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February 1, 2009

Picture Spam Volume Five: Arioka Daiki

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And now we’re at Volume Five of Picture Spam!! Last week I promised you all a much better issue so hopefully I’ve fulfilled that promise. This week’s feature will be the loveable Arioka Daiki!!!

daikipicspam1Our first picture was so cute that I actually set it as the desktop of my computer! Now I’m sure you all know by now that Daiki has my love for being so cute and friendly and I think this picture is a good representation of him. He’s giving that traditional Daiki smile that just makes you want to smile along with him and the peace sign is always an added plus. I think his hair adds to the cuteness of the whole scene and hopes he continues to style his hair like this because it looks good on him. He looks very fashionable here, ne? I think of all the boys of Hey! Say! JUMP, Daiki tends to be one of them who continuously shows that he has a good fashion sense. The black shirt goes well with the all the colors of his other shirt. It gives him a very cool look in my eyes. Hmm, I can’t quite tell where the picture is being taken but it looks like a very comfortable place! So the moment I saw this picture, I knew that I had to use for this Picture Spam and that it had to be the first one! Don’t you all agree that Daiki looks absolutely adorable in this picture (like he usually does) and that you would want to have a giant poster of this cause I know I do.

There’s more cuteness up ahead as we take it to the picture on the right! Daiki looks so happy and sweet that it’s daikipicspam2absolutely infectious, ne? I don’t know when this picture was taken but it looks like it was done sometime in the past because he looks younger than he does now. Then again, Daiki does just look so youthful and happy so I guess you never know. Red looks really good on him and the gold stripe adds a nice touch because the bright colors compliment his bright personality so well. I like his hair straight like this (in contrast to the more spiky style he sometimes sports) even though it may not be that different from different styles. I don’t know what he’s doing in the picture since I can’t see everything but it looks like he’s both pointing at something and smiling for the camera. I can’t make out who’s in the background but I bet that it’s Yuto on Daiki’s right. It’s just a really strong gut feeling. I was going to say that it’s Keito on the left but now that I think about it, that doesn’t look like something Keito would wear so…Kei? It could be Kei, I think that’s a reasonable guess. Anyway, the reason I like this picture is because he looks so friendly that you just wanna give him a big hug. If you’re a fan of Daiki, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. If you don’t the adorableness of Daiki, then I suggest you look at this picture and take the time to get to know him!!

daikipicspam3The third picture is obviously from a live performance of the hot Hey! Say! JUMP song, Mayonaka no Shadow Boy. Look at how cute he looks, looking at the camera!! I think the main reason that I chose this picture was the color scheme of the outfits looks really good on Daiki. See, I told you red was his color. Daiki looks like he’s having such a good time with the performance and that always makes it one worth watching (you should check it out if you haven’t seen it already – this time Mayonaka no Shadow Boy was performed by Hey! Hey! Hey! as you can see by the logo in the little corner). Anyway, I think this is a very good screencap of Daiki, don’t you guys agree?

The fourth picture of Picture Spam now directs your eyes to the right. I think this is a particularly good picture of daikipicspam4Daiki just because it’s just soooo funny. I love it when Daiki acts goofy because it only adds to his cuteness!! He’s giving the double the love with the two peace signs and he scrunching up his cheeks. With his eyes closed like that, he looks sleepy and that kinda adds to the whole kid like atmosphere of the picture in my opinion. Well, I’m not that much of a fan of his hair like that but that just might be because of the angle. Even though I can’t see his full outfit, I do like the jacket, particularly because of the color. It’s a very pretty powdery blue that works well with Daiki’s light personality! Lol, what is that thing behind Daiki?! I’m guessing that its not the full word but I can make out “mun”…hmm, no idea what word that could be (hehe). Come to think of it, I have no idea where this is from so I’m guessing it’s some behind the scenes moment or something…Anyway, I knew that this picture had to be included on the Picture Spam because it reflects Daiki’s happy and cute humor of goofing around.

daikipicspam5Now our fifth picture is one of my personal favorite pictures of Daiki!!! In fact, it used to be the picture I used for my computer desktop (yes, Daiki pictures tend to be very good pictures to use as desktop pictures). I’m not sure where the idea for a huge card came from but I like how magical it feels. But the best thing about this picture is definitely Daiki’s face. Now I’m used to it being cute but in this picture, it seems like it has reached a new level of cuteness. I think it’s his hair that makes his face stand out. With his hair styled like that, the attention is particularly drawn to his eyes, which reflect such sweetness. And his kawaii smile!!!  It really is Daiki’s trademark and what makes this picture so lovely!!! Once again, more good fashion choices from him and I actually never noticed it before but his shirt has numbers on it (like the 4 on his right shoulder), which would match the whole deck of cards theme. Hmm, it’s interesting to notice new things when looking at the pictures like that! Once again, we get red in Daiki’s picture. Actually, I didn’t intend for so much red to seep into these pictures but I guess Daiki and the color red just have a sort of magic combination huh? I would love to see a fuller picture of this if there is one so if anyone knows where I can see then it would be great if you could tell me!

Well we’re coming to the end of Daiki’s Picture Spam and out last picture is the one of the right. I really like this daikipicspam6picture, don’t you? I believe I posted a similar picture of Yabu in his Picture Spam (Volume 2) so I thought it would be nice to tie the two volumes with pictures from the same photoshoot! Daiki is the king of cute so giving him two giant pink heart-shaped pillows only adds to the adorableness of his kingdom! He looks so young here in his face so I definitely think this photoshoot was a while ago. Again, his hair looks great and the smile in particular is what stands out from this picture. The contrast of white (his shirt) and pink (the pillows) is so perfect for Valentine’s Day so maybe that’s where the photoshoot idea came from. And how cute is the font of his name next to his picture with the little heart??!! His hands also look really soft in this picture (I know what a weird thing to notice but it’s true!) and that fits with the sweetness of the picture, right?

All right everyone, we’re at the close of Picture Spam Volume Five starring my love, Arioka Daiki!!! I think this Picture Spam turned out a lot better than the previous two (at least I hope so) so I hope all you readers think so as well! I already have chosen the star of Picture Spam Volume Six so I wonder if you can guess who it is! Maybe you’ll be right!!!


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