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March 20, 2009

Hey! Say! JUMP 2009-2010 School Calendar Review Part Four [Inside Calendar I]

Well I’m back to reivew the Hey! Say! JUMP calendar!!! So I’ve done the postcards and the calendar cards so now it’s time to dive into the calendar itself! Each post will be divided by pictures of 10. I’m not sure exactly how many pictures are in it so I guess we’ll see how many we have.


The first picture is a group shot, done outside on a sunny day, which is a great way to open up the calendar. Takaki is looking particularly cool here with that pose…So…does it say “fuck you later” on his shirt?! OMG, that’s hilarious! Kei looks so cute here with his hands in his pockets and a sweet smile on his face. He’s kind of squinting his eyes so it looks like the sun is in his eyes. Ryutaro looks absolutely adorable!! I really like his arms in this picture and he looks so innocent that you just wanna give him a big hug! Keito looks like he kinda got pushed to the background. It looks like they caught him while he was talking so it’s kind of a weird shot for him. Yabu looks so awesome and cool. That face is just like “what?” He totally nailed his shot so good job Yabu-kun! Yama-chan looks so small compared to Yabu! But he looks great. His outfit is awesome and he also looks so cool with his hands in his pockets. Of course, Daiki had to bring the cuteness and he definitely did. He’s giving the peace sign and that smile is too cute for words. I don’t know how this happened but Chinen is so model-like! His hair looks awesome and his smile makes me melt! Well Hikaru looks so serious so I don’t really know what to think. He feels kinda out of place…OMG, I LOVE Yuto’s shot. His personality just comes shining through – just look at his face and see that infectious smile! He’s definitely my favorite in this picture.

And now we come to the boys of Hey! Say! BEST outside in some kind of field, giving their mature and cool look. The schoolcalendar2question is are you ready? Kei definitely has the best shot of the five, just because he looks like the defintion of how to be cool. Kei should write a book about how to pose in pictures or something because he is a true master. He’s looking off into the distance with this intense look in his eyes that still has a vulnerability. And there’s something in his lips that adds to the coolness…but I will digress from the lips. Congrats Kei for nailing your shot! Daiki looks great too and he manages to retain a certain cuteness to his coolness. I love how he’s wearing a white jacket since it stands out from the other boys’ outfits. Hikaru looks kinda evil…it’s in his eyes. It kinda looks like he’s squinting except not in a way that looks like the sun in his eyes…just…yeah. Yabu looks great and I love how he’s looking up to the sky. It’s like he’s pondering something and is in deep contemplation. He looks absolutely hot here so that’s another plus. Takaki looks kinda separated from the other four but he looks very clean and polished. It’s a pretty good picture and that’s great. So that settles it, Kei wins and Daiki and Yabu tie for second.

schoolcalendar3So it’s only appropriate that the first solo picture be of the very model-like Chinen Yuri!!!! He looks fantastic here and immediately my eyes go to his eyes. Chinen did a great job of finding the light with his eyes and you can totally see it in his eyes, can’t you? As usual, his hair looks fantastic since that style totally works on him. I like part of his bangs are like in the middle of his face. I’m also loving the red because it really pops against the black so that it’s a dangerous combination. I don’t know what he’s leaning against but they kind of look like giant balloons or something. Now of course they’re not balloons because he couldn’t be learning so sturdily on them if they were balloons. But all the colors look great in this picture and make my eyes just go “wow.” So there we have it, Chinen is awesome and this picture is perfect proof. Has he been taking posing lessons from Kei-chan??

Yama-chan close-up shot! I think that this shot is incredible because it captures just how attractive Yama-Yama is, schoolcalendar4don’t you think? I love how the picture is such a good close-up of Yama-chan so that you can see the light in his eyes. His hair looks incredible (as usual) and there’s just something about how his hair touches the left side of his face. And he’s giving a sort of cool smile but just only slightly so that he can still maintain that coolness that he’s so good at bringing. I also like how he’s leaning to the side and I’m not particularly sure why. It just makes the picture look so natural and like a photograph that you would send your friend (yes Yama-chan, I’ll be your friend!!). You can’t really see all of what he’s wearing but from the part that you can see, you can definitely tell that it’s cool. So the fourth picture of the calendar is definitely a memorable one and I know that I’ll be keeping it as the default one for some time. Thanks so much Yamada for giving such a memorable shot that we can all just stare at for a while!

schoolcalendar5And now we have a duo shot: Takaki and Yamada! Now one thing that I love about Takaki is how he’s one of the oldest members of the group but still has that childlike spirit that makes him adorable. In this picture, you can definitely see that spirit in his eyes. His hair looks awesome here. The color is eye-catching and I’m loving the one strand in the middle of his face. And he looks so stylish in all the blue! The scarf looks very pretty and comfortable for the kind of day that they’re in. And that smile is just stellar! Yamada looks great too and the only that that is strange to me is that he is looking directly into the camera while the picture was taken. Otherwise though, it’s such a great shot. His hair looks awesome and I’m liking the kind of looseness of his shirt so that you can see a little bit more skin (haha). I also like how both of them have chains on, particularly Takaki’s with the cross on it. It’s a great shot and one of my favorites in the calendar.

Who says Hey! Say! 7 can’t pull off the cool look? Well whoever you are, just take a look at this picture and tell me if schoolcalendar6you think the same thing. Now the picture is very simple, just featuring Chii and Ryutaro in front of a black background and the combination of the white and black on their clothes really makes them stand out. Chinen looks a little intimidating in this picture and it’s all in his eyes. Well I really like his outfit and the very slight upturn of his eyebrows. Surprisingly, Ryutaro takes the spotlight on the shot. There’s something very innocent in his eyes that works perfectly in this picture. Plus his clothes look sooo cool, cooler than Chinen’s in fact. I want an outfit just like that in my size! His hair looks good but it’s all in his face. It’s hard to explain but he just really steals the magic in this picture, which really surprised me. He doesn’t look awkward at all and Chinen, who is usually so in sync with his model-side kinda fell flat. Nonetheless, it’s a great picture and certainly one that shines.

schoolcalendar7And Hikaru gets his solo shot next. Okay, I’m not quite sure what it is about Hikaru in this calendar so far that’s just not connecting with me. This picture is almost a win for me but his face just kinda ruins it. He looks slightly confused and kinda tired…Otherwise though, it’s a great picture. It looks like he’s outside on a balcony on a clear day. If that’s the case, it would have been nice if we could see more of the scenery but whatever, I could be totally off. The yellow shirt pops nicely against all the white around him and draws your eyes straight to Hikaru. I also like the black and white shirt underneath the yellow shirt. I actually have one that looks like it except mine is long-sleeved. With one hand in his pocket and the other at his neck, the pose is totally showing off his cool side, which is why it’s a shame that his face isn’t giving the same vibe. So this was almost there but just not quite. Sorry Hikaru.

Okay now we come to a trio and admittedly, I don’t think I would have seen these three paired together: Hikaru, Keito schoolcalendar8and Takaki. Honestly, I’m not really a fan of this picture, particularly because the room that they’re in looks so small. It looks cramped and uncomfortable and maybe it’s just my eyes but it looks kinda slanted…Hikaru does a better job of portraying cool here so I’m glad about that but the one thing that bugs me about his shot is that it reminds me of the weirdness of the picture. That position looks uncomfortable so I give him props for looking in control. Keito did a great job in his shot as well. That couch looks strange but he looks perfectly comfortable and his face is portraying that sense of cool that the picture is all about. I think Takaki steals the spotlight in this one. He’s looking hot and he’s just the kind of scarfs, isn’t he? I think his clothes look the coolest and his face is just…wow. So the three had their own shot and it could have been better but it’s not their fault…in fact, I’m impressed they could pull this off with such a weird back setting.

schoolcalendar9Keito is back but this time with Ryutaro and Dai-chan! I like this shot because it looks very sweet and natural. Well Keito looks kinda strange here just because it looks like he wasn’t aware that the picture was being taken. Now sometimes that works and gives the picture a very natural and unrehearsed feel but not this time. He still looks good though. Aww, Ryutaro looks so cute and happy here! He’s definitely getting better at acing his shots and becoming more comfortable in front of the camera so good for him. The green is nice as it pops and catches the eye. Of course, Daiki makes the picture for me. He’s wearing a yellow jacket to match the sunny and sweet atmosphere of the day. He just looks so cute (as always) that I can’t help but go “aww.” So overall, a much trio better shot than the previous one. Keito, Ryutaro and Daiki do a goodd job here and Daiki takes the shine.

Now for the final picture for this review, we have Yabu in a solot shot. Now I’m not gonna lie when I say that this shot schoolcalendar10is weird. Now he’s in front of a door, which makes a great background, but it doesn’t look like he’s leaning against it. And that makes me wonder exactly how he’s going that. It looks like he’s about to fall over…I guess he just has really good balance? I love the hat and think it would have been a better picture if he were wearing the hat and leaning against the door. His outfit looks wonderful and I’m liking the all black. His face looks pretty cool although it could have been better. I just think this could have been a better picture but it’s definitely not bad by any means.

So I hope you all enjoyed part four and I’m sorry that this is taking longer than expected. I’m too lazy to count now but I’m guessing that there will be two more posts with 10 pictures each. Then there will be a few left over so many 3 posts? And then I gotta catch up on those picture spam volumes so…it’ll take me some time to catch up but I hope you all think it’s worth it. Thanks to everyone for continuously visiting the blog because I’m reaching a lot of hits, which of course makes me happy!



  1. Thank you for that review! I really do agree with everything that you say :3

    Comment by Jeshiyuka — March 30, 2009 @ 12:19 pm | Reply

  2. is coooool

    Comment by yazmin — April 3, 2009 @ 11:50 pm | Reply

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