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March 1, 2009

Looking Good Hey! Say! JUMP

Let’s give a HUGE thanks to GGB ryosukeyamada @!!! These pics are great so I just had to make a post about this!

hey-say-jump1First off are the boys of Hey! Say! 7!! This is a great picture and I guess I’ll move from left to right. Ryutaro looks really cute in this picture and actually looks very natural here (meaning not awkward at all). His hair looks really good and his smile looks so cute and innocent. The white and black color scheme of his clothes looks great on him too. Yuto looks good too and his face has that intense edge to it that makes such a good shot. Hair looks great as always and it may seem a bit strange but I really like his lips in this picture. His eyes are definitely the most intense part of him and they jump out at you. To be honest, I’m not a fan of this shot of Yamada. He looks very upright but his face looks kinda dead. I don’t mean that in a mean way but there’s like nothing behind his face that could have made this a really good shot. Well, he is dressed quite well. Aw, Chinen is so small and cute! I don’t really like his hair in the picture but I do really like his outfit. It’s nice to have more splash of white. Luckily his face portrays that sweetness and innocence that Chinen has. Of course he’s grown up a lot since those days of Hey! Say! 7 so it’s nice to see he can still be a cutie. Finally it’s Keito. Keito looks great in this picture. He just looks so stylish and cool in this picture. I actually really like his hair and the black really suits him well. So this is a great shot of Hey! Say! 7. Excluding Yamada, everybody nailed their shots. Can they match up against Hey! Say! BEST?

And now it’s time for the boys of Hey! Say! BEST!!! Once again, let’s go from left to right. We’ll start with a personal hsj2favorite of mine, Kei! He looks soooo hot in this picture!! I’m loving his unbuttoned shirt so we get to see a litle bit of skin. He looks so skinny in this picture though, maybe it’s just the angle of the camera. But I love the hair and LOVE his face. There’s the kind of fun-ness that Kei always portrays, which makes it such a good shot. Hikaru’s shot isn’t the greatest. It’s kinda like Yamada’s picture in that he’s standing very upright but with that slight head tilt, his picture came out better than Yamada’s. Um, Takaki’s picture is okay but his hair is really distracting. Like there’s such a sharp contrast between his hair color and the others that it’s somewhat distracting. But I do really like his outfit and think it looks very stylish. Yabu nailed it though, looking HOT! His face portrays such a coolness and sexiness that you can’t help but stare. I’m loving the highlights in his hair and think they add some spice to the shot. They’re not as in-your-face as Takaki’s but still manage to grab your attention. And his clothes look great on him too. Finally we have Daiki, who just looks so cute. It’s kind of funny that everybody else is like the same height except Yabu who is a bit taller. But his being shorter than everyone kinda adds to the cuteness of the picture. His face definitely has that innocence in it that makes him so loveable and his clothes look kinda preppy. I can’t really say much about his shot but he just looks sooo cute!!!

So comparison between Hey! Say! 7’s picture and Hey! Say! BEST’s…I’m definitely gonna give it to Hey! Say! 7. So congratulations to the boys!!! Honestly, if they replaced Yamada with Yabu and Chinen with Kei, I think that would just have been the pefect picture. Or Daiki could be thrown in there too. I dunno, the pictures are as good as they are though. And now all together!


And our final shot is off all 10 boys together! Let’s move from left to right and top to bottom!! Ryutaro just looks so innocent and sweet that you just wanna give him a big hug! So surprisingly, he nailed both of his shots so I’m very proud of him! Yuto’s personality comes shining through his shot and the slight smile is a very nice touch. It looks a little awkward but it’s still nice. This picture of Yamada is a lot better than the other one. Looking at him head-on, his face has a lot of personality behind it and I love that little smile he’s giving. Chinen doesn’t look very happy in this shot (lol). I feel like he’s trying to play it cool although it didn’t exactly come through like that. That being said, I actually really like his pose and think he did a great job. Well Keito just owned both shots! His smile looks so cute and he looks so happy, which makes for a very enjoyable picture. Someone mentioned that Keito’s confidence has improved vastly since his time in Hey! Say! JUMP and I can definitely agree with that. Kei’s picture is friggin amazing!!! Like there’s something so sexy and enticing about his face that it will seriously melt you. Like I’m a bit incoherent from this picture…it’s just…yeah…Well Hikaru didn’t nail this shot for me either. I dunno. It just didn’t grab me or catch my eye. Actually, Takaki looks a little scary in his pictures. His eyes are so intense that it’s almost threatening. In fact, Yabu looks kinda scary. Except Yabu’s  so sweet that you know he doesn’t mean it. I think it’s the raised eyebrow. Luckily Daiki’s softness is a good compliment to the harshness of the other boys. He looks so cute and happy as always. You gotta love Daiki!

So yeah, I really enjoyed this shoot. I’m not sure what magazine this is from but it says Your Seed / Bouken Rider is a new release so it’s gotta be around that time. So now it’s time to deliver 1st through 3rd place!!

1st Place: Inoo Kei
2nd Place: Arioka Daiki
3rd Place: Morimoto Ryutaro / Okamoto Keito



  1. Ryutaro look soooooooo cute in there~~

    Comment by Leen — March 2, 2009 @ 5:33 pm | Reply

  2. akkhhhh no wy !!!!
    yamadakun is the best !!!


    Comment by ya-chan — March 17, 2009 @ 10:33 am | Reply

  3. they’re super awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ><

    thanks for d’upload.. ^^

    Comment by ines — May 6, 2009 @ 5:31 am | Reply

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