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October 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Alice! Hey! Say! JUMP DO SOMETHING!

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Kei - Birthday

Just giving a special birthday shout-out to my friend and fellow Hey! Say! JUMP fan, Alice!!! She asked me to write a fic for her and I did…although it’s admittedly not very good. It’s pretty short since I wasn’t really sure what to write abobut with no romance…nonetheless, I hope you enjoy it!

It had taken about a week of planning but when Alice’s birthday rolled around, everything was perfect. The room was comfortably decorated but its maturalness highlighted its beauty. Chinen stood at the window as the lookout and excitedly shouted “She’s here! Hide!” Daiki quickly turned the lights off and all the members hid behind furniture. Alice walekd into the dark room and after she turned on the lights, the boys yelled “Surprise!”

Alice felt so loved and cared for that tears ran down her eyes. Yabu and Daiki bad made a delicious cake that everyone enjoyed very much enjoyed. Keito played Alice a romantic love song on his guitar that made her melt. Hikaru, Kei and Yuto put on a little comedy show. It may not not have been the funniest it could have been but it was clearly filled with thoughtfulness so it made Alice feel happy. Ryutaro made her a photo album from all the types of pictures he had taken. Takaki and Ryutaro did a sexy performance of Suriru and Chinen sang a cute number. It was absolutely perfect and yet it was even better when the boys of B.I. Shadow and Misaki came in with a beautiful dress. Everyone laughed and had a fantastic time. It was certainly a day to remember.

Sorry it was so short and kind of lame! I wrote it in English class!! I hope your birthday is awesome!!




  1. Hey! Thankies SOOO much! (= I wish I could have read this yesterday, my birthday, haha, but the stupid computer was messed up )=
    And NO THIS IS NOT LAME. AT ALL >:[ It’s awesome and sweet!
    You’re really good at writing, you know that? :0 I write too, but this would take me at LEAST an hour to make it that fantastic (: Like ferreal.
    Oh, you just HAD to include Suriru. ;] Was Takaki shirtless?!?! And Ryutaro too? xD Wow. Although now I would like to see him perform suriru now xD

    I love this so much!! (= Thankies so much!!
    And YAY, MISAKI!! I missed him! And no Yuma! Mwahaha.
    Now only if HSJ actually did that…(;
    Or at least do something new. -.-

    (= &&My birthday was mucho awesome. I got so much presents and hugs and an IPOD!!! :0 the newest one too! I knew that being the only person w/o an ipod for years would pay off eventually!

    Comment by Alice — October 17, 2009 @ 5:15 pm | Reply

    • I’m glad you enjoyed!
      Sorry for taking so long to respond!
      Midterms 😦

      hahhaa I did!!! And yep yep, Takaki was shirtless!!
      But Ryutaro didn’t sing Suriru. He made the picture book :). Suriru was TakaYama’s present ^^

      Yay! I miss him too!!!
      hahaha, awww!!!
      They need to HURRY UP AND DO SOMETHING!!

      Yay! I’m glad you had a fun birthday!!
      Oooh, that sounds so exciting! Now you can put a bunch of Hey! Say! JUMP songs on it 😛

      Comment by amaiyume — October 26, 2009 @ 4:14 am | Reply

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