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June 20, 2009

Picture Spam Volume Twenty-One: Inoo Kei

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Wow, is it me or does it feel like a long time since the last volume of Picture Spam?…I guess a lot of posting will do that. Anyway, Picture Spam is back and our featured guy is none other than Inoo Kei!! I feel like I’ve featured him a lot too but that’s what happens when he’s photogenic!

NewKei1Let’s start things off with Kei-chan’s cute side since everyone loves cutie Kei. I think that if anyone else tried to pull off this hairstyle, I wouldn’t like it. Well only a small percentage of people anyway. Somehow, Kei manages to pull it off and look good while doing it. I love the look in his eyes. There’s just something very grabbing about them although I can’t really explain why. Some things are just like that, ya know? His smile is interesting because he’s not really giving a big smile but he’s kinda giving a half smile. It makes him look kinda nervous and I can’t really explain why some people look cute nervous and others look awkward. Maybe because Kei is photogenic and usually gives confidence so it’s like he’s being vulnerable. Either way, I like his smile and think it fits the picture very well. And I really like his shirt. The red and white really stand out at you against the blue behind him. Speaking of which, what is that blue thing? It looks like a big floating thing that you use when you go swimming. I think this is a great picture to kick things off with!! Come on, everyone, let’s smile along with Kei-chan!!!

Well judging from the “2008” in the picture in the top left and the alignment of text, I’m guessing this is from a 2008 NewKei2issue of Myojo. I don’t really know why I like pictures with cameras in them so much but I really do! In the top left picture, Kei looks really cute. I really like that shirt and thinks it suits his style perfectly. As usual, I like his hair and his pants look good from here too. I really like how there are photographs lying on the bed next to him. It makes me feel like there are memories that he’s keeping close. Nonetheless, the top right picture is definitely my favorite of the two. Mostly because Kei is both cute and strangely seductive. His lips are…very nice to put it lightly. Perfect picture in my book. I think the handful of pictures in the bottom left are cute. In the first picture, he wrote his name in Romaji and I have no idea what the Japanese says. Maybe it’s the kanji for “Kei?” I don’t think it is but you never know…unless you look it up lol. The second one is a close-up of Kei taking a picture. The third, Kei being cute and weird. The fourth one is a picture of some balls, a toy giraffe and ladybug (awww!). The fifth is Kei with Keito I’m guessing…and the last one is Kei being artistic! And LMAO at Kei in the bottom right corner looking hilarious! So overall lotta good pictures of Kei-chan!!

NewKei3We all know that Kei-chan is a smartie. He’s going to Meiji University after all so we can all expect big things from him. This picture is kinda what I could picture him like at Meiji University: smart and hot. I’m really liking the school uniform here and the colors white and blue really suit him. Is that a sweater vest I see? Haha, it looks cute so that’s good. And I’m loving the blue and white tie. It just gives the outfit that extra little kick. Like always, his hair is looking awesome and is bringing out the awesome features of his face. Speaking of his face, I LOVE LOVE the expression that he’s giving to the camera. It’s kind of smug but inviting at the same time. It’s like “Don’t you wanna study with me?” And that is an invitation that I will gladly accept. Even though I’m sure Kei is much smarter than me, I would love to have him teach me a bunch of stuff. “Koi wo oshiete kudasai, Kei-chan!” [Please teach me about love Kei!] hehehe. I can’t tell if he’s wearing pants or shorts. I mean, pants might make more sense but I have this strange feeling that he could be wearing shorts. It’s possible! Either way, I really like the color and pattern! I would totally get a pair for myself!! And that’s Kei’s smart side and my desire to be with him heehee.

Time for Kei-chan to get kakkoi on us!! I definitely used a picture of the same photoshoot for something at some point NewKei4on this blog but I don’t remember. Oh well, it doesn’t matter. Is it me or does his hair look a little thin? I mean it’s not anything like “wow…” but it’s just something I noticed. I am loving the whole black and white that they were going for because Kei-chan totally pulled it off. The black long-sleeved shirt is absolutely fantastic and I think it suits him well. I have a shirt kinda like that so I guess I was unconsciously channeling Kei-chan’s awesome sense of style when I bought it!! And the white shirt underneath is also a good look for him. Of course the pants finish off the outfit well and even though you can’t see them all the way, you just know that they look good on him. But what makes this picture so grabbing? It’s gotta be the expression on his face that is so capturing. As Morning Musume (and Pink Lady first) once said “Sekushii, anata wa sekushii.” (Sexy, you are sexy). That is one intense face that just draws me in (and I’m sure a lot of you too). It’s definitely the reason that I had to include in this volume of Picture Spam!! And I just have to say that I love that his name is in pink. It just draws the eye against the black and white. Yay for kakkoi Kei!!

NewKei5I’m sure this picture looks familiar since I used the photo of Ryutaro from the same photoshoot for the post. It’s a good photoshoot so why not use it again? He looks so handsome and sharp in the main picture, doesn’t he?! His hair looks amazing and so does his outfit! The outfit is black and like…lavender, which I think is a good combination. His pose just looks so…professional. He could seriously be a model. But that look…that look that stares into your very soul and beyond…that’s what makes the picture so engaging. And the two pictures of him in his pajamas are meccha kawaii!! The top one is cute as he’s giving the peace sign and looking so cute while doing so. His teeth look a little odd here but I think it’s just the angle of the picture. I prefer the one at the bottom. It’s a full body shot which is always a good thing with a hottie like Kei. And I love the kawaii pose he’s giving. This kind of picture totally makes me want to lie beside Kei!!!

I hope you enjoyed this volume of Picture Spam with Inoo Kei!! There will be another volume of Picture Spam tomorrow and then the week will follow the same pattern as this week with 5 Member Spotlights and 2 Picture Spams. Then the last three days will feature Song of the Month, Member of the Month and Member Rankings!! It’s been a busy month but I’ve loved posting and I hope you all have enjoyed reading!! Hey! Say! JUMP please release something…anything…



  1. Ah, I’m really busy right now, so I can’t comment on all your new posts yet!! ): I promise I’ll comment on the rest of them next time. Sorry!

    Yay, it’s finally Kei’s turn! Even though I’m happy you did a pic spam about him, maybe you should have waited till his bday (the 22nd) to do it about him? ;]

    I can’t choose which picture I like the best! Okay, I’m kidding – I love the first picture the best! There’s just something about me and smiley, cute guys! ;D Well, he’s only giving a half-smile, just like you pointed out, but it looks better like that. (:

    I don’t really like Kei’s shirt in the second piccy, but since it’s on him, it’s cute. xD I like how you commented on all the pictures on that page. I wish I can see the small pictures on it though ):

    Aw, I wish I can go to Meiji University! I wouldn’t mind studying and everything if that means I can study with Kei xD I love how he can pull off that [ugly] uniform. What I really love about this picture is that he’s giving off his “Kei Smile”!!

    I have nothing to say about his kakkoi pictures because I can’t form the words. xD but seriously, he should be a part-time model!

    Comment by aliceeinwonderland — June 20, 2009 @ 3:40 am | Reply

  2. haha, don’t worry about it!! I look forward to your comments!!!

    And trust me, the 22nd will be filled with Kei goodness!! You can bet on that!!!

    If I had to pick one picture as my favorite, it would be the small top right picture in the 2nd picture. It’s cute + cool Kei, which is always a good match 🙂

    And I would love to go to Meiji University too and study with Kei!! That would make school sooo much more fun 🙂

    hahaha, Kei can definitely leave you breathless! And he could most certainly be a part-time model. He’s definitely has the looks and that magic something!!

    Comment by amaiyume — June 20, 2009 @ 4:01 am | Reply

  3. Inoo-chan!!!!
    Gosh, it’s not easy to notice him in HSJ, but once you started to see his stuffs from back when he was a Jr, you’ll go like, KYAAAA!!! inoo-chan is so kawaii!!!

    thanks for the post…

    Comment by rachville11 — June 22, 2009 @ 7:35 am | Reply

  4. ……..i was really speechless about the student pic….i was blushing….i can’t imagine if i tell that to him!:| but i still love inoo-chan either way!!!!-blush- 🙂

    Comment by Athena — October 2, 2009 @ 4:43 pm | Reply

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