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May 17, 2010

Why Is Taking So Long?

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So for those of you who follow other Johnny’s boys, you know that KAT-TUN will be releasing their new album, NO MORE PAIN, on June 16th…now if we draw a little timeline, Hey! Say! JUMP’s album was announced before but we still don’t have a release date…well that’s annoying. Now of course there’s the possibility that Hey! Say! JUMP just isn’t ready but I’d really appreciate it if we had a release date…I don’t even need anything more than that. Just give me a release date so it can be put up for pre-order. Any day now…and the wait has let me think more about the album. I’ve made up a little tracklisting because I was bored on the plane XD

CD 1:

01. Seishun Revolution
02. Dreams come true
03. Makenai Boy (The Boy Who Won’t Lose) [Chinen Yuri x Morimoto Ryutaro x Yaotome Hikaru]
04. Your Seed
05. Hitomi no Screen (Screen Of The Pupil)
06. Suriru (Thrill) [Hey! Say! BEST]
07. Spider Web [Yamada Ryosuke x Arioka Daiki x Okamoto Keito x Takaki Yuya]
08. Sora e… (To The Sky) [Yabu Kota x Nakajima Yuto x Inoo Kei]
09. Mayonaka no Shadow Boy (Midnight Shadow Boy)
10. Bouken Rider (Adventure Rider)
11. Natsu Parade (Summer Parade) [Hey! Say! 7]
12. Ultra Music Power
13. Himitsu (Secret)
14. Paradise [Regular Edition]
15. Tomodachi (Friend) [Regular Edition]

CD 2

01. Aki no Kaze (Autumn Wind) [Yabu Kota Solo]
02. Black Light [Takaki Yuya Solo]
03. Dream Chase [Inoo Kei Solo]
04. Kiseki (Miracle) [Yaotome Hikaru Solo]
05. Sunrise [Arioka Daiki Solo]
06. Starlight Stomp [Inoo Kei Solo]
07. Koi no Arashi (Storm Of Love) [Yamada Ryosuke Solo]
08. Yumeiro Hana (Dream Colored Flowers) [Nakajima Yuto Solo]
09. Ryuusei Rollercoaster (Shooting Star Rollercoaster) [Chinen Yuri Solo]
10. Forest [Morimoto Ryutaro Solo]


01. Ultra Music Power PV
02. Dreams come true PV
03. Your Seed PV
04. Mayonaka no Shadow Boy PV
05. Hitomi no Screen PV
06. Album Making

So there we go…very long and probably not gonna happen but it would certainly be nice. I have a feeling that we’re getting a double album…like the second CD will either be solos or songs that have already been released [Jounetsu JUMP, Memories, etc.]. Just please announce the release date soon!!! Personally, I’m pushing for July 14th…

And in a totally unrelated note, Hey! Say! BEST is sexy. Yes, I already knew this but I picked up the April edition of Wink Up and their photoshoot just affirms it. Seriously, check the scans if you haven’t already. And also in the June edition of Myojo, B.I. Shadow did a shirtless shoot…they all look great…Fuma-chan [insert heart icon here]



  1. Why were you on the plane??
    Nice tracklist xD LOOOOVE it!
    I know HSB is sexy. Now that I go swimming in PE, I compare their bodies to every guy in the pool. Effectively scaring them.
    Me: Ohmigosh, you have a nice torso!!
    Guy: Uhh…thanks.
    Me: They’re nothing compared to Yabu-chan’s though.
    Guy: UHH…?!!

    [sigh] I’m crazy, but I blame HSB for being so sexy and being shirtless during Suriru xD

    AND B.I SHADOW!!! How I miss Misaki )=
    And this is unfair, but I dislike Yuma now D: For hogging the spotlight!!!

    Comment by alice — May 29, 2010 @ 4:52 am | Reply

    • haha, it was my last day of the semester so I was flying back home ^^
      yay!! thank you!! I had fun with it XD
      hahahahahahaha it’s like impossible to measure up to Hey! Say! BEST!! That’s just WAY too stiff competition 😛

      I wonder when they’re gonna perform shirtless next…it’s been a while…and I still am very upset when they perform Suriru and make the shirt opening sound and then don’t do it…teases 😛

      Me too!! I was just thinking about him today 😦
      haha I would have taken Misaki over Yuma…and one reason is that I feel like the group would be much more balanced that way…but without him…I don’t think they have a chance at debuting…that sounds like I’m just using him but I actually like Yuma…I just don’t like the way the group is handled as a whole 😦

      Comment by amaiyume — May 29, 2010 @ 4:59 am | Reply

  2. Aww, that must have been fun!
    I know! It’s like ‘I guess you have a nice body for a guy.’
    And then hold up a shirtless poster of HSB. “But you’re nothing compared to these guys!!!! MWahahahaha!!!!”

    I KNOW. I’m like holding my breath in anticipation, hoping I won’t be like a girl in a manga and get a nosebleed, and then…the sound! And no shirtless-ness. Grr. But they’re still hot.

    Aww, I always think about Misaki!
    I HATE Yuma. Haha. Close to hate, anyway. I think the group is just fine without Yuma, but true. He’s the…’face’ of B.I Shadow. (I will always think of just the three guys as the ‘original’ B.I Shadow though) and thus he’s used to climb into the reality what we call show biz. Yuck.
    I was kinda hoping that would be his role and Johnny could push him back into being a junior, but oh wells.

    Comment by alice — May 29, 2010 @ 5:37 am | Reply

    • yeah, kinda boring so I wrote a face tracklist for Hey! Say! JUMP XD
      hahahahaha, what do they say????

      that’s just…mean of them…although I do appreciate that in the second DVD they extended the song by an extra chorus XD
      And that’s true, they’re still hot…but still…

      I wish he hadn’t quit Johnny’s…I want to hear from him 😦
      awwww why the hate??? Maybe he’ll grow on you??
      How do you feel about Hokuto and Yuugo??

      Comment by amaiyume — May 29, 2010 @ 5:48 am | Reply

  3. Haha, but it was a nice tracklist xD
    Your devotion to those boys~
    They just get freaked out, hahaha.

    Right? (;

    Yes. I want him to pop back and then Johnny runs to him and goes “Misaki!! You came back!! Oh, thank the lord! Let us forget about Yuma and you as the leader of B.I Shadow!”
    He’s not even THAT talented. He’s just hogging the REAL talent – All of the other four boys!

    Oh, don’t get me started on Hokuto. I love him. Love, love, love!
    Yuugo is growing on me. 😀 He’s getting much more confident, and he’s a bit cute in that quirky way.

    Comment by alice — May 29, 2010 @ 6:00 am | Reply

    • hahahha but the real album has more tracks so I’m excited ^^
      hahhaha oh yeah…even with their LARGE inactivity…I could never desert them XD
      hahha if only they were hot as BEST!!

      A THOUSAND TIMES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!

      hahaha that would be nice!!!!
      I wish Misaki had a blog or SOMETHING!!
      But if he wants to live a normal life…
      LMAO, I think he’s pretty talented!! His voice kinda sounds like Yama-chan’s and he’s a good dancer…but that doesn’t mean the other four boys aren’t…and they’re more adorable XD

      YAY!!!!! Hokuto is wonderful!!!!
      Yuugo is like…the definition of adorable! I’ve loved him from the very beginning so I’m glad to see he’s growing on you ^^
      He’s just got this awkwardness that works…hmmm…I find it much more endearing on him that Ryutaro…

      Comment by amaiyume — May 29, 2010 @ 6:11 am | Reply

  4. Yes, and new songs! Finally.
    I almost deserted them – As in, I was just a regular fan and not a freakishly obsessed fan-girl. xD Then I saw Takaki’s picture at my friend’s house and I just had to become a fangirl again =)
    Ohmigosh, I just want ONE guy to be as HALF as hot as BEST at my school!!!!

    I’ll help JE make the PV!! And they won’t have to pay me a cent (; Mhmmm!

    Well, I’m sorta proud of Misaki for choosing a normal life. xD I don’t know anyone who would choose being normal over being an idol!!
    Pssh, I won’t admit Yuma’s a good idol. I’ll say he’s AVERAGE at dancing and singing. Whatever. But I don’t like his acting. At first glance, it SEEMS good – And then you realize all he can do is frown and glare. xD

    THE OTHER FOUR BOYS ARE WAY BETTER THAN YUMA!!!!! fa’sho ;; fa’sho [;

    Hokuto is such a cutiepie!! I just want to hug him and hold him tight!!!
    Hehe, I think Yuugo has this certain charm that makes his awkwardness quite endearing xD And the ability to grow on everyone!!

    Ryutaro’s not even that awkward. xD He used to be when he started out, but who wouldn’t be?

    Comment by alice — May 30, 2010 @ 6:55 pm | Reply

    • yesss!!! I wonder how many we’re getting…I kinda want them to include some songs that haven’t been released yet [i.e. Suriru]
      hahaha Takaki power!!!!! Thank god he saved you!!!
      hahhahahahha, maybe someday!! XD

      hehehehe need some help with that 😛

      Yeah, when people do that, it’s always surprising and somewhat inspiring…but Fuma or Kento needs to get a blog and take pictures with him…
      Awww, poor Yuma XD. I think he’s good at what he does and I don’t hold anything against him personally…I just like the other boys more than him…

      hahahahhah I agree but I’ve been with them and have loved them from the beginning so…

      Me too!!! Hokuto is adorable!!!! And I love his scarves!!! I want him to wear more!!!
      hahahha I agree!! His awkwardness works perfectly for me ^^

      I think Ryutaro’s awkwardness primarily lies in his magazine shoots…otherwise it’s mostly just shyness and quietness…but magazine shoots…yeah…that’s awkward…not all the time though and he’s getting better ^^

      Comment by amaiyume — May 30, 2010 @ 7:12 pm | Reply

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