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February 22, 2009

Picture Spam Volume Seven: Takaki Yuya

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All right everybody, it’s Picture Spam Volume Seven!!! Last time I featured Yuto and now it’s Takaki’s time!! So sit back and enjoy the Takki-ness!!

takaki1When I first got into Hey! Say! JUMP, I was used to Takaki being the cool one. He always took pictures with this certain coolness to him that made him stand out to me. Then I got to know him better and saw that he could be an absolute cutie-pie who could admittedly be pretty immature (like with Yabu). The picture at this left shows that he can be cute unless anyone was wondering. What makes this picture really shine for me is his smile, which just exutes a brightness that is infectious. His hair looks really good too and compliments his face very nicely. I’m really liking the shade it’s at as opposed to the redness that he sometimes sports. Now I’m pretty his shirt is white but it does have kind of a pink tint to it (or maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me) that makes him all the more adorable. And the necklace is a nice touch too, don’t you think so? Also his eyes just portray this sweet innocence that you can’t help but love. I’m not sure what magazine this is from but I wish I had it in my collection. So I think this is a particularly good picture to start off this volume of Picture Spam because Takaki looks really cute and it shows one of his many sides.

The next one is nice because a black and white picture is always a good change of pace. This picture has more of that takaki2cool edge that Takaki is good at while still having a certain fun-ness to it. He’s giving the peace sign sideways, which gives a point to the cool side. Probably the coolest part about the whole picture is his mouth. There’s something very sexual about it that comes through this picture, don’t you think? It’s so obvious so you can’t tell me that you don’t see it (lol). Well his hair is all right but I think it would have looked better in color. I don’t know…maybe it’s just me but…yeah. Actually, his overall face looks pretty cool but it’s definitely the mouth that just sets the whole thing off. You can’t see his outfit in full but I think it would’ve made the picture even better because from what we can see, it looks like a pretty stylish choice. Looking at this picture, I’m noticing that his fingers are pretty long (hehehe). Of course, that could just be the angle of the picture but hey, you never know. So from now on everyone, be on the lookout to see how long his fingers are, okay! (lmao). Anyway, I think this is another good picture to add to the Picture Spam just because it’s that cool Takaki that I always love to see. And of course the black and white was just too hard to resist.

takaki3Let’s go back to color with this picture. Admittedly, it’s a little iffy just because it feels like the picture was taken a little too soon or a little too after, you know? I think it’s seen in the way that his hair looks. Of course it could be the wind just blowing his hair but whatever. Anyway, he looks particularly stylish in this picture with his very cool jacket. I can’t really tell what kind of fabric that hood is made of but it looks very fuzzy and comfortable. It must be nice around his face when he pulls it up. The black on his shirt and on the jacket also set off the outfit very nicely. The one thing that kinda bugs me is the background is so red. It serves as a stark contrast to the black of his outfit so it’s just a weird (and not very eye grabbing) combination. On his face, there is a kind of confused look. He’s not posing so I’m assuming this is some paparazzi shot or something. I really like the necklace too since the silver goes perfectly with the black, complimenting his skin very nicely. His hair looks great with a kind of red tint to it as well as a light brown tint. Okay, the little website link at the bottom is kind of annoying but what are you gonna do about it right? (lol). I do like this picture though because it shows Takaki’s natural side.

I’ve seen this picture various times and had to find the perfect time to pull this card out. I almost included it in Yabu’s takaki4Picture Spam and then in Chinen’s Picture Spam but now I absolutely had to include it. Takaki looks so seductive and up to something dirty in this picture!! You gotta love him. And then Chinen just looks so happy and innocent so the contrast between them is just soo funny. They actually look like a cute couple with their matching clothes. Yabu’s face is the definition of priceless. He’s just like “Takaki! What do you doing? Why Chinen?!” I think it’s the wideness in his eyes that really make his face look so funny. It’s just hilarious and it’s always good to have some fun spirit in Picture Spams so hurray for Chinen looking so cute, Takaki looking so dirty and Yabu looking so hilarious.

takaki5Keeping with the whole idea of Takaki and Chinen looking cute together, we have our final picture! This is way back from the making of Hey! Say! 7’s Hey! Say! PV. This was one of my favorite scenes of the whole making because Chinen is pinching Takaki’s face and making the most adorable sounds. Takaki’s face looks so funny in the picture because his cheek is being stretched and admittedly, Chinen kinda looks like a girl. I don’t mean that in a mean way but he kinda looks like a cute little girl. Well I guess not so much like a girl…just a really pretty boy. Yeah…Anyway, I think they’re really cute together so I miss that sweetness. Hopefully more Takaki / Chinen love in the future even though Chinen has grown up a lot since then.

Well I hope you all enjoyed Volume Seven on Picture Spam because I know I did!! My love for Takaki has definitely grown since I first got into him so he really deserves to be celebrated by me (lol). Yay Takaki! Be on the lookout for Volume Eight, which is (I hope) coming soon!!!



  1. MOAR TakaChii!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love those two together~

    Comment by jomskie — February 22, 2009 @ 1:12 pm | Reply

  2. haha I know!!
    They’re so cute together so that’s why I’ll miss the days of really small and cute Chinen 😦

    Comment by amaiyume — February 22, 2009 @ 6:59 pm | Reply

  3. konichiwa
    kimi o ai shiteru
    yamada ryosuke
    y a
    kota yabu
    son kawaii…♥

    Comment by ana karen — April 28, 2009 @ 4:37 am | Reply

  4. hi takaki im the no. fan you

    Comment by lil takaki — July 29, 2009 @ 8:50 am | Reply

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