were many other times of awkwardness. Since then, he’s gotten a lot more uncomfortable in the camera and that is one thing I can say with confidence. So congratulations for growing not only as a performer but also as a performer.

No, Ryutaro hasn’t got a solo song…I’m trying to remember a time when he had a solo line and I’m coming up blank. Probably in a Hey! Say! 7 song but those are kinda forgettable so…then again Daiki and Kei didn’t get a solo part in Suriru so it wouldn’t surprise me if those songs were all Yamada, Yuto and Chinen…I do hope that he gets more solo parts in the future because I think everyone should get that chance to shine.

…I don’t even know what else to say since he hasn’t been in any dramas or anything…Ryutaro, I hope you get more attention in the future!!! Take care of Shintaro! I’m sure he looks up to you!!! And do go talk to any more stalkers by yourself okay?

I’m hoping the next Member Spotlight will be a lot better! I apologize for the crappiness of this one! Ryutaro deserves much better!! But I’m tired and I’m about to go to sleep so until the next time guys!!

June 23, 2009

Kei-chan’s Birthday Letter!!!

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Kei-chan's Birthday II

Well of course I had to do Kei’s Member Spotlight on his birthday but my little present for him is this letter I wrote. It’s not very long and I’m sure it’s full of gramatical errors but that’s okay because it’s the thought that counts right!!! I soooo wish Kei-chan would somehow stumble across this blog and be able to read this because that would just make my lfe!!


あのう, これはたんじょうびの手紙君のため に!! 君はただんぜんHey!Say!JUMPの僕の一つの行きつけだから祝しょう!! 君はいとも多才, すてき歌い手, すばらしい踊り手そしていつもいきをのむほど写真をする! 今, 明治大学にべんきょうをしって いるそして世界中君に幸を願う! 君はとても頭いい!! がんばってね? 君の笑顔はほんとう にすてきそしていつも倖せに感じる呉れる! いつもスリルを呉れる, 君はセクシーから!!19のたんじょうびそしてもうすてきな年を楽しむを祈ります!!! そしてソロソングを享ける下さい!!! 君に赫くをもっと見たい!!!



Tanjoubi omedetou Kei-Chan!!

Anoo, kore wa tanjoubi no tegami kimi no tame ni!! Kimi wa danzen Hey! Say! JUMP no boku no hitotsu no yukitsuke dakara iwashou!! Kimi wa itomo tasai, suteki utaite, subarashii odorite soshite itsumo ikiwonomuhodo shashin wo suru! Ima, Meiji University ni benyou so shitte iru soshite sekai juu kimi ni kou wo negau! Kimi wa totemo atamaii!! Ganbatte ne? Kimi no egao wa hontou ni suteki soshite itsumo shiawase ni kanjiru kureru! Itsumo SURIRU wo kureru, kimi wa SEKUSHII kara!! 19 no tanjoubi soshite mou suteki na nen wo tanoshimu wo inorimasu!!! Soshite SOORO SONGU wo ukeru kudasai!!! Kimi ni kagayaku wo motto mitai!!!

Daisuki da yo!!!


Happy birthday Kei-chan!!!

So, this is a birthday letter for you!! You are definitely one of my favorite members of Hey! Say! JUMP so let’s celebrate!! You are extremely talented, a fantastic singer, excellent dancer and you always have breathtaking photographs! Now, you’re studying at Meiji University and I wish you all the luck in the world! You are very smart so you can do anything!! Do your best, okay? Your smile is very amazing and it always makes me feel happy! You always give me a thrill because are you are sexy!! It’s your 19th birthday and I hope you have another amazing year!! And please get a solo song!!! I want to see you shine even more!!!

I love you!!!

So I hope everyone enjoys Kei-chan’s birthday like I am!!! I plan on listening to some Hey! Say! JUMP / Hey! Say! BEST music today in honor of his amazingness!!!! There are some great graphics and videos and whatnot in celebration of him out there so go looking around for the love!!

Member Spotlight II: Inoo Kei

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Kei-chan Birthday

Well it’s Kei’s birthday so how could I not do his Member Spotlight today??!!! It feels like these Member Spotlights are getting slowly worse as time goes on but I hope you’re enjoying reading them anyway!!

I remember first getting into Hey! Say! JUMP and confusing Kei and Keito because their names were similar. Since then, the difference between those two has widened for me by a lot. Even though Kei-chan hasn’t got much attention, I’ve grown to love him anyway. To be honest, I’m completely sure how it happened but perhaps it was the various amazing pictures he’s taken and those moments during live performances when he really shines. Kei is one of the most photogenic members of Hey! Say! JUMP, if not the most photogenic. He just has this way of working the camera so he looks fantastic. He can be kawaii or kakkoi or sekushii. He can do it all!! And there are times like in Suriru when he really catches my eye and I know that he was born to do this.

One thing I have to rant about now is the fact that Kei gets like no attention compared to the other members. Okay, he’s going to school right now (Meiji University for smarties!!!) and that’s understandable but there’s still the matter of before…Yamada, Chinen, Yuto and Daiki all had those two dramas together. Yamada has had various other doramas and TV shows…Yabu and Hikaru just got dramas announced. Hikaru is on School Kakumei and Ryutaro was on Showa Hey! Say! or whatever it was called with Yamada and Yuto. Takaki had Gokusen. Keito and Kei…they had like that one show…they don’t even have solo songs…Kei doesn’t even have a solo part in Suriru…what’s the deal Johnny? Now maybe acting just isn’t cut out for him and I can get that but he needs to have more singing solo opportunities. Frankly, it’s not fair. It’s like there’s always a member who kinda gets the short end of the stick…in this group, it seems to be Keito and Kei. But at least Keito is continuing on that show while Kei is at University. It’s really annoying and I demand that it be fixed…

I’m gonna stop ranting for now and say happy birthday to Kei-chan!!! This was in celebration of his birthday but the more birthday post is right after this so I hope you enjoy!! Yay Kei!!!

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