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March 22, 2009

Picture Spam Volume Eleven: Arioka Daiki and Nakajima Yuto

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I’m sorry this volume of picture spam is coming late!!! But I hope you all enjoy this one because it features two of my favorite members: Daiki and Yuto! Credits go to karmoisin from kimi_omou @ Livejournal.

daiyuto11The minute that I saw this picture, I knew I had to include it in the picspam. Kawaii!!! Daiki looks absolutely adorable here – just look at that smile. It’s seriously the most innocent thing that I’ve ever seen. I love his hair and the lightness of his outfit totally supports his sweet personality. And of course there’s Yuto and his fuzzy pink sweater!!! He looks happy and cute as well. I like that he has his hand resting on Daiki’s shoulder. His hair looks really good here too, don’t you think? I also like that there’s blue in the background because it’s the perfect combo: blue and pink – is there some sort of hidden message going on here? (hehehe). There’s such a cute and sweet energy about this picture that you can’t deny. So have you ever thought that Daiki and Yuto make a cute couple? If you didn’t then you have to look at this picture. What magazine is this from?! I wish I had it!

Let’s go back in time a little bit for this really cute second picture. And in case it was apparent already, Daiki and Yuto daiyuto2“are good friends.” So this looks like a Christmasy / wintery picture, judging from the clothes. Aww!! Look at little kid Yuto and his haircut! I actually think it looks cute although I much prefer his current style. Easily, Yuto’s smile makes this picture worth looking at. His teeth are so white and his skin look glow. And his jacket is so big and puffy, which adds to the adorableness of a little kid. Daiki looks like his big brother, who is carrying his brother home after a fun snowball fight! Even though Daiki is one of the five older boys of Hey! Say! BEST, he’s definitely one of the cutest guys of the whole group. His smile seriously makes me go “Aww!” and this picture is a perfect example of that winning sample. His scarf looks really cute too! The black and green color scheme is fantastic! So Daiki and Yuto continue to bring cuteness like nobody else! And in a winter setting so kudos! Yes…”they are good friends.”

daiyuto3More cuteness! More, more, more!!! To be completely honest, Daiki is the star of this picture and I was a little iffy on if I wanted this picture or not. But then I decided Daiki looked to cute to pass up and so here we are. It’s interesting to see Dai-chan with brown hair…I don’t think I’ve ever seen him with brown hair…or maybe I have and I’m just forgetting. He’s giving us his usual cutie smile and his eyes reflect the same sweetness so it’s just really eye-grabbing. Yuto looks kinda sleepy and his face looks…kinda swollen? Not a lot or anything but it definitely looks off to me. He does look cute though but just a little strange. Now looking at the picture, I don’t think that he has his arm around Daiki (like I originally thought) but wouldn’t it have been cute if he did that? I really wish that I had a full picture of this one because I’m sure that everyone would look really cute! So if you like this picture, give a big thanks to Daiki since he’s the real reason I included in this picspam.

Ah, Garasu no Kisu!! I’ve seen this picture and think it was really funny and kawaii so it had to be included on this daiyuto4picspam. I think I have the magazine that this is from but I’m too lazy to go find it. So this is a totally coupley moment with the two boys on different sides of a glass door, going in for a kiss! I love how Yuto is looking at the camera because it’s such a suspicious look – it’s like what exactly is gonna happen? And it makes it look like he’s stretching his lips really far! (he must really want that kiss). I know that we can’t fully see Dai-chan’s pose but you can see the position of his shoulders and his face and can kind of see what he’s going for. It’s kind of a girly and sweetie pose and I think that’s what makes his picture look so kawaii! Don’t you just love Yuto and Daiki love? It’s the most kawaii!

daiyuto5As Massu once said “Panda!” That’s right folks, it’s panda time with Daiki and Yuto! Why are there pandas? Honestly, I’m not really sure but I think they add even more cuteness to the picture! Daiki looks so young and innocent here, just like a litle kid that you wanna give a big hug to! His hairstyle kinda reminds me of Ryutaro’s and you can tell that this picture was taken a while ago so maybe it’s just a young Johnny’s hairstyle! Yuto is looking a little more nervous but I think that it works in the picture. You know those cute shy little kids (I know, I was one)? Well I think that’s what he looks like and the two of them look really happy together. Kawaii boys!!

So I hope you all have enjoyed this picture spam because I really enjoyed making it! Daiki and Yuto are both really cute so why not bring the two forces of cute together?!

And on a slight side note, Jounetsu JUMP is getting lots of attention so can they PLEASE announce a single release. I want to preorder it along with NEWS’ new single…and if that’s at the end of April then are we looking at a May release?


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  1. Yay picspam! Any picspam with Daiki in it is win in my book. =)

    Hope your hiatus comes to an end soon!

    Comment by Julia — April 21, 2009 @ 9:22 pm | Reply

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