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March 1, 2009

Picture Spam Volume Nine: Yabu Kota and Inoo Kei

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Well I’m gonna try and do something a little different with this volume of Picture Spam. Normally, it features various pictures of one member but this issue will feature pictures of two members together! Yabu Kota and Inoo Kei!!!

buddy8So our first picture is absolutely adorable and although I have no idea where’s it from, I wish I did. They’re carrying something and they kinda look like oars for a rowboat but I’m pretty sure that’s not it. Anyway, onto YabuKei!! Yabu looks really cute with his sort of smile. His hair looks good and is that a suit he is in? Very very attractive Yabu!!! Kei looks even cuter with his smug smile, like he’s just happy that Yabu is behind him, ya know? And I’m loving the jacket he is wearing. The gorgeous aquamarine color serves as a very interesting contrast to the basic colors of Yabu’s suit. Both boys look so cute and happy and that’s why the minute I saw this picture, I knew that I had to include it in this volume of Picture Spam. If anyone happens to know where this picture came from, I would love to know because in a big enough size, I might set this picture to my desktop background or something. Seriously, it’s that good a picture.

And for our second picture, the cuteness just continues! Yabu and Kei look very goofy in this picture and that’s what buddy9makes it so loveable. Kei is like off in his little dream world and it looks like he is pretending to listen to music or somthing like his hands are headphones (lol). This is why I love you Kei, always full of life. And look at Yabu’s face! He looks absolutely hilarious and I love the hand poses. In case you weren’t aware, Yabu is by far the most gangsta member of Hey! Say! JUMP. I mean how can you look at this picture and not be convinced? It’s so obvious!! Their clothes are awesome so someone should hook me up with their stylist (or of course maybe they just have awesome style all their own and just chose these outfits, which is entirely possible).

buddy6Picture number three on our Picture Spam!! Okay, this is gotta be something involving Mayonaka no Shadow Boy. I think it might be part of the PV Making but I’m not positive. Based off the picture, it looks like Kei is showing Yabu funny. Yabu does look a little surprised / confused and like his usual hot self. Kei is definitely my favorite part of the picture because he looks like he’s having such a good time. His eyes are conveying such happiness that it makes you feel happy. Basically it’s like a happy little kid and seeing them happy makes you happy. Except Kei isn’t a little kid…which brings me to my next point. Doesn’t he look so hot here? I definitely think so and I love to see Kei looking happy so mission accomplished! I like this picture also because they look kinda coupley (hehehe) and it’s always good to share the love.

We’re onto number four and it’s another perfect addition to the Picture Spam! Don’t Kei and Yabu look cute buddy7together??!! OMG, totally couple alert!! I mean just look at that body language and tell me it doesn’t SCREAM couple. Yabu has his arms around Kei and you can see that Kei is holding onto Yabu’s left arm. I think what sets the coupleness over the top is Kei’s face. I mean he looks soooo happy to have Yabu there with him and that’s just way too cute for words. And of course Yabu looks so cool like he’s the man of the relationship and is just playing it cool. I love the color contrast betwen their jackets. Yabu’s blue looks very cool and Kei’s orange looks very cute. Seriously, this picture looks like one of those pictures that the couple voted “Best Couple” takes in the yearbook or something. Anyway, I love both of their hairstyles and am glad that they’ve keep that same look because it suits them well. So yeah, I am in love with this picture! It’s the perfect representation of YabuKei love!!! I’m sure this picture could inspire a lot of great fanfiction so all you great writers, get cracking!!! I always love reading fanfiction so you should totally give a try because it’s fun! Anyway, great YabuKei picture a neccessity for this Picture Spam.

buddy4All right it’s time for a little bit of seriousness here. Consider this a balancing pic for the various cute and happy ones. Yabu and Kei look so sharp here, it’s ridiculous, especially Yabu. Everything about him in this shot is perfect: the hair, the tie, the face, it all works. There’s such an intensity that you can’t deny that he’s looking good. Kei doesn’t look as intense and his eyes are a little dead but a YabuKei picture is a YabuKei picture. I’m also not a fan of Kei’s tie…I thought they would just use the same type of ties but oh well. Okay, before I say anything else, doesn’t this picture look soooo much like the Kinki Kids??? There’s a specfic picture that I’m thinking of and I can’t find it right now but it’s totally reminiscent of Kinki Kids! There’s even the same black color scheme. And Yabu kinda looks likes one of them (I can’t remember his name but he’s the hot one. That should be enough information for you all to figure out who I’m talking about lol). Anyway, I like this picture and think it’s a good addition to the Picture Spam.

And sadly, we’re at the end of this volume of Picture Spam. So let’s go out on a good picture, shall we? We’re back to buddy5cuteness though. Okay, it should like be a rule that Yabu should have his arms around Kei at least once during photoshoots because those shots always end up being adorable. They both actually look pretty cool here, particularly Kei. Yabu’s eyes are a bit threatening but maybe that’s his warning sign that Kei is all his so don’t even try anything. That’s right everyone. Yabu is watching you and he means business. I’m not much of a fan of Yabu’s hair syle and Kei’s is all right. The same goes for their clothes, they’re not great but they’re all right.

So even though I didn’t finish this volume as early as I used to, I did get it done before going to bed for Sunday (where I am in time zones) so that’s something! And I’m not behind on Picture Spam so scoresss!!

Yabu Kota and Inoo Kei Love!!!! Hey! Say! JUMP release something!!!!



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  2. YabuJii…sO cUtE

    I lOve U sO MuX



    Comment by Yabuko^^~ — March 17, 2009 @ 10:30 am | Reply

  3. kawaii…^_^

    Comment by mEgUmi_aYa — May 16, 2009 @ 5:23 am | Reply

  4. YABUKEI!!
    kawaii ne~
    like all yabu solo songs!!
    why don’t he has solo songs like yabu!!
    JE,please make it for inoo-chan=)

    Comment by iza-chan — July 21, 2009 @ 12:05 pm | Reply

  5. kyaa~ i totally agree with this cute couple! xD

    post more about them please! and please notify me 😀

    i’ll give you a fic in return xD teehee..

    Comment by splashgreen — September 19, 2009 @ 12:59 pm | Reply

    • yay! They are kawaii!!

      Hopefully there will be something to post about them and I will try to do so!!

      oOooh a fic!!

      Comment by amaiyume — September 21, 2009 @ 2:43 am | Reply

      • teehee xD thankyou!

        ofcourse, im actually working on it right now 🙂

        Comment by splashgreen — September 22, 2009 @ 7:24 am

  6. i love u yabu~chan..
    i like u yabu~chan..
    i miss u yabu~chan..

    Comment by fei — September 25, 2009 @ 11:59 pm | Reply

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