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December 24, 2010

Thank You???

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Well I just got my copies of Arigatou and wanted to present some thoughts!! First off though…I gotta say I don’t love it…I like it but I don’t love it and that’s disappointing because I feel singles 1 -5 have gotten better each time…it would have been hard to top Hitomi no Screen…but still…kind of upset it didn’t at least stand on a similar level…still…it is good and I should just be thankful for that…


  • It’s not hard enough -> the song was described as a hard dance tune so I was sure I was gonna love it…it wasn’t hard enough though…the end part was but not the whole song
  • Yamada and Yuto have really nice voices -> Yuto in particular…it feels like it’s been forever since he’s gotten a chance to shine (since he didn’t get a solo on Hitomi no Screen) -> Yuto!!!!
  • I think it’s pretty safe to say Dai-chan is the new front guy (on Chinen’s level) and I’m soooo happy about that!! I’m soooooooo happy for my favorite!! THANK YOU JOHNNY!!!
  • The ending part is badass and the whole song should have been more like this 😛


  • The dancing is…interesting. Everybody’s in sync so that’s cool but it’s definitely not the best choreography…still, I like the part at the end of the chorus ^^
  • Yabu looks hot again with his black hair! Yay!!!
  • Daiki looks amazing as always, Ryutaro looks awesome, Yuto looks fantastic!!!
  • Chinen needs a new hairstyle…not a fan…
  • I love when Daiki is center!! If the song didn’t center his position then the video does. He’s always at the front row with Chinen or in the center ^^
  • I barely saw Keito 😦


  • I LOVE Hey! Say! JUMP makings and one big reason is Kei-chan. He may get barely any time to shine on the songs but he SPARKLES on the makings. He’s just hilarious and sooo adorable that it’s no wonder why he’s my 2nd favorite (but on the same tier as Dai-chan).
  • The best moment without a doubt was when Kei blew a kiss to Daiki (actually multiple kisses)!! Soooo cuteeeee!!!!
  • Hikaru is such a goofball!! I love how goofy he is and he’s just a giant kid hahaha, don’t ever change Hika-chan!!
  • TAKAKI!! Truth be told, I’m not the greatest fan of Takaki (I like him but he’s been feeling a little cold lately) but this making definitely increased my love for him!! Dork Takaki is back!! It was adorable when he was standing behind Yuto and nodding at everything he said (during the end part where everybody said their final thoughts)
  • The game was hilarious!! You go Kei-chan!!!!!! XD
  • Yuto is still super adorable!!! He’s looking much better as well!! I loved the part when he, Ryutaro and Yabu were getting food!! He looked really cool there!!
  • I barely saw Keito 😦 -> he barely got any screentime…except for at the end when everyone got to say something…*sighs*

Star Of The Song: Yamada, Daiki and Yuto

Star Of The PV: Yamada, Daiki and Yuto

Star Of The Making: Kei ❤

Well there you go…definitely not a bad song but disappointed since all the songs leading up to it were so incredible…still, it’s only been a couple hours and it could definitely grow on me…although the others left a really strong first impression…



  1. I didn’t think it was hard enough either. It actually seems kind of mellow to me. Not in an easy listening kind of way but yeah.

    BEST definitely has a lot of the personality in JUMP. Especially when they’re all together. If all of JUMP can’t get a show together than they should definitely consider getting BEST one.

    Comment by Brandon — December 24, 2010 @ 10:55 pm | Reply

    • Yeah, it was kind of disappointing…should have been as epic as it seemed it would…

      Yep yep!! BEST all together is great! I would kill for the BEST subunit to actually function as a subunit and actually release some stuff…

      Comment by amaiyume — December 25, 2010 @ 6:59 am | Reply

  2. I was super excited when Arigato came out, but then…I was really, really disappointed with it. I mean, Kei is the ONLY one in HSB who still hasn’t got his chance to shine! HSJ can do so much better, but hey, at least I got to fangirl over them…
    Oh, I need to watch the making…It sounds way better than the PV and song itself! (: But I do agree with all the statements you made…except I want Yuto to change his hairstyle too…It looks a bit strange, his hair parted in the middle ^^;; It’s alright, especially compared to Chinen’s hairstyle! O.O

    but Arigato showed so much of Daiki. Oh, Daiki 😀

    Comment by alice — January 3, 2011 @ 4:28 am | Reply

    • Yeah, HSJ can do MUCHH better but it’s definitely not a bad song…it’s still growing on me 😛
      Well Keito and Ryutaro didn’t really get to shine either 😦
      hahhaa yay!!!!
      hahaha you doo!!!!! The making is more epic than the song XD
      Lots of Kei-chan!!!!
      hahhaaha Yuto is…Yuto so maybe I give him more slack XD – and I can think he looks good…not the best he’s looked (that was whenhe was in Scrap Teacher) but still 😛

      ahhha yesss!!!
      My Dai-chan gets sooo much attention 😛

      Comment by amaiyume — January 3, 2011 @ 4:33 am | Reply

  3. The only reason why I was disappointed was because it’s so obvious HSJ can do way better, but it’s so addicting…Especially watching Yamada camera whore xD
    I meant that Kei was the only one in HSB who didn’t get a solo part in a single, but Keito and Ryutaro are the ones in HS7 who also didn’t get a solo too…):

    I watched the making today! Without subs but it was still hilarious. Kei knocked me over with his kisses…And each one just kept on getting better and better !!! I love him!!!! Kei needs a stupid part in a song already!!!!!!!! He’s so wonderful wonderful!!!!!!!
    Haha, Oh, Yuto…it seems he’s not getting as much attention as he used to…same with Yabu…Hikaru gets more time than Yabu now and chinen & Yamada & Daiki get more parts than Yuto…):
    Even though I know it’s hard with ten members, I wish that all of HSJ can all be treated equally…
    chinen looked greeeeeeeeeeeeeeat in the live performance of Arigato! :3
    And I love the HSB short live performance of Arigato xD More time to shine~~~
    Yuto ish growing on me more now 😀


    Comment by alice — January 4, 2011 @ 12:49 am | Reply

    • agreed 100%!! hahaha oh Yamada XD
      But we all know he can be a camera whore because that’s the way Johnny wants it 😛
      oh I get what you mean. Kei gets the short end of the stick when it comes to HSB… 😦

      hahah yep!! hilarious making!!
      I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those kisses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      He is!!! Amazing!! Wonderful!! Incredible!!
      It’s hard to believe that Yuto used to be the front boy…but I do think he got a little more attention here then the last single so maybe that’s a sign of things going up~
      As for Hikaru…I didn’t think he was getting more attention than Yabu…I’m not sure though…seems prety equal to me 🙂
      I know!!!!!! They just split up the verses evenly…I mean I understand having the front boys as the faces of the group…but you know…wouldn’t hurt to give one of Yamada’s lines to Kei, one of Chinen’s to Keito and one of Takaki’s to Ryutaro (wants Daiki to keep all his lines hahhaa)
      Yesssss!!!! Yuto must be loved since he’s awesome!!!!!


      Comment by amaiyume — January 4, 2011 @ 1:37 am | Reply

  4. I don’t care if Yamada is a camera whore; He’s so good at it xD
    Well, I do care when that time can be used for the other unexposed members ); but it’s not Yamada’s fault…
    Yeeesh, It’s like everyone in HSB gets to sing and have a solo, but then Kei is just doing his thing; Looking hot and awesome while dancing and singing, but we don’t get to hear HIS voice ):

    OHMIGOSSSSSSSSSH, why can’t he be kissing meeeeeeeee T.T
    But I would simply settle for ONE line in a single. Or you know, any other song. Really. I’m fine with that D:
    Yuto practically got no attention in the last single…well, for him. You know, since he used to get so much attention. I think it’s looking up though 😀 Getting more attention in Arigato 😀

    Reeeeeeallly? To me, it’s like Hikaru is getting more and more attention! Just gradually and subtly (:
    I want more Yabu time though >:[
    (I love Yabu more than Hikaru teeehee 😀 Always the way it’s been)

    I know, why can’t they give up just ONE line to them?!!!
    LOL you Daiki lover (;
    But yesssh, I agree. Give Yamada’s lines!!! He has so many!!! Or Chinen!!!!
    And NOOOOO, Takaki only got one line in Arigato ): So NO. Takaki getting less time D; Had so much screen time during Your Seed & his drama, but then gradually getting less and less…O.O but it should be fine since he’s pretty much guaranteed to get SOME time…
    But OMG I didn’t know Keito’s voice was so goooood (: Must hear him sing more~ And Ryutaro’s voice is pretty…deeper now. It surprised me. I forgot his voice was always deep aha. But KEEEEEEEEEI 😀
    Sorries to Keito and Ryutaro, but Kei definitely needs a solo before them…since he IS the only one in HSB ):
    I MUST WATCH SCRAP TEACHER AGAIN (The height of my love for Yuto :D)

    DAI-CHANNNNN, marry meee ~ :3

    Comment by alice — January 5, 2011 @ 2:36 am | Reply

    • Haha agreed!! I was thinking a similar thing while watching the latest NYC PV. He does get a BUNCH of camera time but he works it like nobody’s business so you can’t help but be wowed XD
      Hahaha yesss, that is very true XD
      Agreed!! And he’s a great dancer but he’s always in the back so we never really get to see that either!! HSB subunit where everyone can sing please!! More Suriru!!!!

      Hahhahaaha 100% AGREEEEEEEEEEEEED!!!!!
      Sexy Kei!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I know!!! PLEASE JOHNNY!!!!
      I know!! And that was such an amazing song!! Why couldn’t he have more attention on an awesome song like that? XD
      Hopefully!!! Next single, take the lead Yuto!!!!!

      Hahaha I didn’t notice XD
      But that’s for the best because I want more Yabu time over Hikaru time XD
      But YabuHika time is great too ^^

      …maybe someday…
      At least for Kei, I can hear his voice when BEST sings…can’t make out Keito and Ryutaro when 7 sings…
      Hahaha I’m fine with Takaki getting less if it goes to Ryutaro 😛
      Hehe I am in LOVE with Kei’s voice so anytime he sings, the better XD
      There needs to be more Ryutaro and Keito in my life!!! PLEASE JOHNNY!!!!
      Hehehe yess!! I agree!!! The pinnacle of Yuto love!!!

      Hehehhehehehee 😛

      Comment by amaiyume — January 5, 2011 @ 5:20 am | Reply


    Comment by alice — March 26, 2011 @ 10:47 pm | Reply

  6. Okay, I guess you’re gone. It’s been months. I still check up on your blog and re-read your old posts, you know? Did you lose interest in HSJ? I admit, I sorta did, but I still love them. I still check up on them once in a while. I’m more about Tegomass; they’re like the only Japanese group I still love. But I still check up on the other groups, especially HSJ. But honestly, I hope you’ll come back one day and post new things about HSJ…or at least one last post. I hate seeing this blog not updated & not knowing why. It’s my favorite blog. I love this blog so much. Gosh, I’ve been coming here since like, eighth grade? Seventh? And now tenth grade is going to be over. So just saying, I really miss talking to you and reading new posts. I really miss everything. I hope you come back one day.

    Comment by alice — May 30, 2011 @ 8:28 pm | Reply

  7. You’re my favorite fanboy, and fangirls just aren’t the same, aha.

    Comment by alice — May 30, 2011 @ 8:29 pm | Reply

  8. Aha. Aha. You’re gone yet I’m still checking up on this blog, just once in a while. I know you’re gone but it’s weird…this blog was a big part of my childhood. Halfway through eleventh grade now. We both lost interest in HSJ, didn’t we? J-Pop in general for me. i know, I know. Aha, aha. Just wish you would say goodbye…but it’s okay. ^-^ Thank you for the memories.

    Comment by alice — November 17, 2011 @ 4:40 am | Reply

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