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August 12, 2009

Winter Fantasy With Takaki and Yamada

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Takaki Yamada Snow

Time to take a trip to the winter wonderland with Takaki and Yamada!! As usual, credits go to kamenashii at Livejournal!!

Takaki looks great here and definitely should channel this look again!! Now we all know Takaki’s hair can go up and down sometimes but here it’s looking fantastic. I wouldn’t change a thing about it. Even though I can’t read the shirt that he’s wearing, for some reason I feel like the words are very sweet. Just kinda like a love song or something. His face is so sweet that you just wanna hug him!! But I really had to pick this picture for Yamada’s awesomeness! Just look at that face and tell me the coolness doesn’t seep into you. That smile is so capturing and his hair really sets off his face. Ooh, a coat with a fur hood!! Extra points for Yama-chan!! They both look great and really bring the winter even now in the summer!

Hurray!!! I hope everyone has enjoyed this Takaki and Yamada picture!!! I think they both nailed it and definitely caught my eye!


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