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March 15, 2009

Hey! Say! JUMP 2009-2010 School Calendar Review Part Two [Calendar Cards I]

Sorry that it’s taking me so long to get this done so Picture Spam will have to be delayed until I’ve finished this series of Calendar Reviews so I hope you all are enjoying them. On a side note, the blog reached its highest view count, passing the 300 mark so thanks to everyone for visiting! Okay, onto the Calendar Cards!

calendarcard1So the first card is a group shot and I love the uniforms so this picture is a win for me. Takaki looks a bit awkward with his arms folded like that and he’s not giving his usual smile, which is sad. As usual, Kei is looking hot and extremely photogenic. He’s giving off a cool look that makes my eyes go straight to him. I love how happy Yuto looks because it just makes me happy to see him happy. His personality is so infectious so it’s no wonder he’s one of my favorite members. Yabu looks just a little off for me. I don’t feel anything coming from his eyes, which isn’t usually the case so that’s too bad. Daiki looks adorable as usual and it’s kind of sad that he is sitting down because I love his pants. With the exception of that hair, Hikaru is looking good and very cool with his hands in his pockets. Ryutaro looks cute because there’s just something in his eyes that is so innocent and sweet. I don’t know what his arm is resting on so that’s kind of strange. I like Keito’s shot but it looks a little weird because his smile isn’t very believable. Yamada looks like he’s slanting to the side and kinda like he’s off-balance so that’s kinda awkward. Finally, Chinen looks awesome and so modely, which is always great. I’m loving the hair and his smile looks great.

And now we continue with the calendar cards of each individual member. In this post, I’ll only do one side and I’ll do calendarcard2the other side in the next post. The first boy is Yama-Yama chan!! Maybe it’s just the picture or maybe it’s just me but does he look kinda short? Well I guess it’s just the size of the card. Anyway, Yamada’s picture is amazing from top to bottom. His hair is looking great and very stylish. I really like his outfit, particularly the white jacket with the little blue logo on the left. And he looks so cool with his thumbs in his pockets, adding to the greatness of the picture. His jeans look good and the shoes add a nice touch to the overall fashion perfectly. But what makes this picture so good? It’s his smile, which is just adorable. It’s so cute that you can’t help but say that you don’t love it. So that’s Yama-chan, looking good as usual.

calendarcard3Next is one of my favorite members (as you all know), Nakajima Yuto! Before I say anything else, just look at his face. That face alone will make this picture awesome. His smile just looks so natural and cute that it makes this picture a standout one for me all on its own. Now, let’s move on. His hair looks good as usual and I think it compliments his facial features very well. There’s that magic in his eyes which stand out proudly and allow his personality to shine through. The one thing I don’t care for about Yuto’s outfit is that the sleeves look a little puffy, which is puzzling to me. I feel like someone should have caught that. And the straps coming from the waistband of his pants (they look like overall straps) are a nice touch and add a little spice to the ouftit. And I love the splash of color on his shoes since they just give the picture a little more vibrancy. I love this calendar card and think he nailed the picture.

Now lately Chinen has been looking great and very modely so it’s no surprise that his calendarcard4calendar card is a standout. He actually looks really cute and short, which adds to the cuteness. His hair is looking great so I can’t believe that I had to get used to it. He’s rocking it now. I think my favorite part of the card is his smile, which has a sort of childish innocence to it so it’s a good combination with the cool stylish look. And even though you only see the top of it, I really like that he’s wearing a tie. It just directs your eye right there with such a deep blue. His vest is looking cute too. I really like his jeans and it looks like there’s like cuts or something, which actually looks great. And those shoes are looking wonderful and very clean. So good job Chinen for delivering such a good picture!

calendarcard5Well they can’t all be good. Sorry, that sounded really mean but Ryutaro just didn’t do nearly as good a job as the three previous boys. Actually the fault does not lie entirely on him. Who decided that it was okay to let his hair look like that? It just looks messy and not fashionable at all. That’s a no-no. I’m also not a fan of those jeans because they just look too dark. But…the part that I do have to give him is that he looks kinda awkward. It feels like he’s attempting to go for the cute route but it’s just not working. Maybe it’s the hair again though because it’s very distracting. I do like the top half of his clothes though. The white jacket looks great and compliments the blue in shirt well. The shoes also look nice and the color works with the jeans. So it was disappointing, to say the least.

And now we’re at the last member of Hey! Say! 7: Okamoto Keito!! After Ryutaro’s calendarcard6disappointing card, it’s nice to see Keito bring it back up. He’s acing the shot, particularly because of the pose. He has his hands in his pockets and his hips are kinda angled in a way that adds to the coolness. So like the other boys, his hair is looking awesome and it adds to the greatness of his face. Seriously, look at his face and you’ll understand why this is such a good calendar card. His smile looks better than in the group shot and there’s something in his eyes that just connects with the viewer. Now is it my eyes or do I see that top shirt button unbuttoned?! Oh Keito! I just love the white jackets. Like everyone should have just been wearing one because they are absolute win. The shirt cuffs look a little big but I guess there not too bad. The jeans are awesome and the shoes add to the coolness of the picture. All in all, it’s a great shot and definitely a calendar card that you would want.

calendarcard7Let’s now move to the boys of Hey! Say! BEST, starting with the hottie Yabu Kota. Now the boys of Hey! Say! 7 had more of a cute vibe to this side of the calendar cards but Yabu takes on the hot route and that’s a speciality of his so no faults there. His face is portraying such a coolness that it makes you just wanna keep staring. It’s really in his eyes. They’re so alluring and inviting (an invitation that I am more than willing to accept). And the slant of the eyebrows totally works in his favor. So yeah, more thumbs in the pocket and more happy me. So it’s very interesting that he’s wearing a white sleeveless hoodie. I would have loved to see a shot of him with the hood on. There’s something about it that really reminds me of something…but I just can’t remember what it is. Honestly, I’m not feeling the jeans because of all the white marks. The shoes are okay too but not great. Overall though, I think it’s a really good shot and he did a good job on his card.

Hikaru is our next boy in the sequence. He shot is surpringly good for me, which is calendarcard8awesome. I’ve said it before but I feel like I need to say it’s again because it’s that bad. Does the Hey! Say! JUMP hairstylist have something against Hikaru because the hair is just…just wrong. Okay, hideous hair aside, the picture is great. With his arms folded and that face, he’s giving off the cool vibe perfectly. Much like Chinen, I love the deep blue tie and it adds some cool colors to the outfit. I can’t tell if his vest is completely unbuttoned or not but either way, it’s different from the other boys and definitely stands out. The jeans are looking great and so are the shoes. So it was a pleasant when I came to see Hikaru’s card so good job Hikaru!

calendarcard9Takaki-kun!!! Yabu and Hikaru both had kind of a cool look but Takaki is just going the cutie way! What makes this picture so memorable is the pose. Seriously, if you laid out all the calendar cards in a group then this picture would totally stand out to you right? He’s pointing to his cheek with his thumb and his other hand is on his hip. It’s a very good way to catch attention. You can’t really see the tie, which is a shame. The only problem I have with Takaki’s outfit is that the vest just looks too big. They should have given like a smaller size or something…or better yet a white jacket! But yeah, I like the shirt and the jeans are looking amazing because I love the whiter spots. And those shoes are just sooo cool! Seriously, I want a pair for myself! His hair looks good too and as always, it stands apart from the other boys because of the color. It’s a great card and definitely one to look for!

So who do I love? Dai-chan, duh! So it’s no surprise that his picture would make me calendarcard101squeal with its adorableness. Daiki is just the king of cute so it’s great that he brought that to his calendar card!!! His face is the picture of kawaii and his smile is at its usual infectious state so that’s definitely an eye-grabber. The hair is looking good as usual and I love the outfit too. Again, the cuffs are a little too big for my liking but I guess it’s not that bad. I really like his pants and the golden tint adds a little spice to the ensemble. The shoes look great too, don’t you think? The only problem I have with the picture is that his arms look a little stiff like that. He should have just put his thumbs in his pockets like the other boys since that would have made him look a lot more relaxed. Nonetheless, Daiki did a great job with his card and he should be proud.

calendarcard11Our final boy is Inoo Kei! Kei just must have an extremely instinctive sense of how to take photos because he just seems to always ace his shots. Hair is looking awesome and his pose just adds to the coolness, don’t you think so? He just looks so good in that outfit, everything looking together so well. I love the blue shirt and the light color really compliments the white sweater. The jeans are looking great too and I absolutely love the shoes. The laces are really eye-catching because the green stand out strongly. So basically Kei is awesome and this picture is proof.

First Place: Yamada Ryosuke and Inoo Kei
Second Place: Nakajima Yuto and Chinen Yuri
Third Place: Yabu Kota and Arioka Daiki

I really got make up my mind so there aren’t so many ties next time so I’ll try my best! So the next post will feature the other side of the calendar cards, which are actually much better so look forward to that! And sorry for having to postpone Picture Spam but it’ll be here before you know it!


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  1. Wow, I love takaki, daiki, nakajima, n yabu’s pictures!! i agree with you about ryutaro and hikaru’s hair…it’s jus wrong

    Comment by Alicia — January 15, 2010 @ 11:29 am | Reply

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