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March 8, 2009

Picture Spam Volume Ten: B.I. Shadow [Special Edition]

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We’re at Volume Ten of Picture Spam!!! Hurray! I can’t believe that I’m here at the tenth volume! I hope you all are excited too because this issue is a little bit different. I’ve actually decided to feature B.I. Shadow in this week’s Picture Spam because I love them so much. But don’t worry, next week will be focused on Hey! Say! JUMP again. So let’s dive into it!

bishadow1Our first picture is perfect for introducing the issue. It just looks like the kind of picture that introduces the public to a group…okay not really but you get what I mean. It does say “self-introduction” so I think that speaks for itself. Let’s go from left to right, shall we? Kikuchi Fuma is looking as hot as usual. I guess we’ll have to see in the future but he seems like he’ll do a great job at being the cool one. I can really see him pulling off that look off well. Plus the blue and red combination looks great on him so basically he looks great from every angle. Moving from hot to cute, we’re at Nakajima Kento!! He just looks so friendly and cute in this picture that you can’t deny it! I still think that there’s a very Chinen-element in it…but like younger Chinen. There’s something very innocent and likeable about his smile. It’s totally a Chinen smile, don’t you think? Takahata Misaki is our last member of the picture. Well honestly I’m not crazy about his picture because he doesn’t particularly happy. Actually…he looks a little bit scary to be honest. I know he’s not a scary guy. He’s actually a sweetheart so the photographer should have caught that face before he took the shot…

Well let’s go to Fuma’s domain of cool with the picture at our right. All three boys look great here and I personally bishadow2found it was interesting that they switched it up a little bit (you’ll see what I mean as you read on). Although I was disappointed with Misaki’s first picture of this issue, I really enjoyed this one. He’s giving the cool vibe perfectly but if you look closely at his lips, there’s something a little extra. It’s hard to explain but there’s kind of a smirk about it that looks just a little cocky but in a good way. Like he knows how to give that attitude. Kento is usually the adorable one but he looks so comfortable giving the cool look so congrats to him for being versatile like that. Finally we have Fuma, who is usually the cool one. He actually looks the most cute and sweet here. He just looks like a little kid that you wanna hug.

bishadow3It’s time to have some great daydreams with / about B.I. Shadow!! Without a doubt, Misaki is my favorite of this picture. Just the whole white theme kind of gives him an angelic feel but his face still kind of has that coolness to it that makes you feel protected. Like I feel if the two of us were cuddling in bed, I would feel very safe. That thought just makes me happy (hehehe). I wish I was the pillow!! (hahahahaha). So as usual, Kento looks like the absolute cutie pie. His pajamas look a little big on him so he ends up looking kinda like a little kid. I feel like we could just have a night of staying up late, eating popcorn and watching movies at a sleepover. We would always be laughing and then when it’s time to go to bed, we lay down even though we’re not tired and spend a few minutes just telling jokes or something. There’s something very cool about Fuma in this picture. It’s kind of similar to Misaki’s picture except I don’t get quite the same connection. I feel like he’s more vulnerable, which is good but then I don’t get the same kind of sense of security. I dunno, that’s just me. Anyway, I hope that these boys can give you very happy dreams tonight!!

So after three group pictures, let’s go individually, shall we? First up is Kento!! So obviously he’s performing in some bishadow4sort of concert-type kinda thing. He just looks so natural when performing and there’s something very sweet about his personality that comes through strongly. I really like his outfit here and I think that the red vest really pops against the basic black and white. His hair is looking great and there’s something very relatable and likeable about him in this picture. I realy wish I saw him performing whatever he is singing because I’m sure I would be enjoying every minute. You see, this is why Johnny’s Entertainment needs to debut B.I. Shadow as a group so that they can release a concert DVD and I can watch it every day!! Admittedly, I’m going off topic here but just follow me. So I’m thinking that since TOKIO in 1994, Johnny’s has debuted a new group every 2 (or 3 in the case of Arashi -> Tackey & Tsubasa) and Hey! Say! JUMP was 2007 so maybe we’re getting a new one this year? I would love for B.I. Shadow to team up with like 2/3 other members. I’m a big fan of Morimoto Shintaro so I would like it if he was in the group (absolutely cutie pie). Maybe like…Hashimoto Ryosuke too? I dunno, either way as all three boys of B.I. Shadow have an official debut soon, I’ll be happy. Okay, this has been my small tangent for this Picture Spam, moving on…

bishadow5Misaki time!!! Sometimes, the natural look is the perfect way to go. Notice the pure simplicity in this picture, just a green background and Misaki wearing a white shirt. As usual, I’m loving the hair and his eyes really stand out to me in this picture. They look really inviting (and that is an invitation that I am willing…more than willing to accept). He also has that cool smirk that he does so well. I wish I had the magazine this is from…not that I know what issue / magazine it’s from. Nonetheless, I wish that I had it. In case you were unaware, Misaki is hot and this picture bishadow6is a good example of that! And now we’re at the final picture of Fuma, who looks like the definition of kawaii!! So slowly I’m learning that Fuma may not always be the cooler one. He’s definitely good at being cute too. I wish I had like a poster of this picture because it would just be great to wake up to a big picture of Fuma every day! The yellow hoodie is a nice touch too and the very sunny color just works. His smile is infectious here and you just wanna smile with him, don’t you?

Okay, I hope you all enjoyed this special edition of Picture Spam featuring the amazing Johnny’s Junior boys, B.I. Shadow. They’re awesome and occasionally I’ll be featuring them on this blog so I guess you’ll have to get used to them (lol).


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  1. i love fuma

    Comment by ploy — April 1, 2009 @ 8:55 am | Reply

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