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May 15, 2009

Yabu Kota and B.I. Shadow: A Dream Come True

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Have you wondered what would happen if Johnny’s brought together one of my favorite members of Hey! Say! JUMP and one of my favorite Junior groups? Well here’s the answer.

So our first video of the day is of Yabu and B.I. Shadow singing Mayonaka no Shadow Boy, a personal Hey! Say! JUMP favorite of mine. So first the boys of B.I. Shadow sing the first verse and while they don’t have that something in their voice like the four who sing that part (Yamada, Yuto, Chinen and Daiki) YET, they did a nice job of doing that part. (and LOL at Kikuchi’s face when singing the second line. He like rolled his eyes). I did think that they did a very good job on the part sung by Kei, Keito and Ryutaro. So I can say that they are good dancers though and they made sure that I could see the moves very crisply. I feel like it would be easier to learn the moves from them. Now I’ve watched a few performances from these guys and this is a performance from a while ago so I’m sure they’re improving but I’ve noticed that they have a tendency to not all be in sync with their dancing. Of course, that’s not to say they’re not good but it’s an area they could work on. Then comes out Yabu singing the chorus solo and he absolutely KILLS it. This is why Yabu has the “angel’s voice.” I love when he sings “donna basho e mo.” Although I thought he was gonna go higher with it and I think it would have sounded better. Nonetheless, there’s just something about his voice that is amazing…so go Yabu!

And next we have School Kakumei. First, I must say that it was really cute when Yabu had his arms around them at the beginning! Now School Kakumei has never been one of my favorite Hey! Say! JUMP songs but I think watching this performance made me like it a little more. So maybe Yabu should re-record it as a solo song. I mean Takaki had his song on the Dreams come true single so…like the other performance, Yabu was the star but B.I. Shadow definitely held their own as well. Yabu’s dancing during the little music part…no comment lol.

So we’ve learned two things from these performances…

1) Hey! Say! JUMP needs to release some sort of CD soon (single / album) so I can hear new Yabu
2) B.I. Shadow needs to debut (even though they’ve only been a group for a short while…)

So get on that Johnny’s…



  1. Really! I totally agree with you! Bi Shadow SHOULD DEBUT!! and HSJ SHOULD get their SINGLE/ALBUM out!!!! OMG>< I’ve been waiting for this two things like forever seh! So long~~~ XDD Nice to meet you, i’m from Singapore =)

    Comment by Ziqing — May 15, 2009 @ 2:26 pm | Reply

  2. Nice to meet you!!
    I’m glad someone agrees with me! I hope someone at Johnny’s who can read English is reading this and telling him that we’ve all been waiting FOREVER!!!

    Comment by amaiyume — May 15, 2009 @ 11:09 pm | Reply

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