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March 11, 2009

Hey! Say! JUMP 2009-2010 School Calendar Review Part One [Postcards]

Well I received my Hey! Say! JUMP 2009-2010 School Calendar today and I went absolutely crazy!!! So I plan to review everything in the package but I’m not gonna do it all at once since that would be one VERY LONG post. So I’ll divide it up. For the first part, I’ll talk about the postcards, each featuring one member of Hey! Say! 7 and one of Hey! Say! BEST.

calendaraThe first card is just of the cover, which I want to review as a part of the calendar itself so I’ll be putting that aside. So our first card is of Yabu and Yamada, a perfect combination in my opinion! This is my favorite postcard of them all. Now running throughout the pictures is the theme of cute and cool and that’s actually kinda reflected here. Yabu looks incredibly sexy and is giving off the perfect cool vibe that will make you all want to melt. Whenever he takes pictures, he’s really good at evoking something with his eyes, as you can clearly see here. Oh Yabu…Yamada on the other hand is looking ultra kawaii! He’s giving a sweet smile that isn’t over the top so there’s still kind of an element of coolness to it. This is just an epic win picture and pairing them together was certainly a genius idea.

So the next pairing is of Yuto and Hikaru. Personally, I would have preferred to see Yuto with Daiki and Hikaru with calendarb2Keito. They seem like better couples but maybe that’s just me. Nonetheless, I like this picture and think that they did a good job. Now I’m putting my bias aside (well at least I’m trying to) but can you guess who nailed the picture the best between the two? That’s right, Yuto!! He just looks so absolutely adorable, especially with his arms crossed like that (I wish that I could see a bigger shot so you can see his full body). It’s a vertical picture and so it draws my eyes to the length of their bodies and to the perfect matching of their clothes. Yuto’s hair looks great as usual and like Yabu, there’s just something behind his eyes that really captures me. It’s that sweetness in his personality that makes him one of my favorite members. I mean, how can you not love Yuto? It’s just not allowed. Okay…I have to say it again…who did Hikaru’s hair? What do they have against him? I’m sorry but it looked sooo much better straight. Admittedly, it doesn’t look completely horrible in this picture but just in general, this hair style is a no-no. Moving on, I like the blue tie because the color really pops and it compliments the darker blue squares on his shirt. And the white vest with a zipper looks great too…very white (hehehe). So yeah, this was a good postcard as well even though not as good as the first one.

calendarcTakachi!!! If I had known that they were going to pair up a member of Hey! Say! 7 and Hey! Say! BEST, then it would have been really obvious that they were going to pair up Takaki and Chinen. I mean, come on. I’m glad that Chinen can still use his cuteness because it’s always nice for him to go back to that element. His smile looks really cute and I’m loving the new hair style (and just think that I really didn’t like it when he first got it). And he has a tie! He’s the only one of the younger 5 who is wearing a tie and that’s perfect because Takaki is wearing one too! I feel like Takaki would be a really good protector for someone he loves and you can kinda see that in this picture even though he’s all smiles. He just looks happy to be with Chinen and he doesn’t want to let go. I kinda go back and forward with Takaki’s hair and now I’m on the happy side of it. And yeah, I like that one strand that’s like in the middle of his face. I dunno, there’s just something very natural about it. I really like the pattern of Chinen’s shirt and it really catches my eye. So yeah, I always love Takachi moments because they just look completely adorable together! I think we should petition a letter and send it to Johnny’s: more Takachi (and you know, a new release from Hey! Say! JUMP while we’re at it).

Kei-chan and Ryutaro are the next couple!!! Now if you read this blog, you’ll know that I love Kei-chan and think he’s calendardextremely photogenic. I’ve talked about it with a few other members but Kei is the king of giving that emotion in his eyes. Seriously. Don’t they look so inviting and alluring here? Don’t you just wanna…well I’ll just stop there but you get the picture. But yeah, I also like how he has his arm around little Ryutaro. Looking at both his eyes and his arm around Ryutaro like that, he’s kinda giving a dirty vibe. Like he’s a big flirt (hahaha, love!!). And Ryutaro looks sooo cute…well kinda nervous too but cute nonetheless. Maybe he’s nervous that Kei is flirting with him (lol). Ryutaro is wearing a hoodie!! I don’t know why but I feel like if he put it up, he would just look so cute, don’t you think? So there it is; Kei just owns every picture that he takes and Ryutaro held his own too!

calendareOkay, final couple: Daiki and Keito! I see they just wanted to tackle kawaii with this picture and I would say they made that tackle successful. Both look very comfortable and this will be a total surprise to my viewers but for me, the better shot is of Keito. There’s just something very natural and enjoyable about his picture. Like his mouth kinda makes it look like he’s about to say something but then they took the picture and it makes the picture just a little more human, ya know? But that’s not to say that Daiki’s picture looks bad because that couldn’t be further from the truth. What made Keito’s picture jump ahead of Daiki’s? It’s the hair. Daiki always has great hair but in this shot, it just looks a little…I dunno…like I would have liked it straighter. But I do really liike his jeans. They’re different from everyone else’s which is always nice.

First Place: Yabu Kota and Yamada Ryosuke
Second Place: Inoo Kei and Morimoto Ryutaro
Third Place: Nakajima Yuto and Yaotome Hikaru

All right folks, this has been Part One of the Hey! Say! JUMP 2009-2010 School Calendar Review so I hope you enjoyed it! Originally I was going to include the small cards included but I decided I’d do all of them in a different post since I think I’ll do both sides of each card so look forward to that!


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