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August 12, 2009

Picture Of The Day 11: Kikuchi Fuma and Matsumura Hokuto

Fuma Hokuto Kawaii

Here we are again at Picture Of The Day!! Today I’ll be featuring Fuma and Hokuto so hurray! Credits go to reigin_chan at Livejournal!

Fuma looks so cute here as he always does! I think pink really suits him and amplifies his kawaiiness. They really compliment his lips and draw your eyes ne. As always, I’m loving the hair and his smile is so infectious. Is it any wonder why I love this guy?ย And LOL at the little Fuma looking so weird and loveable! Hokuto looks so innocent but I would have liked his shot better if he was smiling. His smile is so cute so he should definitely show it off! What I’m getting from these various pictures of Hokuto is that he loves scarves and he definitely looks good in them so continue Hokuto!! The little Hokuto looks like he’s going on an adventure! hahha, kawaii.

How can you not love these two? They’re absolutely adorable and I hope they get more attention in the future!! I hope you enjoyed this Picture Of The Day!!



  1. is little fuma dancing? looks like he’s play invisible maracas. O_o

    hokuto does seem to almost always have a scarf doesn’t he?

    Comment by brandon — August 12, 2009 @ 2:17 am | Reply

    • haha maybe! That would be really cute!!!

      I know!! His charm point as the girls of Morning Musume would say XD

      Comment by amaiyume — August 12, 2009 @ 5:01 am | Reply

      • his plentiful scarves? that’s a charm point no one can steal lol.

        so what’s fuma’s than? his magic invisible maracas?

        Comment by brandon — August 12, 2009 @ 6:07 am

  2. hahha agreed!!! Yay for Hokuto and his great scarves!!

    I think Fuma’s charm point is his cheeks actually. They always look so cute and his face is just too adorable for words ๐Ÿ™‚

    Comment by amaiyume — August 12, 2009 @ 7:04 am | Reply

    • isn’t that something they say in japan like “what do you like? his face.” i hear that a lot of tv shows.

      Comment by brandon — August 12, 2009 @ 12:18 pm | Reply

      • it kinds of sounds familiar but I can’t come up with something in particular

        Comment by amaiyume — August 12, 2009 @ 12:47 pm

  3. Aww, now all we’re missing is Kento. ;]
    Hokuto’s scarfs! I love his scarfs! I wonder if he ever loses them…o.o And yay! He’s wearing blue, the BEST color ever! He’s way too cute!!
    Fuma looks good in every color, doesn’t he? And every time he wears pink, his lips look so…bleh, there isn’t any adjective to describe it. xD

    Comment by aliceeinwonderland — August 13, 2009 @ 3:39 am | Reply

    • Maybe he’s coming soon! Who knows ๐Ÿ˜›
      hahaha, I LOVE Hokuto’s scarves. It’s very eye-catching so he’s definitely got great style!
      SOOOO true! He could go through the rainbow and rock every color!
      And i totally get what you mean about the lips…yeah…

      Comment by amaiyume — August 13, 2009 @ 4:01 am | Reply

  4. it doesnt seem like others have noticed it, but hokuto’s name was spelled wrongly. it’s supposed to be matsumura…yea, i think im correct about it, *in case im wrong?*.

    fuma~~ it seems like they fixed the colour for each of bishadow huh? fuma-pink, hokuto-blue, kento-yellow, yuugo-green…isnt it like what it seems? anyway, back to fuma…although i dont like him as much as i like hokuto but i still like him & i’ll try to be fair in my comments…

    fuma–he really looks like a 14-year-old to me…like he’ll never grow old. i think he wont…his eyes are ever-so-killing to me. he has this fair skin that not every guy has. i dont even think mr. *not so* perfect *yama-chan* even has this kind of skin. his outfit was simple but looks really good. his hair!! looks like mine…i mean the length of his hair. i cant see the smaller picture so i’ll just comment on the bigger one.

    hokuto–he’s destined to be a blue-colour. my favorite colour! so that’s a real2x bonus…his bangs are cute. they just look so fine on his face. of course, that scarf grabbed some points from me. i like scarves. i like the one he wore on akuma na koi’s mv. the blue checkers. the shape of his face looks kinda different to me here, perhaps because of the angle. but his eyes are still big. he looks cute!!! oh ya, his sleeve was 3/4 length…that’s cool.

    okay, i made it!!! both of them have about the same length of comment. anyway, this picture has both of our favorite in it!! you-fuma, me-hokuto… banzai!!

    Comment by ryeowook0621 — August 16, 2009 @ 1:07 pm | Reply

    • Yeah, you’re right. Matsumura :)…Where did you see it spelled wrong?

      That’s true ever since that first image of the group together! I’m glad Fuma got pink!! Really kawaii!!

      Yay for never growing old! I can’t believe how young he is though…oh well. And agreed, his eyes are very capturing ne! And his skin is very pretty as well. It definitely makes him stand out. And his hair is always awesome!!!!

      It’s a perfect match!! And yes, his bangs really suit his face! His scarves are sooo amazing!!! I love that one too!!

      Hurray! Equality!! Both of our favorite members in one post!! Yessss!!!!

      Comment by amaiyume — August 16, 2009 @ 10:11 pm | Reply

      • the title!!! you wrote “Picture Of The Day 11: Kikuchi Fuma and Matsmura Hokuto”…argh, im sorry i didnt mention where was it in the comment before.

        Comment by ryeowook0621 — August 22, 2009 @ 12:52 am

  5. Oh thanks for pointing that out!!!
    hahaha I totally didn’t notice XD

    Comment by amaiyume — August 22, 2009 @ 6:41 am | Reply

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