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May 31, 2009

Hey! Say! BEST – The Biggest Thrill Round One

Okay, so as I’m sure that all my readers know that I LOVE Suriru and it’s probably the song I would listen to most of any Hey! Say! 7 / Hey! Say! BEST / Hey! Say! JUMP material if I had it on my iPod. I mean how can you not get a thrill listening to this song? It’s too good to pass up and I’ve made various mentions of it on this blog so get ready for another one. In this post, we’re gonna have a contest between the 5 performances to see who gives me the biggest thrill. Let’s go!!

Best Vocals

+ Yabu: I just really like Yabu’s voice so I guess it would be hard for him not to give good vocals. Of course Yabu killed it and I particularly liked that “sono omoi” part just because he did a little something extra there. It grabbed me so congrats on that Yabu

+ Hikaru: Hikaru does kind of a little rap thing but he still pulled it off very nicely. I would have liked a little more draw on the last “wo” but it’s all good.

+ Takaki: I don’t know what it is but everytime I listen to the song, Takaki grabs me with those vocals. I think it’s the way he lets the notes drag on parts. Whatever it is, it definitely is stimulating and I would totally let him take me away.

+ Daiki: Would have been better if Daiki and Kei had sepearate parts but whatever. I mean, I can hear both so it’s not that big of a problem but still…Daiki sounds adorable and makes that part shine

+ Kei: Kei killed it and did his thing. I feel like his voice was very pronounced and crisp, really fitting with the tone of the song.

Winner: Takaki Yuya

Best Dancer

+ Takaki: He did a really good job on all the choreography. He managed to look really crisp in all his moves so good job Takaki. Although I noticed he did miss the little thing on “sekai sae mo kaerareru sa” (and that’s not the first time that he’s missed that either). He also had to adjust his microphone a lot, maybe due to a little too much spinning. Nonetheless, everything else was great.

+ Hikaru: Is it me or does Hikaru look a little…lazy? Well “lazy” isn’t the right word but he looks a little slow on his movements. I find his face at the 6 second mark really funny for some reason. It’s like he’s getting in the zone. I can’t really explain it but it seemed like he was just a little not as into the choreography as the others…maybe that’s just me though.

+ Daiki: Daiki did a fantastic job. Period. He did all the choreography very well with a smile on his face which makes my eyes naturally gravitate towards him. He definitely commands attention and that’s what makes a performance so enjoyable. I think his little solo dance during the breakdown was adorable. It reminded me of Massu. Fantastic job Dai-chan!

+ Kei: Kei-chan!! I think Kei did an awesome job of dancing and like Daiki, he made all the movements look very smooth and he stayed on point the entire performance. His little solo part during the breakdown was kind of weird. It was actually just a jump and a spin but you know, it looked kinda cool so whatever.

+ Yabu: Yabu did an excellent job as well. Again, the choreography was nailed and he looked great while doing it. He didn’t stand out the most to me but did a very good job.

Best Dancer: Arioka Daiki

Best Overall Look

+ Takaki: Now immediately Takaki stands out because he’s wearing the shorter pants. It made it really easy to follow him when I was doing the individual dance moves evaluation. And I like how his hair goes perfectly with the red. The jacket is kinda long in the back but he easily makes up for that by looking friggin hot. His demeanor during the performance was very seductive and intense so he gave me a thrill for sure!

+ Yabu: Yabu looks hot like he always does so it would have been nice to see something to spice it up. But I guess he can’t be faulted for constantly looking hot. The jacket was a little bigger on him than I would have liked (it’s covering up most of his chest) but overall, very good.

+ Hikaru: It’s basically the same thing as Yabu’s so I guess the commentary is the same. Except take out the part of the constant hotness.

+ Kei: Scarf bonus points!! I like that Kei’s outfit is slightly different than everyone else with the grey on the sleeves and the scarf. That just makes everything much better and his hair looks great here.

+ Daiki: Dai-chan is rocking the all red. And am I’m sure I’m not the only one who appreciates the fact his jacket is loose so that his chest was exposed more than anyone else. Hottie!! Hehehe, but moving on. He just looks really cute and so it gets points for that too.

Best Overall Look: Arioka Daiki

Special Moments:

1:46 -> Because hip thrusts make the world go round!
2:00 -> Wind + Kei = reciper for success
2:02 -> Wind + Daiki + close-up shot = love
2:15 -> Takaki looks like he’s growling
2:18 -> Daiki looking like…words can’t even describe
2:19 -> Kei melting me

I hope you have enjoyed these special moments with the boys of Hey! Say! BEST. This is a competition so I have to declare a winner.

Our winner is….

Arioka Daiki!!! Congratulations Dai-chan! You definitely deserve it!

First Place: Arioka Daiki (+5)
Second Place: Inoo Kei (+4)
Third Place: Takaki Yuya (+ 3)
Fourth Place: Yabu Kota (+ 2)
Fifth Place: Yaotome Hikaru (+ 1)


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