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June 12, 2009

Picture Spam Volume Eighteen: Arioka Daiki

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Okay, the last volume of Picture Spam was just okay and one picture short so I’m hoping that this one will be better! And our start of the day is none other than the adorable and hot Arioka Daiki!!

Daichan2I don’t know issue this is from but from the font of the text and the style, this is definitely from Duet. The biggest picture is a perfect example of kawaii Dai-chan. Okay, his smile could have been cuter but I think overall he looks good. I just wanna look into his eyes forever. And as always, his hair is looking awesome. The picture at the bottom left is even more cute!! He looks so innocent and happy. The white sweater also suits his look very well so that’s another plus. The one at the bottom middle has Daiki looking serious and he looks pretty intense there. So congratulations for nailing both the cute and cool shots. Finally, the one on the bottom right has him looking very hopeful. I think it’s a really good picture because he’s got that look in his eyes that draws me. A good way to start this volume of Picture Spam, in my opinon, because it shows various sides of Dai-chan!!

This is a great picture and why not, it’s a Myojo shot. I don’t know why but Daichan3Myojo always takes the best pictures. They just have a knack for it I guess and that’s why I love buying Myojo and looking at the new pictures. Dai-chan is showing off his cool side, which is always great since he does it so well (and he owns his kawaii shots too). His hair looks darker than usual and it suits him very well. I really like that he has his hand in his hair like that just because it makes him look so badasss and cool. But his expression is what really makes the picture worth it! His eyes are just communicating something so deep and intense that my eyes just gravitate towards. His lips look particularly full here so don’t you just wanna kiss him? I know I do…The outfit looks awesome too with that shade of blue complimenting the purple background very well. And he’s wearing a nice white shirt underneath so that provides an interesting contrast and one to look for. I think this is a fantastic picture of Dai-chan and it looks like Myojo scores again with this shot!

Daichan4Back to Duet! Daiki looks so handsome here in his suit and the other two pictures look absolutely adorable!! I know I say this with like every picture but his hair looks awesome and the color suits the overall picture very well. His jacket looks great and his shirt matches perfectly. And I’ve also mentioned my thing about ties, right? Well Daiki is getting it for me since it looks great on him. The pants are the perfect length and truthfully, his position draws my eyes to a certain place…let’s not get into that. And I love how casual the shoes look, still fitting with the outfit perfectly. With his legs spread like that…I’m not even gonna go into that. He looks absolutely adorable in his pajamas and he’s ready for bed! It looks like the top one would be a little uncomfortable but he looks completely natural so congrats for being so flexable Dai-chan! But my favorite of the two is the one where he’s standing up and looking like he’s about to hit the hay! I wanna come with you Dai-chan!!!

The picture to our right is kinda like a combination of cool and cute so enjoy Daichan5the awesomeness that is Dai-chan! Now I’m always the one to say that Dai-chan’s hair looks awesome but it looks kinda off to me in this picture! But his face looks great and gives the attitude that shines. I love that his arm is in that position and it feels like there should be someone there so he could put his arm around them (me!!). His clothes look awesome and the whole black and white look really suits him very well. It also compliments the basic white of the wall behind him. Okay…the color of his name looks out of place and clashes with the simpler colors around it but that’s okay. Dai-chan is looking like awesome like always!!

Dai-chan1I don’t remember where this picture came from but I’m glad I stumbled upon it because he looks so sweet!! It’s some sort of live performance and from the costumes, it looks like Hey! Say! JUMP is ready to bust out some “Ai no Matador” (awesome song by NEWS). I wish I was there to see whatever they were performing…Anyways, Daiki is one of those people who always makes me feel warm with his smile (another being Massu of NEWS) so this is a perfect picture for him. He’s giving the “Ganbatte” fist so I’m sure he did his best at that live performance!! Hurray for Daiki!!

Well this has been volume 18 of Picture Spam and I hope you’ve enjoyed the time with one of my favorite members, Arioka Daiki. We’re coming close to the 20th issue, which you all know will be a special edition. I have an idea but am having trouble finding pics. I do have a backup plan but it’s gonna take some time so it might be a little late…



  1. Aw, Daiki, he’s so adorable !! I never thought Daiki had cool pictures – I thought it was just kawaii piccys !! As usual, he owns all of them ! but even the cool pictures are cute ! For the first picture, I think it would be better to have the picture on the bottom left to be the big picture!!! It’s just more Daiki!! (okay, that sounded weird since they’re all daiki . .but you know what I mean, right?)
    so daiki can own all types of piccys xD he’s just as photogenic as kei !!

    Comment by aliceeinwonderland — June 14, 2009 @ 2:18 am | Reply

  2. I know!! Kawaii + atsui!!!!
    I agree, that would have made a better big picture šŸ™‚
    I absolutely love his kawaii side but love his hot side (Suriru XD)

    Comment by amaiyume — June 14, 2009 @ 4:47 am | Reply

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