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February 23, 2009

Picture Spam Volume Eight: Yamada Ryosuke

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And now I believe we are caught up on Picture Spam!!! Yay!!! This issue will feature none other than the always popular and fun Yamada Ryosuke!!! So I hope you all enjoy this volume because he’s come up on the search engine a lot for this blog.

yamadapic1All right, let’s start this Picture Spam off with Dr. Yamada!!! He looks very mature here and a lot of people do wanna get married to doctors. The money is good and it’s definitely a service to humanity since you’re saving lives (well I guess that depends what kind of doctor you are) but Yamada would be a really sweet doctor I think. I don’t know…I feel like he would be better at being a doctor for kids and being really cute and nice to them rather than being a really serious one. Well I’m not so much a fan of the tie since it kind of seems out of color scheme with the rest of the outfit but I guess this can be overlooked for the moment. He looks really good in the white though and it compliments his skin tone vrey nicely. I’m not much of a fan of the brown pants but I suppose that they do work with the overall theme of the picture. And that glasses in the side pocket of his jacket is a nice touch too. Judging by his hair (which looks really nice here by the way), I would say that this picture was taken around the time of Mayonaka no Shadow Boy. It doesn’t look very much like a magazine picture but I’m not really sure where it could come from becaue he’s obviously not a doctor (lol). So yeah, I don’t know but either way it’s a pretty good picture I think it’s a good way to jump start our Picture Spam!

Let’s move onto cute Yama-Yama. The picture to our right is absolutely adorable and the moment that I saw it, I yamadapic2knew that I just had to include it. It’s kind of blurry but I really like and hope you do too. Visually, it’s very simple, featuring only black, the red on his shirt and his skin. The simplicity actually works in the picture’s favor so his skin really stands out to you. His eyes look a little glazed like he’s tired or something and from the whole atmosphere / setting of the picture, it is conceivable that it’s late and that he would be tired. I really like his hair in this picture and think it compliments his face well. He’s frowning but there’s something very cute about it – like you want to give him a big hug to make him smile. He doesn’t look sad though and his raised eyebrows give the picture more energy and sweetness. I’m sorry this picture looks kinda blurry but I think that slight bluriness actually makes the picture better, don’t you think?


More cute Yamada this way!! I’ve seen this picture various times and finally decided to include it on the Yama-chan picspam!!! This picture had to be taken a while ago or at least I think I was. Anyway, he looks so absolutely adorable here just licking on a lollipop. He looks so innocent! But we know better don’t we fanboys and fangirls? I like his hair styled like that, like it has a lot of life in it. Plus his hair has a very nice color to it. It may usually be that color but I noticed it here. Maybe it’s me but his eyes look really small in this picture. It could just be the angle of the picture or maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me but they totally look smaller! Don’t you think so? Moving on…I love the lollipop and the way that his mouth on it but I’m not much of a fan of the colors. Blue, yellow and white didn’t make the best combination here. If the blue and yellow were light shades then I think it could have been pulled off but it just didn’t come across for me. I can’t completely see what he’s wearing but the white jacket is definitely a nice touch in complimenting the white background of the picture. So yay for more cuteness and I hope you enjoyed this particular picture as much as I did.

How can you not look at the picture at the right and go “awww!” We now have young Yama-Yama to complete this Picture Spam. yamadapic5Doesn’t he just look so innocent??!! This picture will totally make you want to go back in time and adopt this little Yama-chan! I have no idea where this is, I’m guessing somebody’s house. At first, I could not figure out what that green thing was in the back but I guess it’s just a picture hanging on a wall or something. I really like that his arms are folded behind his back because it adds to the really cute and innocent child-like atmosphere. His smile looks sooo cute and you just wanna pinch his cheeks! I know people usually say that but I’m totally serious. Don’t you just wanna pinch those cheeks?! Okay…I’m gonna stop now but this picture is sooo cute  and it proves that Yama-chan was still cute as a child.

Sorry that this Picture Spam Volume is one picture short. When I went to upload it, it just came out as a white box with a little red “x” in the top left hand corner. Oh well, I hope the four pictures provided gave you some enjoyment. Yes!! I’m finally caught up on Picture Spam!!!! I’m sorry I fell so far behind and I hope I won’t be doing that again but I can’t promise anything. Ah…school…




    Comment by lulu ls — April 7, 2009 @ 7:11 am | Reply

  2. a little note here: the picture came out way before Mayonaka no Shadow Boy did. This was one of the photoshoots he did for his Yamadas corner in Duet. 😀

    Comment by Miyuki — June 21, 2009 @ 12:40 pm | Reply

  3. oh thanks for telling me!!

    Comment by amaiyume — June 21, 2009 @ 6:47 pm | Reply

    • welcome. 🙂

      uhm I meant the doctor picture, okay? 🙂

      Comment by Miyuki — June 22, 2009 @ 5:14 am | Reply

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