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May 30, 2010

Ganbare Keito-chan! We Support You!!

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So this is a little old news but in the April edition of Myojo, Keito said that he is preparing for his college entrance exams!!!!!!! I read a translated version of the article by sa718ra so that’s where the credit belongs!!

So it looks like our little Keito-chan is following in Kei-chan’s foosteps! I wonder what he wants to study…now of course the thought wandered across my mind…what about Hey! Say! JUMP? And not so much during college but after that? Will he want to stay in the group? Well I guess that depends on what he studies. Koyama (NEWS) went to college, didn’t he? And he didn’t take any time off from the group so I don’t doubt that if Keito wants to do both, he can. Well who knows what will happen? I’m not too worried about it and am at least glad that we have an album coming out before he gets TOO swamped.

So what else is there to say but good luck on all of your endeavors Keito!!! I know you are going to ace your exams but make sure to get some sleep!!!! XD (in the article, Keito mentions that he’s really bad at waking up early)


May 28, 2010

JUMP No. 1 Comin’ At Ya 07.07.10!!!

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After FOREVER of waiting…we finally get the news that Hey! Say! JUMP’s debut album will be released on 07.07.10!!!

According to CD Japan it’s called…JUMP No. 1…okay, not the best title but as long as the album is good then that’s okay.
CD Japan also mentions that the album will include singles from Ultra Music Power to Hitomi no Screen (so there’s 6 songs) and new songs for a total of 17 songs…that’s 11 new songs so I’m not complaining!!!!

Usually I try to avoid any information (covers, song titles, etc.) until I get the copies and look at them myself so I’m gonna try and do it…but I guarantee you right now that I will fail somewhere down the line and will end up somehow finding out XD

Anyway, EVERYONE GET EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!
I’ve already pre-ordered both editions 😛

May 19, 2010

Once Upon A Dream…

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So while we’re waiting for news about Hey! Say! JUMP’s album, I figured I should tell you all about this dream I had. So I took a nap yesterday and had a dream about Yama-chan hahahaha. I don’t have many dreams about Johnny’s boys…in fact I think this was the second one (the first one involving Massu). So here it is (and it’s pretty weird so fair warning).

So it was me, Yama-chan and this girl (not a specific girl in particular) and we were walking down the stairs of a hospital (Yama-chan and the girl were dating and the girl’s mother was pregnant so that why they were in the hospital) (I don’t know why I was there lol). Yama-chan and the girl were walking arm and arm while I walked next to them. But I had this eerie feeling that something was following us or something and I got scared so I grabbed onto Yama-chan’s free arm. We started walking a little faster and somewhere down the line, she had let go of his arm so I was holding onto Yama-chan as we continued down the stairs. And then we reached the bottom and that was it…

It was weird and strangely short…I wonder if the dream had some sort of hidden meaning or something…hmm…

Anyway, I hope you all have a nice day and let’s hope to hear some news about the album sometime within the week!! Remember boys, July 14th!!!

May 17, 2010

Why Is Taking So Long?

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So for those of you who follow other Johnny’s boys, you know that KAT-TUN will be releasing their new album, NO MORE PAIN, on June 16th…now if we draw a little timeline, Hey! Say! JUMP’s album was announced before but we still don’t have a release date…well that’s annoying. Now of course there’s the possibility that Hey! Say! JUMP just isn’t ready but I’d really appreciate it if we had a release date…I don’t even need anything more than that. Just give me a release date so it can be put up for pre-order. Any day now…and the wait has let me think more about the album. I’ve made up a little tracklisting because I was bored on the plane XD

CD 1:

01. Seishun Revolution
02. Dreams come true
03. Makenai Boy (The Boy Who Won’t Lose) [Chinen Yuri x Morimoto Ryutaro x Yaotome Hikaru]
04. Your Seed
05. Hitomi no Screen (Screen Of The Pupil)
06. Suriru (Thrill) [Hey! Say! BEST]
07. Spider Web [Yamada Ryosuke x Arioka Daiki x Okamoto Keito x Takaki Yuya]
08. Sora e… (To The Sky) [Yabu Kota x Nakajima Yuto x Inoo Kei]
09. Mayonaka no Shadow Boy (Midnight Shadow Boy)
10. Bouken Rider (Adventure Rider)
11. Natsu Parade (Summer Parade) [Hey! Say! 7]
12. Ultra Music Power
13. Himitsu (Secret)
14. Paradise [Regular Edition]
15. Tomodachi (Friend) [Regular Edition]

CD 2

01. Aki no Kaze (Autumn Wind) [Yabu Kota Solo]
02. Black Light [Takaki Yuya Solo]
03. Dream Chase [Inoo Kei Solo]
04. Kiseki (Miracle) [Yaotome Hikaru Solo]
05. Sunrise [Arioka Daiki Solo]
06. Starlight Stomp [Inoo Kei Solo]
07. Koi no Arashi (Storm Of Love) [Yamada Ryosuke Solo]
08. Yumeiro Hana (Dream Colored Flowers) [Nakajima Yuto Solo]
09. Ryuusei Rollercoaster (Shooting Star Rollercoaster) [Chinen Yuri Solo]
10. Forest [Morimoto Ryutaro Solo]


01. Ultra Music Power PV
02. Dreams come true PV
03. Your Seed PV
04. Mayonaka no Shadow Boy PV
05. Hitomi no Screen PV
06. Album Making

So there we go…very long and probably not gonna happen but it would certainly be nice. I have a feeling that we’re getting a double album…like the second CD will either be solos or songs that have already been released [Jounetsu JUMP, Memories, etc.]. Just please announce the release date soon!!! Personally, I’m pushing for July 14th…

And in a totally unrelated note, Hey! Say! BEST is sexy. Yes, I already knew this but I picked up the April edition of Wink Up and their photoshoot just affirms it. Seriously, check the scans if you haven’t already. And also in the June edition of Myojo, B.I. Shadow did a shirtless shoot…they all look great…Fuma-chan [insert heart icon here]

May 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Yama-chan, We Really Do Love You!

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I have to wish a very happy birthday to our favorite Hey! Say! JUMP center star, Yama-chan!!! I don’t know what to say but Yama-chan, you are awesome in every way possible so continue to be the star that you are. I think we all know Johnny knows just how incredible you are so I expect to see you in even more things in the near future! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE more acting because I love EVERY drama that Yama-chan is in!!!

I really wish that I could say something more eloquent but he’s still absolutely amazing and so his awesomeness just speaks for itself. I know I’m going to love you in every song on the new Hey! Say! JUMP album!!!

BTW, I know I have to do some make-up birthday posts and I will do so soon!!!

May 6, 2010

Well What Do You Know, They Were Right…Dreams Come True

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Once upon a time, in 2007, ten boys were put together to create what we now know as Hey!! Say! JUMP. The fandom for them has been…well…sort of a roller coaster. I’ve never stopped loving them or wanting to support them but it’s VERY hard to support people who don’t release anything…we had 1 DVD for 2009…and of course the photobook which I also bought but release wise…nothing. With YamaChii off with NYC boys…I was thinking that the future was beginning to look a little bleak and we’d get another ignored group…now remember their 2nd single, Dreams Come True? Well apparently they weren’t lying because Hey! Say! JUMP is set to release their debut album this summer!!!!!!!!

Honestly, words can’t even express how excited I am for this album…we all know it’s been a LONG time coming…so I’d like to take the chance to express my gratitude to the ten boys for working SO hard and here they are…they DEFINITELY deserve it. I can safely say there hasn’t been an A-side that I haven’t enjoyed and I hope the album quality is right up there! Now…on the flip side…it’s been what, 2 1/2 years since Ultra Music Power…part of me says this album BETTER be good. Taking a little detour, there is a beautiful girl by the name of alan. She’s one of my favorite artists and it took her a LONG time to release her debut album as well…8 singles before the album…now that’s a lot…and yet they were all magnificent and when the album came around, the album tracks were just as amazing, some even more than the singles. So my point is that the long wait CAN pay off so let’s hope Hey! Say! JUMP won’t be pulling out cheap tracks as fillers…

So, let’s break it down. Here are my tips of what to do and not to do on this album…

+ SURIRU!!!!!!!! I really can’t say this enough but this song BETTER be on the album…I mean…it’s like BEST’s theme song or something! They like ALWAYS perform it and I think the standard songs should definitely be on the album. So do this.

+ Yamada solo…okay, let’s face the facts, they’re not ALL going to get a solo…it’s just not gonna happen…Ryutaro doesn’t even HAVE a solo! But Yamada’s have always been the best so Perfume please!!!!!!!! The others are good but Perfume is the best!!! And Johnny knows he wants to have Yamada getting all the girls (and me) crazy when we watch tour DVDs! Although I’m guessing we’ll get a new song from him but as long as it’s good like the other 3, then I don’t care. I’m not too worried…Yamada is being the sexy one so I’m expecting something of high quality from him.

+ MORE Daiki, Kei and Keito!!!!! Can we have like…a trio song from the three of them or something?? I’m SOO glad Daiki is finally beginning to get recognized and getting that little push so let’s not stop the momentum! And Kei and Keito are my loves with very good voices so I can’t have them abandoned XD

+ I would say…15 tracks is a good number…I’m sure there will be 1/2 songs available only on the regular edition…I would say 16 so we could have a full ten tracks but I feel like they might cut an A-side…and I think we all know which one that will be…although I do NOT want them to do that!!

– DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT include BORN in the EARTH. Honestly, I can’t even articulate why this should not be on the album…just listen to the song and you’ll know why. It totally wouldn’t surprise me if Johnny decided to make this the opening track but PLEASE do not put this on the album…like for real…seriously. Don’t.

– Don’t try and make this YamaChii featuring Hey! Say! JUMP…I mean groups have leads and we all have to accept that and 10 members IS a lot of members but…seriously, there are other people with talent and they deserved to get recognized. I’m thinking that they’re going to do…3 shuffle songs…one with Yamada lead, one with Chii lead and then…Yabu lead? I don’t know…I just really hope Yamada and Chii don’t end up hogging the whole album…and don’t give all the good songs to one person! I hate it when good people get bad songs…

In the end, just make this an album WORTH waiting 2 1/2 years for…I think it’s as simple as that. They aren’t going to please everyone but really…just don’t forget that Hey! Say! JUMP is going in a mature direction and thus the album should follow suit…if there are a bunch of cute tracks or lame slow ones…someone’s going out a window…and I don’t even know who yet.

Aside from all that, let’s all cheer for Hey! Say! JUMP!!!!!!!!!!

This message has been brought to you by sexy Dai-chan. If you’re on the fence about buying / listening to the album…just look at the picture above and your worries shall be cleared up.

And sorry for being so sucky with the blog lately but I will be on summer vacation and will have plenty time to blog! And what do you know, we’re in the midst of a release!!!

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