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May 3, 2009

Little Notes On Hey! Say! JUMPing Tour

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And now this message is brought to you by Yuto and Hikaru. Expect a much more detailed review of the DVD over at Amai Wana but for now, here are a few notes I have about the concert.

– Chinen’s voice is so different! It’s going to take some getting used to
– Uruwashi no Bad Girl was cut really short so that did not make me happy
– Yamada’s new solo is pretty good although not as good as Perfume
– Deep Night Kimi Omou was a particularly good performance – I didn’t know the song was sung like that (in the separate halves)
– WTF…Suriru wasn’t shirtless…that pissed me off
– Mayonaka no Shadow Boy and Your Seed were both excellent performances


– Dai-chan was really good here in terms of singing and dancing
– Hikaru was kind of weird at parts, he seemed more out of breath than others
– Yabu was great as usual, lots of energy
– Kei was great and I’m glad he’s getting more screentime
– Takaki was good too, particularly in Suriru
– Yuto was strong as always
– Yamada was extremely cool and totally did his thing
– Chinen’s voice…so different…yeah…
– Ryutaro was okay, not that I got to hear much of him on his own
– Keito -> same thing as Ryutaro

So yeah, I’ll do a thorough review of the concert on Amai Wana soon but here a few notes for all of you. And may I reiterate that I find it outrageous that Hey! Say! BEST didn’t sing Suriru shirtless…

And yay B.I. Shadow performed!! They were cute!


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