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February 16, 2009

Concert Time: Hey! Say! 7 & Hey! Say! JUMP

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This message is brought to you by shirtless Keito!! Yay (I’ve seen that “Okamoto Keito shirtless” has popped up quite a few times as a search tool for the blog so I hope you got what you were looking for [lol]). Anyway, this post is to inform you all that there will be some Hey! Say! JUMP concerts in the near future! Here’s the schedule and no, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you, Hey! Say! 7 is having concerts.

Schedule of HS7 con:
March 21 (12:00, 16:00) [Yokohama]
March 22 (12:00, 16:00) [Yokohama]
March 24 (13:00, 17:00) [Nagoya]
March 25 (13:00) [Nagoya]

Schedule of HSJ con:
March 31 (17:30) [Fukuoka]
April 3 (17:00) [Osaka]
April 4 (12:00, 16:00) [Osaka]
April 5 (12:00) [Osaka]
April 19 (16:00) [Hiroshima]
April 26 (17:00) [Hokkaido]

…so what will Hey! Say! BEST be doing in the meantime? Honestly, I would have preferred to see Hey! Say! BEST in concert…nothing personal to Hey! Say! 7 but I just think it would be a hotter show and any chance to perform Thrill would make me happy.

Credits to michryu on Hey! Say! JUMP Community!!


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