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June 17, 2009

Member Spotlight II: Takaki Yuya

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Takaki Member

And now it’s time for Takaki’s time in the spotlight!! Who doesn’t love a little Takaki now and then? All the Takaki fangirls and fanboys rejoice!

I didn’t get into Hey! Say! 7 when they first debuted but I wish I did so I could have met Takaki sooner! My first Takaki experience was obviously the Your Seed PV and he was one of the two boys in front so it wasn’t hard to notice him. I don’t remember my first impression of him but there will always be one part of that video that I will think of when I think of Takaki (the part where the wind is in his hair and it’s a close-up of him during the second verse). He wasn’t my favorite of the guys but he’s grown on me a lot since then!!

Honestly, one thing that made me love Takaki as much as I do was the making of the Hey! Say! PV. I can’t really explain it but he was extremely likeable. He was really cute with Chinen and Yuto!!! And he just was really kawaii in general. I always saw these cool pictures and assumed that was his usual side but I’ve gotten to know his goofy and happy side. He’s hilarious when he’s goofing off with Yabu (end of Mayonaka no Shadow Boy PV) or just being funny in general. Thanks to watching those Suriru performances (many times…), his sexy side also came out. Takaki shirtless is definitely an enjoyable thing! He also has proven himself to be a great vocalist, particularly on that song. It’s no wonder why he’s gotten the attention he has deserved.

Yes, Takaki was in Gokusen. No, I have not watched it (I want to though!). I’m curious about his acting skills and it wouldn’t surprise me if he was very good. I’ve seen pictures of him in Gokusen and he lots hot so that would be another incentive for me to watch. My favorite song in terms of Takaki has to be Suriru with Your Seed and Mayonaka no Shadow Boy tying for second. My favorite video in terms of Takaki is Mayonaka no Shadow Boy. Hot.

On a slightly strange note, the hair situation is getting kinda weird…sometimes it’s hot and sometimes…not. Anyway, Takaki has really grown on me and I’m glad I’ve gotten to know Takki like I do now!!

And I want to end this Member Spotlight with this video. It might make you cry so get ready!



  1. Takagi!! Takagi!! xD
    Sometimes I think he’s my ichiban because that’s how awesome he is but then I remember about the other members and remember I can’t choose between out of all of them. 😀
    People always think that’s he’s cool but he’s actually very childish, funny, and happy! That’s why I love making of PVs and stuff. xD
    Gokusen three is good, but it’s just like the other two! It’s very predictable, but people still watch it because Takaki’s in it. 😀 He’s hot ❤
    He's very good, but there are times where his acting isn't believable enough. Only when he has to act very mad though [: But he hasn't had a lot of experience, so it's not really his fault.
    You should listen to his solos! "Kumo no Ito" and "Oretachi no Seishun" if you haven't yet. Kumo no Ito is my favorite but they're both awesome.

    I'm glad you mentioned the hair situation. . . It might be because he curls his own hair? And he dyes it a lot, so. . .yeah. I think his hair was at its best during hsb meledy on 2.1.09 and in his j.j express days o.0

    Comment by aliceeinwonderland — June 18, 2009 @ 3:34 am | Reply

  2. I can definitely relate! When I first got into Hey! Say! JUMP, I thought he was gonna be the cool one but as I got to know him, he was soo goofy and funny! I’m glad though 🙂
    I think I want to watch Gokusen 3 just b/c he’s in it! And yes, he looks HOT!!
    I watched Kumo ni Ito on the tour DVD but I totally forget how it goes! Oretachi no Seishun is really good though!! I personally really like it 🙂

    Yeah…his hair sometimes has…problems. I think my favorite hairstyle of his is the one he has in Gokusen. It suits him very well!

    Comment by amaiyume — June 18, 2009 @ 3:56 am | Reply

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