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March 21, 2009

Hey! Say! JUMP 2009-2010 School Calendar Review Finale [Inside Calendar III]

And now here we are at the end of the calendar review. I’m calling it a finale and it might be a slightly disappointing one because there are only four pictures but it’s the last one so it deserves a cool name!

hsjcalendar1First, let’s take a look at a duo shot of Yabu and Hikaru, who always take cute pictures together! Admittedly, Yabu looks kinda nervous like the photographer caught the two of them at…an inopportune moment…and he’s embarassed that they got caught (hehehe). Still, it’s a cute embarassment that makes for a good picture. His hair looks nice although I would have liked it if it weren’t so messy. His clothes look cool too from what I can see. His black jacket says “perfect…garments” on them so I wonder what the other word says. I wonder why the first thing that came to my mind was “under” (hehehe). Anyway, Hikaru looks very fashionable and very relaxed. His hair looks better here than that other weirdness that he has in some pictures. I’m really liking the pink since it makes a nice combination with the black. So this is a good picture and it has a story (abeit not real one) behind it.

Our final shot of the calendar comes with Takaki Yuya, who’s doing it cool. Without a doubt, this is one of the coolest hsjcalendar2looking pictures in the entire calendar. His hair looks awesome here both in color and style. It kind of reminds me of someone else in Johnny’s Entertainment…maybe Kame? Well it doesn’t matter who it is. Takaki is looking so good in this picture and just look at his face. If that isn’t the picture of coolness then I don’t know what is. Is it me or is Takaki always wearing a scarf? It’s not a bad thing because I actually like his scarves (particularly the blue one). All the dark colors that he’s wearing only augments the coolness of the picture. And the background also contributes to the whole atmosphere of the picture. I like the brick wall and I’m guessing is a door has a very old-style to it that somehow catches the eye. I don’t really know why but it wouldn’t be the same if the door was made of something again. So yep, Takaki did a good job on his solo picture and showed another side of him.

hsjcalendar3Okay, time to be completely honest. This is probably the worst picture in the entire calendar. And the photgrapher is the one to blame because the angle completely ruins this picture. Seriously, what was he thinking? Unfortunately, the boys aren’t completely blame free. Keito looks slightly crazy…okay maybe “crazy” is a little too strong but his eyes are really intimidating. I actually like Yuto’s picture and the only thing is that he looks really skinny because of the angle of the picture. And because Yamada is next to him, Yama-chan looks really short. His picture is good too and I don’t fault him. Chinen looks tired but at the same time, he remembers that he’s taking a picture so he’s trying not to look tired…just a weird look. And what’s going on with Ryutaro’s head? It looks REALLY weird and his face looks fake cute. Yuto and Yamada were okay but overall, this was just a bad picture and it’s not entirely their fault.

So it’s time we close with a group shot!! Now after that “sweet” shot from Hey! Say! 7, of course they had to close with hsjcalendar4a cool picture. Takaki looks kinda mean here and I understand what he was going for but I think he stepped just over the line. I do like his hair in this picture though. Wow, I think that’s one of the most uncomfortable shots I’ve seen of Ryutaro…and he looks so small in comparison to Takaki and Daiki (they should have put him somewhere else). Daiki looks really good here and there’s still the slight cute element in his features which gives him a soft sort of cool. As usual, Yuto looks fantastic and that tilt of his head makes him all the cooler. Chinen, the model, looks great and brings the intensity in his eyes. Keito and Hikaru both really cool as well; I like how Keito’s hand is on Chinen’s shoulder. OMG, Kei looks sooo handsome here! He is definitely bringing the cool hard and he’s probably the best in this picture. Yamada and Yabu look a little…too focused. It’s a nice attempt though.

So now we’re at the end of the calendar review and you all saw this coming…rankings! These rankings are based on the overall calendar, postcards and calendar cards.

01. Nakajima Yuto
02. Inoo Kei
03. Yamada Ryosuke
04. Chinen Yuri
05. Arioka Daiki

I’m only gonna rank the top 5 but I think the overall calendar package was awesome and I’m so glad that I bought it!!

Finally, NEWS has a new single announed entitled Koi no ABO. It will be released on April 29th so don’t forget to support them! Does this mean Hey! Say! JUMP is gonna have something new soon too?


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