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May 16, 2009

Which Yama-chan Solo Is Your Favorite?

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Well Yamada owns his solos and I’m sure he has the most of Hey! Say! JUMP. I mean, the title of the blog comes from two of his solos so I think it’s about time there was a post like this. So, which one is your favorite?

Now let’s start with his newest solo song, Moonlight, as performed on the Hey! Say! JUMPing Tour. I think the best part of the entire song is the beginning. It’s just such a surprise when the music comes thumping and of course Yama-chan looking very hot with his cane in the chair. Some people think the outfit is a little too much but I like it. His vocals are great and the heat just comes through to all of us. I wish the verses weren’t so pretty and were more aggressive…but that’s just me. One thing that we can all say is that the boy can dance…damn. And at the end…now words can’t describe that.

So now we have Asia no Yoru, which takes on the Spanish influences. And we all know that Johnny’s + Spanish music = WIN. I’ve noticed that he points like he does opening the song a lot so maybe that’ll be his signature solo thing or something. But he looks great here, the all black compliments his body well. And I love how his shirt is open like that. Vocally, he absolutely owns the beginning and definitely shows why he’s at the front of the group. Like I said earlier, the boy can dance and he brings the Spanish feel in his moves perfectly. My favorite part of the whole song is the verse (“MIDDONAITO…SERENAADE). I wish the song was longer so there could be another verse. He friggin owned that performance and nobody is going to tell me otherwise. If he was so hot though, he could have taken off the shirt. I’m sure all the fangirls and fanboys wouldn’t mind.

And finally we come to the third song, Perfume. I chose the performance at the first tour because Chinen and Ryutaro aren’t singing backup. No offense to them because they’re good singers but they’re a little too loud and this is supposed to be all about Yama-chan. Nonetheless, I do like that they have those two doing backup dancing because they look very cute. I love the look in his eye when he sings “donna KISU ga suki?” and yay for random English with “I wanna feel the love.” So it’s another great performance from Yamada and one to enjoy!!!

So that’s our three solos. Which one is your favorite? Here are mine…

01. Perfume
02. Asia no Yoru
03. Moonlight

That’s based on the actual song and not the performance itself. If they’re gonna do solos on the album (which they should), I demand Perfume be Yamada’s…

So what do you all think?


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  1. My favorite order of solos are Moonlight, Asia no Yoru, and Perfume. (^-^)

    Comment by Swt.Ichigo.chan — May 18, 2009 @ 7:37 pm | Reply

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