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February 21, 2009

Picture Spam Volume Six: Nakajima Yuto

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Okay after no picture spam for weeks, I’m picking up where I left off. This should have been done a long time ago so I apologize for that!! I’ll try and stay on top of these although unfortunately school does come first. So here we are at Volume Six with Yuto!!!

yuto1The first picture we have is of Yuto from way back when during the original Hey! Say! 7 days. Well it wasn’t that long ago but you get the picture. This section was at the end of the making of the PV when each member reflected on their making of and Yuto’s was really cute. Well this was kind of a weird screencap because of his mouth (I think they captured him while he was thinking or something) but I do like all the white in the picture. Personally, I think Yuto looks really attractive. His hair looks really good here and that shirt is particularly flattering. Also I’m not sure what’s that around his neck but it kind of looks like a dog tag (lol, that would be funny). Anyway, I think this is a really good picture of Yuto and hope you think so too.

Okay, we know Yuto can look cute but he can also look serious. It’s true, Yuto always is loveable when he’s happy and yuto2cute but it’s good to know he can pull off the serious look as well. His hair looks great as usual and there’s a certain intensity in his eyes that really comes across to the audience. This is also carried in his mouth and it’s a little hard to explain but it’s definitely there (can you see it?). I think that the gray sweater looks really nice on him and although I’m not a very big fan of gray, there is a certain naturalness about it as well as the whole picture that just comes together in the right way for him. I have no idea what that green thing is in the picture but I can see that he’s using it to rest his arm on. It would have looked better if it wasn’t bright green because it doesn’t really fit with the whole color scheme of the picture. The texture looks a bit strange as well because it looks kinda like grass (lol). Anyway, I like the yellow shirt that he’s wearing since it’s a very simple and natural color, complimenting his skin tone well. Admittedly, I also like that’s kind of loose fitting so that more of his skin is shown (hehehe, am I right fangirls and fanboys?). His hands look very gentle here as well like they are perfect for holding you close (lol). So I like this picture and I’m assuming it’s from some magazine that I don’t have but I should have.

yuto3Scrap Teacher picture!!! As we all know by now, I LOVE Scrap Teacher and the majority of the love for that drama is because of Yuto. I loved him in Sensei wa Erai and he did an even better job in Scrap Teacher. He’s such a good actor and he’s particularly good at portraying his emotions. When he’s happy, it makes me want to smile along with him and this picture is a perfect example of that. He looks so sweet here (and hot but that’s not the point…). I just had to include this picture in this Picture Spam because Scrap Teacher is amazing in every way and so is Yuto so it’s a perfect fit! (and lol at the girl in the background).

And to give the Picture Spam a little more variety, I’ve included a picture of Yuto when he was younger and it’s yuto4seriously the cutest thing ever. Honestly, I don’t even really know what to say about this picture because I think if you look at it, there lies all the words. It’s absolutely adorable, particularly because of his smile. He has the type of smile that is infectious and makes you just wanna give him a hug. So that is amplified when he’s a kid but let’s face it, kids are adorable. And I love how he’s wearing a little school uniform because it looks like the exact one he wears in Scrap Teacher. I think that blue is a color that just really looks good on Yuto no matter what. He just looks so innocent and carefree in this picture that you can’t look at it and say that you don’t wanna like adopt him as your younger brother (lol haha). His hair looks like it’s usual cuteness so I’m hoping he’s not planning on changing if anytime soon. You know what they say – if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. I think that out of all the younger pictures of Johnny’s boys, this is one of the cutest pictures. In fact, at this moment this is the cutest one this is the one that comes to mind so congratulations Yuto! He definitely has the looks so more Yuto in the future!!

yuto5Finally, Yuto looks so dreamy in this picture that I just had to put it on. Now when I say “dreamy,” I mean it literally. He looks like he’s having a nice dream and the photographer just took a picture. Not gonna lie, he’s looking his usual attractive self as well (of course). One thing that I like about this picture is that he’s rocking a different style than usual. I love love love fur hoods so of course his outfit wins points for that. And the hat is a very nice touch because I feel like it would be kind of hard to pull off for a lot of Johnny’s guys. But not Yuto, he’s special. Like always, the blue works its way into the shot and in a good way. The light blue looks really nice even though it’s kind of a strange contrast against the plad pattern of the jacket. Nonetheless, it adds some more color to the picture and that’s always nice. Well I guess the real reason that I picked this picture was because of his face. It was just too resist.

Well I’m sorry if this Picture Spam was a little bit sloppy. I’m trying my best to catch up with the next few volumes so hopefully I’ll get those done within the next two days before I have to go back to school. So thanks to my fans who have been reading and hopefully you enjoy this volume!

Also Hey! Say! JUMP release something…



  1. awwwww….I love your picspam
    yuto was the very first junior I knew~

    Comment by jomskie — February 21, 2009 @ 1:38 pm | Reply

  2. Kyaah! Yuto is soooo cute, haha! You’re lucky you have those pics, lol

    Comment by Yuto's fan, lol — March 24, 2009 @ 5:38 am | Reply

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