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December 24, 2010

Thank You???

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Well I just got my copies of Arigatou and wanted to present some thoughts!! First off though…I gotta say I don’t love it…I like it but I don’t love it and that’s disappointing because I feel singles 1 -5 have gotten better each time…it would have been hard to top Hitomi no Screen…but still…kind of upset it didn’t at least stand on a similar level…still…it is good and I should just be thankful for that…


  • It’s not hard enough -> the song was described as a hard dance tune so I was sure I was gonna love it…it wasn’t hard enough though…the end part was but not the whole song
  • Yamada and Yuto have really nice voices -> Yuto in particular…it feels like it’s been forever since he’s gotten a chance to shine (since he didn’t get a solo on Hitomi no Screen) -> Yuto!!!!
  • I think it’s pretty safe to say Dai-chan is the new front guy (on Chinen’s level) and I’m soooo happy about that!! I’m soooooooo happy for my favorite!! THANK YOU JOHNNY!!!
  • The ending part is badass and the whole song should have been more like this 😛


  • The dancing is…interesting. Everybody’s in sync so that’s cool but it’s definitely not the best choreography…still, I like the part at the end of the chorus ^^
  • Yabu looks hot again with his black hair! Yay!!!
  • Daiki looks amazing as always, Ryutaro looks awesome, Yuto looks fantastic!!!
  • Chinen needs a new hairstyle…not a fan…
  • I love when Daiki is center!! If the song didn’t center his position then the video does. He’s always at the front row with Chinen or in the center ^^
  • I barely saw Keito 😦


  • I LOVE Hey! Say! JUMP makings and one big reason is Kei-chan. He may get barely any time to shine on the songs but he SPARKLES on the makings. He’s just hilarious and sooo adorable that it’s no wonder why he’s my 2nd favorite (but on the same tier as Dai-chan).
  • The best moment without a doubt was when Kei blew a kiss to Daiki (actually multiple kisses)!! Soooo cuteeeee!!!!
  • Hikaru is such a goofball!! I love how goofy he is and he’s just a giant kid hahaha, don’t ever change Hika-chan!!
  • TAKAKI!! Truth be told, I’m not the greatest fan of Takaki (I like him but he’s been feeling a little cold lately) but this making definitely increased my love for him!! Dork Takaki is back!! It was adorable when he was standing behind Yuto and nodding at everything he said (during the end part where everybody said their final thoughts)
  • The game was hilarious!! You go Kei-chan!!!!!! XD
  • Yuto is still super adorable!!! He’s looking much better as well!! I loved the part when he, Ryutaro and Yabu were getting food!! He looked really cool there!!
  • I barely saw Keito 😦 -> he barely got any screentime…except for at the end when everyone got to say something…*sighs*

Star Of The Song: Yamada, Daiki and Yuto

Star Of The PV: Yamada, Daiki and Yuto

Star Of The Making: Kei ❤

Well there you go…definitely not a bad song but disappointed since all the songs leading up to it were so incredible…still, it’s only been a couple hours and it could definitely grow on me…although the others left a really strong first impression…


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