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March 22, 2010

Hitomi no Screen Part 1: The Covers

Hello everyone!! It certainly has been a long time, hasn’t it?! Well now that I’m on spring break and have FINALLY received my copies of Hitomi no Screen, I decided to make some posts. And nothing will convey my thoughts about the group now than a good old fashioned competition! So I don’t know how many parts there will be but basically the rules are that I cannot have ties and will rank the members one through ten (highest gets 10 points and so forth…). For this post, I’ll be judging the covers (and promo pic just for extra weight) so here we go!

Promo Picture (Above)

Takaki: He looks good…I think the expression on his face really captures the atmosphere of the song…admittedly, still not crazy about his blonde hair but when can you do…

Kei: AMAZING. He’s definitely bringing that modelesque quality he always does to really make him stand out in the crowd! It’s been a long time Kei-chan!!

Daiki: BADASS. The look in his eyes is almost deadly and he really stands out!

Yamada: It’s really no wonder why Yamada is a front boy in magazines when it comes to pictures like this. He just commands the camera and fits the image perfectly (like Mayonaka no Shadow Boy)

Hikaru: Looks slightly out of it XD

Chinen: Is looking pretty cool there.

Yuto: Good…but like Takaki, I’m not crazy about the hair.

Ryutaro: Surprisingly cool!! It looks like someone’s growing into his looks!

Keito: Pretty good…not anything great but nice enough.

Yabu: Looks pretty awkward just standing there…

Well of the two covers, the limited edition is definitely better. It does have a Mayonaka no Shadow Boy feel to it but it works with the song so I have no complaints. Keito looks so cool here, it’s ridiculous. He can really pull off this image well. Hikaru…not so much. He kinda looks like he’s just standing there…Kei is tilting his head and even though it may not seem like much, it helps him stand out. Yuto’s tallness helps him stand out hahaha. I think his pose is good but his hair is just so awfully distracting…that look in Ryutaro’s eyes…OMG, he’s really getting into things from the look of it. You go Ryu-chan! Yabu is doing something here…but I’m not really sure I get what that is…who is that I spot in the front row…oh yeah, it’s Dai-chan!! In case you haven’t noticed, there was a large flux of Dai-chan on this single (I’ll explain later) and it’s easy to see why. His face is awesome. I wish Yamada was doing a little more…like he’s ALMOST there but just a few inches away. Chinen looks kinda girly (which is not a bad thing) but I wished he looked a little cooler. It’s that look in Takaki’s eyes that really captures me…don’g you agree?

And now we have the regular edition, which is kind of confusing. I don’t know why it says “Romeo & Juliet” on it…it gives the impression that it’s a double A-side or something (thank god thaat’s not the case). Anyway…aww why does Takaki look so distant from everyone else?? Not too crazy about him here. LOL, Kei-chan just looks cute. There isn’t much more to say than “aww!” Dai-chan!! I wish he would have changed the angle a little bit to direct the focus more to his face…This picture makes Yamada look particularly short but he also stands proudly so it works. haha, Hikaru looks adorable here. It’s like the faintest smile is beginning to come across his face! Chinen’s girly look works particularly well here because the white shirt outfits are a lot cuter and call for something a little softer…so I think he did a good job. Yuto looks…kinda lost but in a cute way. I like the fact that he’s bending one of his knees…it stood out to me…OMFG, I think Ryutaro is one of the best here!! He really did a great job with this photoshoot!! I’m glad to see that the nervousness in previous pictures is really starting to wear off…keep at it Ryu-chan! I think Keito looks the most badass…he probably is the best in this shot. I think Yabu should always just go for sweetness because that’s what suits him best!! So yeah, I like the fact that they went with the second outfits for the cover…the idea seems really solid but somehow the finished product didn’t wow me…oh well.

Part One Rankings

10. Yaotome Hikaru (+ 1)
09. Takaki Yuya (+2)
08. Yabu Kota (+3)
07. Nakajima Yuto (+4)
06. Chinen Yuri (+5)
05. Morimoto Ryutaro (+6)
04. Arioka Daiki (+7)
03. Yamada Ryosuke (+8)
02. Inoo Kei (+9)
01. Okamoto Keito (+10)


February 18, 2010

Looking To V6 For A Pattern??? Hey! Say! JUMP Coming Soon?

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So as many as of you may or may not know, V6 is set to release their new album READY? on 03.31.10. Now I don’t know how big V6 fans any of you are or if you follow their music but conveniently, I got into them at the very start of this album’s single era. Now they released Chou on 05.28.09 and have released 5 A-sides since then (including Chou) for this new album. And I couldn’t help but wonder Hey! Say! JUMP will be next. I don’t know this album will be released but I do believe that it means Hitomi no Screen will be the last single and the next CD release will be definitely be an album. I’m hoping…something in May or late April would be even better. I don’t know how Japan schools work in comparison to American schools but I figure the boys in school will be out for vacation, thus giving them more time to work on that long-awaited album. Of course this is all just speculation but…I do definitely think we’re getting there…and especially if Hitomi no Screen sells well.

What I Want On The Album:

+ ALL 6 A-sides
+ At least 6 new group songs to balance out old with new
+ Hey! Say! BEST – Suriru
+ Hey! Say! 7 – Something good XD
+ 2nd Disc of Solos / Duets [I seriously doubt this will happen since there are so many members but…I don’t want them to just shove a bunch of solos and shuffles onto the album so we don’t get many new group songs…well I won’t mind if they’re all good lol.

+ Yamada Ryosuke -> Perfume [but they’ll probably do a new solo just because he’s Yamada]
+ Nakajima Yuto and Chinen Yuri -> You and You
+ Inoo Kei and Arioka Daiki -> NEW DUET!!! Something like “Alibi” by KoyaShige. Do NOT give them something like “Murasato” or I’ll be PISSED.
+ Yabu Kota and Yaotome Hikaru -> A new GOOD duet
+ Takaki Yuya -> his solo
+ Okamoto Keito and Morimoto Ryutaro -> NEW DUET!!

Okay, that only makes 6 tracks if they group like that and that would be perfect to pull an Arashi. They usually have a second disc of solos which is 5 songs but…1 more can’t hurt right?

Anyway, I just ask…more like PLEAD that they do NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES include BORN in the EARTH. Just don’t even think about it. And they better put Suriru on it one way or another. I don’t care if it’s regular edition only or whatever because I will be buying both editions (LOL the only other Johnny’s group I’ve ever done that for in terms of albums was Tegomass). So I’m expecting some quality when the time rolls around!

February 15, 2010

Happy Valentine’s Day, Aishiteru Yo!

Well everyone, it’s Valentine’s Day and I thought I would just post the list of my favorites of Hey! Say! JUMP. Keep in mind that I love them all and even the one who comes in 10th is awesome. So basically, I had three different sections but I’m forcing myself to place 1-10…here it goes…

10. Yaotome Hikaru: Now I really don’t have anything against Hikaru. I actually think he can be quite funny…I just like the others more…I don’t know really how to explain it and having no JUMP activities for a whole year is probably heavily influencing this statement but I don’t see the same spark as I used to. Last week, I decided to go back and watch some of the makings and he was so cute and goofy in them so it left me wondering what happened? Now I’m looking back on a particular School Kakumei live medley and it…just wasn’t there. Of course I don’t watch the show regularly so I wouldn’t know but he’s just not leaving the impression on me that he used to. Perhaps seeing Orthrus no Inu would help…

09. Chinen Yuri: Is he adorable? Is he sweet? All right, that’s hard to deny but I dunno…maybe I’m still bitter about the NYC boys thing. I prefer young adorable Chinen when he was sitting on Takaki’s lap and making weird noises in the Hey! Say! PV Making…of course we all have to grow up some time…honestly, I can’t really explain it. I love Chii but there’s just something blocking him from being one of my top guys right now.

08. Morimoto Ryutaro: As many of you know, my love for Ryu-chan has grown quite a bit. I think he’s growing from his shell and slowly getting there…I can see it in the magazine shoots that he’s getting used to the camera. Basically, keep going for the stars Ryu-chan. It might be kind of weird to say this, but he should take a few lessons from his little brother, who is developing into quite the little star.

07. Takaki Yuya: I love Takaki. He’s a goofball and so weird sometimes (watching the Mayonaka no Shadow Boy Making Of). I STILL NEED TO SEE GOKUSEN!!! I don’t know why I’m so slow but if I can find some subs then I shall try to make time to watch. I think watching hiim act will improve my love for him even more. Is his hair still blonde? I prefer it red or brown…

06. Yamada Ryosuke: I know this seems like a low position but if I allowed myself to have ties, he would be in the second tier. Now I’ve been a little hard on Yamada lately but after watching Hidarime Tantei…he’s definitely back up there! I guess I forgot just how much emotion he can put into things…but I think what really struck me is just how much of a natural gift he has. And I can’t fault him for having something so amazing. Yama-chan, you are amazing so stay the way you are and do your best!!

05. Yabu Kota: How can I not love Yabu?? He’s sweet and he’s funny. He may be a little on the quiet side (I am too) but when he’s on that stage, he brings everything he’s got. Awesome voice, awesome dancing, awesome looks (hehehe). I just really wish he wouldn’t do such cheesy songs like BORN in the EARTH (no, I’m not gonna get over that until I see an album tracklist and see it not there lol). I also haven’t watched his dorama yet but I want too! Any series with a shirtless Yabu in it is a kind I would very much like to watch.

04. Okamoto Keito: What can I say, I’ve been bit by the Keito big. Has it been all the fanfiction I’ve been reading? undoubtedly. But I really do think Keito has come a long way from the shy English boy I first came to know. Just the change from the Your Seed PV Making to the Mayonaka no Shadow Boy PV Making is surprising. He barely set one word in the first (did he say more than that one line at the beginning??) and was acting all weird in the latter. He’s really blossoming and I demand that we get Keito a drama role (if he wants one of course) and more lines in songs so we can see his awesomeness! How can you not want more Keito after he delivered the epicness that is Babylon??? And have you seen those abs… *drools*

03. Nakajima Yuto: Yuto-chan!!! Through my course of watching the makings and everything, it’s really hit me how things have changed for Yuto. When Hey! Say! JUMP was introduced, I wouldn’t say Yuto was the star of the group or anything but he was definitely one of the front-runners. Now…yeah…I watched the Mayonaka no Shadow Boy PV Making and it kind of upset me. He looked so lonely…like the scene where he was talking about the single and throwing stuff outside…I don’t know. I thought the other guys were kind of mean to him when he was just being so cute and hyper Yuto…I’m glad Keito was nice to him. He did an AMAZING job in Scrap Teacher and I demand that he get more attention in the future because he deserves it. For me, one of Yuto’s biggest appeal points is that he seems like the kind of guy you could just pal around with. He would be a very good friend and I would LOVE to be friends with some as wonderful as him.

02. Inoo Kei: How can I like a boy that’s been in the back from day one you ask? Well just take the time to really think about it and you’ll see all the great qualities of Inoo Kei! Magazines…he OWNS his shots. He definitely knows how to work the camera and it’s obvious the camera loves him. I would say that he has the best overall average of best shots of the 10 members. And I know it’s hard to hear his voice a lot because he doesn’t get really opportunities  for solo lines but he has got a GREAT voice. In Hey! Say! JUMP’s latest tour, Yabu was absent sometimes and so and Daiki filled in for his lines. Kei’s voice = LOVE. If you haven’t heard it, then you need to. It’s somewhere in hey_say’s LJ so if you have the time, I would highly recommend it. I really don’t know why he doesn’t have solo lines…it’s actually a crime. And I personally think he’s quite the looker (what a strange phrase). His smile is just…adorable. So in short, Kei needs more attention. I know I’m saying that kind of a lot but this time, I’m pushing it even a little more because Kei feels like the most ignored member of the group when he has all the qualities that would put him at front with a little push.

01. Well I suppose the picture at the top really gave things away huh? But it really shouldn’t come as a surprise to any of you that my number one is Dai-chan. He’s the perfect combo of hot and cute (like Massu) and his smile could light up a room. I just don’t know how anyone could resist his cute charm! If you look at the videos, you’ll notice that this boy can move. For example, he always hits his moves so sharply in the Suriru performances. And he really does have a good voice (I’m glad he got solo lines in Mayonaka no Shadow Boy). I loved his acting roles and wish he would have gotten more spotlight (grr…). Anyway, not much to say that I haven’t already said before. Daiki is amazing. End of story.

So yeah, that’s my little list and I think I’ll post an update in a couple weeks after seeing the Hitomi no Screen Making and photobook + DVD and all that good stuff. I’m very excited to see the guys all together and see just how much they’ve changed from the last making!! What about you all??? Any changes in your lists???

February 12, 2010

Yama-chan In My Eyes

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Now I don’t know how many of you have watched Hidarime Tantei SP but since I am dependent on subtitles, it took me a little longer than most. But I did watch it and…wow is all I can say.

Now I’m going to admit my love for Yamada had waned over the period of my fandom. I don’t know…usually I don’t think much of “overexposure” but I’m thinking that’s what happened. I mean, it wasn’t a matter of Yamada always being in front of Hey! Say! JUMP that bothered me…it was the NYC boys that pushed it over the edge. And maybe I wouldn’t have taken it so personally if I didn’t love B.I. Shadow so much…I don’t know. Whatever the reason, he slipped on my list of favorites. But after watching Hidarime Tantei, he’s back up there!!

He did an absolutely FANTASTIC job of acting! I don’t wanna spoil things for those of you who haven’t seen it but there is this absolutely heartbreaking scene near the end that made me cry. You can say what you want about Yamada but you have to admit that the boy has got some serious acting chops. He also looked fantastic, as expected. I’m very much excited to watch the new series once I can get some subtitles.

So yes, Yama-chan has rose in my eyes in my list of Hey! Say! JUMP. Speaking of which, I think I’ll post a list of where everyone is at on my current spectrum so you all can see how I’m feeling about the guys!! So did anyone else watch this SP and love it as much as I did???

February 6, 2010

It’s Been A While Ne!!

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Hello everyone!!
After getting a few comments over the last few weeks, I decided it was time for me to (FINALLY) upload something new!

I’m so sorry for just abandoning the blog for so long!
At first it was because there wasn’t really much to report…but if you’ve been following the Hey! Say! JUMP wave then you know that there’s definitely exciting news!!

Hitomi no Screen will be released in a few weeks!!
Actually I’ve avoided looking at covers (if they’re out yet, I don’t wanna see them until I get my copies), PV preview or listening to the song at all. I want to be completely surprised when I got my copies so expect a super fanboy post when that day comes!!

In other words, I’ve ordered both their new school calendar and their photobook so posts about those two items will be coming as well!!

I hope you all are doing fantastically and sorry for keeping you in the dark so long!!
I have a new computer since my old one broke so all my pictures were lost…but thanks to chibilover14 of Livejournal, I would say we have a good image to start things off again.

Anyway, just wanted everyone to know that I still love Hey! Say! JUMP (always and forever) and I think I’ll try and post something detailing my fandom within a couple of days.

So, please tell me how you all are!
I’ve missed you all a lot!!

P.S. Daiki in the above picture…*drools uncontrollably*

December 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Chii!! We Love You!!

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It’s November 30th so happy birthday Chinen!!!! You’re officialy 16 and I hope you have an amazing year!!!! I don’t have much to say but keep being your cute / adorable but also cool self!!! And I look forward to seeing you and the rest of NYC boys on Kokuhaku!!!!

Plus, seeing this photo along with a few others from the photobook totally makes me want to get it!!! So…any news gonna come by soon?

November 19, 2009

Eyes On Yamada, Hopes For An Upcoming Single

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There’s finally some news to announce! Yamada’s drama Hidarame Tantei EYE has recently been given the upgrade treatment!!! It will now be a weekly drama series!! This is awesome news for Yamada fans to have more of his awesomeness. I haven’t watched the SP yet but I will make sure to do soon and take a look at this drama! What’s more exciting is the possibility for a new Hey! Say! JUMP single. Someone is gonna have to do the theme song and who better than Hey! Say! JUMP…honestly all we have at this point is hope…

November 3, 2009

Yama-chan Keeps His Clothes On…Hey! Say! JUMP Is HIGHLY Uninteresting

Anan Yamada

So yeah, scans from the November issue of Anan are out and as expected, Yamada kept his clothes on. There’s no girl so no need to worry about that either…hmm…he could have at least gone shirtless (hahah sounds so perverted). So yeah, he’s still our innocent Yama-chan who just likes to be sexy on stage sometimes. Nothing wrong with that!

In other news…there is NO news about Hey! Say! JUMP. Although Shintaro will be having his first single release as a part of Snow Prince Gassshoudan. Yes…another Junior group will be releasing more singles than Hey! Say! JUMP this year…so basically, single time is up. It’s either album or nothing. How lame. And I will not be buying that photobook + DVD thing either…I have to save my money for artists who are actually releasing CDs…*is still bitter.* Honestly…I’m starting to wonder if we’re getting another Hey! Say! JUMP CD release at all…I mean…I can’t see any particular reason why they didn’t release it this year so…the thought is depressing but…

October 27, 2009

Yamada, Daiki, Chinen and Ryutaro Having Some Fun, Everyone Else…Hmm…


So there is no new Hey! Say! JUMP news…but honestly, did you really expect anything? With the touring they’re going to do during late December / early January, I think it’s pretty safe to say that they’re done releasing for the rest of the year. Yeah, such a shame. I’m not gonna lie. I’m a little worried about the future of these guys as a group…but that’s a post for a diferent day.

It’s been announced that Yamada, Chinen and Daiki will be attending the lamp lighting ceremony at Tokyo Dome City on November 11th…what exactly they will be doing has not been announced but…I can’t imagine it’ll be anything amazing…nonetheless, I would love to see some of my fav idols doing something like that.

Also, Ryutaro and Shintaro will be doing some sort of Snow Prince promotion by participating in something called Wan Wan Wan Day Charity Event on November 1st…okay, that’s great…I guess.

So yeah, sorry the blog has been so quiet. Hey! Say! JUMP obviously won’t be releasing anything more this year so I’m gonna try and find some more stuff to talk about…I’m hoping we get something exciting from JE soon…Hey! Say! JUMP, NEWS, Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I. Shadow or V6…any one of those groups would be awesome…

October 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Alice! Hey! Say! JUMP DO SOMETHING!

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Kei - Birthday

Just giving a special birthday shout-out to my friend and fellow Hey! Say! JUMP fan, Alice!!! She asked me to write a fic for her and I did…although it’s admittedly not very good. It’s pretty short since I wasn’t really sure what to write abobut with no romance…nonetheless, I hope you enjoy it!

It had taken about a week of planning but when Alice’s birthday rolled around, everything was perfect. The room was comfortably decorated but its maturalness highlighted its beauty. Chinen stood at the window as the lookout and excitedly shouted “She’s here! Hide!” Daiki quickly turned the lights off and all the members hid behind furniture. Alice walekd into the dark room and after she turned on the lights, the boys yelled “Surprise!”

Alice felt so loved and cared for that tears ran down her eyes. Yabu and Daiki bad made a delicious cake that everyone enjoyed very much enjoyed. Keito played Alice a romantic love song on his guitar that made her melt. Hikaru, Kei and Yuto put on a little comedy show. It may not not have been the funniest it could have been but it was clearly filled with thoughtfulness so it made Alice feel happy. Ryutaro made her a photo album from all the types of pictures he had taken. Takaki and Ryutaro did a sexy performance of Suriru and Chinen sang a cute number. It was absolutely perfect and yet it was even better when the boys of B.I. Shadow and Misaki came in with a beautiful dress. Everyone laughed and had a fantastic time. It was certainly a day to remember.

Sorry it was so short and kind of lame! I wrote it in English class!! I hope your birthday is awesome!!


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