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November 19, 2009

Eyes On Yamada, Hopes For An Upcoming Single

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There’s finally some news to announce! Yamada’s drama Hidarame Tantei EYE has recently been given the upgrade treatment!!! It will now be a weekly drama series!! This is awesome news for Yamada fans to have more of his awesomeness. I haven’t watched the SP yet but I will make sure to do soon and take a look at this drama! What’s more exciting is the possibility for a new Hey! Say! JUMP single. Someone is gonna have to do the theme song and who better than Hey! Say! JUMP…honestly all we have at this point is hope…


November 3, 2009

Yama-chan Keeps His Clothes On…Hey! Say! JUMP Is HIGHLY Uninteresting

Anan Yamada

So yeah, scans from the November issue of Anan are out and as expected, Yamada kept his clothes on. There’s no girl so no need to worry about that either…hmm…he could have at least gone shirtless (hahah sounds so perverted). So yeah, he’s still our innocent Yama-chan who just likes to be sexy on stage sometimes. Nothing wrong with that!

In other news…there is NO news about Hey! Say! JUMP. Although Shintaro will be having his first single release as a part of Snow Prince Gassshoudan. Yes…another Junior group will be releasing more singles than Hey! Say! JUMP this year…so basically, single time is up. It’s either album or nothing. How lame. And I will not be buying that photobook + DVD thing either…I┬áhave to save my money for artists who are actually releasing CDs…*is still bitter.* Honestly…I’m starting to wonder if we’re getting another Hey! Say! JUMP CD release at all…I mean…I can’t see any particular reason why they didn’t release it this year so…the thought is depressing but…

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