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July 19, 2009

Born in The EARTH: The Future Of Hey! Say! JUMP?

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So Yabu, Hikaru and Daiki (weird I know!) performed two new songs entitled Born in The EARTH and Our Future. It was nice to see Daiki again and the titles got me thinking about Hey! Say! JUMP and whatnot so after my thoughts on the song, I’m gonna rant for a little bit [giving a fair warning].

Born in the EARTH: So we all know Yabu’s voice is described as that of an angel and you can hear his the most prominently on the higher parts but who knew Hikaru and Daiki could go that high too?! Everyone sounded good and the English was a nice touch. It was also particlarly nice to hear Daiki’s voice solo. The song is cute although it is not a song that I would choose for a single or even a B-side. It’s just kind of cute but it doesn’t really grab me.

Our Future: It’s catchy although the verse sounded a little messy. It’s a little better since it could be a song to hype the crowd but again, it’s nothing that really stands out. I think it might have sounded better with some of the other members so that the voices could be more balanced…

Anyway, I’ve been thinking a lot about Hey! Say! JUMP and how they haven’t released a single or album all year. Now I’ve gone through the various emotions with this…mostly I was pissed but I was also sad and confused, anxious and you know, just a lot. Now looking at what Johnny has done this year and last year, there’s definitely a big change. Last year was the beginning of my Johnny’s fandom and what a time to step in. NEWS delivered both Taiyou no Namida and SUMMER TIME [and Happy Birthday…], V6 delivered so much amazingness [16 songs within the span of three singles], Arashi released 4 singles as well as an album, KAT-TUN released 3 singles and an album, the others [TOKIO, SMAP, Kinki Kids, Kanjani8] got some singles and even though they didn’t get as much CD releases, the quality was still good. Hey! Say! JUMP released two amazing singles and a Tour DVD. That was definitely a strong year for Johnny’s Entertainment.

Now let’s compare that to this year. Now if you want to have an active fandom filled with awesomeness then turn to Arashi. They’ve released three singles [5 A-sides + 2 B-sides], a Tour DVD and a BEST album is on the way. Now that must be so exciting for all the Arashi fans. I must admit Everything is one of the best singles of the year and as of now, the strongest single to come out of JE for the year. KAT-TUN also had things pretty good in terms of releases: two singles, a Tour DVD and an album. However those two singles were pretty weak and since the album came out, they’ve become ghosts. Now I can totally understand that after an album, you can rest and take your time off for a few months and what not but the album was in April…September releases are now being filled so time is running kinda long. So what is KAT-TUN doing to fill the time? They’re touring…which makes me really wonder why the hell touring is so fixated on this year. How many Tour DVDs have there been this year [Arashi, KAT-TUN, Hey! Say! JUMP, V6] and it seems like all Hey! Say! JUMP does these days is tour…now of course that’s awesome for those who can go see those tours but what about the rest of us who don’t have that chance? And I’m not just talking about overseas fans. There are plenty of people who love Hey! Say! JUMP but can’t go to their tours for one reason or another. Oh sure a DVD is nice but it’s not the same as a CD release. It’s not the same feeling when you get so excited that one of your favorite groups will be releasing a new song with some B-sides, a new PV and a making of that you can laugh along with the boys…what about that feeling? So basically Johnny decided touring + having the guys come on and perform different new songs would be a good idea. Well…that’s nice too but it’s still not the same as waiting for the CD to arrive on the shelf or come in the mail. Plus the group seems so split these days. Kei-chan is off at Meiji University working his butt off, Yabu and Hikaru are always together unveiling some new song with their involvement as well as getting their new drama roles, Yamada and Chinen had School Kakumei and got the spotlight as being part of NYC Boys, Takaki with Gokusen, who knows where the hell Daiki, Ryutaro, Keito and Yuto are…The only time they seem to be really brought together is touring. Now that’s great but instead of spending so much time touring, why doesn’t Johnny give them the shot to make a new single / album so that they have time to promote it before running off to do different things…I mean time really might be a factor that is preventing the activity of the group. So basically they’re touring AGAIN from July 23rd to August 27th [there are some 10 day breaks in there so don’t worry about work overload], Yabu has to do his stage play in January so if they don’t give us something within the time frame of October to December then it’s gonna be a while. It’s just so annoying how it feels like Johnny isn’t taking the time opportunities he needs to…

Okay so what does he do about the lack of Hey! Say! JUMP? That’s easy, we’ll just bring in Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I. Shadow. Now I love these guys and I’m sooo happy they’ve debuted. I look forward to seeing them in the future but are they going to serve as a threat to the attention of Hey! Say! JUMP? Well I’m not sure how all the fans see the different groups of JE but basically how I break it down is…KAT-TUN -> the rockers / TOKIO and SMAP -> the old ones / Arashi -> the stars / Kanjani8 -> the crazy ones / NEWS -> the hot ones / Kinki Kids -> who knows / Tackey & Tsubasa -> the distant ones / V6 -> the rewarding ones. Hey! Say! JUMP and Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I. Shadow both cater to a younger audience of fangirls / fanboys. Both had set the record for youngest average debut age in the agency so what are we looking at here. I would love for both groups to be active but maybe Johnny is thinking that this new group will breathe new life into that fanbase. Honestly, I don’t know why he would think that was needed since Mayonaka no Shadow Boy was the group’s 2nd highest selling single after Ultra Music Power…Of course the debut of this new group doesn’t mean Hey! Say! JUMP is out in the cold but instead of bringing Yamada and Chinen into the mix (probably to help promote the group and give them some extra popularity), they should have been doing something with Hey! Say! JUMP…

So what’s next for Hey! Say! JUMP? I can’t help but think of Tackey & Tsubasa. In 2007, they released a BEST album and two singles, which I would think is pretty good [everything was spread out nicely in terms of release dates too]. Then it took them about 10 months to deliver another single in 2008. It’s been over a year since that single and they have yet to release anything together…Tackey is off doing his solo thing and who knows Tsubasa is doing [I think he’s doing stage plays or something but I’m not 100% sure on that]. Except the difference is that with them, at least Tackey is releasing CDs and you can get new music from him. Heck, even Coming Century of V6 is releasing a mini album. I would KILL for a mini album from Hey! Say! BEST. Basically I can see a lot of distance between the members for a little bit with school, dramas and whatnot. I don’t even care what they give us anymore…single, album, mini-album. I just need to get a new CD from them. Honestly, I’ve seen a lot of people are getting impatient and I’m sure people are past the point of being pissed. What’s gonna happen to this group? I have no idea but I do know that it is going to be a year since Mayonaka no Shadow Boy very soon and if they don’t release ANYTHING by the end of the year, then I won’t be holding my breath to hear from them as actively as before. I’ll still support them and buy anything they have to offer but at some point, the touring gets old. It’s true, Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I. Shadow is going to be my new group to fall in love with. I mean, I already have but I shouldn’t have to only have one over the other…

Sorry for ranting so much but it just all had to come out. Now of course I don’t know the future for this group and everything is just what I’m thinking. If you’ve read all this, well then I’m surprised because I’m sure it was a lot to read!



  1. What a nice trio!
    We’ve always heard Yabu-kun and Yaotome-kun’s solo…
    but this time we’ve also got Arioka-kun!
    Both are great and glad that now we’ve having some new originals from Hey! Say! JUMP/

    Comment by Kaname Fujiwara — July 19, 2009 @ 5:09 pm | Reply

    • Yay for Dai-chan!!!
      I’m glad he’s getting a spotlight!!!
      Now if we could only get some more Kei-chan…

      Comment by amaiyume — July 19, 2009 @ 7:46 pm | Reply

  2. tis a sad thing. i actually have to wonder what the dynamic between the group is, it must be difficult to get 10 different personalities together and have them work well. i mean it seems to work well but maybe something is going on that we don’t see that’s causing them to have a break?

    or maybe johnny(mary?) is thinking a 10 member group was a bad idea. YwBIS almost feels like HSJlight to me. i really can’t say i’m getting impatient but i am still technically waiting for my first jump release since becoming a fan.

    i do believe tsubasa is doing a stage play and he’s releasing a solo concert dvd. and of course tackey has a solo career so they’re still active just not together. so going with this tsubasa and jump will be the only people without a cd release and year is more than half over O_O

    Comment by brandon — July 19, 2009 @ 7:02 pm | Reply

    • Agreed…I hope it’s nothing like that although group dynamics must be difficult with both the number of guys and the age range…hope this doesn’t spell bad news…

      I hope not…I think it’s actually a cool idea and I’ve come to like all 10 members so now…and yeah Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I. Shadow seems kinda like that…I wonder what will happen now…

      At least Tackey can release stuff…and Tsubasa can do what he loves. WTF Hey! Say! JUMP…although whenever they release something, it’s about a month in advance so a late August release is not out of the question yet 🙂

      Comment by amaiyume — July 19, 2009 @ 7:53 pm | Reply

      • yeah i totally forgot about the ages. but they seem to mostly get along but that could just be the product we’re being fed T__T. scary thought!

        but i wonder what will happen also. maybe 7 and best split? and function as two totally seperate groups and only tour together?

        that’d actually probably be a little more cost effective because a 10 member group has got to be pretty expensive.

        i suppose i’m getting ahead of myself but still preparing for the worst and hoping for the best i suppose.

        Comment by brandon — July 19, 2009 @ 8:38 pm

  3. yeah…I hate not knowing what’s going on…it is scary!!!

    As much as I love Hey! Say! JUMP, I would rather they do the split thing for just a little bit so we can get some new music. It doesn’t need to be a permanent thing but maybe just like V6 and do it on ocassion…I mean, I’ve always wondered why they were grouped as “Hey! Say! 7” and “Hey! Say! BEST” because it couldn’t just be for ages…they do have a lot of seperate group songs so maybe they were planning a V6 situation this whole time?

    well…who even knows. I feel the exact same way. I’ll prepare for the worst but hope for the best…especially if there’s nothing by the end of the year…

    Comment by amaiyume — July 19, 2009 @ 9:43 pm | Reply

    • yeah that’s my new approach to japanese music after what happened with kanna. i was totally unprepared for her leaving.

      but i think them spliting off would be good. 7 already had their own concert and when they split we get songs like thrill and wonderland train which are both good songs. also iin ja nai and switch! album please!

      Comment by brandon — July 19, 2009 @ 11:13 pm | Reply

      • Yeah, I know what you mean! I didn’t expect her leave either…I thought it was just gonna be for Bye Bye Bye and then time just passed by…so I guess you never really know what could happen…kinda like Misaki leaving JE too…

        Yep yep, Hey! Say! 7 have a bunch of concerts by themselves so it would make sense. Plus Hey! Say! BEST could do concerts and such without having to worry about Hey! Say! 7 not being old enough to stay out past a certain age (like JE Countdown). Plus a mini-album from Hey! Say! BEST would totally make my day! Suriru on an album PLEASE!!! And of course I would support Hey! Say! 7 just because of who’s in it XD

        Comment by amaiyume — July 20, 2009 @ 12:17 am

  4. I personally think HeysayJump as a 10 people team just hasn’t worked out THAT WELL and not necessarily because of chemistry issues. It is just too spread out and it is too hard to give everyone screentime at the same time or have everyone in shows, let’s face it. Wasn’t HeySay7 the original team? I think they joined 7 and BEST to appeal to a broader audience, from younger girls to older ones, but..XD It sorta backfired imo. All the promotions kept on being directed towards 7 members ( doramas, tv shows: Showa Heisei, etc)and now they are trying to switch to BEST too but they are leaving other prominent members like Yuto behind…ARGH.

    And as much as I love Yama-chan…I totally totally adore him, but…XD Even I must admit the lad gets a lot, lot of attention and being in a 10 member group..well…it has created a lack of balance within. I would be so happy if he were in a trio instead of a 10 people group *cough* Yamajimoto *cough* I miss those three!

    Anyways, I think there will be a new album nonetheless and perhaps sooner than expected..XD There IS promotion everywhere, count them! Even the concerts are promotion ^_^ They may be building momentum to release a CD and sell A LOT. That’s what I think.

    Comment by Bell — July 19, 2009 @ 11:48 pm | Reply

    • Wow I totally agree with that point. With the original Hey! Say! 7, things went well and the attention was actually spread out nicely. If anything, Yuto got more spotlight than Yamada…when it became the 10 member group, others definitely got left behind [Ryutaro, Keito and Kei mostly]. Yamada got so much spotlight and still does…dramas, lead parts in songs and videos…it just seems a little unair.

      You know, in groups like this or Morning Musume or whatever, there’s always those members who are pushed more to the back. I always wonder how they feel about not being able to get the same opportunities as the others. With Morning Musume, I think its more bearable because with graduations, everyone moves up in ranking and (usuaally) gets their turn to shine more. But with JE groups, that’s a little difficult to predict. I mean Kei has school but on Hey! Say! JUMP songs, how does he feel about Yama-chan getting like half of the solo parts and him not getting any? Maybe this whole imbalance of distribution is contributing to the group dynamics spreading…

      One problem I have with the constant touring is that the tours should be in promotion of something not the other way around…I mean after a group releases an album, they go on a tour to promote the album but Hey! Say! JUMP doesn’t really have anything to promote. It’s just kinda the same thing…

      The more I think about this, I’m feeling like there’s something not good coming for this group. If they do indeed decide to split then I think an album release is in order, maybe a BEST album with a bunch of songs from concerts and such…then they will go their seperate ways?

      Comment by amaiyume — July 20, 2009 @ 12:26 am | Reply

      • you know what? it’s weird at their biggest for one night morning musume was 16 members but that particular night was all about one member. but when the 15 members left released singles they all got lines to sing and face time in front of the camera.

        and even now with the 9 members in nanchatte renai they all have more than one solo. so i don’t know whats wrong with jump not featuring the other members.

        Comment by brandon — July 20, 2009 @ 2:21 am

      • You’ve got a good point there of course…:/

        Comment by Bell — July 20, 2009 @ 2:30 am

  5. There is another thing bothering me about HeysayJump…if you think about it, their concept is very… limited. You said it yourself, their audience is younger girls, right? But they won’t remain kids forever. I know that sometimes doesn’t apply to JE bands since they can pull off the bubblegum pop and the kawaii style at any age ( NEWS anyone? XD), but still…they may want to move on to a more mature image and what then? They would have to redifine the HEYSAY concept all over ( or debut new younger groups and send HEYSAY to oblivion j/k ).

    I would say the whole Yamada bias is unfair too ( and I imagine his pals are secretly jealous and upset too ), but I think he has a more..leaderly feel than the others. Whether scripted or not, I have no idea, but he does step in and takes the initiative in talk shows and is generally extroverted,charismatic and likable. I also think he does a pretty good job at what he does, and that coupled with the fact that he is cute…well…XD it’s obvious he would be chosen for more activities. You choose whom you think would be the best for the job, right? Sometimes I wonder if so much promotions focused him are …because Johnny has more evil secret plans XD

    Comment by Bell — July 20, 2009 @ 1:57 am | Reply

    • i think if HSJ can take their fans with them as in gradually get more mature than they’ll be fine. they wouldn’t really have to reinvent themselves they could just have a slow build from super pop to more…adultish music. i think your seed and mnsb are good examples of this. as long as they don’t go backwards to UMP they should be able to grow with their fans.

      this might sound weird but i think the only reason yamada is popular is because yamada is popular…
      like…if on music station they suddenly put ryutaro next to tamori he’d be able to talk and be leader-y as well as yamada could. or any of 7 on their radio show proves that they can take the initiative and be funny/outgoig/charismatic if given the chance.

      Comment by brandon — July 20, 2009 @ 2:49 am | Reply

  6. Wow! Such good discussion going on here!! I love it!!

    To The First Point:

    That is true. Morning Musume definitely has a hierarchy (leader, subleader) but they don’t follow such a strict way in terms of spreading the attention. Ai will always get lots of line. That’s just the way it is. Even though Eri, Sayumi and Reina all joined at the same time, you can definitely believe Reina will get enough spotlight. Usually as much as Ai. Risa and Eri seem to be on the tier after them and Junjun and Linlin will definitely be at the bottom. However Risa’s solo song was a B-side on the Naichau Kamo single, Eri, Sayumi and Aika all had solo songs on Platinum 9 DISC. So the love gets spread in different ways, making the leader / subleader thing kinda intact but more of a group of 9 girls.

    Could Jinjin, Linlin and even Aika get a little more love? Sure but they’re definitely getting more than Ryutaro, Keito and maybe even Kei. SONGS, Nanchatte Renai and the live version of some older song they live, everyone got a solo line and on most songs almost everyone does. For those who don’t, they usually sing together (Linlin and Junjun).

    Hey! Say! JUMP doesn’t have one set leader (officially) so it’s kind of annoying to have Yamada constantly in front (not that I don’t love Yamada). I understand Johnny wants to promote the popular ones to more of the face of the group to bring more popularity but he could set a few of his lines to other members and he would still be in front.

    To The Second Point:

    I agree with brandon in thinking that the fans can follow them through the years. I haven’t followed other groups since their beginning but you gotta figure a lot of those groups were cute and happy when they first started. NEWS is a good example because I feel like they’ve changed so much. Who would have ever though Tegoshi would have adopted the nickname “Ero Prince” looking at his cute old face. Ryo doing a bunch of rock solos on the album? Who saw the sexy Alibi coming from Koyama and Shige? Ai no Matador? But at the same time they bring songs like Happy Birthday and weeeeek which suit their older image perfectly. Sweet and happy. So I don’t think Hey! Say! JUMP will have any problem with that.

    It’s true, Yama-chan is popular and it looks as if that to say. I feel it’s a combination of naturally the way he is and the way things are set up. Now within the 10 members of Hey! Say! JUMP, Yamada is arguably one of the most attractive. He’s also one of the younger ones and yet you see him sing songs like Moonlight and Asia no Perfume, songs you would never think coming from him just by looking at him. Those are more like songs Hey! Say! BEST would sing. I doubt you would ever see something from that from any of the other four younger members…then again who would think Daiki could own Suriru? And I totally agree brandon about placement. Yamada gets the center stage to talk so therefore everyone gets a chance to see him better. Although I feel like Ryutaro or Keito might not be the best fit for that position because they seem more on the shy side, Yuto or Yabu could take that role perfectly. And they should every once in a while. But I also agree with you Bell. Yamada does what he does well and that makes sense at why he’s in the position he’s in.

    However, Yamada has been in a number of dramas, TV shows [both Show wa Hey! Say! and School Kakumei] and whatnot. Getting so much spotlight can either make a bunch of people get sick of him or love him and it’s obvious how that went. I feel like if some of the other members got the same treatment then maybe they would be more popular. I’m sure Yamada is the most popular out of Hey! Say! JUMP but I wonder who’s next…I’m tempted to say Yuto, Chinen or maybe even Takaki…

    Fantastic discussion everyone!! I’m surprised it’s coming from a long rant XD

    Comment by amaiyume — July 20, 2009 @ 3:23 am | Reply

    • rants make the best conversation topics. the dynamic of morning musume is OLD. they’ve always had the older girl be the leader and the sub leader thing only came up when they had that insane 15nin line up. also the singing together is old two. it used to be kei and sayaka. iida and mari. abe and maki. so the junlin combo is kind of retro actually it just so happens that their both chinese so it kind of feels like tsunku is treating them like one person…kind of like keito and ryutaro in wonderland train or daiki and kei in thrill.
      ai being leader and lead singer is the first time that happened by the way before her no other leader was also a lead singer.
      and i agree with you it does make sense to promote the popular members but it’s like if yamada doesn’t sing lead will people stop liking him? i think he’s popular enough to wear he can sing one line at the end of a song and he’ll be just as popular. i think they’re putting all their eggs in one yamada.

      Comment by brandon — July 20, 2009 @ 3:58 am | Reply

  7. yeah yeah, the Morning Musume dynamic is something I’d thought I’d hate when I first got into the group. If I got attached to one particular girl, I would hate to see them leave the group…so I guess I’m kinda lucky since the lineup hasn’t changed at all since I got into them!

    But yeah, I agree about the one person thing. It really annoys me how they do that but Tsunku does it better with Junjun and Linlin because even though they are together and are like on opposite sides in the back of covers and whatnot, they definitely get their own time. Linlin gets a solo line in Dou ni mo Tomaranai (Junjun doesn’t), Junjun got to sing with Reina in 3,2,1 BREAKIN’ OUT! and actually in the dance shot of Naichau Kamo, my eyes always go straight to Linlin. But you know in time, they move up in the ranks in get their shine. That is the nice side of it…you put in the time and you get the rewards. And I’ve always felt like Junjun and Linlin were more appreciative just being in the group rather than needing to have more spot-light time. I don’t know why…I’ve just thought that. They know their time will come…but the boys in Hey! Say! JUMP don’t necessarily have that security…

    Really? Ai definitely is something special!! She had lead parts before she was leader [Osaka Koi no Uta, SEXY BOY ~Soyokaze ni Yorisotte~], which makes totally sense since she’s awesome.

    And I totally agree with you. Yamada’s popularity is stable. They can afford to give a few lines to Ryutaro, Keito and Kei. His popularity won’t drop and maybe theirs will rise!

    Comment by amaiyume — July 20, 2009 @ 4:09 am | Reply

  8. yeah this line up is the longest serving morning musume with no new members added and no graduations in over two years. and yeah junlin definitely give off a “i’m really glad to be here” vibe. even though it’s been a little over two years they still seem so new to it all and that’s part of their appeal i think, i just wish japan liked them more.

    but yeah morning musume is definitely a waiting game, if you stay there long enough you’ll get a push because you’ll be the most familiar face. ai has always been something special, when the 5th generation joined she was the first member to get a push and we’ve been seeing her slowly move into the lead singer position since maki goto graduated and by the time abe graduated she was front girl! she’s been lead singer since roman my dear boy actually.

    and it’s unfortunate that the jump boys don’t have the knowledge that if they stick with it one day they’ll get their moment in the sun.
    also that’s totally my point, they could feature the other members way more and yamada wouldn’t suffer at all and the other guys would only benefit from it.

    Comment by brandon — July 20, 2009 @ 4:50 am | Reply

    • I’m glad!! I’ve pretty much gotten attached to all of them but one of the people I’ve grown to love the most is Risa. And the next graudation she’ll probably be with Ai to go…that would just be too sad!!! And I agree, their newness sticks out to me. But I think it makes them charming! And I’m sure Japan will grow to love them with more experience and attention!!

      On the one hand, that’s why I can really appreciate a group like Morning Musume. You do your job and do get involved in scandals that will jeapordize your career and then you’ll get your chance at the ront line…and it would be great if Hey! Say! JUMP could have something kinda like that…although I would hate to have graduations…I don’t know what Johnny is thinking with this group…I mean like with Arashi, it’s very equal inside and outside of the music. They have a leader but he doesn’t dominate songs like other leaders and everyone gets their drama roles.

      What kind of puzzles me is that with the original Hey! Say! 7, if anybody was getting the push, I think it was Yuto…but then when Hey! Say! JUMP formed, Yamada was magically in front and Daiki seemed a little in the back…I just don’t understand.

      On the other hand, even they don’t have that same security like Morning Musume, I’m sure some of the members can rest assured they will get their time in some way. For example, Koyama and Shige used to always get the short end of the stick but now they’ve definitely got more attention. Koyama usually is the first or among the first to sing on songs and they’ve gotten duos on the last two albums…Koyama is like the MC of the group so he always gets the spotlight in that respect and Shige actually gets a lot of screen time on behind the stage stuff. So I think the others will get their shot. I’m not sure if he thinks their vocals are strong enough quite yet but Kei’s vocals are awesome so…

      Comment by amaiyume — July 20, 2009 @ 5:57 am | Reply

  9. yeah like in 2005/2006 everyone hated risa but now most people consider her one of the best and important members of the groups. she along with ai have been in morning musume longer than any other members in history so in a way she IS morning musume.

    i agree it’d suck if people suddenly started to graduate from jump unless they decided they wanted to do something else themselves. did something happen between the original 7 and jump? like a drama or something. i mean i’ve seen UMP and it doesn’t seem to be yamada heavy…infact it does seem to have lots of yuto i guess the yamada thing really started with your seed? i mean i really don’t know i wasn’t around than >_>

    did koyama and shige start getting lines and attention after those other two guys left news? if so that doesn’t help our argument of not wanting people to leave before others get attention in jump T_T

    Comment by brandon — July 20, 2009 @ 7:24 am | Reply

  10. aww Who could hate Risa?!!! I just didn’t particularly care for her voice…but now I love it and her as well! Her personality sparkles so much!! And she really is an undeniable part of Morning Musume…they should just keep this line-up forever!!

    Hmmm…it was definitely Yamada centered with Your Seed…and Yuto used to get so much attention. He had solo songs and everything…I’m not sure quite what happened. You’re right, it wasn’t too much Yamada at first but I’m thinking it was a gradual push…I don’t really know to be honest.

    Well Uchi and Kusano left with TEPPEN…it’s definitely true that it’s probably part of it but I think it’s more than that. Like on the behind the scenes stuff on DVDs, Koyama is usually the one with the camera and because he’s close to Shige, he gets the attention so they have their own thing kinda going with that….I dunno…Maybe that was mostly the reason. But I still think they have a lot more than they would and it can’t be just because two guys left. Since he could have easily given their lines to others…like Massu and Tegoshi or something…they also stuff outside of music too 🙂

    Johnny needs to like at least tell us what’s going on with them…all this speculating is making me question what’s going on…maybe he doesn’t even know 0_0

    Comment by amaiyume — July 20, 2009 @ 8:02 am | Reply

  11. yeah actually when i was first getting into morning musume after i found out zone had broken up i watched the do it now video which at that point was really old and it was a little girl in pig tails that had a solo right in the middle of the song and i remember thinking…damn…her voice is sooooo powerful. and that was little risa!

    i’d like to know what caused this yamada effect lol. not that i have anything against him but something must’ve happened to make him the most popular member.

    i think as time goes on people realize there are other members of the group and than that’s when they get attention. so maybe that’s what happened with koyama and shige. after news had been well established they started spreading the love? maybe? who knows lol.
    but some type of info on them would be nice i mean i know we’re just speculating here but i’m starting to hype myself up for them breaking up lol. even though really that’s not funny.

    Comment by brandon — July 20, 2009 @ 8:09 am | Reply

    • hahha that Risa!! She’s soo awesome!! It’s funny how you can get so attached to a person you don’t even know so quickly. For me, she’s one of those people. When I first got into Morning Musume, Reina was definitely my favorite. She still is but now so is Risa. I love Ai, Eri and Aika as well. You know who else I didn’t particularly care for at first? Linlin. But over time, she wormed her way into my heart and I’m glad she’s in the group 🙂

      I would too…like you said, there’s gotta be something…maybe his early drama roles? I’m pretty sure they were successful…I don’t even know XD

      Yeah, I see what you mean. It’s kinda like Morning Musume in a way. They held out this long so eventually love comes their way. Sure, not in the same manner or magnitude but it’s something right 🙂

      And yeah…I don’t know what I would do if they broke up…although with this long wait, I’d definitely feel more prepared. If it happens, it happens and I would hate for it to happen. As long as everyone can still do music [like splitting into the two groups] then I guess I would be okay…and they better release an album before then just to commemorate…the whole idea of this group seemed kinda sudden so…you never know. It’s kinda sad how each time I think about it, I think “Well at least I have Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I. Shadow” as if Johnny WAS preparing it this way!!

      Comment by amaiyume — July 20, 2009 @ 8:32 am | Reply

  12. of the current morning musume the girls that i loved instantly were risa, junjun, and aika. i remember when all of the 8th joined so they all have a special place in my heart as they’re my first generation. for whatever reason it took people longer to warm up to linlin but since we’ve discovered what an awesome singer she is she’s becoming more popular in the west.

    the worst thing about YwBIS is that they don’t even feel 100% real. like BIS were backdancing on school kakumei i think. like recently…sunday! and they still don’t have a section on johnnys ent…sooooooo. i have no idea anymore O_o

    Comment by brandon — July 20, 2009 @ 3:36 pm | Reply

    • I’m glad for Linlin!! She deserves the love!! I don’t think she’s the best singer in the group but she’s pretty good. She should get more lines! (Junjun too).

      I know!!! What’s with that???? The way that they were announced implied that they were a permanent new group but sometimes it feels like it’s just temporary…Johnny really needs to get the ball together lately…why are they still in the Jr.’s section??? And they should NOT be backdancing…they are supposed to be new stars…and if they are hackdancing for anybody, why is Hey! Say! JUMP? They haven’t been releasing anything for like a year…

      Comment by amaiyume — July 20, 2009 @ 4:27 pm | Reply

      • yeah i like linlin but i think she has a weird voice lol

        i know right? did jump ever go back to back dancing after they had a debut? or maybe they’ll have the johnnys jr. do actual releases without debuting? i mean i have really no idea. i’m totally confuzzed.

        but hey lookit like 26 comments O_O

        Comment by brandon — July 20, 2009 @ 5:51 pm

  13. hahaha she kinda does but I’ve grown to like it XD

    No, not that I know of…once they debuted, they were done being in the back. Like you, I have no idea…

    hehe yay!!! Such a good long discussion!! This post got so many views in the past 2 days XD

    Comment by amaiyume — July 20, 2009 @ 7:03 pm | Reply

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