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August 14, 2009

Picture Of The Day 13:Kouchi Yuugo

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Yuugo Multiple

It’s time for another Picture Of The Day, this time featuring the adorable Kouchi Yuugo!! So let’s dive right into it with a similar style to the last one!

Bottom Left: How friggin cute is Yuugo?! I actually like his hair like that and I think it gives it a little more spark.ย And he looks cute in the outfit like little businessman. His smile is so cute and you can see like all his teeth haha. Kawaii!! I just used “cute” 3 times and the Japanese translation of “cute” lol.

Bottom Right: Someone definitely caught Yuugo at the right moment because he is looking awesome in this picture. Hmm, what song is singing? The lyrics look so familiar but I can’t remember from where…hmm…

Middle: His face looks kinda weird here but I’m thinking it’s just the angle. Like his facial features look particularly old…not a great look for someone who is 15 haha. But I love the B.I. Shadow outfits so he looks cute in that.

Top Right: Wow, Yuugo actually looks pretty cool in this shot. I think the mouth is the grabbing point for me since he’s giving…well I don’t really know what to call it but it’s very cool. And combine that with the outfit and you get a star combination!! And just for the icing, add on the nice hair and you’re set! Yuugo being cool. He should try this more often.

Top Middle: Basically what I said about the Bottom Left picture. He looks absolutely kawaii and I’m loving his look in this picture. He should definitely stay with this look for a while.

Top Left [Bottom]: hahaha, it’s that cute smile with a kind of nervousness that you can’t help but love!! Go Yuugo power!!!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the adorable Yuugo! I’m really inย a Morning Musume mood and plan on picking up a copy of the regular edition of Nanchatte Renai when I go to Japan Town. Keep your fingers crossed that they have a copy!



  1. good luck. i’ve been playing nanchatte almost non stop. i wish you could get the commemorative edition because subete wa ai no chikara is a really good song.

    Comment by brandon — August 14, 2009 @ 1:03 am | Reply

    • Arigtou!!!
      It’s soooo catchy! Morning Musume just keeps bringing fantastic songs! I can’t wait to see what they’ll do next!

      I think Subete wa Ai no Chikara is just okay and that’s why I’m getting the regular. Plus I can’t pass up on the hotness that is Aki Urara ๐Ÿ™‚

      Comment by amaiyume — August 14, 2009 @ 1:11 am | Reply

      • aki urara is hot. lots of junlin.

        also is it just me or does yugo look really shiny in that middle picture with his arms out.

        Comment by brandon — August 14, 2009 @ 3:04 am

  2. I wish I had color coded lyrics so I could tell who’s singing when…but yeah Aki Urara is fantastic!! This makes four singles in a row with awesome B-sides [Romance, Yowamushi, 3,2,1, BREAKIN’ OUT!, Aki Urara] ๐Ÿ™‚

    yeah he does XD

    Comment by amaiyume — August 14, 2009 @ 4:17 am | Reply

    • i actually liked every c/w track since onna ni sachi are. i think someone over at the mm-bbs did color coded lyrics for aki urara.

      okay lol glad you noticed it too.

      Comment by brandon — August 14, 2009 @ 7:37 am | Reply

      • Wow that’s a long time!! H!P songs tend to be too cutesy for my liking by lately Morning Musumee is bringing it!
        And thanks! I’ll go look now!!!

        Comment by amaiyume — August 14, 2009 @ 1:44 pm

  3. yeah morning musume definitely has gotten a bit more badass especially since kanashimi twilight. or even really egao yes nude because i LOVE that song.

    i can deal with their constant happiness if i find the song appealing, like mikan is happy but i like the arrangment and the lyrics so i overlook it.

    Comment by brandon — August 14, 2009 @ 2:52 pm | Reply

    • I know right!! I love both of those songs!! At first I wasn’t crazy about Onna ni Sachi Are and Kanashimi Twilight and their inclusion on Platinum 9 DISC but now I love them ๐Ÿ™‚

      And of course every single with the current line up has been awesome! Mikan, Resonant Blue [my first MoMoSu single], Pepper Keibu [one of my favorite MM songs EVER!], Naichau Kamo [amazingly catchy], Shouganai Yume Oibito [pretty and fantastic], Nanchatte Renai [more fantasticness]. And of course the album songs on Platinum 9 DISC [SONGS, Take off is now!, Jounetsu no Kiss Hitotsu, It’s You] all kick ass!!

      Egao Yes Nude, SEXY BOY ~Soyokaze ni Yorisotte~ [SUCH A GOOD SONG!!], Irropoi Jettai and Osaka Koi no Uta are all fantastic as well!! And I feel like I would like a few more older songs if they were done by the current line up ๐Ÿ™‚

      And then there are past album tracks and B-sides, which would make this list even longer hahaha

      Yeah, I like Mikan and I totally like songs like SEXY BOY ~Soyokaze ni Yorisotte~ which is kidna cute but mature at the same time. A perfect combo for these girls.

      Comment by amaiyume — August 14, 2009 @ 3:17 pm | Reply

  4. Yuugo. Yuugo-chan. Yuugo-kun…
    I don’t think any of those sound right. Hmm :/
    I think I’ll try Yuu-chan for now xD

    Anyway, he’s so cute!! I still can’t believe he’s older than me!! He looks great in a tux. But bottom right picture is totally my fave – I wish he was like this in performances more often, but then how would Yuma w/ B.I Shadow be the same? ;]

    Comment by aliceeinwonderland — August 19, 2009 @ 12:01 am | Reply

    • hahaha Yuu-chan is cute!! You should stick with that one ๐Ÿ™‚
      Agreed, such a good picture!!! He should have his shot in the front more often! They all should!!
      LOL, they could experiment for once XD

      Comment by amaiyume — August 19, 2009 @ 1:40 am | Reply

  5. haha the lyrics are from jounetsu jump. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Comment by sihui (amber) — September 1, 2009 @ 3:17 pm | Reply

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